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Work has been keeping me busy, between running performances of Shakespeare's Tempest and designing and getting ready for a production of Tennessee Williams' Glass Menagerie. But even with all that going on, I managed to get a little reorganizing done here this week. Some of you may already have noticed that instead of a single 'Latest Release' category in the right hand sidebar, there is now three separate blocks: one for Canon Main Timeline, one for Second Gen, and a third for Non-canon/Library stories. These are in addition to the WhatIF stories recently released, which are visible in the block in the left sidebar.

Please remember that these sidebars are not the only way you can access the stories. You can also get to them by going up to the Main Menu in the upper right corner of the site and clicking on the button for STORIES. By default, this puts a 'blog style' collection of the most recent Original Timeline stories on the screen for you to look at... but more importantly: Once you've so, the submenu that is located at the top of the center section of the site will include buttons for each of the main categories of stories: Orig Timeline, Second Gen, WhatIF, Featured WhatIF, Library, and a page showing some published (available for purchase) works by the authors. Selecting any of those sub-sections, will bring up a sorted table listing of all the stories in that category. The default sort is 'most recently released at the top'... you can click on the column headers to change sorting methods. There's also a text box at the top that lets you filter out anything that isn't by a specific author. If you want to see the stories in the order that they were released, for example, you would just click on the header for the Published Date column. 

Just a warning note. There are a LOT of stories in the original timeline list. If you try to list them ALL on one page... there is a good chance that Joomla will error out in the process of trying to build a page/table that large and you won't be able to view that category list again until you clear the row count cookie from your browser's memory. Stick to the 100 row maximum and paginate through several pages of 100 stories.


Now for today's releases: we have two stories for you today. The first of these continues the arrival of a couple of Morpheus' girls at the Whateley Academy, for the Fall of 2007. This is Part 2 of "A Little R & R" featuring Ribbon and Roulette. Also, we have another piece from JG. "Blood Sister, Blood Brother" continues the integration of the Outcasts into the current plot arc/progression. Enjoy... and don't forget to drop into the forums and thank these authors for their great work!



0 # Katssun 2017-03-22 20:44
...and today, cruises in that peppy pace from story to story, to the last syllable of Friday's release; and all our workdays of blighted fools, give way to trusty mirth. Out, out, chief cabal! It's but a stalking fandom, a few brayers that cut and fret their way through hours of your work, and then are heard some more. 'Tis a loyal bunch of idiots, unbound and unsavory, bringing discussion.
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+1 # Kristin Darken 2017-03-22 23:57
Well played. :)
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0 # alisa28 2017-03-24 13:15
Somehow, I was under the belief that yesterday was today!???
I kept checking in here waiting for this Friday release....
Now I have to go thru this agony again. Awww.. Cruel World!

: )
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0 # Kristin Darken 2017-03-24 20:26
14:00 PST... soon, but not quite yet. :P Your post... just under 8 hours early.
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