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That's right, today we're posting a brand new canon story and its going up simultaneously with the crystal hall site version. Why? Well, we're getting close to opening over here. Just a few more days of testing before we're ready to open the doors to registrations. And we have commenting! Commenting that can even be used if you are registered with the site... though obviously, doing so requires some extra hoops and security checks to make sure you're not trying to burn down the walls by posting there. And it's a bit of a test too. We'd like to have open commenting that anyone can use without having to spend time in the forums immediately after reading. But if it turns out that they're a security issue, we'll make due with forums again as we have all along. In fact, that's our general view with everything here. There are some useful options available to us that makes our lives easier (which, in the long run means more time to spend on stories)... but if we have to give them up because some people are jerks... well, we'll go back to posting stories via raw html and keep a very bare bones forum up for comments. That would be a sad and disappointing day for our community, though.


Enough about the site though, I said there's new content and I meant it. It's our first non-canon author sourced story to be canonized through the new program. Phoenix Spiritus developed this idea and it was so great that we wanted it in the canon... so Elrod provided continuity support and helped prep it for the official release. The end result is something special and I hope you will heap piles of praise on both of them. In my opinion, it is one of the best stories in the Whateley Canon and its my honor to be publishing it as the first new canon on the new site in addition to the first canonized story in that program and the first Hank/Lancer PoV story.


To read the story, look under the "Canon Stories" menu button at the top of the page. Or in the Latest articles menu on the right hand sidebar for "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream."  Enjoy!