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A few little changes on the site this week. The secondary menu is over in the left hand sidebar. That opens up some more options for menu use... so I might be tweaking what buttons are up at the top and which options are at the left. The goal is going to be to be a simpler more intuitive set up options for new and less frequent users. I know changes like that aren't always welcomed by our veteran users who are here all the time, but we need to be easier for new folks to get involved with... or eventually it will only be a handful of veteran readers and the authors. And while we like you veteran readers... we want more hits than that. :P

Speaking of hits... you're definitely going to want to check out today's new content. First off, we've got the long awaited Part 3 of E.E. Nalley and Bek D. Corbin's "Road to Whateley" introducing their 2nd Gen characters with the crazy counterpoint tale to Calmari. For those of you who missed out on the confusion, "Road to Whateley" and "'Calimari'" were the integrated stories designed to introduce the 2nd Generation to the readers. Unfortunately, mid-way into the process of releasing the stories, E.E.'s health issues prevented him from being able to successfully work on his parts of the story and Part 2 and 3 were stalled. They managed to push Part 2 through... but finally, with his rapidly improving health, E.E. has dug in and finished this one to get it off the checklist so he can have more fun working with the very active currently planning and writing that is going on. So here it is: Part 3 of "Road to Whateley" now available in the 2nd Generation Stories collection.

And from Elrod, the continuation of Kayda's story, Part 4 of "There's No Place Like Poe" ... which you can find in the Original Timeline section.


Enjoy! And Please remember to comment!



+2 # Horrid 2017-04-11 02:54
Thank you for the update on E.E/'s medical situation. Between the characterization of his condition as "rapidly improving" and the release of the last part of "The Road to Whateley" this is one of the most happily received Home Page articles EVER!

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0 # fturtle 2017-04-11 13:58
Minor Glitches with the Rt Hand listing - it's showing a box down, makes it hard to see the latest stories.

Do like the The Backstory actually makes sens for not only new but vetran users so shouldn't see too many complaint.

Do keep the buttons across the top for Stories and main content - easiest way for us to get to what we realy want - Stories.
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0 # Gianna Michelle 2017-04-18 01:34
Just wanted to let you know the imp story you mentioned is not showing up in the list of posted stories.
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