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Today marks the 'middle' point in a somewhat challenging performance week for me... nine shows, five days. Today is the only day from Weds to Sunday this week that I have only one show. That gives me just a little time this afternoon to make sure there's some new reading material up on the site for everyone. What shall it be? What shall it be...

Ah, here's something that has been waiting some time to be seen. It's only been a couple weeks since Part 3... but I'm sure there's plenty of readers eager to get this next installment of "The Final Trump" from Bek, so here is Part 4! Enjoy! Comment! Dance a silly jig!

Ok... you can skip that last part... just working on my Jedi mind tricks...



0 # Richie2 2017-05-08 23:58
Administrators please note that the print function and the original site doesn't work and I print my stories so I can read them later. The problem is page 2 comes out with advertising print over story line
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0 # Phoenix Spiritus 2017-05-10 04:00
Yeah, there was a update to the sites software that was a bit more impacting then we expected. Unfortunately that's one of the things we can fix at the moment, we're waiting to see what future software updates can do to help us.
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