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Today has actually been fairly relaxed, despite the news title. Dan's put together a story release plan that (assuming all the things meet deadlines), has us scheduled out through the beginning of April. That leaves me the simpler task of doing last stage format cleanup and writing the news update for the front page. With the schedule in place, we also have a number of weeks where we're going to be giving you all more than one story a week again, not unlike last spring. We may have to pull back again after that, but with the added active authors and enthusiasm behind the scenes; we may be able to do more two story releases than singles moving forward. 

However, forum use is still a little down.. and there's a potential for reduced site registration/login now that browsers have started to post whether sites are 'secure/unsecured'... please note that the site is just as secure as it has been all along. We've never used https... and five years ago, about the only sites that did were sites that took credit cards or were banks/shopping sites. But the times are changing, there is a push for more security/encryption online, so the browsers are now showing which is which. Warren and I have been researching things and may have found a way to adapt without costing us a couple hundred dollars per year on certificates... its going to take a little time and I have no intention of making quick changes that will hurt us. Just be aware that OUR site security doesn't mean your private data is at risk. Public posts in the forum are public posts... the only 'private' or secure information you provide is your login name and password. So any data loss on our part would really only be about access control to the site. 

That mentioned, I'll get to today's story releases:

For the Gen 1 timeline, today, we have a much anticipated arrival of one of our second year students from Morpheus: in "Round and Round" Part 1.

From the Gen 2 timeline, we've been joking around about Nebraska in the forums for ... ages. Here's the real scoop there... or, rather, its beginning: from Nagrij - "Hunger"




0 # rml 2017-02-14 01:03
Look into Let's Encrypt....
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0 # rml 2017-02-14 01:05
Quoting rml:
Look into Let's Encrypt....

(Not meant as an advertisement)... if it gets taken as such --- I apologize
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+1 # Kristin Darken 2017-02-14 01:49
We have looked at Let's Encrypt. The downside is that there certificates are only good for a couple months, so there'd be a constant process of getting new certificates. More importantly, the difficulties of encrypting also require some differences in some fundamental stuff that our google virtual machine may not be set up to handle... so I may have to move us to a another setup, which brings added cost and migration risks.

I think, ultimately, its something we'll need to do... but I'm not going to rush it and mess things up given that it doesn't have any major impact on us... just psychologically for visitors coming to the forums. It'd be different if we required 'real' contact info and/or had credit card info for accounts.
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0 # Fourwir 2017-02-21 08:52
But their software renews the certs automatically, so you don't have to *do* anything to get new certs other than set it up. Apache should be able to handle SSL with some minor config, so I'm not sure why there should be any fundamental problems (unless there's some strange part of google's VMs that I don't know about getting in the way?)
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0 # alisa28 2017-02-14 01:15
Don't care about encryption.but that just me. Rather see you all put the $$ where you it.
Glad you upping the release's per week..Not criticising
this site or BCTS. It more that I find myself going back
into the archives as I'd read everything currently released
that I enjoy.
Being retired and a habitual reader depletes the reading
lists rather quickly.
This is a great year and kudo's to all of you great writers!!
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