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As some of you may have heard in the forums last week, the author team has taken a look at the current two story release per week set up. We have found that it just isn't working the way we hoped and have discussed some options on a release schedule going forward that will better enable us to balance both sustainability and allow for greater activity on site. For some reason, the authors thought it would be wise to let you all know the news as soon as possible... transparency and all that... but they didn't really go into all the details. So, going forward for the moment, we will no longer be doing a "two story Monday" release system. I know this is disappointing to many of you, but the truth is; the pace isn't really fair to the authors.

So... for today, the March 13 release will be Part 3 of Elrod's Kayda 10: "There's No Place Like Poe" and from E. E. Nalley, we have Part 2 of "The Bear, the Bitch, and Everything." We hope you will enjoy these... wait... what?

Oh... I see. We said that we were discontinuing the Two story Monday release schedule and then promptly release two stories on a Monday. Well, I suppose I'll explain where the confusion lies, there. See, we've discovered that the authors are generally producing stories at a rate where even with two releases per week; we are accumulating a larger and larger queue of pieces waiting for release. Even at two stories per week, our current 'waiting' pile is at about FIFTEEN weeks. That means a story completed next week might not get seen by readers until JULY! So... completely unfair to the authors who await feedback before moving on to bigger and better things.

As a result, moving forward we are adopting a system of THREE stories released per week. Two of these will continue to occur on Monday evening. A third story will be made available each Friday afternoon. I'm going to tentatively say at 14:00 PST. That'll give you four days to read the Monday content and a weekend to finish up and check out the Friday release. If we continue to average out with 20k word releases, this should result in 50-75% of a novel's worth of content per week... 1-2 novels per month.

We hope this exciting news comes as a salve to sooth your disappointment that we are dropping the Two Story Monday release schedule and replacing it with a more sustainable one. In the meantime, enjoy the content from Elrod and E.E. ... we'll see you back on Friday for the next release! Don't forget to leave a comment or a forums post for your authors, thanking them for all the hard work.



0 # Richie2 2017-03-13 20:45
smiles all around
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+2 # Tabu 2017-03-13 20:46
Very nice. More to read next week :D. But i think it's still not enough.
I'd like to ask if there is a new part of Whisper coming up soon.
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+5 # Podracer 2017-03-13 21:57
KD that was just evil. Eeevil. Made me groan then giggle. Big thank you to all of the authors, editors and muses involved for this largesse.
Listening hard, but haven't heard a Whisper for ages either.
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+1 # Kristin Darken 2017-03-13 22:02
We haven't heard from Sleethr in a while now. I know he was having some muse related problems, but he hasn't even been around to chat...
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+1 # alisa28 2017-03-14 00:56
I know that I am speaking for many on this. Deep felt
gratitude and respect for the talent and dedication off these writers!
Butt; I am greedy and a voracious reader who quickly
devours lesser novels in a day. lol

Really thank you all for you efforts whatever your doing
to bring us the Whateley universe.
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+2 # Horrid 2017-03-14 02:19
Kristen D., you saucy little minx, you torment us with the prospect of a curtailment of literary Whateley goodness only to make our spirits soar with an announcement of yet more shiny niceness.

Shame on you (and we love you for it)! :-)
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+1 # Gianna Michelle 2017-03-14 08:25
I have one thing to say about the new story release set up.
Yes!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!! So happy to hear that. I have enjoyed all the stories on here and since I read so quickly. It's been frustrating waiting for the next story to be posted. So THANK YOU to you and all the authors take care and God Bless.
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+1 # SnowT 2017-03-14 10:39
I think I have to say thank you for the accelerated pace of story release...

I think I'm like Alisa28, and I have a huge need for more stories...
I love to read the new stories.. and I'm great-full that there is a new group of author to take over the mantel of the universe..
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0 # Otherself 2017-03-15 20:34
....... Someone is having fun.

Ok, I read the end of a good thing -> I read that it's the end of the two stories on Mondey (even if living in the GMT+1 time zone they usually get relised so late at night that is effectively two stories on Tuesday), that the current schedule is unfair to the authors and there are problems with the queue -> I think: "The End of a Good Thing..." + Queue Problems = "Queue dying up, we go back to one story a week" -> ....No, the Queue is about to explode, so we also have a story on Friday -> The End of a Good Thing... The Beginning of an Even Better One, cheers..... yet I'm slightly mad (Queen reference), it was a good prank, and an awesome news, but that was Evil....

Beside, it's not "The End of a Good Thing..." we still get two stories on Mondey, we ALSO get one on Friday, so it's "More Goodness" or "Pushing the Envelope"

Anyway, I'm happy... if a bit irked (so yes, you got me there, and I can't even complain, good job).
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0 # Polk Kitsune 2017-03-16 19:06
Oh my. Quite a release, I'll be honest. I didn't know things were moving this fast. X3

The only worry I have, is that I'll never get caught up at that pace. TwT;

A small issue in the grand scheme of things though. Keep on writing!
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0 # Oneiros 2017-03-17 13:33
I think you shouldn't have such a strict release plan. When the authors are creative and write a lot they should be able to release a lot and to gather feedback from their readers so they can further evolve their characters as well as writing style. But what is even more important they shouldn't have to write on a deadline because you can't put a timer on creativity... at least not if it's supposed to be good.
In my opinion the best solution would be a more fluid release schedule where you release a story every day or two when you have about 30 stories lined up (15 weeks in advance times two releases a week). But you could also just release one story a week if the authors need more time.
I also think you should balance a bit more between the different Gens. I was kind of... displeased when you didn't upload anything Gen 2 related from mid September to i think February. I've actually forgotten who some of our main characters are or how they look.
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0 # Kristin Darken 2017-03-18 20:02
Can't publish what isn't written. And while you might want all the things... you (and most readers) will not be happy if we 'shoot our wad' and release fast enough that we don't keep a queue... and then have weeks where we cannot release because nothing new comes ready. A big part of why we have a backlog now is that JG jumped in with a ton of new stuff that was unexpected and Morpheus had a number of things standing by for Fall 2007 to start. Those are not regular conditions... and its a known fact that our authors produce less during the Summer months than at this time of year.

Or... to summarize... we've been doing this a while... trust us, k?
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0 # mittfh 2017-03-22 22:09
Added onto which, releasing stories at a rate of 2-3 per week (a) allows time for the fans to read the stories (rather than skipping some - after all, much as we'd like to, we have to cope with RLS [Real Life Syndrome] which stops us spending 24/7 digesting Whateley goodness), and (b) allows a buffer for if there's a sudden massive outbreak of Writer's Block or collective author RLS.
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