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As some of you may have heard in the forums last week, the author team has taken a look at the current two story release per week set up. We have found that it just isn't working the way we hoped and have discussed some options on a release schedule going forward that will better enable us to balance both sustainability and allow for greater activity on site. For some reason, the authors thought it would be wise to let you all know the news as soon as possible... transparency and all that... but they didn't really go into all the details. So, going forward for the moment, we will no longer be doing a "two story Monday" release system. I know this is disappointing to many of you, but the truth is; the pace isn't really fair to the authors.

So... for today, the March 13 release will be Part 3 of Elrod's Kayda 10: "There's No Place Like Poe" and from E. E. Nalley, we have Part 2 of "The Bear, the Bitch, and Everything." We hope you will enjoy these... wait... what?

Oh... I see. We said that we were discontinuing the Two story Monday release schedule and then promptly release two stories on a Monday. Well, I suppose I'll explain where the confusion lies, there. See, we've discovered that the authors are generally producing stories at a rate where even with two releases per week; we are accumulating a larger and larger queue of pieces waiting for release. Even at two stories per week, our current 'waiting' pile is at about FIFTEEN weeks. That means a story completed next week might not get seen by readers until JULY! So... completely unfair to the authors who await feedback before moving on to bigger and better things.

As a result, moving forward we are adopting a system of THREE stories released per week. Two of these will continue to occur on Monday evening. A third story will be made available each Friday afternoon. I'm going to tentatively say at 14:00 PST. That'll give you four days to read the Monday content and a weekend to finish up and check out the Friday release. If we continue to average out with 20k word releases, this should result in 50-75% of a novel's worth of content per week... 1-2 novels per month.

We hope this exciting news comes as a salve to sooth your disappointment that we are dropping the Two Story Monday release schedule and replacing it with a more sustainable one. In the meantime, enjoy the content from Elrod and E.E. ... we'll see you back on Friday for the next release! Don't forget to leave a comment or a forums post for your authors, thanking them for all the hard work.


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Because these wacky authors continue to throw large numbers of words onto the page, we've got yet another week of two stories to release. From Morpheus, there's Part 2 of "Round and Round" in its canon final evolved form to be found in the Gen 1 catalog. And over in Gen 2, I've got a little Shieldwall and Tavi to share with you all in Part 1 of "Good Cop / Bad Cop"





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I've spent the last couple weeks preparing, recording, and repeating sound effects for a production of "The Tempest" that has turned out to be quite lovely. If you happen to be in or near Sacramento, I'd really recommend checking it out; it's one of (if not 'the') best bit of work on Shakespeare that we've done in the eleven years I've been here. That's mostly due to a very bright and savvy young director who came to us from New York: smart, insightful, and good to work with.

My next project (while I run eight performances per week of this one through the end of March), is to design some sound for a production of Tennessee Williams' "Glass Menagerie" which is being directed by another young, savvy director who we've managed to attract recently. We've also got some really great people lined up in the cast for it. While it's bound to be a great production, it is a pretty commonly done piece, though, so there are some down sides.

We'll solve that by closing out the spring with our world premiere piece "The Donner Party" which is, yes, based on the pioneer (Oregan Trail style) trip of the Donner Party that resulted in the majority of the group being trapped in the passes in northern California and whose only surviving members did so by consuming the flesh of the dead members of the party. And no... its not a parody/comedy. Much of the music is actually quite operatic, or reminscent of period protestant church music with simple but beautiful multi-part choruses, highlighting the struggle and sacrifice.


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So. What's going on here at the site? JG is still rocking the place, working like a madman. E.E. and Elrod are taking up the challenge, trying to avoid being out produced. Morpheus is sharing a pile of things he's had ready for a while, that were waiting for the universe timeline to catch up to him.


What are you getting for today? Well, the first of the things is going to be JG's catch up piece on Murphy. This one is called "Murphy's Laws of Whateley" ... the second piece for today's content release is part 1 of E.E. Nalley's "The Bear, the Bitch, and Everything."  These are both in the Gen 1 timeline/collection.