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Had a little bump in the night last night... forums software update made a few little changes that needed to be cleaned up with CSS tweaks. You might see one or two things that don't look right if your browser doesn't automatically update the cached .css files. How do you 'force' that? Well a 'hard' refresh can work, assuming your browser supports the shift+F5 method of clearing the cache for just that site. Clearing your cache completely can also work... but can be a nuissance for other sites you use. This will get you past any odd glitches that result from your browser trying to use old style info with new/altered site code.

For today's new release content, we have some Morpheus and some JG. In the Gen 1 time frame, we have the third (and final) part in Morpheous' "A Little R&R" that wraps up Ribbon and Roulettes' arrivals at WA. And over in Gen 2, a late student arrival integrates a character from JG into the mix "Reinforce: Don't Call Me a Pretty"

Enjoy! Comment! Cause mayhem!

Choose at least 2 of three... :P