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For those people who posted in the comments on the previous Front Page article since Monday, with concern that there might be site problems or Kristin problems... don't worry, it's fine and so am I. I fell asleep on Monday while sitting at my computer for several hours and missed getting a content update together... so Elrod pushed something into the Release list. I noted, offhand, that he hadn't posted any news or update announcement when I came in to get things up... but then it slipped my mind. Most of the canon authors 'should' have the ability to post Front Page News at will... but I don't know how many of them actually know that or know how to go about doing it (other than just editing the existing Front Page). So something just needed to be put up. But thank you for the concern for both the site and my well being. :)

If you haven't already found it, Monday's release for the week was the first part of Imp 4: "A Teacher's Tail" by Morpheus. As with the recent Elle stories from Elrod, the story moves us into the new Fall semester of the Gen 1 timeline... which we can refer to as Fall 07 or Year 2. Enjoy! More coming soon!




+2 # Horrid 2016-12-15 20:04
Well OF COURSE the readers are concerned, Kristen! Where will we ever find a slave who will keep this website going for a salary of so many "kudos" a week? So you are important to us, we greedy gluttons for all things Whateley.

Everyone just assumes Bek got you to enter a Fool's Circle of your own free will. :-)

Seriously, don't every hesitate to take some you time. You are spoiling us with this steady production of chapters of the Whateley saga so we freak out in a silly fashion when you are not punctual. Not really your problem. :-)
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