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Sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking when they make choices on how to do things related to their jobs. I've got someone at my theatre whose responsibilities are primarily financial. It's her job to find donors, grants, and sponsors... to bring in contributed income for the company. So today, I get an email saying that she wants to know if its possible to add house/lobby music for our cabaret performances like we did for our holiday show. Never mind that its a different space, different type of show, and that we've done almost ten years of these shows without having house music before the performances. Theatre convention suggests that you don't use recorded music prior to a musical, because no live performance ever really matches up to the 'finished' quality of a studio recording so its unfair to your performers.

And its a lot of extra work for something we're going to use for five performances compared to a show that runs for five weeks, with eight or more performances per week.


Anyways... you don't need to hear about life in grumpy sound land. What you want to hear about is life in the Whateley Universe. For today's bit of insight into that place, we're going to delve into the follow up (part 2) of E. E. Nalley's story "Boys of Summer" ... Enjoy!




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Solution: Find a band that reminds you of the description to Brass Monkeys and offer to play that. Your music would sound like the best in the world after that. Provided anyone can clean the blood out of there ears in time for the show. Kappa
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