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If you are a Fan Fiction Author, please take a little time to check out the thread about upcoming decisions to be made regarding the fan fiction process and visibility. I'm going to give the discussion another week for people to weigh in and then I'm going to post some votes. If you aren't already a fan fiction author and you are interested in doing some writing in the Whateley Universe at some point in the future, canon or otherwise... it might benefit you to get informed. The initial discussions and voting are restricted to people currently registered and promoted to fan fic author status... the followups based on those decisions will be open to all registered members. 

And, of course, if you aren't registered and part of the community; your voice won't be heard.


In other news, our latest code update resulted in some CSS loss; so I had to make some template changes. Most things should be back to where they were, but it is also possible that I'm exploring new font and layout options. The most recent changes have been based on clearing up navigation... making buttons more visible, tightening up the front end of the site, and so forth. Please let me know if one of these re-do's misses something that makes the site work for your screen... or for that matter, if something changes that is more useful than normal. That's how I'll narrow down things that stay in the long term design over things that I try and revert.


For today's content release, we're going to stay in the G2 timeline but step outside the core plotline for a bit more character development. This time, it's for one of our Japanese protagonists: Mageohki's Hikaru in "Glimpses of the Sun." Enjoy!



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And so we move into August. I'm hoping that doesn't mean the weather will be even hotter than its been... because if so, I'm melting before we get to September. Been more than a few hot ones already, so that's a bad sign...

If you are a fan fiction author, please chime in on the discussion in the fan fiction forums about potential changes to how we handle fan fiction on the site.

And, for this week's release: we have part 5 of the third story in the Gen 2 core plotline, "I Don't THink We're in Kansas Anymore." And by this point, its looking like no amount of tapping together the heels of those ruby slippers is going to change that fact.


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I hope everyone is having a good Monday. Err... ya, ok, few people have good Mondays given that Monday is the beginning of the week thing for so many workers. Let me offer up a little something to get you over that bad start of the week. 

Today's story release is also from Bek (yes, two different stories from Bek in back to back weeks... when Bek punches through a block, things get lively).But when it was first presented, the discussion was about it maybe being Library material. We looked at it, had a little discussion, and decided that it IS indeed within the bounds of the Whateley Universe. However, the entire concept and through line puts it off-campus (and unlikely to ever visit on campus). So, for the moment... we're putting this into the Second Generation pile, because that's where it falls in the overall WU timeline. However, you'll notice that it falls into the 'outside world' category of 'spin offs' or the 'Off Campus' world.

In a sense, this is a bit like the SHIELD television series spinning off the Marvel cinematic universe. It's the same world, big picture, and its possible for plot lines and events to intersect or have an impact on each other... but the day to day events of the Dewinter Residence series is going to reflect a more adult New York City setting.That should be appealing to those of you who have enjoyed the Jadis/Jobe trips to the Big Apple... or who wanted to see more of the city and the 'biz' during G2's brief layover.


For your reading and universe expanding pleasure, here's Bek D. Corbin's "Professional Courtesy" - the first in the DeWinter Residence -or- Milady's series of stories within the Whateley Universe.