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Every now and then I jokingly tell people that Sound Engineering is more difficult work than running a nuclear reactor. Considering I spent a number of years as a Reactor Plant Operator for the Navy and am currently the Live Mix Engineer on a world premiere musical with 16 wireless microphones on actors and an orchestra of two keyboards, violin, cello, french horn, and percussion (also all mic'd and/or direct inputs)... I can safely make the comparison. In all honesty, running a reactor may require memorization of a lot of operating procedures; but even in casualty and high power testing conditions (both of which I have first hand experience on); the mixing I'm doing now is easily more taxing/demanding mentally.

Being able to break down all those complexities of sound into distinguishable (improvable) components with an awareness of what the current state means, what active manipulation can do, and how the end result can be put back together for better real time... makes the most complicated gaming boss fight or even a nuclear power plant fast recovery start up procedure following a scram... seem like child's play. Ok, admittedly, if I mess up a show mix, there's no risk that I'll irradiate half the west coast. But still!

Or... in simpler terms... my brain may have been fried Monday... but that was just the searing to lock in the flavor. It's spent the rest of the week roasting in the smoker.

However... even my toasty brain can get a little relief long enough to announce this week's content: we continue with Part 3 of "The Final Trump" from Bek D. Corbin! Enjoy!


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So, as anticipated my weekend was long and I still haven't filed my taxes. BUT, two stories are up. One, from E.E. Nalley, is a continuation (Part 3) of an ongoing story "The Bear, The Bitch, and Everything." Just when you think E.E. and Elrod can't push things any further... they get creative. :) The second piece for this evening is from Morpheus. It's the beginning of a new Imp based piece, the fifth in her arc, called "Head over Tail." Part 1 of this new Imp story is also up. Both of tonights offerings can be found in the Original Timeline collection.

Enjoy! Write comments and feedback! Think kindly of me as I work on filing my taxes...


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Not much to say today, but hopefully this release goes off smoothly. I'll be about 4.5-5 hours into a day that runs about seven hours past the release time (I'll start at 9:30 and will probably finish up around 22:00... with an hour off for dinner around 3 or 4 in the afternoon). The rest of the weekend will be roughly the same, so if I'm wandering around here drooling and nibbling on brain matter Monday to try to get the release posted, be thankful to Dan and Phoenix for doing most of the cleanup/code editing these days.

If you're curious what I'm working on at the moment, check out the show's site at  ... besides some history and details about the writer and lyricist, there's some rehearsal footage and other interesting tidbits.

Here in the Whateley Universe, we have Part 2 of Wasamon's "Summer of My German Heritage", which is the introductory story in the Eisenmadel arc. It's in the 2nd Gen story collection. Enjoy and remember to comment or join the feedback conversation in the forums!