Maine style breakfast and lunch or dinner

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Maine style breakfast and lunch or dinner

Fried bread dough

first the ingredients easy bread dough from dozen section of markets all over the nation
Crisco or veg oil for frying
REAL butter!
let dough rise overnight or microwave it till thawed (most newer ovens have a setting for this now!)
heat oil up in skillet (high-sided ones are best)
Pull off dough in small bits that are 'hand sized' and 'pull' into a flat large cookie shape
drop into hot oil and fry...add more till pan filled and flip with fork...use fork to flip is best. cook till 'lightly' browned or your taste---I like mine a bit chewy?
place out on paper towels or plates to soak off extra oil and serve with the butter!

now for easy part and why this goes together...leave oil out for next meal lunch or dinner?

Clam cakes!

ingredients--below is for 1- 1.1/2 person serving
1 can of MINCED clams(the chopped ones are too big and will lead to chewing like mad)
1 egg
1 package of Saltine crackers (the long single stack ones!
Large bowl

clams(do-not drain) and egg add to bowl...mash up crackers to small size bits inside package the plastic of the bag and bag does hold up to this and it works great!
Mix all 3 ingredients with fork till all blended up and crackers are somewhat wetted and getting mushy?
scoop out a 'palm' size chunk and and form into patty...drop into hot oil
add more till pan filled and flip with fork
WARNING since clams have water in them as they cook they cakes may pop oil about so be ready with oil screen or high-side pan!
flip and cook slowly till golden or to your taste

drop on paper towels or plates to soak off oils and service hot with Ketchup!
my gramps called them "New England hot dogs" all my life!

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