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In the past week or so, I've been trying to work through alternate means of handling some issues of publishing workflow caused by a recent Joomla patch. From what I can tell, they've done something (unintentional or perhaps intentionally to support something I don't know about) that prevents us from doing category changes to articles from the front end editor. This makes it impossible for us to use the "In Progress" "Review" "etc" categories as a tracking process before final publication visibly to the public. Not that such a system is 'required' but it does make it easier for two things: one, it makes it possible for a us to do all of this in the front end instead of giving a lot of authors access to the back end of the site. That's important because it means I don't have to go through a huge vetting process to make sure authors are trusted before giving them access. And second, because it allows almost all of the process to operate without my personal intervention, keeping the maintenance of the site as low impact as possible. 

Obviously, I'll keep working on things... it may be that it'll reverse itself in a Joomla patch because I settle on an alternative method. In the meantime, I've taken a look at the access levels system and made some adjustments based on my current understanding of them, which is far better than when I originally set up the site. Most users won't experience any changes... but authors, both WhatIFeers and canon authors, might experience some restructuring changes... and obviously, at the moment, we won't be using the whole tracking system... to minimize the need for category changes. Continue to create new articles in the appropriate "In Progress" category for that class of story... and then just leave it in "In Progress" until you are ready for it to move to official published status. If you need to prompt people to give you feedback, feel free to PM me or post in the appropriate forum thread which story you want moved and where you want it moved to and I'll get to it as soon as I can... but don't feel you HAVE to move things just because that's what the system demands. We'll get back to using things as intended when we can make it work right.

In the meantime... please let me know if you don't have access to something you think you should. Or if you DO have access to something you think is supposed to be hidden for you. Don't assume its no big deal or leave it as is so you can snoop around... just remember, if you have access to something that you shouldn't, its entirely possible that someone with far less concern for the integrity of the site also has access. And where you might do a little snooping, they might break things permanently. 


Ok... site problems aside... we have some new content lined up today. First from E.E. Nalley, we have the 4th Part of "The Bear, the Bitch, and Everything" ... and then, if that isn't sufficient to satisfy your reading urges for the evening; we also have Part 2 of "Head over Tail" from Morpheus. My Impression of this combination is that it should leave everyone happy for the week. But don't leave us hanging, let the authors know what you think. Comment or join a Feedback discussion in the forums! 



+2 # Horrid 2017-05-02 11:52
From the point of view of a reader it seems impossible to expect more from the authors, the website staff in general or you in particular, K. D. Please keep up the great work. :-)
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+2 # alisa28 2017-05-02 13:58
I can sympathize with the difficulties and the intrigue generated from wanting to maintain editorial control and your net system's intention of wrapping you ($$$$$), dependent upon them.
You and all at Crystal Palace have our most earnest respect for you endeavours!
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+1 # alisa28 2017-05-02 13:59
woops!! Crystal Hall
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+1 # Richie2 2017-05-09 00:02
check print function o original site as I print my stories so I can read them later THANKS
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