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Michael Salutations! Test. Interesting. Good for limiting spam and the like, but it defeats my test. xD Open Chat (29.06.16, 00:57)(00:57)
Billy Smith One-Two-Testing, Testing, One-Two... Open Chat (29.06.16, 01:03)(01:03)
Kristin Darken Oh, so now there's no error... Open Chat (29.06.16, 03:26)(03:26)
Valentine Open Chat (29.06.16, 03:30)(03:30)
Ametros Error gone, can confirm. Open Chat (29.06.16, 03:59)(03:59)
ShockHawk Interesting little feature... Open Chat (29.06.16, 09:26)(09:26)
Mister D testing again Open Chat (29.06.16, 14:47)(14:47)
Timothy this is basically a live chat room, sort of like we had on the interim forums? Open Chat (29.06.16, 16:55)(16:55)
~Archangel~ test,test,test Open Chat (29.06.16, 17:18)(17:18)
mittfh Here in the UK, we're more familiar with this Scottish lass' cover... Open Chat (29.06.16, 20:16)(20:16)
Michael Halpern Hi Open Chat (29.06.16, 21:06)(21:06)
Kristin Darken Sort of like that ... only... different. This isn't 'real time' ... but as long as its not causing too much slow down, I'll leave its 'refresh' rate high. Open Chat (30.06.16, 00:28)(00:28)
Joseph Osako Sorry about the self-loathing stuff in the Q&A thread, that's just, well... Sorry, I just always fuck everything up. Open Chat (01.07.16, 01:19)(00:00)
Schol-R-LEA Always. Open Chat (01.07.16, 01:57)(00:00)
~Archangel~ anyone have any extra cold weather lying around that they can send to Canada, we need it Open Chat (18.07.16, 02:05)(00:00)
Emmett login problems, seems the login code isn't happy with my browser any more. :/ and reset password throwing a cookie error ( browser set to allow cookies, error says cookies denied. ) so gonna be until it's fixed before I can login. Dawnfyre Open Chat (26.07.16, 07:59)(07:59)
Jaqui yay I got logged in after the problems. Open Chat (29.07.16, 03:31)(03:31)
riking that's weird - new messages are inserted at the bottom locally, but at the top when a message comes in Open Chat (03.08.16, 03:09)(00:00)
Adriel Shoutbox as a guest, test Open Chat (03.08.16, 03:11)(00:00)
Warren fun fun Open Chat (04.08.16, 04:00)(00:00)
Warren Open Chat (04.08.16, 04:00)(00:00)
Gabriela The update on this are like taking forever. Open Chat (13.08.16, 17:25)(00:00)
Milan Hi Open Chat (22.08.16, 23:59)(00:00)
Valentine I hope anyone in Italy, and anyone's relatives living there are safe. Open Chat (24.08.16, 10:03)(00:00)
RavenOcelot hi... Open Chat (28.08.16, 00:57)(00:57)
Kennedi wait what happened in italy Open Chat (28.08.16, 03:44)(03:44)
Julissa I'm wondering if there are more loose cannons stories in the pipeline. Thanks. Open Chat (07.09.16, 16:14)(00:00)
Timothy Well...looks like this hasn't been used in quite a while... Open Chat (06.10.16, 04:03)(00:00)
Sir Lee Well, then let's try this... Open Chat (14.10.16, 17:31)(00:00)
Ahimsa Or this... Open Chat (15.10.16, 09:46)(00:00)
Valentine Woohoo the Cubbies are going to the World Series!!!! Open Chat (23.10.16, 02:51)(00:00)
Kora The real question is...what's up with all the ferrets? Open Chat (15.11.16, 19:30)(00:00)
Yolandria ... Open Chat (26.11.16, 06:18)(06:18)
Kristin Darken The ferrets will be displaced by other Whateley Art as artists offer it up for gallery space. In the meantime, you're being treated to my research for Tavi, Shieldwall's VI Open Chat (27.11.16, 02:06)(02:06)
Alyssa Hello, Naomi here... when I try to log in I'm told " Sorry, your login failed because you have been flagged as a spammer by a match of your details in our spambot database. If you are a genuine visitor, then we apologise. Please contact us to get the issue resolved.", but I haven't noticed who I'm supposed to contact or where. Open Chat (13.12.16, 02:45)(00:00)
Abbigail Love the pictures on the site, The buffalo ones coinciding with Kayda's latest are great. Open Chat (26.12.16, 15:00)(15:00)
Milani Hpw do I get registered when My Details have been marked as a spammer..?? could it be me using VPN..? Open Chat (17.02.17, 10:52)(00:00)
Abdiel Hello. Open Chat (03.03.17, 18:37)(00:00)
Abdiel I don't know who abdiel is, or why I'm apparently signed in as that. Looks like an authentication problem. Open Chat (03.03.17, 18:38)(00:00)
Kristin Darken users of the shoutbox are automatically assigned random names if they are not logged in (or provide their own name) Open Chat (10.03.17, 07:16)(00:00)
Ace I am Legally Renae. Not Ace lol. :) Open Chat (11.03.17, 01:00)(00:00)
Ace I am not Ace , Bi yes, ACE no :) (Renae is here, be scared.) Open Chat (11.03.17, 01:07)(00:00)
Valentine Happy Pi day! Open Chat (14.03.17, 05:47)(00:00)
Renae (that one!) all shall fear me! Open Chat (07.04.17, 23:06)(00:00)
Renae (that one!) Every ALL in fact :) Open Chat (07.04.17, 23:07)(00:00)
Annalee Does anyone have a contact email for the website? I've been trying to create an account since it was first created. This is going to probably be my last attempt to contact anyone as no one has responded yet. Open Chat (21.04.17, 03:13)(00:00)
Kristin Darken If you are not logged in, you get assigned a random name by the shoutbox. Open Chat (01.05.17, 11:28)(00:00)
Kristin Darken The contact email for the site is the same one that you get an email from when you attempt to register with the site - We're not outrageously high traffic, so I don't always answer email to that account on a daily or even weekly basis... but I get it. Along with notifications of EVERY registered (and every denied) account. Open Chat (01.05.17, 11:50)(00:00)
Kristin Darken Posting in the shoutbox is less efficient than email though... why didn't you just post a comment on the front page news? Open Chat (01.05.17, 11:53)(00:00)
David So basically this is like an old style chat room? Open Chat (28.05.17, 18:57)(18:57)
Bek D Corbin Shout, Shout, Let it all out! These are the things we can do without! C'mon ev'rybody, I'm talking to you... Whateley Universe Only (29.06.16, 00:30)(00:30)
Kristin Darken That's what I like to hear, a little old-fashioned rock and roll. :) Whateley Universe Only (29.06.16, 00:33)(00:33)
Peyton Hey. I'm hoping that there are more loose cannons stories in the works. Would love to be able to loo Whateley Universe Only (28.09.16, 21:47)(21:47)
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Jude Coughlin It was a dark and stormy night, but not down here. Down here it was just dark. And dusty. And more then a bit 'musky', if your definition of 'musky' included rodent droppings. Creeping silently along well, not a shadow, down here it was so dark all the shadows had long ago melded together, but a shape. Definitely a shape. The shape paused, some scuffling was heard and then a muffled drawn out creaking … “Shut that door!” “What?” “Shut that door, you’re letting in the light!” “Its pitch black out here!” “Well its perfect dark in here and you’re mixing the light!” “How can you tell??!” “Do you you want me to explain it with science, or with fists? “Pardon?” “Come in and shut the door behind you, and I’ll explain it with science. Or stand there holding the door open and I’ll throw you out and explain it with my fists!” Ominously a floorboard creaked and there was the sounds of something moving. “OK OK! Hold your horses, I’m doing it! I’m doing it!” Roleplay (29.06.16, 10:45)(10:45)
Kristin Darken The door creaked as it closed, and latched with a complexity of mechanisms that couldn't bode well for the future of anyone. Fortunately for one mousy boy, he didn't think either of the two speaking had noticed him. He'd slipped in ahead of the newcomer, amidst the shadows and dust, but before the... other... had truly woken from its sleep and grown angry at the disturbance. He kept moving, doing his best to stay in corners along the way, as far from the direct path as possible. If the two did come to blows, he didn't want to be caught up in it, and it seemed likely that at least one of them had some way to see in this murk. Strangely, it didn't seem to be inhibiting his quiet movement...and even the short time he'd be present, felt like his other senses had grown to compensate. Roleplay (30.06.16, 00:39)(00:39)
Bek D Corbin "JEEZ, will you to cut it out?" Trudy said as she dragged the cooler into the dingy house. "What, did they have a ten-for-one sale on testosterone supplements, and you stocked up while prices were low?" Trudy set the cooler down and looked around the place as she chewed her gum. "MAN, I thought they stopped making those cheesy 'Spooky Haunted House' movies, back in the Fifties." Roleplay (01.07.16, 20:21)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "Hey! This is my Grandma's house! She left it too me!" Roleplay (03.07.16, 19:38)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "Well, you could have fixed it up a bit!" Roleplay (03.07.16, 19:38)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "There's nothing wrong with it! It's stood for over fifty years." Roleplay (03.07.16, 19:39)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "More like 'fell down upright' if you asked me! Listen to it, every time I move the floorboard creaks!" Roleplay (03.07.16, 19:40)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin Everyone stared at her feet, and Trudy went white. "What?" She said. Turning around and listening to the creak again. Roleplay (03.07.16, 19:41)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "That's a stone floor," he quavered. "Stone floors don't creak!" Roleplay (03.07.16, 19:42)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin Everyone froze perfectly still, wide-eyed staring at each other as the long, drawn out creak came again from below their feet. Roleplay (03.07.16, 19:43)(00:00)
Kristin Darken Nicolas... the mousy boy still hiding in the shadowy corner of the room, knew what was coming. Oh, it wasn't a premonition or danger sense like that Spiderman comic... he just had a good sense for when Fate was about to twist her hooks into something. This stone floor, for instance, even run down and unmaintained for decades should still be good for another century. Or more. But as he watched, the few strange creaking noises were replaced by cracking mortar and shifting stone. He started taking off his shirt, hoping to loop it over the unlit wall sconce above him. His scrawny chest and pipestem limbs suggested that he wouldn't be able to hang from it for long, but at least he could control when he fell and maybe land at the top of the rubble instead of under it. Roleplay (04.07.16, 01:32)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin Coughing and spluttering, Trudy brushed the dirt off her and looked up. "A sinkhole!" She exclaimed in disbelief. Roleplay (04.07.16, 21:19)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "Hey, the cooler's fine! Nothing broke!" Roleplay (04.07.16, 21:20)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "You bought me to a dilapidated house with a sinkhole below it and I'm supposed to be happy the cooler's fine?" Roleplay (04.07.16, 21:21)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "Look! The beer's even cold!" He said happily holding out a bottle to her." Roleplay (04.07.16, 21:21)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "I'm at the bottom of a sinkhole! Why the hell should I be happy the beer's cold!" Roleplay (04.07.16, 21:22)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "Um, the dust? I thought, you know, it could clear your throat?" Roleplay (04.07.16, 21:23)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin Snatching the bottle from him Trudy took a long slug, never once letting her glare relax long enough for him to be the least little bit unsure she still blamed him entirely for her current predicament. Roleplay (04.07.16, 21:24)(00:00)
Kristin Darken Nicolas' arms, having held his body weight for all of 37 seconds finally gave out. He dropped into the sinkhole, landing atop a table that had survived by sliding to the side of the room. His arrival was announced with a solid thump. He sprawled out, now shirtless, looking like a sacrifice victim spread out on an altar. Roleplay (05.07.16, 01:37)(00:00)
Bek D Corbin Trudy looked around and snarled, "WELL? When does the cheesy organ music start playing?" Roleplay (07.07.16, 04:42)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin Looking around the slightly nerdy boy murmured "I think Grandma had a piano." Roleplay (09.07.16, 04:01)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin Reminded again of her predicament, Trudy turned and glared at him. "Why exactly am I dating you again?" she demanded. Roleplay (09.07.16, 04:02)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin Turning a look of outright worship on her, tears coming to his eyes as he clasped hands to his chest, the boy almost genreflected in her direction. "This is a date?! You're actually dating me?!" Roleplay (09.07.16, 04:04)(00:00)
Gabriela "Well," Trudy confessed. "Not so much of a date then a need," jumping off the alter to grab hold of a lever revealing a slew of knives. "A sacrifical lamb really. I mean come on a girl wants to stay pretty right?" Roleplay (13.08.16, 17:28)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "Errr, so we're here to sacrifice the boy on the table?" he asked hopefully. Roleplay (24.11.16, 15:17)(00:00)
Jude Coughlin "No," Trudy replied with a disconcerting smile. "We're here to sacrifice you!" Roleplay (25.11.16, 05:07)(05:07)
Jude Coughlin "But. It's my Grandmother's house!" Roleplay (25.11.16, 05:08)(05:08)
Jude Coughlin "Why do you think I left it to you?" Roleplay (25.11.16, 05:08)(05:08)