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I've spent the last couple weeks preparing, recording, and repeating sound effects for a production of "The Tempest" that has turned out to be quite lovely. If you happen to be in or near Sacramento, I'd really recommend checking it out; it's one of (if not 'the') best bit of work on Shakespeare that we've done in the eleven years I've been here. That's mostly due to a very bright and savvy young director who came to us from New York: smart, insightful, and good to work with.

My next project (while I run eight performances per week of this one through the end of March), is to design some sound for a production of Tennessee Williams' "Glass Menagerie" which is being directed by another young, savvy director who we've managed to attract recently. We've also got some really great people lined up in the cast for it. While it's bound to be a great production, it is a pretty commonly done piece, though, so there are some down sides.

We'll solve that by closing out the spring with our world premiere piece "The Donner Party" which is, yes, based on the pioneer (Oregan Trail style) trip of the Donner Party that resulted in the majority of the group being trapped in the passes in northern California and whose only surviving members did so by consuming the flesh of the dead members of the party. And no... its not a parody/comedy. Much of the music is actually quite operatic, or reminscent of period protestant church music with simple but beautiful multi-part choruses, highlighting the struggle and sacrifice.


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So. What's going on here at the site? JG is still rocking the place, working like a madman. E.E. and Elrod are taking up the challenge, trying to avoid being out produced. Morpheus is sharing a pile of things he's had ready for a while, that were waiting for the universe timeline to catch up to him.


What are you getting for today? Well, the first of the things is going to be JG's catch up piece on Murphy. This one is called "Murphy's Laws of Whateley" ... the second piece for today's content release is part 1 of E.E. Nalley's "The Bear, the Bitch, and Everything."  These are both in the Gen 1 timeline/collection. 



0 # Horrid 2017-02-28 18:27
You are right to describe J.G.'s output as incredible in it's magnitude, but the really amazing thing is that it is all very good. Everyone should be pleased with E.E.'s posting, not even considering it's merits, because it may be a sign of his feeling better. Morpheus and Elrod are contributing so much great stuff.

And in addition to J.G. we have hope for some new material from some of our other original Original Timeline Cabal authors.

It seems like a long time since the Whateley story has been continuing and growing and expanding at such a fast pace.

Kudos to the authors and to you, Kristen (as a manager as well as author).

Now let's get Miyet and James (Timeless) some new stories.

Even if not, 7ou have made me happy.


But wait! How long before Daddy comes looking for Sarah? We all want to see her again.

Not a criticism or a nag, just an item on my wish list'

Love you.
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0 # SnowTigre 2017-03-04 11:34
Was going to ask.. Has anyone other than me gone to the trouble of finding the timeline for the complete work's..
ie the First date shown in each Story and then placing the story in that order for the series..?

I use a set up like --
07-05-30May --Imp- First Imp-Pressions
it has helped me to actually read the stories in some form of chronicle order..

Hey Keep the Stories coming I have been reading since the very beginning..
Psst tried to create an account to log in officially but got told it was a not correct server..[using VPN to hide my IP]
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0 # Kristin Darken 2017-03-05 01:48
The order sorted by date in-universe is available on the WIKI page, thanks to the hard work of the wiki writers. It may not be completely up to date (and I'm not sure if they've worked in the Gen 2 stuff yet), but given that its volunteer efforts, you get what you pay for. In the case of our WIKI, we're all extremely grateful; because those who DO work on our fan wiki have done some incredibly detailed work documenting the universe.

And yes, hiding your IP will make it impossible to register and/or log in to the site. In fact, as you discovered, even comments are limited - as unregistered users of the comment system require posting approval.

Personally, I'd recommend you not stress it... the only people who have access to that sort of data here are me or Warren... and we only care if you try to abuse the site or the people in some way.
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