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So.. ya. I tried to fix something last night and, in working while tired, almost crashed the whole place and spent most of the night figuring out how to fix it. Not good and certainly not an ideal reason for not publishing this afternoons story, but it is what happened. As a result, I ended up grabbing some sleep during the day today before heading to the theatre to work and completely forgot that releasing stories on Friday was now a thing. Sorry about that. I'll try to avoid breaking everything in the future :P

What WOULD have been released if I had been here and taken care of it properly... was Part 2 of MageOhki's backstory piece for Hikaru and Japan for the Second Generation. Enjoy "Rises the Sun" !  Remember, its a Gen 2 story, so it'll be at the top of the SECOND sidebar well (each of those square panels in the sidebar is a 'well') below the advertisement on the right. And if you go looking in the Stories menu zone, you actually have to select Gen 2 from the left sidebar menu, because only the Original Timeline stories display in the main panel by default.

What's that? What WOULD I consider a good reason for not publishing the story? Hmm... finding the woman of my dreams and discovering that she's filthy rich and wants to help me become the woman of HER dreams and we're on a plane starting our world wide trip of places we want to consider for our wedding... I think that would be a justified reason to miss a release and still have everyone completely happy for me to have done so. :)




+3 # Podracer 2017-04-29 17:06
The effort is appreciated Kristin, and it is understandable that occasionally the foot will slip off the path and into something stinky. I hope that you have used up your quota of oopses for the day, and work will get your head back to where it should be.
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