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Sorry, everyone, my day is running a little behind. Between this morning's staff meeting, some speaker repairs, and getting my groceries ordered so I can stop wasting money grabbing something from the corner store (where everything is marked up about 120% over the prices at Safeway... which are marked up a good 50-70% over the prices at the placed I'd go shopping if I had time to go grocery shopping). Fortunately, we live in a world where even peoples like me can fill out a little online grocery list and get someone else to bring the stuff to my door. Too bad I mostly resort to buying the cheapest frozen dinner style calories per dollar I can get these days... I really do enjoy cooking and experimenting with different spices and ingredients. I simply don't have the time and budget to do it. On the bright side, the Boston Market frozen dinners were on sale... and while they weren't quite as cheap as the Marie Callender ones, they're generally pretty tasty. And even the Marie Callender ones aren't bad. Could be worse... I could be eating Banquet and Ramen... I've done that...

So... now that its late and I'm rambling on about my crappy meal planning... let me get today's story release announced: it's going to be visible over in the Original Timeline stories, it's by Bek D. Corbin... and its Part 2 of the story "The Final Trump." Enjoy!



0 # Katssun 2017-04-08 17:36
No time? No plan?

Join the Instant Pot Cult! It's only absolutely terrifying the first few times you use it. :D Six minute hard boiled eggs!

I get a lot of out of the winter/hardy vegetable groups that can last in my fridge for over a month.

Also, never forget that frozen veggies are picked at peak freshness and are healthier and tastier than their peers!
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+1 # Kristin Darken 2017-04-08 21:50
Quoting Katssun:

Also, never forget that frozen veggies are picked at peak freshness and are healthier and tastier than their peers!

I do buy frozen veggies over canned. I also try to use the local farmers market when I can manage to get there (its 8 am to 12 am on Sat mornings... during most of my season, I have two show calls on Sats from 1 to 5 and from 7 to 11)... so it can make for a long day to start it that early with a grocery trip. But when I do, I not only prefer the fresh stuff (who wouldn't), I also know how to prep it to freeze some of it for later. But ya... I do far more trips to the farmers market when I'm off contract in the summer than I do during my work season.
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