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I hope everyone is having a good Monday. Err... ya, ok, few people have good Mondays given that Monday is the beginning of the week thing for so many workers. Let me offer up a little something to get you over that bad start of the week. 

Today's story release is also from Bek (yes, two different stories from Bek in back to back weeks... when Bek punches through a block, things get lively).But when it was first presented, the discussion was about it maybe being Library material. We looked at it, had a little discussion, and decided that it IS indeed within the bounds of the Whateley Universe. However, the entire concept and through line puts it off-campus (and unlikely to ever visit on campus). So, for the moment... we're putting this into the Second Generation pile, because that's where it falls in the overall WU timeline. However, you'll notice that it falls into the 'outside world' category of 'spin offs' or the 'Off Campus' world.

In a sense, this is a bit like the SHIELD television series spinning off the Marvel cinematic universe. It's the same world, big picture, and its possible for plot lines and events to intersect or have an impact on each other... but the day to day events of the Dewinter Residence series is going to reflect a more adult New York City setting.That should be appealing to those of you who have enjoyed the Jadis/Jobe trips to the Big Apple... or who wanted to see more of the city and the 'biz' during G2's brief layover.


For your reading and universe expanding pleasure, here's Bek D. Corbin's "Professional Courtesy" - the first in the DeWinter Residence -or- Milady's series of stories within the Whateley Universe.


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Before I introduce today's release, there's two things I want to talk about:

The first, I've already raised some concerns about in the forums... but it seems that many of our regular readers are not visiting the forums these days. Hopefully, you ARE at least checking the front page news when I post. In the past week or two, we have had a number of comment posts on things that shouldn't be in the comments posts at all and are unacceptable interactions with the authors. 

Neither authors or any editors who support our authors are being paid for their work here and we admittedly don't always spend the time and effort on proofing things that we would as a professional publishing house. That means that miss-spellings, miss-translations, incorrect words and even grammar mistakes occur along side typos and formatting glitches. We generally do a pretty good job of minimizing these... to the extent that I would match our work against most independently published ebooks... and even a lot of published materials. But yes, we do make mistakes. Ideally... if it doesn't disrupt your ability to read the book, it shouldn't be an issue; right? You don't write a typo note to Baen Books every time you find something wrong, do you? Why then, should it seem appropriate to do it here where you aren't even paying for the stories you read?

If you are trying to be 'helpful'... I'll remind you that every author can be PM'd. And the first thing that you should say when you PM an author about a typo is to ASK them if they want a couple typo notes on a story? Because it is entirely up to the author whether they get fixed once the story is posted. Mostly, I don't bother unless the mistake is going to cause problems later (confusing a plot point, or so on). This is because I have to choose how to use the time I have available... and I'd rather acknowledge that I rushed a piece out the door to make sure we got new content to you, and continue to work on more new content... than spend time tweaking something that has already been released so that it is 'perfect'.

The WORST thing you can do is start demanding in comments or feedback forums that the author needs to fix something. This is horribly inappropriate and changes the tone for all comments and posts around it. It's the kind of entitlement that starts authors down a conversation about being unappreciated... which can end in the author going somewhere that readers can't/don't treat authors that way. 


The other thing to discuss is that I set up the comments on the stories to give people a quick and convenient way to thank the authors. They are NOT designed to support conversation and discussions about the stories. If you want to discuss characters and/or plot points with other readers, please take it to the forums. Monitoring, moderating, and maintaining the comment system is more involved than keeping the forums running, requires specific action from me daily, and is not stored efficiently (meaning the comments take up more storage space than similar length comments would take up in the forums). So please... remember, the comments on the stories themselves are meant for quick responses... mostly targeted as a thank you or other praise to the authors. If you want to talk more about the stories, log in and join the discussion in the forums. Don't feel that logging in takes away from any anonymity you might have as an internet visitor. You're welcome to use a 'throw away' email account, as long as that account will not bounce an admin mail if one is sent to you because of a login problem or something... and there is no requirement to use your real name or even a recognized nickname. 


And finally... to this week's content release: back from a bit of writer's block, Bek has been throwing stuff in my inbox left and right for the past couple weeks. For those of you who forget what that means, 'when last we saw them' our drow were in New York looking for crown jewels for a certain island Princess. Jadis and Vamp, along with a few others, were around as well. Spark some memories? It's time for Part 3 of "Diamonds Are a Vamp's Best Friend" and it can be found in the Original Timeline stories.




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Like many people all over the US, I made the mistake this week of discovering the joys of wandering around the streets looking for Pokemons. My crappy tablet hasn't let me get very far but I can certainly see the appeal... and there's good exercise in walking around hitting the various Pokestops for items and hoping to run across a rare critter. So part of my errands today included a little phone upgrade so I can tether my tablet to 3G instead of trying to function in just the xfinity hotspots. That's good news for my exercise program, but maybe bad news for my 'sitting at the computer working on things' progress. With luck, though, the exercise will help me feel better and I'll be more efficient with the time I do spend working on stories.

Anyone else chasing strange little creatures around their neighborhood? Caught anything really cool?


Ok... back to the Whateley Universe... in which the Pokemons don't need to be alternate reality, because they are hard light VI's. --->

Let's take a trip! It's summer break and a few of our Whateley students are headed to France for a little business and pleasure. Can they get there and back without anything going... off the rails? 

Unlikely, right?

Elrod brings you the conclusion of his eighth story in the Kayda arc, Part 3 of "The Best Days of Our Lives" ... enjoy!