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For today's new content, we're going to break in the Library section and give you something else from Bek. Enjoy "Chain of Custody" over in the Library shelves. This belongs in the Erinyes universe, if you're looking for similar stories. I don't think most of the Erinyes stories have gotten moved over here yet...

Up next? 

Well, we're rapidly approaching the release of the Gen 2 universe. We've also got some more combat finals and a bit more end of semester stuff before diving into the Fall 2007 school year. There's also one final section of Whisper in my 'to be published' pile. 

I hope everyone has a great holiday season ahead of them.

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For the next three weeks, my life mostly revolves around providing a wonderful holiday experience for families in the Sacramento region. This season we're doing a pseudo-Panto / musical version of Cinderella, which means our seating is filled with tiny girls with long braids and tiaras who still think being a Princess is their number one goal in life. My job, amidst the chaos, is to wrangle the noise. Or, more 'officially', I'm the live mix engineer... in a one person sound department.

I have twelve of twenty some cast members in body mics (8 Sennheiser XSW 12, 4 Audio Technica System 10) and use some area pickup to support the ensemble/chorus numbers (3 Crown PCC-160's). Additionally, there's a four person / five instrument (Keyboard, percussion, violin, electric bass / trumpet - yeah, he plays both bass and trumpet, unusual combination, isn't it?)... and while the space isn't really large enough to NEED the band reinforced, they are mic'd or direct lined so I have some control over their volume (and just to have them in the mix so the band and voices sound 'together'). All that is run through our old fully manual Allen and Heath GL3300. Because 'most' of the mix isn't stable until we start doing tech/dress runs (and we only have 1 before we start having audience present), I never have an opportunity to create a prompt script (my hands are busy on the controls at the times I would need to be writing down level changes), So the full mix is done, from memory and based on the live quality in the room on a fully manual board.

So if I happen to sound a little brain dead at any point in the month of December... you know why.

Fortunately, you don't need me to do much more than introduce the next couple week's content releases. And now that that is mostly automated, I should be able to do that even in the midst of my live mix stupor. :)


For this week, we have a bit of holiday fun from Bek: please enjoy "Silver Ghost, Golden Angel"

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I don't really have much to say this week. Things are settling in on the site operations. Still plenty of old stories to transfer over, of course, but most people seem to be getting used to the new site. We've announced the new author team for Gen 2 and there's a possibility of posting some more teasers about the core characters or the world differences; but I don't have anything along that line yet. The original timeline has us wrapping up the 2006-2007 school year, so we're going to be introducing some new characters there fairly soon... a whole new freshman class to join in with the other three classes of known students. 

There are presents starting to pile up under the tree. There's a story sized package from the Gen 2 team that says "don't open until AFTER Christmas" that is probably 'episode 1 - part 1' ... whatever that story happens to be called. And.. what's this... hmm... looks like you're getting a holiday special from Bek, too. More than one, even. One of them even says you get to open it early.... guess that goes on the slate for next week.  I have a sneaky suspicion that there's more to put under the tree still too. Should be a fairly happy holiday around here. Even if I don't share this Scotch I got... 

Looks like the first thing for you to look at is a little martial arts flick... "Charging Buffalo, Hidden Dragon" that Elrod has put together for you.


Oh... the scotch? It's an affordable bottle of Dewars. There's a nice 40 yr Balvenie I'd like to try if you're looking for presents to put under the tree. Just make sure Enid doesn't get her hards on it. Would hate to waste a $5000 bottle of scotch on that lush muse... she can stay toasty just fine on some 10 yr Glenlivet. ;)