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With the extra time I have available to me during the summer, unless something unexpected comes up, you should anticipate various little changes and clean up things on the site. While I cannot promise to be able to make specific changes (the site has to serve the community as a whole, not just a few that one or another thing bothers), this is the time to ask about specific alterations. Of course, if I'm NOT busy working on the site; it is highly likely that I will get a bunch of writing done... so weigh your decision on asking for site changes with your interest in seeing one or more of my storylines advance. ;)

Speaking of storylines... we're going to release the next part of the core storyline from the Gen 2 team tonight. Story 1-3, Part 2 -> "I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore" from Nagrij and Elrod. We think this one is going to shake things up and give you the first glimpse into the 'real' Whateley Universe in the Gen 2 timeline.


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Kristin has finished contract work with the theater, so in theory has more time. However, Murphy, being a bastard, messed with Kristin's computer, obviously interfering with daily life and Whateley administration. I'm going to do something on my own initiative here (and if I do it wrong, I'll crawl on my knees begging forgiveness)! In the meantime, for your enjoyment is part 1 of the Generation 2 main story arc - "I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore" by Elrod and Nagrij (and contributed bits from other as usual).


(EDIT - due to a minor cockup, it's got a date of April 2, so look down the list a bit or follow the link above. Sorry - but I can't do much about that.) Hope everyone has had a good Memorial Day (at least those in the States). EW



-- from Kristin

In addition to the new Gen 2 story that Elrod put up for you all yesterday; I'm going to go ahead and release the 'featured' version of Itinerant's "Ma-at" Chapter 3. If you haven't read this one in the past; it's well worth the read. Enjoy!


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Summer is traditionally a slower time on the Crystal Hall web site, as people spend more time outdoors and with family. And, historically, this has included author activity... resulting in weeks or even months in which there is no new content available. I think it is safe to say that this will not be one of those Summers. Even going by just what I 'know' is in the works, we should have enough material to get through the Summer without missing a release. And there is always stuff being worked on that I don't know about... in fact, some of these Gen 2 authors have been really quiet down in the dungeon... err, the lounge. They've been quiet down in the lounge... too quiet. I suppose we should send someone down there to find out what they are working on. 

I hope that, as we continue to release things in the Summer that you'll make time to stop by and say hello. 

For this week, we have the conclusion of Nagrij's backstory/origin piece for Lapin, "Down the Rabbit Hole". You can find Part 3 of this story in the appropriate section: the 2nd Generation stories.