The Whateley Academy site has been serving thousands of visitors weekly for a number of years now with nearly no down time and the sort of tender loving care that is necessary for smooth operation. In the late hours of January 17, 2021; we received reports of some database errors impacting the story search grid. No sooner did investigations into this began, than the database went down hard. There's no significant evidence at this time that the problems were directly the action of outside/malicious forces; though with the volume of attacks we face constantly, it's possible that hacking is partially responsible for some of the damage.

At this time, Kristin is looking at restoring the existing site... this could take a few hours to a day or two, depending on how long it takes to find a stable backup and get a restore in place and all the necessary redirects up and running. Alternately, we may choose not to spend the time on the broken site and instead focus on finishing the new version (which operates on much more recent core software and will ultimately run the site far better). We will post to keep people updated and to provide a timeline for when the site and the archives will be restored to use.

In the meantime, while the full archive and library are not available directly; we will still do what we can to release new content on Mondays as usual. They'll just be in single html document format linked here.

If you miss chatting with people about the stories or offering feedback to the authors, please use the Whateley Discord channel. If you need to reach Kristin, email: kristindarken at