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I may or may not be around at the time things publish today, so hopefully everything goes smoothly with the scheduled release. I am going to an afternoon showing of Rogue 1 and looking forward to it with great anticipation... especially since everyone I know who likes Star Wars has had good things to say so far. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't set off something in my theatre trained critical brain that makes me grumpy about it... which, unfortunately, happens all too often.

What doesn't make me grumpy, though, is when come through a period of having barely enough material to keep up our weekly posting and we get a convergence, where a number of authors finish works at the same time. So, a little shuffling and planning is going on behind the scenes as we decide which order to release things in... and, it looks like the start is going to be Elrod's contribution for Fall '07, as Kayda returns for her first full year. Of course, before she can start getting into trouble in this new year, she's going to have to answer for a Summer's full of mishaps and misadventures. And let's not forget the little brother...

Here is is, Kayda 10, Part 1 "There's No Place Like Poe" by ElrodW!