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Because these wacky authors continue to throw large numbers of words onto the page, we've got yet another week of two stories to release. From Morpheus, there's Part 2 of "Round and Round" in its canon final evolved form to be found in the Gen 1 catalog. And over in Gen 2, I've got a little Shieldwall and Tavi to share with you all in Part 1 of "Good Cop / Bad Cop"






0 # SnowT 2017-03-07 09:20
Can you Please Stop Teasing US..
-- I'm not sure of the the others but I'm hanging for more of Kayda's and co stories.. seriously 6 parts..

Is Sara Ever going to be released from the Circle she's locked in...?
-- Is the Absinth's story line going to be fixed so it meshes with the timeline..?? cause that is where I see the round and round story going.. The Pre-story to Absinth story line..
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+4 # Kristin Darken 2017-03-07 23:34
How is this 'teasing' you? We're giving you the equivalent of 30-50% of a novel every week for free... that's a LOT of writing going on.

1. Kayda's story - Elrod is working on it. Some of Kayda 10 Parts 3-6 are finished and good to go. Some are finished but cannot go before another interwoven story due to spoilers if released in the wrong order. Some just aren't finished yet.

2. Sara is locked in a circle that no one knows how to find. There is no guarantee that anyone will find that circle and safely break it to release Sara... ever. Could it happen? Possibly... but I can bet that IF it happens, no one will see it coming.

3. Absinth's story was originally written as fan fic. Morpheus does plan to make it canon, so yes, the story will be 'fixed'... not so much about meshing with the timeline but to bring it in alignment with canon
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0 # Horrid 2017-03-13 16:08
Quoting SnowT:
Is Sara Ever going to be released from the Circle she's locked in...?

Sooner or later Sarah's loving Father is going to come looking for her and for anyone responsible for her current condition. That would include the person or persons who provided the guy who summoned and trapped her with the information needed to do so. This should not only get our girl Sarah sprung but also lead into a culmination and resolution of the major first year story line.
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0 # SnowT 2017-03-09 12:56
I understand..
I'm not sure If I have said.. but I have been lurching since I first found these stories Going way back to the very start..
I'm glad that we[the Readers] have a VERY active team that has taken up the mantel.. of the stories..

I know I have to have Patients, but sorry.. you can only read what stories you have so many time's..
I must admit that I'm still finding treasures as I re-read the stories..

Now what type of Lab was that little bit of Trade wrap left in..?
Who Test area.. ?
Wonder if they play around with thing that go Bang..?
[Hint hint]
We will never know, until it's written about...
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0 # Horrid 2017-03-13 16:10
Quoting SnowT:
I'm not sure If I have said.. but I have been lurching since I first found these stories...

No need to lurch SnowT because it is certain that our brilliant canon cabal will not leave us in the lurch.

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0 # E. E. Nalley 2017-03-10 15:50
Will Chuck Cunningham ever come down stairs again?

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0 # SnowT 2017-03-13 13:28
Well still can't get signed up.. to join the forum fun,
so going to add it here..

Posies Fall -- 2007
with out me reading the starter stories.. how many rooms per floor..? Pre Poe Modification..? [ 20 maybe ??]
After the Summer break, where Alya spent WAY too Much to add 2 new wings to Poe.. How many rooms did that add to the mix..??

IF you have someone of Alya think'n would you not add @ least 10 Room's per wing..? Has the building gone from long narrow building to a "H" shaped building..??

Hmm interesting thought's..
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0 # alisa28 2017-03-18 21:53
Don't have any management skills at all but:. Authors-Writers shouldn't be stifled from release their stories at whatever pattern or time-frame that they feel comfortable with.
It's very enjoyable to keep up with writers when they are "on a roll" with their stories.
Please don't hold them back in the effort to maintain a backlog and weekly quota release.
Thank you all for your creativity!!!
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