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Today's release hits on both generations. First, from the Gen 1 timeline; Morpheus continues with Part 3 of his piece "Round and Round" ... and jumping back in time, MageOhki brings us Chapters 1 and 2 of his piece "Rises the Sun" ... which gives us some insight into one of the more enigmatic of the Gen 2 characters. 




+1 # Horrid 2017-03-28 05:57
The hits just keep on coming. I will never forget how great it was when I discovered the Crystal Hall in late 2012 and realized that there was so much great material to read through for the first time. Prior to that I had only read one piece of fan fiction on Fictionmania dealing with Whateley.

Then there was a bit of a sadness to having read it all when there was little or no new stuff being written, or so it seemed. I devoured everything on the fan fiction site but it wasn't the same.

I thrilled to the recruitment of Elrod and Morpheus and the announcement of the second generation. E.E. and Bek valiantly kept the banner flying.

But now? This three stories a week pace has really made me happy, especially since all of it is so good. Thank you, Kristen and Company.

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