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So, as anticipated my weekend was long and I still haven't filed my taxes. BUT, two stories are up. One, from E.E. Nalley, is a continuation (Part 3) of an ongoing story "The Bear, The Bitch, and Everything." Just when you think E.E. and Elrod can't push things any further... they get creative. :) The second piece for this evening is from Morpheus. It's the beginning of a new Imp based piece, the fifth in her arc, called "Head over Tail." Part 1 of this new Imp story is also up. Both of tonights offerings can be found in the Original Timeline collection.

Enjoy! Write comments and feedback! Think kindly of me as I work on filing my taxes...



0 # dragonfish 2017-04-18 00:33
Were is the Morpheus story called "Head over Tai"
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+2 # Katssun 2017-04-18 01:15
Kristin has succumbed to the Great Nemesis, even worse than The Bastard...Uncle Sam!

That, or she sustained injuries from the Quest for the W-2
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0 # Club 2017-04-18 01:30
Probably this. I figure it's unlikely we'll see Imp before tomorrow. Taxes takes priority behind death, but way ahead of free web-publishing. Even if K knows about it, it's unlikely time can be spared.

As for the story published - Is it wrong that I think Fubar and Horton are the only adults acting responsibly in this mess?
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+3 # Kristin Darken 2017-04-18 04:40
Quoting Katssun:

That, or she sustained injuries from the Quest for the W-2

Hmm.. the W-2 is simple enough... its the 1099's that kill me. Could have been worse though... Amazon consolidated its reporting this year, so it was just one 1099 from all of Kindle sales. Last year, they gave separate 1099's for EACH zone of Amazon. So one from the US, one from Canada, one from UK, HongKong, Australia, Brazil and Germany, and Europe... plus the one from the Google ads, and I get 1099's for every design I do for theatre companies. I didn't do many designs last year, though... just didn't have time in the schedule.
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+1 # Horrid 2017-04-18 01:36
O.K., so the Morpheus story isn't posted yet but that just means we read BB&E3 tonight and HOT1 is posted really soon. I would wager tomorrow or Wednesday if not sooner. They probably just posted the Home Page introduction piece first.

K.D. and the website wizards are the best!

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0 # Kristin Darken 2017-04-18 04:35
Ya, I somehow managed to get some wrong digits in the timestamp for release on Imp 5-1. It DID get out the door, just an hour and forty minutes or so later than it should have.

And I have successfully navigated tax submission for another year. But I HAVE abandoned H&R Block. Their low cost online filing has been redesigned so that if you even breath funny, it tries to upgrade you to a higher cost version. You are then STUCK with the higher cost version unless you can get a rep on live chat to reduce you back to the cheaper version... and they only do that be resetting your data, so you have to re-enter everything again. Last year I was able to use their Basic version and the combined cost between that and filing my state taxes cost around $50... which is pricey enough, given that my AGI is under $30k and I end up with the standard deduction (because who, making under 30k, manages to accumulate more than 6k worth of viable deductions?).. but 1099's evidently make things more complicated somehow that justifies making you pay more. Never mind that those 1099's are for web site ad revenue that then mostly goes back into paying to keep said web site up... and this years Kindle book royalties (a whopping $191).

For those two things (a schedule C for the former and a schedule E for the latter), H&R Block wanted me to use the Premium site which would have cost me $80 plus the $30 they're charging for state filing this year. And yet, supposedly, they have a free service that's available to anyone with an AGI under 45k.

TurboTax let me think I was going to be able to use their free version... but again, 1099's tripped it up and they wanted me to pay $30 something for their Deluxe package.

I finally ended up with esmart. Managed the 1099's and filed federally for free... through they did sneak in a $20 charge for the state filing. And they did it at the very end after I'd already made the federal payment, but just handled actually filed yet, so a bit of a jerk move...but the whole filing for only $20 is acceptable.
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0 # Club 2017-04-19 00:08

Something to make you mad. don't bother authorizing the post, I'm just trying to send it to KD
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