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And now we're into that new year, 2017! 

For the first new content of this shiny new year, lets have some fun with Morpheus' Imp. Here's "Teacher's Tail" Part 2!

(No celebrities were harmed in the creation of this week's content update).


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I hope everyone's Christmas was warm and wonderful and that, whether you celebrate it as part of your religion or just enjoy it as a day off work; that it went well this year. For those of you who had to work (food service, entertainment venues, and those few other industries that tend not to get holidays in the normal fashion), I hope you get a chance to make up for the insanity of working while the rest are celebrating. My own New Years gets absorbed by shows this year... we have them on both Eve and New Years Day... but at least we had Christmas day off. In fact New Years weekend is going to be especially nuts for me as we not only continue our holiday show through Sunday the first, but we are also in technical rehearsals to open the next show this weekend as well. I could reeeeally use cloning technology right now, if anyone's got a lab working on it?

Here behind the scenes in Whateley land, we seem to have kidnapped a few of Santa's elves and have quite a few stories ready to go out the door and more than a handful in the works. Part of that, of course, is JG's return and the excitement of chatting with him behind the scenes again. Part is just the timing, as a number of projects that have been in the work for a while now came together at the same time. 

In the WhatIF author group, we see to have a bit of a bottleneck on stories asking for review before their authors feel ready to release them to the public. If you happen to have time and are willing to work with authors by offering constructive feedback (not being insulting or telling the author how you would write it, just explaining what works for you and what doesn't), I'm sure the WhatIF authors would love to have you. There's always a shortage of people willing to help with edits, if you're willing to help out the WhatIF crew. If you want to help out with this, PM me for access to the WhatIF section. That's especially true if you have any interest in at one point working with the canon team as either an author or editor, we definitely have a history of tapping new members from the non-canon writing group.


Of course, the reason everyone's dropping in for their weekly visit: new content. For this week, we have a bit of a holiday related piece from Bek. I know there are people who have been waiting eagerly for this one to roll around... so, here we go... "Silver Ghost, Golden Angel" Part 2. From Bek D. Corbin. Enjoy!


And for everyone, no matter your religion or background; have a warm, safe, and wonderful winter holidays. I won't name them all, but let's remember their common elements... the recognition of Light over Darkness, the affirmation that Winter will pass and Spring return. Celebrate your survival and the renewed hope that a new year brings. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider or mulled wine and join me at the fire. 


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I may or may not be around at the time things publish today, so hopefully everything goes smoothly with the scheduled release. I am going to an afternoon showing of Rogue 1 and looking forward to it with great anticipation... especially since everyone I know who likes Star Wars has had good things to say so far. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't set off something in my theatre trained critical brain that makes me grumpy about it... which, unfortunately, happens all too often.

What doesn't make me grumpy, though, is when come through a period of having barely enough material to keep up our weekly posting and we get a convergence, where a number of authors finish works at the same time. So, a little shuffling and planning is going on behind the scenes as we decide which order to release things in... and, it looks like the start is going to be Elrod's contribution for Fall '07, as Kayda returns for her first full year. Of course, before she can start getting into trouble in this new year, she's going to have to answer for a Summer's full of mishaps and misadventures. And let's not forget the little brother...

Here is is, Kayda 10, Part 1 "There's No Place Like Poe" by ElrodW!