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An exciting announcement / update!

While this isn't the first time it has happened, it is still a rare enough event that its worth a front page announcement and lots of kudos from the community. Over the past year or so, one of the community members has written several fan fics that have really resonated with both canon authors and the readership at large. These stories, with only a little advice and support from the canon team have been of high quality and merit recognition as being insightful into the sort of people the canon characters are meant to be... beyond their power sets, and the trappings of the setting. In addition to being the sort of author WE want to read and work with, this community member has stepped in and helped in a significant way with the site move; spending dozens (if not hundreds) of hours assisting with the process of moving stories to the new site.

For these reasons, among others, we happily extend official canon status to Phoenix Spiritus. We are also offering official status as "Hank's author" to Phoenix for all the great work on the stories created as fan fic but which now all sit on the shelves as canon (as they should). But this is a full canon position, so Phoenix is not limited to just writing about Hank... we hope to help P-S to develop a new Fall 2007 freshman to work in with the rest of the ongoing core storyline. There's also a possibility for G2 timeline stories (if the G2 crew is willing)... or external (G0) stories. 

I hope to be able to make more announcements like this in the near future and I know there are a number of authors who we have our eyes on, as we evaluate them for not only their writing talent and skill but also with how well they will work with our team, how committed they are and so forth...  especially once we post our 'formal road' to canon authorship and the various ways for authors to get published here. It's always exciting to see what new authors bring to the table. Be sure to congratualate Phoenix Spiritus in the forums when you have a chance!




Evidently I spoke too soon when I said there was little to say today except to introduce the stories. While handling some cleanup/maintenance, the site went down hard and I wasn't even getting in through shell, let alone anything higher up. Fortunately, things aren't quite as erratic as they used to be when it comes to maintenance. And I was able to just start up a new instance of the virtual machine using a snapshot/backup from last night right around midnight PST. So, for those people who had forums conversations or posted story stuff today, sorry about that... but for the most part, we won't have lost much. The biggest nuissance is that starting up from from a snapshot like this counts as a 'new instance' which means a different IP address. So we'll have to wait a few hours or so for the domain name to propagate to the new IP address before most people will actually find the site again.


As to the normal Monday stuff... here's the story release info again: Part 3 of Astrodragon (and the Gen 2 team)'s "New York Comes with Calamari" is now up in the Gen 2 area. While we don't have the final sections of Road to Whateley coming soon, while E.E. gets moved to a new apartment for health reasons... we do have a second portion of his Star Wars fan fic "Prime Time: A Tale of the Star Wars" and that can be found over in the Library section.


Finally, if you are interested in writing for the Whateley Universe and have aspirations above fan fiction; keep your eyes open for some announcement posts in the near future. We are in the process of putting together the 'definitive' announcement on the various existing means that one can publish canon stories or join the ranks as a canon author. This will include the policies, expectations, standards, and so forth for all of our programs/teams including Original Timeline Canon team,  Gen 2 Canon team, the Gen 0 author's list, the canonized story project, and what canon means relative to non-canon. I'll also include a section detailing some of my plans for what I'm going to 'for now' call community written stories vs fan fiction. 




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It's been an interesting week. I got offhanded compliments from my boss acknowledging something I've been trying to get him to understand for seven or eight years. He hasn't quite grasped the larger ramifications yet... but he's starting to get it. "You get what you pay for." Most people tend to get that with personal consumer goods, cheap products tend to be of lower quality. They don't meet your needs exactly, the fit or taste isn't 'tailored', and they tend to decay more quickly because the materials and means of putting them together is poor. But the idea tends to extend to things on a much larger scale. You cannot expect department store microphones and sound equipment to perform like the stuff you see on Broadway... 

The principle also applies to employing people. You can't pay people unskilled labor wages (or lower, because  the jobs are offered on a contract/stipend level which somehow bypasses hourly minimums)... and expect to get their best effort. Especially some of the skill sets involved in theatre, where you have to be both a craftsman or engineer and a creative/artist at the same time. 

Of course... offhand compliments don't mean I'm going to get a raise or anything... that would be too much to expect *sighs*


Over on this little web presence called The Crystal Hall?

Well... this week, it looks like we're got a couple shorter pieces for you. From Light-of-Fury, we've got a Gen 1 canon piece called "Learning to Hunt." and from Morpheus, Part 2 of his introduction backstory for Bianca "Written in Blood."

Next week (sorry bookies)... we'll wrap up the first of the two Gen 2 intro stories (New York Comes with Calimari) with Part 3. So a re-read of parts 1 and 2 over the weekend to jump right into the conclusion on Monday might be warranted for those who didn't like the parts handled separately. As we then move forward with Gen 2, we might treat some of the remaining parts of Road to Whateley (which is technically core story 1.2, Calimari being 1.1) as noodle incidents until E. E. and Bek have a chance to finish it.


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Well, here we are in spring again. Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. Trees are budding and turning green. People are sneezing as allergies kick their asses. 

Ok, maybe we can do without that last part. 

My work usually keeps me busy this time of year, but this season, I'm not mixing a musical. Instead, I'm composing a design for a production of Sherlock Holmes (Hound of the Baskervilles). As a result, I'm at home on my computer instead of in the dark corner of a crowded theatre at a sound board. Actually able to look out a window and see the spring happening... it's a bit disorienting, really. :)

Anyway, you don't want to hear me jabbering about my daily 'grind'... you want to know what WU stuff we are going to share with you this week. The answer is:

From NeoMagus, doing a bit of Gen1 writing, there's the Wondercute fight you've all been eager to see. That's titled "All the King's Horses..."

And then we have the start of another Gen2 backstory, for Bianca (Morpheus' character). That's "Written in Blood" Part 1.