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I'm setting up most of the Monday release this evening (Sunday) instead of during the day on Monday this week because I don't get Monday (or any other day) off this week as a result of tight turnaround schedules. Tuesday 'should' be a short day, in theory, so I'll get at least a partial for some rest before working on this week's main job. But I won't be online for a few hours around the release time. If for some reason things don't release as appropriate, I'm sure Elrod or someone else will step up and kick something out the door for you all. Just check in at the forums to find out where you can find wherever it is. But... if things go right, you should have a good piece of another character's origins/backstory from the Gen 2 team.

What specifically? We have the first part of the Eisenmadel (Erica) backstory, from Wasamon... "Summer of My German Heritage" in our Gen 2 story section. Enjoy!