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Today, I have two shorter pieces to share. One is a Gen 1 vignette from E.E. which brings to a close the Spring 2007 year at the Whateley Academy: "Pomp and Conspiracy." The second piece, from Domoviye, is part of our pre-public test of the Gen 0 project... in which we present stories from the greater world of the Whateley Universe that don't require intricate understanding of ongoing plotlines and fill out those parts of the world. Want to know about some of the historical moments of the WU that have been mentioned over the years? Formation of the Syndicate? The Martian invasion? Dr Dad's attempt to steal Pittsburgh? These and a number of other potential stories will be on our list for independant projects by authors who aren't canon (or aren't canon yet). This first story, "A Good Man" gives some insight into the MCO and that organization's reputation and history. 



For a few weeks in May, if not into the Summer as well, we expect to spend some time with only one release per week instead of the two that we've been doing for the past four months. We're definitely generating more than 20k words per week... but not quite up to the 40k words per week needed to keep up a 2 release per week full time schedule. So for a little while, we're going to build back up a pile of "to be released" materials and then look at alternating in some 'extras' on odd weeks or something of the sort. This DOES mean, however, that some weeks may have a Gen 1 release or a Gen 2 release... or Library... without something from the other group. I'll try not to go too many weeks in a row with stories from just one time frame, but if everyone's writing Gen 2 plots... that might be what you get for a little while. :)


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Time flies when you're having fun. So either I'm having fun or someone's messing with me. It's hard to believe its nearly the end of April already and that I've been handling the admin side of the Crystal Hall for almost two years already. Despite all the time and effort ... and often frustration... that is involved in maintaining a site like this (or having to rebuild one due to outside interference), I never get tired of the opportunity to each week announce/release a couple new stories for everyone to read. It maybe says more about the rest of my life than is good, but these Monday releases are often the high point of my week.

For this week, I'm going to put up the final two sections of Morpheus' Gen 2 origin/backstory for Bianca: "Written in Blood" parts 3 & 4. And for a second piece, Itinerant joins the 'published' fan fiction authors section with Chapter's 1 and 2 of his story of a paladin of an Egyptian goddess, "Ma-at".  If you've never taken the time to read this one, it's well worth the read. There are a few core elements to the story that would prevent it from ever being canon (time travel, for example), but it is a great story irregardless. 



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For those of you who missed this weekend's big announcement:


An exciting announcement / update!

While this isn't the first time it has happened, it is still a rare enough event that its worth a front page announcement and lots of kudos from the community. Over the past year or so, one of the community members has written several fan fics that have really resonated with both canon authors and the readership at large. These stories, with only a little advice and support from the canon team have been of high quality and merit recognition as being insightful into the sort of people the canon characters are meant to be... beyond their power sets, and the trappings of the setting. In addition to being the sort of author WE want to read and work with, this community member has stepped in and helped in a significant way with the site move; spending dozens (if not hundreds) of hours assisting with the process of moving stories to the new site.

For these reasons, among others, we happily extend official canon status to Phoenix Spiritus. We are also offering official status as "Hank's author" to Phoenix for all the great work on the stories created as fan fic but which now all sit on the shelves as canon (as they should). But this is a full canon position, so Phoenix is not limited to just writing about Hank... we hope to help P-S to develop a new Fall 2007 freshman to work in with the rest of the ongoing core storyline. There's also a possibility for G2 timeline stories (if the G2 crew is willing)... or external (G0) stories. 

I hope to be able to make more announcements like this in the near future and I know there are a number of authors who we have our eyes on, as we evaluate them for not only their writing talent and skill but also with how well they will work with our team, how committed they are and so forth...  especially once we post our 'formal road' to canon authorship and the various ways for authors to get published here. It's always exciting to see what new authors bring to the table. Be sure to congratualate Phoenix Spiritus in the forums when you have a chance!



And hey... today is tax day! I hope everyone got their taxes done and submitted so the government won't get pissy about it. And they will. There might be billionaires skipping out on paying taxes on hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore tax haven accounts... but by all the gods, if someone living at the poverty line is late filing their taxes for the sixty dollars they owe... they'll send out the flipping black ops teams to hold your life hostage until you comply with all the appropriate tax codes. So before you give in and read this week's story content, make sure you aren't blowing off the IRS to do it. Last thing I need is the tax man coming after me because I distracted you from filing by offering good reading material.

And it IS good. We have the start of a new Kayda piece, kicking off some summer trips. That's from Elrod, of course - "Kayda 8: The Best Days of Our Lives" (Part 1). And over in the Gen 2 arena, let's take a second look at Nagrij's character with Part 2 of "Down the Rabbit Hole."  Enjoy!