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Spring already. Time flies when you're having fun. It also flies when you have mutant devisors and gadgeteers building clocks with gravitic propulsion systems to measure the effects of relativity and the flow of time at various fractions of c. But that, I suppose, is beside the point.

For tonight's release, we've got the final bit of Morpheus' "A Glow in the Darkness" (Part 3) and from our Gen 2 authors, we're going to give you a little insight into the backstory of another of the characters introduced in Calimari. That's Nagrij's character, in "Down the Rabbit Hole."

And if that isn't enough, I'll be adding a couple fan fiction pieces to the published section tonight... although a few pieces that have been submitted are going to get bounced back to their authors for another rework, a few of them are ready to go and I've finally had some time to get to them. Be sure to check out the Fan Fiction section for all the newest releases (I'll append a list of them to the front page news later).




And here are those Fan Fic pieces. I'm sure that some of you have spent some time reading WU fan fic in the forums or on another site... it is my hope that as we move forward that more of the fan fiction authors will look into getting their completed pieces archived here alongside the other published work. We'll continue to provide a forums area for in progress works and experiments into writing origins or power gimmicks, but as more finished stories are developed... stories that are Whateley stories in everything but their canon status; I think this section will grow rapidly. And from it, I hope to find and recruit more of the good authors hiding in our community to participate in canon story development.

For now, you can find the latest Fan fiction over here in the story section. Today's releases, if you haven't gone looking for them in the past, are:

Phoenix-Spiritus - "So Shalt Thou Show Me Friendship" - A near-canon piece with Hank and Lily.

Pioneer - "Two Become One" (Part 1) - A more divergent origin story using the WU as its setting.

and three pieces from Domoviye - "Never" "How Far" and "A Light in the Dark" - Three separate near-canon origin stories.






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No, my clock isn't broken. But it might as well have been because I clearly overslept and messed up my plans and schedule for today big time. 

However, now that I've caught up, you should have a couple more things on your reading lists:


First, from the Gen 1 Timeline; we have Part 2 in Morpheus' new story about "A Glow in the Darkness." 

And another bit of backstory before we jump back into the Gen 2 'present', here's some insight into the Japanese sphere of the WU and some of the characters coming to WA from there. "Islands in The Sun" from MageOhki.


Also, if you never got around to checking out the Library on the old site or are looking for something to re-read, Phoenix-Spiritus has been busy this past week on migrating the Library. Things aren't completely sorted out yet, they aren't listed by date properly yet ... basically the stuff that *I* have to do to finalize the migration... but they are on the site and readable. There's a good bit of stuff there to read and enjoy, especially if you're new to us. And its all on unique non-Whateley tangents. Have at it! 


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This week, we've got two more really great pieces for you:


From the Original Timeline, we wrap up the end of school year piece from Elrod "Odds and Ends" with Part 3. Did you solve the mystery before Whateley security did?

And from the the G2 timeline, we're going to take a moment in our Road to Whateley trip to flashback to just a few months earlier... before AJ spent time with his mother at Karedonia... with "The Curse of the Dragon Queen"