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Vantier ch 1 ch 2 added on 8/5

4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #20474 by lighttech
lighttech created the topic: Vantier ch 1 ch 2 added on 8/5
March 22, 2007.
Arkham Research Consortium
New Hampshire

"Even outside, the remnant of Hekate's spell and Aunghadhail were forced to shield their eyes against the burst of magic and spiritual energy. The Amazon recovered first snatching up a discarded spear from one of the Orks, she hurled it. It flew straight and true with uncanny accuracy and pierced the queen through her heart. The force of it knocked her backward and pinned her to the wall of the castle. Wood, steel and stone, elemental powers united against the fey queen. “Aunghadhail!” screamed Nikki in shock and rage.

The queen sagged against the spear that pinned her to the stone wall. “Peace, child,” she managed, her pale face ashen. “All things end.” Then her eyes rolled back into her head. The wind rose, pulling her hair from the circlet and seeming as it blew there was less and less of her until only the spear remained, stuck in the stone wall.

Thus ended Aunghadhail, Daughter of the Burning Oak, Paramount Queen of the West, Chatelaine of Tyr-na-Baine, who at long, long last, succumbed to Death."

Aunghadhail the beyond ancient Fey Queen spirit is slain. The web of fate shakes at the change that her death has brought. That shaking brings forth of the attention of an Elder God of another dimension, another planet that used to be adjacent to earth and Gaea's planet. In the timeless void between the two worlds, two dimensions, a small pocket dimension opens up. The most private space that two Elder gods can share.

Gaea looks forth into the deep void of nothing and asked a question "Uthor? You request to talk to me? We haven't talked in several hundreds of thousands years. You still exist!"

Uthor sounding weak and tired replies "Yes my old friend Gaea. I just felt the tremble in the web of fate of your fallen elf and champion, Aunghadhail the Queen of the West. Is no more?...At least as far as I can see. With my last bit of energy I tell you this, here where no one other can hear us and know except for you and I.

I have sent you a gift. I did it many years ago in hopes that you would never need it. It has lain in total dormancy with the possibility of me expiring and it never being used. I'm sending forth what little energy I have left, from my dimension that the Dark Ones have destroyed and the planet from which the gift has come to you from. I sent it to you over 150 years ago in the time of your earth that you rule over. It's the last of the champions of my world. The Emperor of them all. Hopefully this warrior of light, will be able to help you.

Unfortunately he has been dragged from death itself and obliteration. He will not be happy. I stole him away at the last second from that fate. So I bid you to the deepness of night Gaea. Remember my name Uthor Pen Draco, Gaea!" then nothing.

Gaea screams out his name one more time trying to see if he still there. Nothing happens....SILENCE. Then the dimension itself, he helped to create for this small conversation...folds into the nothingness and disappears forever.


Thursday March 22 2007 6:05 pm
Long term Research Storage Vault
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

In the old closed down, then revitalized and reused Homestake mine in South Dakota. Buried in a deep storage chamber that holds items that are on a constant rotation between one research facility in the next within the Department of Paranormal Affair's vast web of storage facilities, research facilities, sister and adjacent companies, and the private sector that are paid to do research or store items. Is a large room approximately five times a football field in each direction. This room is only accessed by a single set of loading doors. The doors themselves are massive. Each one is fifty feet across, forty feet tall and ten foot thick vault doors. These doors can hold an atomic blast in or out.

In this room's far corner stands a block of metal, on a very dusty metallic cargo base. This block is eight feet tall by four by four foot, perfectly smooth and utterly black. So deep in black it is. That if, you shine a flashlight on it. The light would NOT reflect off of it. The light would just seem to be swallowed into it. Measuring devices are pointed at it Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and all they have been reading ever since they were installed and they themselves replaced, other devices of unknown types over the years for the last 150 plus years since 1842. When this object was found at the bottom of a large blasted pit. People first thought it was a meteorite strike but it wasn't. It was this block, it was laying there. But this event also happens to have coincide with the disappearance of a man of about Twenty-five years old from the area. The two may have been linked? The info on both? Was placed in the same file for this block. In that file it will show that this object has been moved many times. It was moved to many research facilities for study over the vast years. At all of them they tried in turn, with the latest tech to get a sample of this block. Not one of them over the past decades has even managed to scratch its surface. So with all those failures, this block, rotates in and out of storage as technology moves on and the researchers try once again to see what it is in new ways.

The readings on one of the many devices that constantly scan this one block of what people refer to as metal but its not. They have been registering 0000 for decades. The block it finally twitches to send out infantile amount and the device reads 0001, then an hour passes by and 0002 is displayed. Then 0003 on the next hour mark. The device self checks and readjusts itself and it still reads 0003 and then clicks to 0004. Now it's out of spec for variance for an item in storage and clicks off a signal along the wire to the monitoring room. In a vast room of monitors sits dozens of people, that are watching individual monitors of dozens of other storage rooms buried deep within this mine. The deepest parts of this storage facility are far below the last actual level of the old mining operation. They've even dug even further and deeper. To store even more dangerous items and creatures in this pit.

One large monitor sitting in front of the technician flashes up and scrolls over to the set of sensors on this one object. He starts looking at the information displayed in front of him. Its such a minuscule amount of change he sees. But as required he looks at the records. This level of minuscule change for a normal item, no one would even take notice of this. This one item has NEVER changed in any of its readings in over the last 150 years of them being able to measure anything of this nature coming out of it. This one sensor is measuring the slightest bit of what can be described as arcane energy, magical force, a dozen names are used for what it is now measuring. He alerts the supervisor by pushing a button on his console and that information is immediately flashed on the supervisors console. The supervisor now searches over it, reading through the information and sends it immediately onto a supervisor in Washington DC for the Department of Paranormal Affairs department for their attention in the morning when they wake up.

The man in charge of this unit. Gets on his headset, then he clicks over to the technician that was assigned this by the computer. "Schedule that object to be directly looked at tomorrow and have the sensor replaced, just as a matter of precaution. To see if it might be faulty."

The technician communicates back to the supervisor "I did a complete fault check on it, Sir before I sent it over to you. Its not registering a fault, but I will assign it for a team to look at it and service it tomorrow." Then the monitors go back to reading their normal information, in a normal cycle and the two men go back quickly to work.

Down in the storage room of Homestake mine, deep within the large block. An awareness finally comes to the surface. That hasn't been there for eons of time. The awareness that is in it, is now given a spark of life! It starts remembering what had happened to it, during its last week on its home planet.


Hawk Lord Home world
Eons ago

Kyle Vantier's last memories from eons past flows once again. Its of a planet that used to be Gate connected to earth...Gaea's world. Kyle Vantier the Emperor of the Hawk Lords and of the whole world, He presently rules over in peace for nearly 500,000 years. He plods wearily down the hallway in his bare feet, dressed in nothing, which is a classic tradition of all the Hawk Lords. They all wear nothing when they are at home. As they always have to be in their armor when they're outside of the realm, its castle, its grounds. They wear it to protect themselves and others from the energies that course through their bodies. To be without armor outside of the castle walls, is to explode violently into nothingness. Only this armor can keep and maintain the energies within their bodies. Taking off the armor in its entirety, would be the same as loosening the control rods on a nuclear reactor. It would just let loose in catastrophic failure to blow itself apart. Only the Asterix armor seems to keep this in check.

Each Hawk Lord born has a piece of this armor fashioned, in a bracelet or necklace at birth and then its affixed to them. For the rest of their lives they have to wear it. This is not seen as a thing of slavery or enslavement. Its seen as a badge of honor to what you are! Most Hawk Lords earn their suit of armor eventually. They get their full suit in the equivalent of their teens. Shortly after that coming of age an Axe is forged for them, this is the only weapon they really train with. Hawk Lords by tradition only carry an Axe. Outside of that one weapon only a very select few barely even 'One percent' know how to wield magic. The Emperor himself was the first one to do that among all Hawk Lords ever. He transferred that knowledge to the rest of them, so that others may learn it also.

As Kyle is walking down the hallway, his companion Hawk flies up to him and starts lazy slow circles around him. Kyle tells the bird Nightwing, to come and it vanishes into nothing...to blend with Kyle. When a Hawk Lord is born. A Hawk companion that is part of the family has a chick, at the exact same second. The two are bonded forever! One dies, the other goes with their companions for until they part at death.

The hallway he walks down is immense as is the castle that contains it is gigantic in itself. The hall is several hundred yards wide and nearly forty five feet tall. He remembers the stories from the previous Emperor that he replaced and his own father and grandfather. When they came here, as almost all in their generation did as boys themselves. The large group of them slayed the Giants that occupied this castle. Then they all started into clearing the land of all the evil. This being one of the first places they managed to clear it all out of and took over the castle. Then they had their metal smith's take the stonework of the castle and slowly work the Asterix into it so that the members of the clan can walk among its hallways, sleep in its rooms without having to worry about wearing armor at all times. This place they could be comfortable as the metal surrounded them. Eventually the very stone of the castle itself was replaced with pure metal, as it was brought into existence in arcane processes and harvested slowly over tens of thousands of years.

He walks Wearily down the hallway with a weight on the shoulders of the impending doom that is coming at them all. The Dark Ones have turned their full attention to his world. He had been lending his great warriors to other dimensions and planets in trouble from the invasions of the Dark Ones. He even loaned a couple to Gaea and her cause. But the Dark Ones had decided to band together, put down their petty differences for one thing. To kill off the warriors of light because they held one power within themselves that the universe had come up with by accident probably? Or as a way to balance the scales. The "light" that they can emit from themselves is most deadly to both Dark mythos races and in large concentrations of five or ten warriors it can be most deadly and a tide turner in any battle. So The Dark Ones all banded together in one mutual pact to destroy this world. The end has been coming for thousands of years. It's been a very short battle compared to other planets and how they fell. This one is falling very very quickly compared to the slow game that The Dark Ones seemed to like to play to draw out suffering. They want to end this world as fast as they possibly can.

Vantier continues walking, yard after yard. He usually flies this distance with his great wings or teleports with the internal teleportation system built into the castle because of its immense size of hundreds of miles across in each direction. He is thinking to what's been going on during this last several thousand years. Because he knows this is the week, if not the day that he and his kind are going to end. When The Dark Ones finally moved their attention to here. They started the war by destroying the gates between one world and the next. So that no assistance can come in and none of the warriors themselves can escape. Then they started concentrating on the outer kingdoms and empires that occupied this planet in a peace that lasted for so long. That no one can remember the last war that happened here, except for the ones that were the most ancient. They eliminated the Elvin kingdom of Empress Ember and separated it from the Elves of Gaea's planet. They also eliminated the Empire of humans that had come to this world to settle from Gaea's world. They have been slowly but surely eliminating one empire after another until they got rid of all of them, besides the warriors of light. To make sure that there would be nothing to turn to or suddenly attack The Dark Ones, as they finally surrounded and prepared to utterly destroy the last Emperor.

He is going over in his mind the history of his planet and what he has done. There had always been war between the Elves or the humans that had come. The Hawk Lords usually trying to keep the peace as best they can between the two or three others that were always seeming to be quarreling.

He thought back to His own past Emperor of the time that he followed one. He fell into madness with some religion that he decided to follow. Vantier along with a couple of his brothers and the son of the Emperor. Decided to depose the great Emperor for a period of time, while he mentally healed. The group finally accomplish that goal, after several hundred years of battling with him. Then the Emperor went into seclusion for a while, with the hope that he would get better. But he didn't, he started to rise back up and he once again fell back into the vast madness that had infected his mind. Since the emperor is mentally linked with the people, this madness flowed into his own people. To drive them crazy into self-sacrifice and murdering each other.

Vantier went alone to seek help from an old Gold Dragon, on this issue with the Emperor. This Ancient Gold Dragon was not exactly friends with anyone. Dragons always saw humans as enemies and Hawk Lords even more so! He convinced the old Dragon, that he should be the first one of his kind to be given magic among the Hawk Lords. They had been cursed to never have magic in their lives, to be able to use it, or to wield it. The only time they that they wield it, is to have magic imbued into their weapons. The Dragon managed to break that curse for Vantier. But in the bargain, Vantier was turned into semi-subject to the dragon himself. Then the Gold Dragon turned Vantier into a deep black Dragon, to serve him better. Thus changing his armor color and marking him as is the only one in his entire empire that wears black armor. Everyone else wears silver, He always stood out in the crowd after that moment on within that blackest of black armor.

He remembers having to gather much power and magic for the coming fight with his old Emperor. Then he had to learn how to use his new altered form of the Black Dragon. He after many years, finally came face-to-face with the mad Emperor in a challenge fight for who was to rule. He surprised the mad Emperor with his new form and the magic he now weld. He sadly had to slay the mad Emperor. Because he could not have that madness allowed to come back up again and cause the empire to fall yet again. He then settled all the petty differences among the kingdoms and in brought peace forth to everybody. Everybody willingly followed it, for the next half-million years and peace absolutely reigned supreme on the land.

He decreed that anyone could become Emperor if they wanted! If they could do the task and get the peoples support. He also stated that his own children would not become Emperor, to replace him at any time unless they could do the task. This started a tradition that you must find your own way in the world and you will not be your father's son. You would just be a son of someone, be them royalty or a common farmer. Which meant a son of a farmer could be royalty one day and royalty can have a son who is a farmer. There is even a case in Vantier's lands. Where a son of royalty decided to turn his back completely on being what his dad wanted him to be, He wanted to be a common farmer. The farmer like most humans at this point time only lasted One hundred to Two hundred years of life. This farmer who toiled his soil. Found it loved him and he loved it back. In the exchanged love between them both. He lived to be over Five Hundred years, in perfect health all the time. One day mentally, he decided that he wanted to stop and died. This proved to everybody "if you love the work you have. Contribute it to the better of all, no matter how little it is...you'll find it rewarding." Vantier saw all the pettiness in his empire ended, with that first example and everything was great with the Empire.

Vantier comes upon a teleportation circle embedded in the floor, that he had been looking for. He teleports up into the high reaches of the castle, then walks out on the balcony overlooking the surrounding castle itself, the grounds just beyond the edge of the walls and the shield of magic that protects the whole area. He looked off into the distance, he could see beams and streams of light as warriors on the battlements fought off The Dark Ones invasion. Every once in a while he could see a great shimmer in shield itself around the castle as The Dark Ones attacks drained it One inch at a time. He sighed heavily thinking 'its only matter of time.'

He fought back his growing sadness. He knew if he was sad, everyone would feel it. Because when he was having a bad day, everybody had a bad day in the castle. When the world's inhabitants had a good day, he had a good day. He is fighting back being totally overwhelmed all the sadness that had been growing especially over the last month with his wife Gina and some of his best warriors. They had gone off to the other side of the planet thinking, that a gate could be brought back to life. He gotten word just barely a week ago, she had died many weeks beforehand at the hands of The Dark Ones. She died in a trap that they had laid with false information and with her...died one of his oldest sons. He had thrown many sons and daughters into this battle so far. He hoped he would not have to throw away anymore.

He stops his dwelling on what can not be changed, to look over the fight going on beyond the battlements now. From what he sees, it doesn't look possible that this fight is going to be any win for him. Hopefully buried deep within the castle, the last ones that he could assemble, that can build a gate, might succeed today. Because if they don't, no one is going to survive, nothing of this great world, its history and its people are going to survive.

He looked off towards the edge of the battlements as an explosion happened and another one. He knew then, that those explosions where his warriors deciding to commit suicide, to maybe destroy enough of The Dark Ones soldiers in that section to maybe turn the tide. He sighed for a second thinking that their sacrifice being so great, was probably not going to do any good. The explosions themselves when they fell in battle. The minor ones of the young, each a half-mile across. To the major ones of his older, toughest warriors Ten to Twenty miles across. Someone from Earth would say that it looked like atomic explosions, from the Warriors deaths.

He turned away from the balcony unable to watch anymore, he strode into the main room itself and a armored teenage boy started walking up to him.

"Dad I'm going down to the battlement. To see what I can do" The boy says to his father.

Vantier studies...this boy, one of his middle sons "I don't think that would be good idea. I think you need to go down into the research center, that is trying to open up that last gate. Our last hope and see if you can hold out down there."

The boy regards his father "Dad I'm going to make, my choice. To be on the battlement!"

Vantier shakes his head Wearily "That is your choice. That's going to be the final one your going to make. You know that now, you're old enough to understand what's going on. Your youngest brother and sister don't. ...But you do. Just understand that me telling you, to go down to the research center is not a gift of holding you aside from the fight. Those that stay down in the research center of this castle, as it falls about them. Will probably be the last ones dying in the greatest pain as they are tortured, as the last group of us. By The Dark Ones, when they finally overrun us. So the battlement or down there? It's...it's...up to you?" he near cries "I cannot make that decision for you, how you're going to meet your end."

With that said, the teenage boy looks upon his father "Dad I choose the battlements there's always a chance that....maybe?" hope fills the boys voice then fades.

Vantier walks forward and gives the warrior a hug "Off you go make me proud! Make your mother proud! Do your best!"

The boy turns towards the teleportation disk on the floor and vanishes in a flash Then Vantier himself turns away. Knowing that's the last time, he will see that boy. Vantier turns away from seeing the last of his older sons leave. He walks back out to the balcony and overlooks the battle once again. Just in the minutes that he had just talked to his son, as the boy went off to join the fight. The battle has even gotten worse, the explosions of his warriors falling in the fight are growing by the second. The shield wall is shaking and starting to come down. He thinks to himself 'We don't have a week. We have hours at best.'

He turns to make a symbol in the air with his outstretched arm and an advisor POPS up out of the teleportation disk. The man walks forward and bows to his Emperor.

Vantier says to him "Don't bow to me anymore! We are done and you know it! So what is the word on our project downstairs?"

The advisor shakes his head.

"As I guessed. We're finished, this is our last day. Go down there with who you can gather. Seal yourself in. I know I am condemning all of you to a painful death, one way or the other. But at least if you last a couple days, you might eke out a chance and that's all I can ask you to do."

The advisor turns without saying a word, knowing nothing needs to be said and walks to the disk and teleports away.

Vantier turns from the enormous chamber that he would normally hold court in and there's no one else there but himself, he walks back out to the balcony overlooking the grounds of his castle and the wall has just fallen just this second. Now he could see The Dark Ones and their minions pouring over the walls. The shield shutters for a second to come back on, then goes cold! It's never going to come back on now. He sadly turns, now the grief is actually hitting him. There's no holding it back now he walks to the teleportation disk and it takes him with a thought to his own chambers. One of the nursemaids is standing there, he just looks at her with a glance and she immediately walks off knowing what she has do. His two bodyguards if you can call them that at this point, even though they're not the best, they're standing there waiting. He walks off into his personal chambers and they stay outside of the door. The nursemaid hurries in his last two kids. The oldest not even Ten, the boy and seven the youngest girl. He sits on his bed and they both rush up. The son says "Daddy, has mom come back yet?"

He shakes his head "No...she's going to be back soon."

The youngest girl says "Daddy all the noise outside has got louder!"

"Don't worry about it! They're just having fun up there celebrating, you don't need to look out there anymore."

Vantier turns to the side to will his Axe into existence, then pulls it into his hand with a thought. Then lays it on his bed.

He says "Honey" to his youngest daughter "Why don't you come over here and give dad a hug."

The daughter gives her dad a hug. He holds her close, he glances up from her deep hug to the young boy "Come over here, sit down on my knee and turn away."

The young boy does just as he was told. He sits on dad's knee and looks off into the distance.

"Look out the balcony, out the window at the bright lights strobing in the distance." He says softly to the boy. He picks up his Axe with a thought. In Vantier's mind this is the saddest thing he ever thought he can do. He's decided that he is going to put his last two children in the gemstone pommel of his Axe. It's best that they be in there, between life and death. But most of all, it's better than being captured by The Dark Ones knowing that they're my kids. They will torture them or turn them into who knows?

"Son just look off into the distance" he taps the young boy in the on the head with the Axe, his body just vanishes in a flash of light and the pommel stone glows. Then Vantier starts to sob silently.

The daughter says to him "Daddy your crying what's going on?" she asks hugging him, even closer her face buried in his side unseeing.

He says to her "Hold on honey, my love is about to hit you!" he taps her and she disappears in a flash of light. Now she's also in the gem with her brother between life and death, with her on that cutting edge of nothingness, some might refer to this as purgatory waiting for judgment. He now sits hugging nothing.

Vantier falls completely into tears, sobbing. He's lost it.... The nursemaid knows that her job is done, she strides out of the room through the service quarters, wills on her armor and pulls out her Axe to go to throw her life at the last fight! Her job is finished. Then Vantier gets up from the bed, he wills his armor on himself, picks up his Axe and walks out the doorway of his chambers. At the door his two guards stand there more than ready.

He glares at them both "Well warriors! This is the final fight, shall we wait for them here? or shall we charge into them!"

One of them says "It's up to you? You make the decision Sir!"

"No I don't! This is your death! You decide!" He yells back.

The guards glance at each other "We are going to wait for them here. They are going to have to come through the last door, over our dead bodies!"

He looks to them both "It has been a pleasure to served you as your ruler. Pleasure to die with you!"

Just as he finishes that saying. The main chamber doors to his courtroom blasts open. The Dark Ones start pouring in. The fight starts between the three of them and the hundreds of The Darkness comes pouring into the room. Just as Vantier is about to fall in the battle, He is about to take his own life and destroy probably the entire top of the castle.

Uthor Pen Draco's last action, sucks the warrior Emperor out of existence and puts him in storage. Hoping to save this champion of his for a later need or use. But even with his going, the castle is obliterated 500 miles in each direction, completely leveled. The planet actually now has a dent in it from that explosion, that can be seen from space itself. This dent shows deep, to the very core of the planet and then planet starts to wobble off in space. As it orbits a now dying sun.


Friday, March 23 2007 7:05 am
Long term Research Storage Vault
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

The sensor team opens up the main vault door. The door, that weighs dozens of tones swings open slowly on electric motors. They then wait for those service lights snap on, one at a time across the ceiling of the whole room. Then they start walking across the room with two guards, that watch their backs in case something happens. Within this whole room, it has been filled with items that are in storage and on a rotation basis for testing for decades if not longer. As far as everyone's concerned, the whole room is pretty much safe to enter at any given time with slight precautions. The group goes over to the assigned pallet and looks at the immense black block that is sitting there. One of the technicians leans down, starts unplugging the possible malfunctioning sensor that's there. He starts by pulling it completely off its mounting. Then puts it into a empty storage box that he brought along, that was made specifically for it. While he was doing that, the other technician is pulling out the new one. Then he gets it up to spec and double checks it with his alignment and adjustment tools. As the other technician steps out of the way to box the old broken part, he steps to the pallet and starts installing the new one.

The one that is installing the new sensor leans over to his partner and says "Heya have you really ever thought about actually mounting one of the sensors directly on this thing?"

The other technician shakes his head "Nothing sticks to it. It's completely smooth. It's one of the smoothest surfaces they've ever encountered, nothing sticks to this. It's inert, it does not have any measurable properties. You gotta read the files on this thing. They tried everything that's ever been made. Trying to cut through it, burn through it and nothings been ever able to scratch it. Let alone do anything to it."

The technician that's installing the new part, finally finishes up and calibrates the new sensor. He starts looking at the information spilling from the unit onto his computer tablet in his hand. "Well, it looks like what it was reading is correct and looks like it's going up steadily percentage points every couple hours?"

One technician turns the other "I wonder what that means with this thing?"

"I don't know what, as far as a can tell you. I guarantee this thing just jumped to the head of the line for being reevaluated. Its been dormant for so many years. Its not even funny. Now that it's doing something? Somebody's gotta look into it."

They both pack up the tools and their boxes to start walking off from the large obelisk that's looking at them. The sensor clicks up another point as they walk off. In the monitoring central station the technician swivels his chair to look at the monitors that have been brought to life. That the technicians had done the swap out for the sensor to see if it was a misadjusted mount, misaligned or out of spec. The new sensor is reading the exact same specs, as the one that was replaced. He sends the information to the supervisor. The supervisor overlooks it, then tosses the information into the adjacent file folder for the item to be immediately looked at. By an evaluation team to see if it needs to be completely retested, to see if this change is something that needs to be further investigated on down the line by another department, another storage, or research facility. The computer moves the items file folder into an immediate status, for a team to come out the next day, to give it a complete and thorough going over. Then the system goes back into its dormant waiting for it's next order to come up within routine business schedule. During that night the percentages have been clicking by a little bit, by little bit per hour. They have been steadily increasing at an alarming rate. The computer is still dissecting the basic information to the technician and its still within the spec's not to be worried about.


Saturday, March 24 2007 6:05 am
Long term Research Storage Vault
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

The next morning that 'evaluation' team is gathered itself together, nearly 20 people and six guards to watch their backs as they go into the storage room.

One of them turns to another "Jack what is this thing, that we're going to be looking at today?"

"It's the biggest, blackest, hunk of metal that you have ever seen. You can shine a flashlight at it and the light just gets sucked right in. It's the only weird thing it does, besides being eight by four x four and perfectly smooth and perfectly square. No one has ever been able figure out what it is. Its like something out of 2001 space Odyssey! It just sits there, it doesn't do anything, completely inert, it hasn't done anything in 150 years plus, until two days ago that is! Then this week it decides to start doing something!"

That technician turns to the other one "Jack did you get the last readings on it?"

"Well, I got the ones sitting on my handheld there. They're over an hour old? But this thing hasn't been progressing too much. It increased little bit last night according to the computer. But not dramatically."

"Well lets start getting the vault cycled open!"

They start the long process of getting all the bolts, all the combinations, the locks and the safeties disengaged on the doors.


Inside the vault itself

I awaken.

I fall to the floor a good foot and smack against the smoothest feeling floor.

'Is it marble? I can see fairly well in this darkness, my eyes seem to be still adjusting. What did I stumble off of?' I think. I turn around on my hands and knees then reach out to...some kind of metallic framework 'I don't understand it? Never seen this? The metal is strange, iron-based, it's really well refined, pretty good for somebody. I sniff the air, definitely humans did this.'

I stand shakily up, to fall down again and try to get back up again. I start to fall, my hand grabs on to a post there, something that lights up. On it looks like some symbols and runes reading back and forth. 'Interesting, its not magic? What is this? Nice lights though. Wonder what spell this is? It does not have magic on it? I sense none? I don't understand it?'

I glance back to the floor. Its not marble, its not cut stone, its some kind of rock mix of some sort? Made solid! Amazing whatever this is? Definitely not shaped by magic that is. Very well done whatever it is. Kind of like how the humans made bricks at one point. I remember? to make buildings.

I manage to stumble to my feet, take a few steps and noticed something was completely off. I put my hand in front of my face and even in the great darkness of the room. My eyes are still very good. I look over my fingers and my hands. I don't remember my hands being so small, what happened to me? I would probably remember if anything happened to me? Did the Dark Ones experiment on me? Is that what happened!? No...they would crippled me with pain or something cruel! That can't be it. I feel just fine, but different.

I take a couple shaky steps forward and notice something about my walk is not the same. I take another step forward and notice my chest is jiggling! My hands race up to my chest. I feel breasts there!

"Ohh my, someone seems to have turned me into a female!" I yelp.

I reach down to my sex "To a complete female I might add."

'I wore a female as a disguise once. It was a quite a weird day when I was much younger' I think to myself 'It did work to fool those guards, looking like a female!'

I giggle at myself with that sound, I suddenly realize and think 'I definitely sound like a girl. I wonder what I look like? I need some light and a mirror'

I am trying to remember? What was the last thing that happened to me? My memories are starting to pour into my head, to fill the empty void that was just there a second ago and it all hits me in waves
emptiness and I scream out the loudest anguished cry in my life! Then fall down to the floor like a puppet with its strings cut off, then I curled up in a ball sobbing and crying on the cold floor for what must be an hour.

Then I realized! WAIT a minute! I survived somehow! I may have been changed? Are there others? I start reaching out, knowing that I can connect with any of my kind. I've done it before. I have done it for thousands of years. I reach out! AND its just.....EMPTY!.....its liking to be in a stadium for sports. That should be FILLED with 100,000 people enjoying life, loving life, having happy thoughts, being around, being around each other, enjoying each other's company and the 100,000 people are NOT there! NO one is there! The doors are locked and you know no one's coming in! Its just....empty.....lonely....only you and you know, no one else is coming in...EVER. Knowing that everybody that I've ever known is gone! The sadness racks my body. I start sobbing, crying again and laying there fully taking pity on myself.

I come to the thought of! I must go on and maybe find revenge! Somehow!...

I get back to my feet to plod across the room, on this incredibly smooth floor. My feet find its cold, but its not bothering me. I mind calls out...mentally reaches out to Nightwing, my bird. Wing's asleep and not waking up!? Not, Answering my call?

'What ever affected me must be affecting him?' I think about this for a second 'NO!?...HER! We are both female! Now that's different. How could that happen to me? Me wearing a disguise is one thing. But Nightwing being changed, that's a whole other thing! This change in us both, more than puzzles me.

I move forward a little bit more, exploring the vast room around me. I see a strange stone tablet on a metal grate. The same style of metal grate, that I was standing on a second before I fell to the floor. Metal pedestals I guess I'd call it now and I see wooden boxes on some others off in the distance. Each one of the pedestals seems to have those most weird light up posts around them, flashing in some kind of archaic symbols. The lights flicker on them like fireflies in the distance. I start examining the nearest one and what I see doesn't make any sense. I've never seen this writing before? They are all showing the same writing I find, as I look at a few. In my exploring around, I notice how perfectly laid out everything is. Each metallic square pedestal, was the same size approximately. Then every so often in the row, there are two or three of them are jammed together to hold a bigger object in one direction or another. Then its all laid out in a grid. 'A warehouse!' I think. 'So that means storage!'

As I explored around. I finally figured out, that I must be in some kind of storage warehouse. These posts on each one metal square, must be what looks over the item that's on these pedestals. As I regard them again, I think to myself 'OHH no I walked off the pedestal. They must know I moved!'

I start wandering around exploring more of what's around me, getting feelings to what's surrounding me. IT! suddenly pops into my mind. I talked to Nightwing! Where is my Axe! Next I reach out for it and find it's not there? I then reach out as far as I can, with my feelings. I call it, I feel it, I find its just trembling on the edge of my feeling. Its just out of my reach. But, it's out there somewhere. Something's holding it! Something is keeping it from me! It can't come to my calling it. I wonder to myself, is it in storage also? Are they keeping it from me? I don't understand. I reach to my wrists, my bracelets are there and so that means. I have my armor. My mind goes over the last thing I remember, is the castle falling. Everybody dieing! As I think about it. The castle falling! I start to cry out loud in the sudden realization! "The kids! they're with the Axe! Ohh my, without the Axe. I can't get them back! The last two! Of my kind, of my family! I can't get them back!" I scream out!...as the pain of these thoughts burn into me.

I look around the room whipping my head about. Is this a form of torture? I pinch myself as hard as I can, to draw blood. I am alive, awake and that pain tells me that I am not sleeping or something. I walk farther out into the room, looking all around me for answers.


Saturday, March 24 2007 8:15 am
Long term Research Storage Vault
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center
Outside the vault door

The examination crew starts open up the last of the locks on the immense door. The giant main bolts holding the door closed, slide out of the door itself and into their homes within the walls with a loud thud. An indicator panel on the side of the vault door immediately starts flashing red.

Jack...the lead technician walks up to it pulls the information onto the screen mounted to the wall "Guys look! That stupid block, that we are supposed to look at just lit-up with arcane energy on it and heat!" he looks back at the screen "NOW!...its darn near everything else we can measure, is shot off the scale. Guys?....we're too late, whatever happened is happening in there right now!"

The lead security guard leans over his shoulders "I don't know what, I'm looking at? But should I call for more men!?"

Jack looks at the security guard "I would if I were you! I think we should go back to closing the door up! and see what happens from a distance! You send in a robot or two. I don't feel like running in there right now."

The lead guard pulls up the security console for the room. He's about to touch the 'lights' button. Jack slaps his hand away, from that action.

"What ever you do, don't turn on the lights in there! Excite it! Surprise it! Give it energy! That's stupid!" he scolds the guard.

"I'll trust you on that one. What do the passive sensors say?"

Jack pulls up what the man wants on the monitor "According this, there is recent movement around in there. We know its not one of us! So what ever moved? What ever "it" was."

Jack keeps looking at the panel while information is displayed to him.

The lead guard gets out his personal tablet. He opens a link to the main security department for an ALERT team be sent down immediately. Five to Ten minutes go by. The large vehicle elevator at the hallways end to this section opens. The alert team comes pouring out of the elevator. Six large electric carts roll out. One is medical. Four others are more troops, more armor, better weapons, Thirty more personal. The last one is more techs with better sensors and a portable computer station. Once their cart stops, they almost leap off of it to connect more electronics to the vaults main panel and set-up!

A new Lead guard stands in the group of techs and he starts watching the new computer stations readouts like a hawk! For the next two hours while his teams set up. This man now in charge, an older, short black man with a bald head. Who has the look of a man who has seen it all or done it all.

HE WATCHES the sensors. During that time, what he sees is a form about Five to Seven feet tall move around a bit...then falls down for over an hour. Then it screams in a language that the computers have never heard. It then lays there for near Twenty minutes then gets back up. Then this form moves to a pallet and seems to look at the sensors mounted on it for some time. Now all the sensors come on line finally in the Second hour of his watching and he can now tell. Its a near human form in there, with a bit higher body temperature. The form is really near Six foot tall and weighs about Two Hundred Pounds from the weight sensors of the pallet it was on. It is still walking around, then stands and reaches an arm out. When that arm reaches out. ALL THE! arcane sensors in the room go to full, jump about like mad and end with pegging the displays many times.

He asks the main frame for more info on this, what he gets from the main frame. Is a time frame of a deeper storage area that suddenly drew power like mad, At the exact same time this rooms arcane energy spiked. This is the first time it has ever! had any reading. This area, the main frame showed him. Has a item that is, listed in the same file directory as the now missing block from the pallet in question. The lead man thinks about it. 'are they connected?'

The old man, now sees that his teams are now fully set-up and ready to go. He inputs a command on this console and the hallway seals in both directions with large doors crossing the hallway. The tech staff looks at this and now they really sweat...as this is never done!

Then he opens a channel to the main security room "Mr. Twain. I am ready to go in if you approve?"

"Go ahead Gunny Johnson, just please be careful" Mr. Twain the section head tells his best man for the job. He then goes back to watching the sensors of the room like the other techs here are.

Once Gunny confirms that the "target" is far from the door "OK! open it up and go in by teams!"

The vault techs. Open the final locks on the doors, as the alert team of thirty gets all set with a medical unit of two in the rear...middle. The rest of the techs and guards from the first team wait outside as back-up.

It hisses and the motors open the door. The team moves in the open door with the most armored in front, with the rest covering from behind.


Friday, March 23 2007 9:05 am
Long term Research Storage Vault
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center
Within the Vault

As I am wandering around inside at that moment, I see light coming from the far edge of the room and I stare over there.

Thinking to myself 'I guess whoever was watching over me, has decided to come in and say hi! Well I am going to act as friendly as I can and hopefully they are friendly? I don't have my weapon, I have my armor' I go over my list in my head 'I have my mental facilities. I am thinking something's missing? I don't know what it is? So it will have to wait for later. No weapon, my armor, no bird? Going into combat without my friend? First time for everything!'

I start walking in that direction, toward the new light.


At that same time.

The alert team is going in the room, in its prearranged pattern. Stronger assault team in front. Each one of them armed with either, a belt fed heavy machine gun using armor piercing ammo, or a brickbuster shotgun. This shotgun can fire a One inch armor piercing shell. That round can blow a hole through the side of an armored car like butter. But at this time the current load out is anti-personal in nature. But still very deadly. Then it can be switched to the armor piercing rounds as needed.

I start walking towards the light, hundreds and hundreds of feet away. I could see what looks like people walking in. Wearing armor?

'Great the guard? Well let's see, what happens?' I think.

As my eyes watch them I see that, they are waving around sticks in their arms. 'They also have lanterns? That admit a pretty nice beam of light! Pretty good! not magic thou? I can see and feel the difference? This 'gizmo?' light, is definitely something that humans would do. I catch the air from them. Definitely humans! They are not elves, not anything else. That's a good sign, humans are easy to deal with. They are a little bit jumpy sometimes, when they don't seem to understand something. Then they are usually bright little creatures, especially when you encourage them correctly.'

I keep walking towards them. As I do, I step out from behind a large wooden box. I raise up my hand and say "greeting"...hopefully they understand me and the gesture?

Immediately one, aims a light at me and thunder comes from the weapon! It hits me in the chest! I fly back many feet from the vast impact, to slide across the floor, on my bare backside with a screech.

This hit knocks the wind out of me so badly. I can't get air into me to speak, thank the Gods I don't need air to live anymore! It hurts, but it didn't penetrate, I start feeling the large and now bleeding slightly bruise on the center of my chest. That sits between, my newly acquired breasts.

I think to myself 'OWW that hurt. At least I still have that! My skin is still tough from wearing my armor for so many millennia, that it leached into my skin and made me tougher. Thank the elder Gods for little favors.'

As I lay there for a bit thinking 'It's best to play possum for a start, then let them come up on me, to think they've actually hurt me a little bit. But I'm I not going to be violent towards them. I did surprise him, I should have not done that!'


Saturday, March, 24 2007
Long term Research Storage Vault
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

The encounter from the guards view

David was up front. He was scanning the boxes in front of them, cautiously going forward a foot or so at a time. His light hits something jumping from behind a box, it rises a hand and said something! It so spooked him! He instinctively touches off a round, not knowing what he is looking at. From his Brickbuster gun. The gun blasted the form in front of him, the guns massive recoil system sucks up the rearward motion of the shot. The form he shot, then flies across the room from the rounds impact and thuds against the floor.

Gunny yells into the radio "Who the F- fired! I did not order any shooting till your attacked!"

David Looks at what he shot. "SHIT! I just shot a kid!" he yelled.

Gunny yells at the radio "YOU WHAT! how did a kid get in there?"

David steps forward with care just incase and pans his camera/light down to the form laying and rolling around on the floor in pain. It looks to be a Fifteen year old girl, very tall, very well built up top, muscular, long blond hair, and she had the bluest eyes that just led you into her angelic face! A face that just drew you in and you trusted it.

David just falls into a small trance from looking into her EYES and trusts the angel before him. He trusts her not to hurt him, she means no harm he thinks.

"David! Did you kill her?" Scott the man next to him asks. As he steps up to him.

"No dude...I didn't do it man! She surprised me and I just reacted."

"Well hopefully, she's not dead and we can talk to her?"

Scott shakes his head back and forth "David...if she isn't dead from that thing, I don't know if I want to talk to her? Anything that could take one of these slugs in the chest and get up to walk away. Is something I don't want to mess with!"

David stands there for a second transfixed by looking at the girl "We need to help her!"

The team reforms more heavy to that side of the room, for protection of the group. The secondary unit, held in the rear pours to that section. Keeping a good semi circle into the room. Making sure nothing sneaks up on it, from any angle.


I start to sit-up a little bit and moan 'I definitely felt that impact to my chest!'

The hit from the guards weapon knocks the wind out of me so badly. I can't get air into me to speak, I can only moan in pain right now. Thank the Gods I don't need air to live anymore! GOD! It hurts, but it didn't penetrate in too deep, I start feeling the large and now bleeding bruise on the center of my chest. That sits between, my newly acquired breasts.

I think to myself 'OWW! That hurt! I wish now that I had my armor on!'

As I lay there for a bit thinking 'It's best to lay still, then let them come up on me. But I'm I not going to be violent towards them. I did surprise him, I should have not done that!'

Then one of the armored guards walks up to me, with one of the 'sticks' in his hands. He aims the light beam from it at me and says something? I don't understand a word he is saying? I know the implication means "Don't move!" any warrior knows that look! I lay there for second...waiting. They are looking each other very confused.

I don't know what to make of them? The weapons and the armor on them is semi metallic and other substances. I've never seen this type of armor, or recognize them from before. The sticks, that they have in their hands? They are not spears, swords or anything I know of. What hit me definitely wasn't magic! This was a human gizmo of some sort? That they cooked up without the help of magic. The humans were never magically inclined. So they always seemed to invent something instead, or steal something from the magically inclined, to work for them.

I ponder to myself. Those sticks remind me of that one device my friend that dark elf found on that one adventure we had. It fired lead pellets via some kind of chemical reaction thing. You worked it back and forth and more stuff popped out of it. Amazing little thing.

I lay there kinda still, moving enough to make them understand that I'm still alive. They're saying something to each other, half a dozen of them. They all have various boomsticks pointed at me and that's exactly what they did! They're sticks and they went boom! So I am going to stick with it! I laugh silently.


Scott then steps forward to get a better look at the young girl that is laying there, in some pain and he is just grabbed by her looks. HER EYES! "Ya David, we do need to help her!" he says.

Now both Scott and David are asking for medics via the radio net. They almost demand someone help the girl before them.

One of the team medics comes forward at David and Scott's call for help. "Who's hurt guys?" she asks them both.

They point at the same time, the medics gaze follows the action and the weapons beam of light. To the form of a nude young girl laying there.

"Hey we can't touch her, till she gets cleared by the techs!" Says the female medic. As her eyes go over the young girl.

Then she looks at me, she just falls into my eyes like the other two already have.


As I am rubbing what should be a hole through my chest and out the BACK!. I see a girl walk forward, then talk to the other two guards and is dressed in lighter armor. She looks me over, then starts to step forward to me, she's got her hands up. I think she's trying to imply that, she does not want to hurt me. She wants to come look at me.


The gunny sees one of his medics come forward to the girl laying on the floor. The medic looks like via her body cam and the two men looking at her too. She going to go help her before, she is cleared by the techs for dangers.

"Don't touch HER!" the Gunny yells on the radio. But its too late....she does.


I nod at her. I lever myself up with my arms. She comes over indicating to lay back down. I just go with her and lay back down. She's looking at the wound in my chest and then she talked to the other guys. They talk back. Then it looks like she's using a little light device? To look at my skin, she is just shaking her head at what she's finding. I think she's expecting to find a little clean HOLE through me and me having left this world. I feel her grabbing my arm to ease me up and I go with her. It looks like another person in lighter armor, a male guard comes over and she's talking to him. He gets on my other side. I start figuring out what they want me to do, they want me to stand up....so I stand up. As I stand up they realize that I am not short, I am Six foot. I'm taller than most of them, except for a couple of the males. The two in front of me, are still nervous with their weapons pointed at me. The guards open up a semi path...forming up between them all. Then these two, one on each of my sides are certainly guiding me forward and gently. I my mind is saying to me 'they must be healers of some sort. So? I will let them guide me at this time.'

The two healers I figured they are, one on each side of me, are leading me to a large door way with even more light outside. As I go out the large door, I'm surrounded by the rest of the guards and other people. I don't know what they are. They're definitely talking to each other and arguing. I have no idea what they're saying? The language they all use, is incredibly strange to me. like nothing I've ever heard. The two 'healers' are walking me out past the large doors. That go back into the storage room I was just in. My mind notes...that the doors are immensely thick, some sort of metal. Since I can't reach out to touch it, I can't figure out what it is. The both of them, walk me out into the LARGE hallway and there's a metal cart there. They lay me down on the back of it, on a small bed on its top. Everyone is arguing, all around me. I don't know they're saying! One older black man who looks in charge is real mad, at the first two guards and the 'healers'.

Gunny yells at the group "Why did you all touch her!"

The group just ignores him, till the girl is on the medical cart and safe.

As I lay on the small bed, he looks at me and I see 'the older black man' get more friendly toward me. I think 'Whoops my glamour must be on and they are fully in it. Ohh no this is not good.' I look into my self and turn it off FAST!

Then a few minutes go by, of my just laying there and the group talking around me. I suddenly realize 'I have never had a glamour like that? Where did that come from!...How do I know how to use it and what it does? I had a glamour of a type before, but it was no where near a friend making one!...humm? What else has changed on me besides this 'glamour' and my sex of course.'

Scott says to David "Did you see what your Brickbuster did to her! It knocked her flat and she is still in one piece! Barely a bruise on her! What is she made out of?"

David says back a bit nervous "She must be a mutant or something. Who knows what she is? But we have to keep an eye on her. To make sure she does not get loose." David smiles "But she seems to be friendly and she didn't attack anybody? Even thou we flattened her butt!"

One guard from outside says "Yeah nice butt too! She doesn't seem to mind being completely naked! and giving me a free peep show!"

Gunny yells at them "Guys come on! She's a kid!"

Scott looks over to the Gunny "Gunny that an't no kid. Did you see how she acted? She is not jumpy like a child. There is no child in that body. It just looks like it."

The female medic interrupts all of them "David? the only reason why she is not dead is, you loaded out your gun with anti-personal rounds. THEN add I agree with you...she is a mutant of some sort?"

As I am laying there on the small bed, that rests on the strange cart. I'm looking around for a horse or creature to move this thing. I don't feel any magic on it. They cover me up with a blanket. One tries to shine a light in my eyes and I move away from it, it's too annoying. The other gets into the seat in front and we start to move off. I could feel motion underneath me, hear whirring sounds. All I could think is humans that managed to get to my world and start a small colony if you want to call it that or a enclave for trade. I always thought that they where very clever! They definitely had the crutch of not having magic. They always seemed to come up with some type technology or device or gizmo or gadget, to take the place of what we just normally used for magic every day. The cart travels a pretty good speed! Faster than any of the horse like creatures, I'd ever ridden or been around.

It seems like we have been going for near a mile or more and we come to a metallic box at the end of the rough hewn hallway of stone. Very smooth floor, the walls are very rough. Seems be beams holding everything up with metal, lights hanging from the ceiling, some kind of lantern. I don't understand what they are? They don't have the same heat a fire lamp would have? Not magic, must be another of things that the humans use? I certainly wish I could talk to them. There is pretty amazing stuff I'd like to know more about around me.

We go in this metal box, then the door slams shut. It spooks me! I jump up for second. The lady healer that sits next to me, puts her hand on my chest to calm me and says something. I figure she's just saying" take it easy...be still...or one of the many others, I can feel that coming from her. The room goes up! So we must be some kind of elevating device or elevating room? Technology again? No teleportation I guess?

Then the door opens up again. We start down a hallway must be Thirty feet across, Twenty feet tall, still rough hewn walls, and then I see doors are in the walls big and small. We are still moving at a fair clip. I can see the guards in another metallic cart keeping up with us. Then we stop in an area. The female healer gets off the cart and goes to the end of the bed I am on, yanks on it and it turns into a small wheeled cart of its own. I look around at it, pretty neat these humans every second I am here, I am amazed what they can do. They start wheeling me down a hallway a short ways, to a large door that opens up automatically. They wheel me down a hallway, its all beige and white and well lit.

A woman walks up to me and the healers start talking to her. She's wearing a white cloth jacket of some sort, she comes over to me, pulls the blanket off me. She looks at almost my wound, that is almost completely gone now. It is fading away with every second that passes. They seem to be arguing about what it is. I figure that healers are talking about me. The new one with the white coat on seems to be, the one in charge of them 'the healers'.

Now a man walks up to the group very fast. Under his arm are papers, tomes and such. He has a device in his hand that lights up, it looks like it displays imagery and writing on it. He seems to be very much in charge! How I am thinking this? is his clothing is different than what else is, he's wearing more, there are more layers to it. I have always noticed that among the rich and powerful, the more clothes you wear? You usually are richer, OR you are more important.

He is arguing with them, then the older gruff guard comes into the small hallway with me and the rest. They are all starting to talk and looks like he's kind of winning whatever discussion they have? They then start wheeling me down the hallway again.


What I did not know what was going on at that time?

Is the two medics had wheeled me into the into the sections emergency clinic. The doctor on staff looked at my wound and notice its completely disappearing. She is arguing over my treatment or not. The administrator for the whole section came up.

Mr. Twain says "Why are you bringing a possible threat to the entire complex here!" He near yells at the two medics. "She should be under heavy guard."

That's exactly the time, that the Sergeant of guard arrived. The old gruff one, he starts arguing his points. That a Brickbuster shotgun hit her full in the chest and barely stunned her. She might need to be under guard. Then brought to a room for questioning. That's where they decide to bring me to. Since I seem to be remaining very calm, they are not going to be light with my guarding, but not overly showing it.

I am being wheeled down one hallway. Then I am wheeled into another room that moves up. I'm notice more guards are around me now. Not the one or two before, now it's five or six and then ten are finally added! All wearing that armor, carrying the large weapon sticks of various types and they seem to be more cautious around me now.

The elevator device or whatever it is, goes up many hundreds and hundreds of feet. Then opens up into a another very well lit hallway, not of the rough stone like before. Nothing like the last healer station that we were at. These walls are fully smooth and even. One thing I am noticing here, is the doors are all very thick looking, very ominous locks on them that I can see and there's windows in the walls of some sort. The windows they seem to be 'bared' somehow, so that you can look in? But whatever is in them can't get out.

'This might be their prisoner section? But it's very nice for prisoner section' I'm thinking.

They wheel me over to a very thick door, that's already open. Two guards are standing there, it looks like they are there to keep it open. The two healers help me off the bed and walk me in the smaller hallway. They give me a robe to wear. I put it on, to make them happy even though wearing clothes at home? is just why? we just don't do it, tradition is not to wear anything. They leave me in the smaller hallway and the close-up the armored door behind me. These two new guards minus the healers, quite casually walk down this hallway and open up a rather large door. One waves his hand for me to go in and I walk-in, they close the door behind me almost immediately. I look around this smaller room, there is bed in the corner, some kind of mirror on the wall. I walkover to look at it and tap on it. Its not glass? weird never encountered this thing before. Then I go over and touch the bed, my fingers run over the smooth, soft cloth and I find that its rather good as I feel it. I sit down on it. The bed itself, seems be well padded and comfortable for a bed. The floor...that I've been walking on in this room, is very even and level. I bend down to touch its surface by the bed, while I am sitting on it. My fingers find? It's semi-warm to the touch, but it's not stone? Some of material? Its definitely not cloth or carpet of some sort? But it feels very artificial.

I see yet, another small room adjacent to this one. After I get up and walk over to it. I open up its door and walk in. In the next room. I find the floor surface changes, the floor here is? a small intricate tile. There looks to be some kind of sink and a mirror. I then notice, a metallic thing sticking out of the sink. I touch one and nothing happens, I spin the top part and water comes out! I put my hand under the water, it warms up! I spin the other one, that one gets colder. Ok! red is hot, blue is cold, makes sense. Then, I see a glass-enclosed box in the corner. I open up the little door there, I then spin one of the knobs mounted on the wall and water come shooting out of a spigot in the wall. This must be what they use as a bath? I wonder why? That's interesting, no need for bath? I don't feel any magic?...so...that's pretty neat! In the other corner, I see a ceramic bowl and a ceramic box. I walk over to it, look at it and I lift up the lid on the bowl there. In the bowl, there is water. Then I notice a little silver handle sticking out on one side of the box and push it down. Water moves from the box really quickly, into the bowl and water goes away down the drain.

I am looking at curiously at this 'What is this for?' I wonder. I then think back to my traveling days, when I was really young. Before everything had changed about me. 'It's a chamber pot!' I think excitedly 'That's what it is! It's all water fed chamber pot. Just like the sink. I push the handle again, I watched the water disappearing, this is neat! Don't need it, but it's neat! quite unusual.

I wish I wasn't being watched. I know I'm being watched. I can feel it. Don't know by what? I'd love to pull my books out and write about this right now. I go back into the main room or what I'm gonna call the bedroom now, I sit on the bed and look around some more. I see a box on the wall, little things, toggles or something sticking out of it. I go over there and look it. I flick the little toggle and the light goes on and off. That's how you turn the lights on and off! I like this, I flick the toggle next to it. I hear a whirring sound coming from some grating up in the ceiling. I walk over to it and put my hand near it and I feel air moving. A fan or sucking device of some sort moves air in and out. I go on to explore the room some more, I look at every nook and cranny, the bed itself and how well-made it is, looks comfy and it feels great to lay on!. Finally I sit there on the bed and wait....hours pass by.


While I have been examining my room. Unknown to me.

The head administrator Mr. Twain, went into a meeting with the other administrators of this section and the Gunny. They are meeting in a room not 30 feet from where I'm at. They are at the end of this hallway I am on. They use this whole section, for their prisoners and people in detention.

Mr. Twain says to his assembled people there "Well what are we going to do with her? Where did she come from? She was found in a SEALED! vault storage room!"

One of the senior technician perks up "Well sir, that...that block of eight by four by four metal. That's been under study for 150 years, that's where she came from. That's the only thing that is missing from that section she was found walking in. I've done an inventory of that room...personally. The sensors detected her coming from that area of the block...also. The sensors started becoming active on the Twenty-Second. Here it is a few days later, she walks out. So she was either in it or she is it! She seemed to be levelheaded and intelligent. She hasn't said a word yet? But then again Mr. Twain, No one has actually asked her?"

"Well Reilly" he barks out "Someone is going to have to go ask her? So is this going to be me? OR do you want to get a linguistics expert down here? Or someone who is familiar with writing out a couple hundred different languages and see what we get?"

Reilly grabs onto his computer tablet there and starts cycling through the menu to start requesting it and sees a time indicator pop up. "They will be here in less than a half an hour, tops. Should we just move her into a questioning room and see if she tries to communicate? She has not said anything yet?"

Mr. Twain looks around the room and shakes his head "A Fifteen or Sixteen year-old blonde girl popping up out of nowhere and that's what she looks like, that's what I am going to call it. 150 year-old Mystery come forth to now and we've got to solve it. We definitely got to find out what happened to our large block of metal of course. That no one has seemed to cut a hole into in century and a half of putting everything we have towards it."


Back in My room

I sit there on the bed and wait until someone decides to do something. The door fianlly clicks open. A person walks in and they're very leery of me. I see three or four guards in the hallway, still armed with the their weapons at the ready. This person has got a food tray with them, it looks like a pretty decent variety of stuff on it and it looks like liquid refreshment of some sort next to the food. They sit it down on table, on the other side of the room. I stay on the bed, to make it look like I'm going to be cooperative. She says something and waves at the food. I just nod and she exits the room. I wait till the door has been secured again. Then I stand up and walk over to the table. I find a chair underneath of it...wedged in, I did not notice before. I pull the chair out and sit-down at the small table. I do a cursory sniff at the food. My nose finds, its not turning my stomach the smells off it. I pick up the glass, it seems to have water in it. I give it a sip, tastes like water? tastes bad though, but it's water, got a metallic taste to it, I don't like it. I put that back to the side on the tray. I nibble at something that appears to be bread? its definitely is bread. But it has a somewhat unnatural taste to it. I start shaking my head thinking 'humans went a little too far with their gizmo's, its affecting their food and making it taste wrong!' There is piece of fruit there, red in color on the outside skin, pale beige on the inside. I took a bite of that, sweet, nice taste and I put it aside. Next I pick up a piece of what looks to be cheese, take a bite, that unnatural taste comes out of it. I toss that aside really quick. There is what appears to be a few pieces of meat? there. I want to try some but? I need a knife.

I pick up one of the utensils there, it looks like a fork that I've used before.
But as I'm studying it, I find this one more precise, squared, not forged or crafted? I suspect it was stamped out of something, then bent into shape. I examine it, then I notice! there is something that's NOT on the table? No knife! The only pointy-sharp object here is the fork. I grab the glass of liquid and tap it. It's some kind of artificial glass looking substance, not glass. I tap the plate, that seems to be artificial, flexible. So...they sent nothing in here, that is sharp or can be broken that can be made into something sharp. They don't trust me at all obviously. The door is locked so I am a prisoner! I push away the tray after nibbling a couple sections of food. The only thing that seems to taste any good is the natural fruits, that are there and everything else has a weird taste to it. I don't like it. I take a sip of the water just for the heck of it. I neatly put everything back on the tray, then slide the chair back into the table and sit back on the bed because its more comfortable. I sit there for what my brain says is another hour passes.


High Security holding area--meeting room

Down the hallway in a meeting room two linguistics experts Sally and James showed up and Sebastian an expert in written languages The meeting room itself is just a few scant feet from my door, down this very short hallway. The meeting room is very large, to allow some space between the person being questioned and the others in the room, plus any guards in the room. All that is in it, is a large table about eight feet across and three feet wide. A couple chairs on each side. One door in the wall with a mirror next to it, an observation window for them to look at me. The wall is the same on both sides of the room, a door and a window The group is just sitting there chatting about, where the girl came from. Sebastian's getting out all his books, that he has gathered in every archaic form of writing that he could think of. Each book has one or two samples of each in them. The girl is semi-excited that she might be getting to use her skill in languages and so is the other gentleman.

Seven of the guards open up the door to my room. One of them comes in and motions me towards the door. I was starting to actually get comfortable I was about to lay down on the bed or meditate or get a nap in! Not that I am tired, as I don't sleep all. I kind of wanted to be left alone, so I could mediate and find out what's wrong with me. Or not right with me at this point.

I get up slowly, so as not to spook them and they escort me down the short hallway to a locked room. They sit me down at this table, to see three people at the table waiting for me? Then there are four guards in the room, two at each door. I'm on one side of the table, the three on the other, There is a door behind them and I got a door behind me. There is a what seems to be a mirror on each the walls. I look at the mirror I have the feeling that people are behind this magic mirror of some sort. It is some kind glass, you see one way through...which is not uncommon even in, my magically inclined world.

The young lady sitting there says something to me and I just shake my head. I don't know what's she is saying to me and she says something else and something else, two or three dozen different words. I am shaking my head at each one, not one even sounds familiar to me. The young man says something several dozen times, I shake my head. The older man puts a book in front of me and opens it up. He flips open to a page, then starts pointing at that the writings there. My eyes are glancing at each one of them, I start going through them. I don't recognize one. I go through dozens and dozens of pages...four or five different types of writing on each page. I get through one book, to see him open up another one, for me to start going through it and then open up another one to start going through it. I re-stack all of them, then slide them all back to him and shake my head. He looks disappointed, that there is nothing in there that I recognize.

I am looking around this room thinking to myself 'Great...I can't talk to these people, they can't understand me!'

Then one of them pulls out a piece of paper, the younger male does some writing on it and slides it in front of me. I have no idea what it is? He starts doing something else to it, doing symbols and I see what he's doing! He is doing math for a language. This symbols equals yes, this equals no or true or false and I nod. Then I shake my head, trying to communicate to him that way will take us months if not years to get anything down, it's going to take forever.

He happily talks to the other girl, then with the older man.

James says "She knows mathematics! We can base a language off that!"

Sebastian says "Mathematics will take months and years to figure out a base language with her, we don't have that kind of time."

James seems disappointed in that revelation "Sebastian? but it's something to start with?"

Sally then says "It may be a start, but we have to figure something else out."

She points at herself, looks at me and says something. Then pointed me and she points at the young male and says something and pointed me. I am not getting it does she mean-- name, girl, female, male, person, WHAT! I shake my head at them.

She seems to get frustrated at it. She points to herself and says something, points to me says the same thing. Then she points to the male says something different, then she points to the other male and says the same thing.

'Okay must be male-female-boy-girl?'

I say in Hawk Lord "girl" I point myself, then at her and said the same thing.

I look at her and she seems to be excited about that. She writes down a note really quick!

I shake my head 'Great we got one word maybe? I point at the male and say "male" in hawk Lord.

She scribbles down something else real quick.

"Great we got TWO! words!" I put up my two fingers to her "fantastic at this rate? You all will be dead before, we can figure anything out" I say to them in Hawk Lord.

I am shaking my head...I am getting disappointed, I am not disappointed in them, I am disappointed in me!

Elder Gods I can speak over 200,000 languages and write close to a million! and not one! They use here! Is my race, WORLD! So dead! That no one here knows any of it! I know this is Gaea's world, I can feel that much. Did all, the older races get wiped out and only the humans remain? GODS I need an ELF! I almost laugh. Me asking for a elf! that is so funny!

This is going to take forever! The older man gets up and walks over to the door, to a guard asking him to do something. He leaves, several minutes go by.
We sit there trying to communicate with me, they hand me a piece of the fruit that, I had my table today and then say something. Great I have never seen this fruit before now. Giving it a name will not help. I just handed it back to them.

The door opens to a giant cart full books and older tomes getting rolled in here. I look at them and get excited. He pulls off a large book and hands it to me. I start flipping through all the languages that are in it. Dozens and dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, moving into the thousands. Hours go by and I'm going through the whole cart AND NOTHING!

I get to the last book. I'm actually kind of upset. I slam it shut really hard and the table shakes a bit. The guards jumped! at the sound of it slamming.

I put my hands up "Sorry don't mean to offend" I say even thou they don't understand me.

The older man says something to them to calm them down.

Sebastian says to the guards "She's just frustrated just like we are. She is just showing it. You guys can calm down. I don't think she's a genuine threat."

They all are just sitting there, thinking. One of the younger guards walks up, talks to the older guy. She pulls out a small stone out of her pocket and hands it to him.

"Sebastian? I know, I'm not a expert this. But here's a common thing. The apple Sally gave her may not be common" the guard says to him "But this rock is. Write down "rock", "stone", whatever? in as many languages as you can, say the same word over and over in different languages and then we will have other experts look at whatever she writes down in answer to it."

Sebastian looks at the guard "The young always amazes me! To come up with a simple answer, to a complex question!" He then takes the rock from her extended hand.

"I want that rock back!" she snaps at him.

Sebastian pulls out clean sheets of paper out of the stack off the rolling cart.

What is the old man doing? I wonder what he is doing? She gave him a rock? He starts writing it out neatly. He writes it one language, says a word in that language, he writes out something else, says something else in another language, writes something else and says something else in another language. As he is holding the stone? I think is he saying stone? He's not saying pebble, it's not that small. Maybe he is saying rock instead. I don't think he would be describing it exactly, rock it is! sticking with simplicity. He does it five or ten times. He spins a new piece of paper in front for me, then hands me his writing instrument.

I pick up the writing instrument and the paper. Then I pick up the stone. But I am going to stick with "rock" and not use stone, pebble, boulder or whatever else I can think of that described a piece of the earth right now. I gotta wonder if they have got some device in here, to record what I'm saying? I hope they do. I say... rock...slowly every single time, that I am writing it down. I go on for 7-8-9-10 hours straight and then they come and go out of the room while I'm writing this. The two younger ones don't seem to be tired, they are just watching intently at what I am saying, making notes. The older gentleman is doing the same. Once and awhile he sees something interesting and makes a note. I think he is making numbers for his notes and I keep on writing the same word over in every language, that I can think of on into the day or the night I don't know? I've been sitting there working non-stop, as they change guards many times and even offered me some food and drink. I turned it down. A day must have passed?... by how I measured time. I wrote thousands upon thousands of words and saying them all as best I could. I get to a point. I stop in a Huff and I slide a enormous stack of paperwork back over to them. I put the stone back on top. I point to the top, say the first word back to them. I had sat here for two days writing out 'rock' nonstop. The older man, he just looks at the enormous amount information he had just been given. I then watch as they start packaging all the papers, I have done in a large box, a very special box. To take somewhere?

The guards escort me down the very short hallway back to the room, that I originally had been in. I sit down on the bed and another person brings food and drink to me. I nibble at it, to at least say thank you in away...by trying it. This time they put some sweet stuff on the plate, that has a good taste and it looks like sweetbreads of a sort? Then there is some type of candy or something? I find it tastes really good. I lay down on the bed, meditating try to think to 'Night' my bird, my companion for life. He now, a she... just like me is dormant. Must be waiting for me to gather enough energy, I don't actually need her. I start reaching out mentally from my Axe. Its on the edge out there. I can't grasp enough of it, to give it a call. That would probably be a bad thing to have it bashing down walls or whatever? getting to me.

I then drop my mental shield to 'feel' out this place. I push out past the 'wards' of this place...most are easy, some are real hard and take quite some time to get past. Over the next several hours. I get an Idea about the people here. They feel duty bound to keep the evil, that is stored here within its walls. I reach out even farther and 'that evil' I feel it. Its old and very bad. I can feel it reaching for me with claws to rend me! I toss my shields back up. "I am not doing that again!" I think. I know I can probably take it in a fight, but why chance it?

I basically lay there for days. I go and take a "bath" in the glass box on the second day. They bring me another kind of robe and some kind of pants to wear. I'm actually kind of not wearing anything. Every time the guards come in one of them gets fussy, that I'm not wearing anything and I shrug at them every time they do this. The bath device feels really good though!


Thursday, April, 1 2007 9:35 am

While I am waiting in my room unknown to me. All the paperwork I put forth is transferred onto the computers and scanned and indexed with the words I said. So that each one would match the other, is being transmitted all over the
Department of Paranormal Affairs for the US government. It has been sent to every one of their facilities, even DARPA and its sent to ARC among others in the space of three days. No answer from any of the experts known come forth with any idea. It finally comes across Dr. Otto's desk after the third day. He looks it over and thinks about who he can show this to. He thinks about the old Queen and realizes sadly, she just died a week ago or so. His friend Sara? maybe? he calls Sara on the phone, its ringing through.


Thursday, April, 1 2007 9:35 am
Whateley Academy
Poe cottage, or Hawthorn Lovecraft room

Sara finally answers on her cell phone "Peetee? what can do I for you?

"Sara I have got something for you to look at? I will send a 'Porter' over with a packet for you and if you could go over it as quickly as you can. We've got an anomaly, at the Homestake Research Center. A young girl popped up there just recently, she's not speaking English and they can't communicate with her. They went through every old or new language that you can think of, both oral and in writing. Not one of them is reference-able, to anything she knows. But she seems to know how to communicate, she talks, she writes, she knows math. By the time they figure out a math language?"

Sara nods while on the phone "Yes PeeTee for them to kind of figure out a math substitute, for language. A year will have gone by, if not more. Well, send over what you got so far? I'll go through my old languages and see what makes sense to me. I have available time coming up. You can always port me over there right? As I thought Homestake has its own gate?"

"Yes Homestake has a permanent gate. We could port you from the school to it or from ARC to there, I prefer ARC to there."

"Okay Peetee" as she is saying that...a teleporter messenger POPS in her room. She turns around FAST with her hand up! ready to swipe! "Well next time could you give me more warning before you pop into my room! I almost clawed your face off! Things have been very jumpy around this school lately!" she takes a packet from of information from the Porter, he immediately disappears and she still on the cell phone "PeeTee I'll get on this immediately. If I hear or see anything in here, I'll get with you immediately. Its a nice project for me to do tonight, to get my mind off stuff here."

Otto asks her "So how is it there? Is Rohanna Ok?"

Sara tears up a bit being reminded of the Queens death "PeeTee she is fine, she is taking care of Nikki and keeping all the elves together. I hope she does not stretch herself out too far on this. As she has a tendency to over do everything. But PeeTee I think between you and me. She is hunting for the persons who caused this, she is going to kill someone is my bet. You know elves, their blood honor oaths and she made quite a few that day!"

"Should we call her in on this, to get her off that?"

"Nope...I do not want to add more to her plate now. She is not stable at all. She may have hated Aung at first, but later...she came to love that old ghost a lot! She misses being able to talk to someone who knows, what she does of the past. So lets keep this simple and if we need to. I will let her in on this, if all else fails. So good night!" and she hangs up the phone.

Sara jumps on her bed and starts going over the information on the computer tablet that just came and listening to the girl's voice.

As she is listing to the voice "At least its a pretty sounding voice for a girl. Too bad they did not include any pictures?"

As she goes through all the writing. She starts cycling through it, as fast as you can with the writing display on the tablet. While she is listening to the voice and after several hours after going as fast as she could.

She says to herself "This person wrote all this? in a couple of days...straight?! WOW!"

Sara reads on, then notices some of the symbols. One or two of them so far, are in such an old language. That reading more than a couple dozen of them, would have a drastic outcome on someone and drive them mad! But this person is cautious enough to write just the one, to know that it won't hurt anybody. Which amazes her to no end.

She gets back to the more than intriguing work, hours pass by. She looks at a new page of paper to finally see "Now! there is an old symbol that makes sense. It means...rock!" she cycles the voice tape to it and listens 'Close enough!' she thinks. "I have a priestesses that speaks this!" she says "I'll get her on standby incase, I need her!"

She calls up PeeTee, waits for the phone to ring "PeeTee! I got one for you, it's an old language of the Deep Ones, that's kind of related to one from a planet they conquered. There is not way to describe it, How she was saying it, either I know how to say it wrong or she knows how to say it wrong. But either way it's close enough. The writing is a perfect! match! Who is this girl? Her writing skill is exquisite! looks absolutely perfect. It looks like someone writing a book for a school or something! She managed to scratch all this out without proper tools and writing utensils? amazing! I would like to meet this one!"

Otto says to Sara "I will arrange what I can, as quick as I can, if you want to port up to here now?"

"Nope...how about tomorrow afternoon? That will give you time to get everything set up. Lets make it One PM? Have a good day PeeTee you get back to me with anything different happens and a Porter should be in my room at One PM!"

"Yes Sara that's good, thank you. Would you like me to send the file folder over on her? Since your going to be meeting her too? So at least you have the photos?"

"Okay! I would love that!"

"I'll send it through the Internet link, to the secured link on your ARC laptop."

"That is fine PeeTee have a good day." and couple minutes later her ARC laptop is beeping away.

She opens it up, to see a beautiful girl sitting, in the pictures taken of her and she sees a first date at the pic's top. Its been nearly a week that they've had her. A day or so with the experts. Two or three days, she did to write all the stuff out and then must be two or three days for all this writing to circulate through the network of places. To find that everybody turned it down and they couldn't find anything to do with it. She looks like she's 15 maybe 16, golden blonde hair and just the bluest glowing eyes! The look on her face says, intelligence and determination. Sara's intrigued by her, especially...that skill in languages she has.

Sara is looking at the face and only one word pops in her mind when she's looking at the face of this girl is "angelic" she just looks like an angel. There's no medical files attached. Looks like she's refusing anyone that touches her like in that manner. Sara reads up on what they think she's linked up to? The block of metal. That appeared a 150 years ago and she's quite intrigued at all of this being connected. The only thing out of place? That they have been able to notice, there are a couple of video shot and they are in not too good of shape. Is that, she seems to be wearing one piece of dark jewelry on her right wrist? It seems to be like a bracer or large bracelet that goes partially up her arm. That's the only thing that's odd about her? Sara thinks to herself. I wonder if they are going to let her come to Whateley if they can breakthrough and talk with this one?


While Sara ponders my pictures

I sit in my room waiting for them to come through with more information or something. Days have passed by, I nibbled at the food once in a while, take a shower once a day. They always bring me in a change of these clothes and I hate! wearing them. Most of the time I sit there in my room in the nude, relax, meditate. Nightwing is finally awake after two days of meditating and is talking to me. I still can't reach out to touch my Axe. I am starting to get a better feeling of what happened to me? I don't want to do anything here it's too private for them to see.


Thursday April 2, 2007 1:00 pm
Whateley Academy
Poe cottage, or Hawthorn Lovecraft room

The next day at one o'clock the teleporter pops into Sara's room. Sara steps next to the teleporter and off they go to ARC.

Dr. Otto is there waiting for her arrival "Good day to ya Sara how is everything?"

"It's fine. I'm really anxious to meet this one. She's very interesting from what file folders shows of her. Probably very puzzling to all of them at the Department of Paranormal Affairs."

Otto walks her down the hallway to the elevators, then they both go down to the facility to where the permanent gates reside between one complex and the next.

"Sara from here on, your going to go alone. You do understand that this is a two gate trip? You go to another gate from there and then go over another one. Remember they only know you as ARC employee "Janice Walters"...good luck with this and I hope you have success with it" and Otto shakes her hand as she steps off to leave.

She waves by to him as she walks into the gate. She is transported halfway across the states to the Department of Paranormal Affairs (DPA) This is kind of a hub for gates. They escort her to the next gate, it powers up with arcane magic.


Thursday April 2, 2007 1:40 pm
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

Next she appears in the Homestake complex gate room.

Mr. Twain, the section head is there to greet her "Hi, Ms Walters. I am Mr. Twain the section head. I am here to get you down to the person your here to, help us out with. Otto recommends you highly. Shall we go?"

Sara AKA Janice Walters says to him "Fine and glad to meet you. Please? lets go help this girl communicate with us all. As, she sure does look to be an interesting case."

They escort her down the maze of giant hallways. Sara notices that they just entered the security section.

Sara asks "Your keeping her a prisoner?"

Mr. Twain says "We have to be cautious Janice."

They Escort her to a meeting-holding room area, where she is told that the girl is waiting for them all. Sara enters the waiting-viewing room and she looks through the mirrored wall into the meeting room beyond. Within the next room, she sees a blonde girl sitting there at the table. Patently. The girl seems to be very calm and quiet. Sara also notes, the four guards that are also in the room with her.

Sara asks "Has she said anything today?"

"Nothing that anybody can understand" Mr. Twain says back to Sara.

Sara starts looking through the mirror intently at...this...person?

"Humm" Sara slowly huffs out "She is very patient, you can see that. She's not jumpy like a kid is. Extreme patience for someone that looks so young? strange...? Looks like it might just be the appearance of youth with this one."

Four more guards enter into the waiting room, from the hall on Sara's side of the meeting room. One asks "Are you ready?" Sara nods to him. The four guards get ready to enter the room with an equipment check, then a radio call to inform the rest of the guards already in the room with the girl.

I'm sitting in the room waiting, Looks like I am going to have a meeting with the language people that they have here or the writing specialist people yet again. I hope that this time we all make progress. After waiting calmly for several minutes.

The door opens up across the room from me, just like normal and two guards walk onto their side of the room. Then a young girl walks in behind them. I am looking at her to note, 5 foot 6 in height, white skin, red hair, and she has Elvin ears? I see her eyes? They are not human? Her hands have claws on them? and as she gets a couple feet into the room. My senses JUST GO NUTS! and told me exactly what she is! She is one of The Dark Ones! The BEASTS! the SPAWN is here!

I jump up, The chair fly's out from my backside! I go to full form! and I grew myself to my SEVEN foot SIX form. Most of my clothes are ruined by this sudden growth of over a foot in size and hundreds of pounds of mass. My black armor snaps on my body automatically with my helmet already on, covering my face fully. My Armor covers me from head to toe, thus destroying the rest of the clothes! My wings sprout out to a full spread off my back and near fills the room. I grab up the metallic table and WRENCH it from the floor. Then FLING it across room, it shatters in pieces, as it leaves a huge dent and hole in the wall. I did this to clear the room for the fight to come!

I YELL in Hawk Lord to her "What are you doing here! BEAST! Did you invade this planet too. Enslave the humans that are here?!"

My eyes bore at her. I am getting ready to release my raw energy at her, to blast her from existence. The guards are getting their guns up to point at me and she says something to me.

What I didn't know she said is "I have that effect on people once in a while" and then she giggles.

That giggle! from her! It grates on my skin, that you would giggle at something...that something...does she NOT know what she's done to me? Why I'm here and what I've lost!

I am screaming at her "You took everything from me! Your kind!" I am saying it Hawk Lord, I know she does not understand. But I'm still saying it!

They immediately withdraw her from the room. The guards now have their weapons pointed at me, just standing there in the room, with the destroyed table across the room from me. The door slams shut, on the other side. Then the door on my side flies open, as more guards pour into the room.

I look around me now. To see they haven't done anything? WHY? Maybe she's a prisoner too? I calm down to pull off my armor, shrink back to normal size, pull my wings in and I am standing there naked. As I shredded every inch of clothing that they've given me. I put my both of my hands up a little bit. I sit right down cross-legged. 'I'm done now with my little temper tantrum' I sigh and look around the room as I sit, I put my face in my hands, as I rest my elbows on my knees. I try and calm myself down more. That old soldier comes in, stands there watching me. My opinion of the old guy just went up! He knows when not to press a subject and get someone hurt doing it. After a bit time calming myself more, I glance up and he yells something at me. I nod in his direction, he points at the door. He seemed to be upset at me...this old soldier, I understand that. They lead me back to my room and one of the female guards gives me yet another set to clothes to wear. I put them reluctantly on, to make them happy.

Once I get back to my room. I pace back and forth about the room. Now I'm really upset and I'm not sure? Was that Dark One? Was she in charge here, did they send a youngster in to learn from me? Does she rule here? and they just left her behind? So she can rule over a planet that is already conquered? What happened to Gaea's planet! I need to get out of this hole the ground, so I can maybe figure out a way to talk to Gaea. That's all that is rattling around my skull, that this is Gaea's planet where some elves were at. Maybe even the elves that were a branch off from Ember's empire. That's all I can grasp on for thoughts. Its coming back slowly...everything. The only thing I notice is coming back first is all the horrors just before I died. What I had to do to my kids! My family, my wife dying! Everything else, I am getting upset at myself. I am holding it back, all that sadness. I do not want to show them weakness! To these humans or that beast.

While I am sitting there contemplating everything.


Sara...they sit her in a room. Far from mine!

Mr. Twain says to her "She never reacted like that before?"

Sara is shaking her head deep in contemplation for what just happened 'I just have that effect on people sometimes and some people over the last year or so of my life, realize that I'm a Old One or Deep one or a Great One or related to the mythos and have that reaction. Like one of my friends at school now, had almost that same reaction in a way. So what I am going to do is write her a letter of introduction and have them just hand this to her. Then we will see what she says? I think it would be best.'

Sara then sits herself down for half an hour and drafted out a perfect note she thinks. All it has within its words is...introduces Sara. It says who and what she is. Might as well admit it to begin with? Because this...being...person...already knew that! It basically asked, within the note words. If they can peacefully discuss, amongst the two of them. So that she can communicate and learn from her. Sara then signs it at the bottom. Then she gives it to one of the guards to deliver to the young girl for an answer.


I'm sitting there for hours trying to calm myself, sometimes I get up and pace out the room in frustration. A guard walks in with a piece of paper then places it on the desk and leaves. I wait for the door lock to click, I get up and walk over to desk. I open up the piece of paper, I read it and it's in one of the older languages that's what I figured. She knows it from one of the other planets that got conquered NO! destroyed planet! I should say to myself!

I read it and it basically introduces her, gives me a little bit of her lineage, her demon name, which means nothing to me. Basically it says to me, she wants to talk. So we can communicate. That's what I am getting in the gist of, from this letter. Gods....she writes so badly, there is no skill in it whatsoever. Looks like she really tried hard to do this but, she's writing in a dead language that probably has not been seen in who knows how long. I sigh....thinking. I am not going to see this beast! Not till I have at least one demand met! I'm not going to do anything anymore with these people. Till I get what I want! AND that's my Axe! I don't get it back....I'm not talking to them....EVER!.

I put that piece of paper down on the table and I point at it for a while. The guard comes in with another tablet papers and writing materials then walks back out. I get up from the bed again walk to the table and sit down. I Start writing my reply note. Saying, yes....I would like to communicate with you, but I have one demand. I need an item of mine that seems to be missing from me. I can feel it on the edge of my senses. It's my Axe and I describe the whole thing to her. Then I put my palm on the paper to burn my name, personal seal at the bottom to make it official. I knock on the door and go and sit down on the bed. The guard comes in and takes the note away.

Sara is sitting in a comfortable meeting room for over an hour, a guard walks in gives a piece of paper to Mr. Twain, the division head for Homestake.

"Sara looks like we got our answer Don't know what it means? How about you?"

He slides a piece of paper over to Sara.

She glances at it "Oh my! her handwriting is still exquisite, mine looks like just chicken scratches compared to hers! She has so much more practice at writing than I do like this. I still don't think she is using proper tools and she is still so much better. I bet you she had trouble even reading my note!"

Mr. Twain asks "Sara what does she want? She willing to talk?"

Sara turns to Mr. Twain "Well...Mr. Twain?" she spins the note in front of him "The top part here basically says. Yes....I'm willing to talk to you and learn how to communicate between the two of us, to have a dialogue. Then this one word here is basically "but"....This section here is not a request? It's a demand! She won't talk to us, unless she gets this....and that item is? You have something of her's, she can feel it.....just on the edge with her senses. So? it's either faraway or behind a lot of something? Keeping it from getting to her. The Object....is a four foot tall Axe, with a circular topped blade and this is the whole description. I can go on with it, if you want? It says until she gets this, she is not going to talk to anyone. She will just sit in that room and wait. Then this right here!" Sara points at the corner of the paper. Mr. Twain looks down at it "That's her official symbol, seal, whatever you want to call it. Burned into the paper. This is now an official document between her and you. Wherever she's from...she's someone important, that proves that...since she has access to that. This now is a binding contract between you two. You give her the item, she talks. You don't give her the item? Then she shuts up and I'm sure with her type......the way she writes and everything, she's not some "farmer"....she's someone important or educated. Considering she has her own crest or similar seal. It's up to you to follow through with her demands. Because if your not going to.....please tell me now. I will be going. Because she is not going to talk to me. Or she will not talk to any of you for years, decade's, whatever." says Sara as she waves a clawed hand in his direction.

Mr. Twain gets up from the desk "Well Sara, I am going to talk to people about this."

"I expected that at least. I will just do my homework while waiting here for your answer" Sara starts getting books out of her bag and starts into her homework.
While she's waiting for these 'humans' to come up with their answer.

As Mr. Twain starts to leave the room. Sara peeps up "Can I ask one question? Have you been videotaping her room?"

Twain turns back "Of course Sara we have got to keep an eye on her."

Sara says to him "How many cameras have you got in her room?"

Mr. Twain thinks for a second "I would not know exactly. That's securities department probably easily a dozen?"

"Would you mind if I look at that footage, while you guys are figuring out...if your going to cave into her demands or not. I mean it is a large request! It is a weapon after all!" she laughs "You don't hand a prisoner shotgun!"

Twain nods "Sara, I will have you taken over to the central security department. So you can review them" and he walks out the door.

Sara goes back to her school work. As she's doing that, finally a guard comes in and looks as if he is in charge. "Ms? if you will come with me to go to the security department and have you view those videos? That you requested on the subject?"

The guard escorted Sara down a semi-maze of hallways and to an elevator. Once in it, they went up a few floors. He leads her to a room with lots of video screens in it.

The guard says "This room is a sub room of the security department and is used for exactly what you ask from us...to review video tape of the subject. All these eight screens can display different shots from the days recorded images. They all can be matched or synced on something. Whatever you want....just tell the technician what you need."

Sara sits down in the middle of the long desk there "Okay technician....what's your name? instead of calling you...technician" she giggles.

The female technician says "I'm Jamie!"

"Okay Jamie....what I want is her room after, she got in there. The first minutes there. Put up a shot of the main room, then the bathroom."

The tech puts up three shots, Sara adds more to them as she goes.

"That's good....now go as quickly as it can. As long as the video monitors can keep up without video loss. My mind can keep up with all eight images at high speed and of course keep the audio on."

Sara watches all of the monitors. It speeds through....seconds into minutes into then hours, into days of video are shown. The tech is amazed, that she can keep up with the monitors playing for her at such a high-speed.

Once in a while she says "Stop and Mark that...stop this....Mark that for ten seconds...Mark that...." and on.

She sits there for about two hours going through all the days of footage and she's finally done with it. Jamie calls the guard to escort her back to the comfortable meeting room where she was at.

Mr. Twain walks in "Well Sara they're still thinking about it. They are leaving it up to me whether or not I feel that she's a threat or not."

"Mr. Twain is there a way we get that video footage that I marked and stuff. Piped in here for a second? Then can I explain some items I found on it and her to you?"


Another technician comes and gets a screen set up, to show the footage requested. Via a large set of them. on the meeting rooms wall.

Sara says "Watch this! for a bit!....she's been here near a week? Look at this one screenshot of the bathroom. I am just going to cycle through."

She cycles through the video footage showing the girl in the bathroom the first day then shots of later days....one monitor just shows the room at very high speed thus shows, she does not use it for HOURS!

"What am I seeing here?" he asks.

"Just let it go through for a while, see what is going on, what she does...okay got that kind of in your head?"

He nods..."Yes"

"Here is when they put food in her room and watch it for a while, three different times when they put food in her room and water."

He watches it for a while...."Okay?"

"Here is a real nice close-up of her sitting on the bed, rolled forward it ten times speed, close up of her face and her neck."

"Why am I looking at this?" he asks

"Just keep an eye on it...how 'still' she is! concentrating? She must be meditating somehow? You watching it?....Okay?" she asks.

"Now let me explain what your seeing. Here...She's going to the bathroom on separate days....all she seems to be doing is taking a shower, washing her face a little bit? The other thing I noticed, she does not wear clothes in her room? Which is kind of unusual. But she seems to only to put them on, when they're requested. Most of the time, she walks around naked. Which I am JUST SURE is making all your male technicians is happy as clams! Aren't they! What's interesting!" she points it out "all for the except for the first day. She doesn't touch the toilet!"

He looks at the screen amazed "YOUR right!"

Sara nods her head "Exactly! she flushed it twice to see what it would do. She never touched it again! So what you have is a person in your room there for over six days! that HAS NOT! gone to the bathroom once! Keep it in your mind, think about that? It's humanly impossible not going to the bathroom once! look at her eat? She's been here for over six days, seven days? She has not eaten more than a handful of food. She has nibbled at stuff, she does tastes and samples. Then pushed the food aside! The water that she has drank! We are talking a cup? a full cup maybe? a cup and half? She obviously does not like the taste of it. She is literally wetting her whistle at best."

Mr. Twain is nodding to Sara "Interesting? what do we have here Sara?"

"Now this camera shot here....is the most interesting one!....I got this feeling off of her, when I was in the room with her and she does it just like I do!...watch?"

He is watching the video roll seconds for minutes for hours "What am I looking at?"

"She's meditating obviously! Here is were the key point is. SEE! when she sighs and you can hear it on the tape?"


"She's not breathing for FOUR and a half hours! She doesn't take a breath except the sigh! An emotion! I do that....I breathe through my skin. I don't breath through my lungs....don't need them! Yes I'm a mutant. I will not tell you what I am. Just believe me in that. I'm experienced in this."

Mr. Twain nods "Okay I'll take your word for it. Dr. Otto at ARC highly recommended you. That's why you're here, was for your language skills. I am always willing to take help from something else."

"Mr. Twain....I'm not an expert on this. Who ever you got in that room? I am going to go out on a limb! She is immortal! She does not need to eat! She does not go the bathroom and she doesn't need to breathe! You can probably flood that room with poison gas, lock her in there for 100 years and she wouldn't care."


Sara nods "OOHH.....yes!" she says with a bit of sarcasm "Very few things are what I consider Immortal and these are definitely, the signs right here say Immortal to me! Don't go to the bathroom, don't eat, or drink water and don't breathe! YA....so now you've got more information, than you probably had before. What is your choice going to be on her demands?" Sara leans back in the chair and begins shining her claws on her dress.

Mr. Twain walks around the room thinking "Well Sara....I was coming in here basically thinking NO....now I am thinking YES? We really need to communicate with this creature."

Sara nods "It would be a be good idea, not to aaahh miff off something that's gonna live forever. What are you going to do, jail her?...Then hope she doesn't get aggravated enough to decide to get out! She changed from a Six foot tall teenage girl....INTO! a SEVEN AN A HALF foot tall ARMORED! monster there for minute....'with wings'..." she adds "that ripped that table from the floor like it was nothing and smashed it against a wall like toothpicks!...." Sara sighs out "Lets just take that, as a temper tantrum. Lets not even start thinking about how much more dangerous she really can be." she turns to him after looking at the screen for a second "Honestly Mr. Twain she's been quite pleasant and cordial with people up to this point. She has not made any demands. She tried to talk to you. She hasn't threatened anyone or hurt any of her guards. She had one outburst...when...she saw me....then after it, she got quiet and sat right down, then obeyed orders of a sort! She seems to be a genuinely nice person all in all. If she was a genuine threat? She would have already hurt someone by now? Especially after you shot her in the chest with a gun!"

Mr. Twain gazes to Sara uncertain "Well Sara what's your recommendation? just so I am sure now....should I let her have a weapon?"

"I think she's peaceful, I don't think she is going to do anything evil with it? She doesn't seem to be that type?"

He sighs then paces the room thinking "I'll do it.....unfortunately we have to, have her brought to it..... not the other way round."

Sara's eyebrows goes up! "What do you mean by that?"

"Well the last four people that touched that battle axe are dead! It kills humans. Basically on contact with skin.....you drop dead! Its been in testing for over a hundred years, just like that block of metal and everybody that has come close to it and touched it.....dropped like a fly! Like the life was just sucked right out of them!"

"Interesting?.....so it's a quite dangerous little gizmo there."

Mr. Twain chuckled slowly "Interesting little gizmo?....yes.....I would say that for sure. Unfortunately we are going to have to walk her through the most secure sections of this complex, to get her to it. That Axe has been in storage just like she has been. Obviously in a better equipped area!"

Sara nods to Mr. Twain. She sits down at the desk and pulls out that special paper and writing utensils. Then starts to writing a special note.

Mr. Twain looks over her shoulder "What are you writing?"

Sara says "It says basically....you caved into her demands in a polite way, more mannerism and asks her. Does she want me to go with the whole bunch of you? Because I can at least do a little talking with her, as we take her there. Then I will translate for you all, so you can communicate. Then she gets her possession back." Sara signs off at the bottom. then hands it to Twain "Take that to her and see what she says?"

She goes back to the couch and cracks open her school books. Then goes back to the school work, she needs catch up on. Mr. Twain pass the note to a guard.

Minutes later it arrives in my room. I pick it up off the desk and read it.

....the people in charge of this facility decided to give you your item back. We have only one question for you...do you want?... it says Sara's name in the equivalency of the language....to go with as an interpreter, or not, to retrieve your possession. As your possession is being held in a more secure part of the complex. Because it's dangerous. I nod at that thinking ' Ohh ya my Axe is very dangerous!'

I pull out another piece of paper, to scratch out my reply "Yes I want you to be translator, as I go pick up my item and I would be more than happy to chat with you on the way. Hopefully these people can be trusted to do this as stated. I trust you are honorable do this. No changes accepted!

I send that off with the next guard. Minutes go by as the note is taken to them.

Sara reads it "Well Mr. Twain she's accepted your terms, she basically saying 'yes' everything stated is fine. I'm to go with as a translator. She trusts me? Maybe because my name is on this? She may trust you after this, and we will make no changes to this agreement and it has got her seal, crest on it again." Sara hands him back the note.

"So I think I should meet her in the hallway outside of her room. As its the best spot to start."

Mr. Twain has Gunny Johnson come in and sets up all the plans for this with him. The guards come. Sara closes up her textbooks again...interrupted....

She sighs "I am not going to get my homework done at this rate."

Mr. Twain chuckles "Well consider this as extra credit for any language courses you have?"

"I don't take a language course."

"Okay then I will write a really nice letter to Dr. Otto to pass on to your teachers for all your cooperation today?"

She nods "Whatever."


Thursday April 2, 2007 5:20 pm
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

A guard comes into my room and he waves me out into the hallway. This time I notice that they are taking me to a new place? Not the same meeting room down the shorter hallway. They guide me to the door to this section that I came in here originally on the first day here. The door opens at the halls end and I see what looks like the man in charge from before. Then I see the little girl 'The Dark One', as I exit the door to the large hallway. I quickly glance all around to be sure, this is not my end. I count just Six guards, so I figure that if this not going to be a bad meeting? For right now anyway? Plus I think to myself...they don't have enough men, to give me problems getting free. Then add with their leader is here, I now feel better that this is not a trap.

I say greetings to her. It takes several minutes for her to figure out what I said and she says greetings back. Gods! she messed up bad. I say greetings again like you're supposed to! She figures out what I said, then says her greetings far better. I nod my approval to her.

I say to her "There you go your figuring it out!" and I say my name "Vantier"

She says her name was Sara in the equivalent language...and then she starts adding to it by saying these people know her by another name. Because not everybody is supposed to who she is. The name I gave you first, is what everybody knows me by.

I nod and say "Thank you" to her

It takes her awhile to figure out 'thank you' she said 'welcome' back to me, she messes it up. I correct her.

They start walking us down the hallway. We are chatting as best as we can.

She asks me "What kind of being are you?"

I lecture back "I am not going to tell you".....Then I queried her "are you going to tell me what you are?"

She tells me exactly what she is!....I am listening trying to figure out exactly what she's meaning and it takes several minutes for it all to get to me. I correct her, half a dozen times on her speech. Obviously she's not used to speaking the language or whoever taught it to her did such a poor job! and I told her that!

She says to me "Well this language, that we are speaking is quite obviously a dead language."

I sigh from what she just said, as I think she has no idea what she really said or what it means to me. "Well of course it is!" I get a little mean in my tone of voice at her "As your kind....killed! everybody that ever spoke it!"

She is a little taken back...then steps a little farther away from me.

I say to her, as she leans away "Sara if you're feeling afraid of me. Thinking I am going to attack you?...Walk away now! Stop talking to me! As I don't need someone that is not listening to what I've said, what I've written down AND put my crest upon!"

Sara understands. Then basically communicates to me. Is what we have here so far, via the notes... is a "sorcerers contract?" she calls it.

I nod back 'yes' to her.

We go down a small maze of corridors. Then they put us on one of those metallic carts again. We ride it down miles of corridors to some more elevators that take us into a deep section of this underground complex. She's sitting right next to me talking. She's asking questions about what I felt about the place, what's going on here and what kind of storage kind of facility that is. She's kind of gives me an idea of what goes on here. Its stores dangerous and old stuff, that the humans try to figure out how to work! I have to laugh at it all. She complimented me on how well I write. About halfway down, she finally lets loose that she can't stay here and translate. But she does have someone that works for her? A disciple? She is considered a minor daemoness and explains to me farther. That her domain is Lust and perversions. I notice that she has been very honest with me. I am trying to be honest with her...to a point. A point that does not endanger my LIFE!

I thank her, for her understanding. I tell her, That I am not sure of anything around me at this time. I'm not sure I can trust anyone, Including her.

She says that, she can understand that someone would not have any trust of her kind based on the past. She informs me, that she and her dad are dedicating themselves to the betterment of the humans around them and betterment of this planet. They both want to keep it intact and not to destroy it.

I am thoroughly surprised at that an Dark One, wants to preserve life? I find that very strange....and I tell her so!

She looks to me "YES I firmly believe in it...this is what my religion is based on."

I sigh in thought...I look at her "I wish I'd met you earlier...before all this happened to me, many eons ago."

She glances at me with tilt to a her head. That says to me, She is questioning what I am saying to her. "What I am trying to say to you Sara, is...YOUR kind wiped my kind out and if we had met sooner? My kind might still exist! As we did not attack yours, till they came after us. Over half a million years of peace GONE after they came!" I try desperately to hold back all that anger...that deep loss. I am barely holding back want to LASH out at her...to kill her, as some kind of restitution. But I can't....I gave my word.

Sara nods back to me "Yes most of my kind are very destructive...why? I don't even understand?" Sara thinks on to herself 'Now I know why she had such a bad reaction to me. She maybe the last of her kind? I'll ask daddy on this.' she ponders on more 'She might be in such denial now from all this, she does not care if she lives. Maybe that's why, she did not attack me. She was waiting to be killed?'

After almost an hour of driving around and going through doors. They finally open up a large armored door. Then we walk down the hallway behind it, more guards, checkpoints, who knows what else. We finally! come to a room, they open a large door there. As I look across the floor, I see sitting in a ring of light and I think that is obviously some kind of shield. Is my Axe!. Its floating in the shields center, to keep anybody from touching it. I concentrate, I reached for it mentaly and I could see the shield flexes greatly...trying to hold it in.

Sara yelps to me "No don't!" very quickly.

I look at this young Sara girl. I stop doing it.

I say to her "They need to release my Axe! I need it."

She turns to the officer in charge of this place and converses with him about something. When they are done, He waves to the technicians.

Sara says "Those gentlemen over there are going to do something and release the shields holding your personal possession."

"Thank you."

I watch the humans work with their rows of gizmos......Then the light stops! Around my Axe, Now I don't feel anything between me and it anymore.

I glance at her "Is it okay now?!"

She looks at the man in charge and he nods saying to her 'yes'.

I inform Sara "Can you tell them, that My Axe will move very violently across room, to my hand and I don't want anybody getting stupid or jumpy and threatening during that time?."

Sara says to me "I will inform them!"

"Please make sure they understand, that before it hits my hand. I do have control over it. My weapon has a mind of its own and if it sees me attacked. I might not be able stop it in time before it hurts or kills someone here. It listens to me all the time, but it doesn't 100% always heed me. Since we been separated for so long, it might be a little finicky right now." I snicker a bit.

I communicate that to her and she understands. After several minutes and couple tries at it. She seems to get the message across to them

"Stand back a little bit, I don't want this going wrong" I say again to her.

I call my Axe to my hand. It flies across the room in a near straight line, hits my hand. I start re-bonding with it, because I have been away from it for so long. I have to wake it back up, like I did Nightwing! When I feel the bonds are fully done.

I glare at Sara for a few seconds and deep dark thoughts enter my mind 'I have my Axe now, I could just kill her and take what she knows. With that I could leave here. Or maybe they will...these humans...put me out of my misery? As I try to escape out of here?'

Then something happens...all those, more than evil thoughts seem to fade. I let go of the Axe and those thoughts of revenge...I forget them. Now my blade, it floats off and it fades into the nothingness.

I turn to Sara "That is done, it's in storage in a way. So...did you want to sit down talk some more? Or do you have to be somewhere? As you seemed to be implying to me, that you where going to have someone else come here and interpret for me? Is that true?"

Sara says back "Yes, I am going to have, like I said. One of the disciples of my church. One that understands this language, even better than I do. She can speak it better, since she's got a little gift for doing that."

I smile "That is fine...wonderful." I offer her my hand to shake it like a warrior, in a double arm clasp and the move...it kind of catches her strange for minute, then she understands it, that we're not grabbing hands, but at the wrists instead.

I ask "If you're going now? fine...but let's talk at least on the way back to your exit?"

Sara nods back "Yes! more than happy to."

We talked! All the way back, about little things. Almost like good friends would. I think to myself as we 'chat' 'I could get to like this one...she seems to be honest?'

She asked me a strange question, during our chat "Did you like any of the food?"

"I find the 'changed' food? human made? To be completely revolting! The naturally grown foods are okay? The water here, is some of the nastiest water I have ever tasted! You can taste the chemicals, metals and everything else in it! It's not natural!"

She shakes her head "So you have definitely a taste for just naturally grown foods, not this processed human food?"

"The candies and sweetbreads....those are okay" I jest her.

She giggles at me thinking, that candies were okay and everything else was not. As were going along the ride She sees we are getting friendly and she asked me What am I once again.

I shake my head "Not now, maybe later...we can discuss this?"

But then I think of an old riddle, in my head and I say to her. "If this helps you out? If you're smart enough to figure this out...'everything that I am is in the name, I'm not hiding'.....All you have to do is figure that out. If you're not smart enough to figure it out. Then you don't need to know."

As we are going along in our conversation, she gives to me a complement? "Your immensely bright and knowledgeable." she tells me.

"One of my side hobbies was learning, reading and writing. A gather of knowledge, storage of knowledge, and giver of knowledge to others." I inform her.

I go over the basics with her how, I gather and teach what I have learned. She seemed to be intrigued about it. We get to a certain section the complex. They stop and they get her out of the cart. I shake hands with her again, then say goodbye to her.

They then, drag me down the long hallways back to the room that they have decided to sequester me into. I go in and sit on the bed after the long trip.

In my mind....I am much happier now, I can feel my Axe with me. Nightwing is pretty much back to normal 'she is not talking yet?...but that will come' I can communicate with someone! I can write out something and someone will know what I am talking about. I sit there giddily thinking about it. I can start learning from here!

As I stayed in my room, pretty much the same monotony as before goes on. They give me writing supplies paper, don't feel like writing anything. I can't read my books, in front of these people. As I don't want them to know, that I have access to books and other personal items. I don't think that they need or should know about it all.


Thursday April 5, 2007 6:25 Am
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

Two days has past since Sara visited here and the guards come to my room, almost at the normal time for breakfast. But? this time, they wave me out.

'We must be going somewhere' I think.

They lead me back down the short hallway to the 'regular' meeting room again. They sit me down, Then I notice that there is stack of paper there, like before among the other writing supplies. 'I wonder...am I meeting that new translator?' I think and then get somewhat excited at the prospect of learning!

The door across the room opens, to show me. A small, younger, human girl, blond in hair color, near 5 foot 10 in height, very very nice looking and she is dressed in the style of Mr. Twain...'I am important!' it says to all.

She comes in partway, then stops at the doorway, waves the guards out on her side, as she says something to them in their language. Then something happens very funny this time, the guards on both sides of the room leave? She finally comes in all the way and gives me a small bow. Then stands, to say her name 'Becky Dahlgren'...Then she says in fairly good language to me, that's her name and she's introducing yourself to me. Sara is the one that she worships. She's one of the priestesses of the church of hers, on which she calls the East Coast of this country, that I'm currently in. She asked me my name? I say my name in my language. What she says back to me, as close I can get out of her not knowing it is Kyley I'll will go with that. It's good enough, sounding close to my name.

I stand up, to I wave her over to a chair and have a seat. I noticed one thing about her...she has manners! The other ones here didn't and I like that she does. She then sits down, to ask me plain and simply like a normal person would do. That a friend would ask me.

"How has your day been?"

I say back "Fine, all is well with me today."

I offer my hand to her. She takes it...and instead of a handshake, she does a more feminine clasp?...Humm?

After she settles down, she starts pulling out books and they're all out of the large bag that she had brought with her. She slides them across the table, near to me.

I tap on one of them and ask her "Can I look at this?"

She says, happily "Sure you can! Look at anything I own. I'm here to serve you in Sara's name. I'm going to be here at least two maybe three times a week. We are going to see if I can teach you English and you can teach me the thoroughness of the language that we're speaking."

I look her up and down she's young, but knowledgeable. "Okay agreed. An exchange of each others knowledge on language. Perhaps you can teach me this 'English' of yours, how to write it and read it. I'll teach you more of what you seem to have more than a basic grasp of. A very good one I might add" I complimented her.

She starts opening up the tomes, she has in front of her. Inside them, I find is basic grammar for this 'English' language of theirs and its mostly translated to mine. Then She's has put together, in another book, is this old language we are speaking in together with the English equivalents and its all written out very hurriedly. To me it looks like she's done this for a couple days before she arrived here today.

As I read one of the other books, I find she included numbers system form here! As I read it fast. I'm understanding the number system they use now! Then she added the symbols system they use for math on top of it, With a equivalency in my math too? With this, I am taking in this new information very fast. As math is universal.....you just have to find the basics of it.

We sit there for three or four hours going over what, she has brought today and I am noticing that she doesn't seem to be comfortable. As we are going through this and I'm not grasping this language at all! Which is very unusual for me, not to pick up something quickly. It is frustrating me greatly...'why is this so hard?' I think more than once.

I stop in my studies, to ask her "Are you hungry? or do you want take a break?"

She says "No."

I say to her "I must insist...if you need to rest or something please do. I need your mind sharp to correct me and catch up to me. You weak and your mind not where it needs to be, does not help me. I can sit here for Ten years and study this. It won't bother me one bit. I'm not you...your mortal, you're a human as you call it. I am not, so do not follow me as an example of how long to sit here in study."

She nods her head "Yes I am very tired. I would like to go to a room, to lay down for short time and get some food in me."

"No problem...always...if you feel uncomfortable...interrupt! and rest. Like I said...I need your mind sharp and you to be able to help me out, as best you can. Because I am not grasping your language at all and that's unusual for me. Your...English...for some reason is confounding me? I am greatly disappointed in myself actually" I admit to her.

I notice as we converse in the old tongue. She's getting better at it, pretty quickly. Its like I'm tutoring her faster, than she's tutoring me. Which is actually kind of bothering me a little.

She waves the guards in and I asked her "How long are you going to be?...approximately? You do not have to give me an exact time. I can,...like I said...I'm a very patient person. I'm going to outlive everyone in this building probably. To me this is nothing."

She says to me "I'll come back in an hour. Is that fine with you?"

"Everything's fine with me. You do what, you need to do. I need you here and sharp" I say rather plainly hoping an hour, for her is fine for the rest that she needs.

"Okay...I'll come back in an hour."

She signals the guards to come in. She talks to the one in charge for several minutes then, She gets up to leave with them.

I stop her for second, to say "Becky?" as best I can get her name out.

"Yes Kyley?"

"Could you ask this guard here. Is there a way to get me out of this locked room and I'd like to go outside for just a little bit. Into the fresh air?" I near plead to her.

Becky nods back to me and she starts conversing with the one that looks like he is in-charge.

Becky asks the sergeant of the guards in the meeting room "Is there anyway that she can go outside?"

He shakes his head "No...we can't let her outside. She is still a security risk."

Becky says back to the guard almost laughing "Security risk? It's fairly obvious to me from, what I've been told so far. That if she wanted out here? She would probably get out! She's very patient and you're not giving her some outside privileges. I think it would be good idea and then she will tell us more! I don't think she is going to anywhere. She doesn't feel like that to me. She just wants to be here to learn this language obviously. Just look at all the time she's dedicated to it so far."

The guard turns to talk into his radio that's mounted on his jacket. After he is done. Then everybody stands there just waiting for Mr. Twain to come.

The supervisor Mr. Twain comes in the room after about 15 minutes. "Becky what is it you need today? Please tell me, As they really did not tell me yet?"

Becky she points at me again. I of course have no idea what they are saying.

"She'd like to go outside. Just to see or be outside for bit. That would make sense to me, as she's been here for what? Two or three weeks now? She has not seen sky...fresh air? You have had her locked in a room, all that time and she has remained very calm all that time. I think you should let her have some outside time Mr. Twain?" she insists to him.

Mr. Twain stands there pondering the question "Becky do you feel that she's one of these people who would do a sorcerer's contract at all?"

Becky thinks on it "I think she is the type of person who would do that. It would be very binding to her. She's got mannerisms of someone of that high statute and your own technicians said they already felt magic on her. So I would have to assume...yes."

"Well then, why don't you ask her. Then I will believe her. If she agrees to an agreement of that sort...Because we're so far away from anything. She can't go very far" he chuckles out.

Becky finally turns to me "They want your word of honor and a sorcerer's contract. That your not going to go anywhere. That you will come back in the building after they request you to come back in.

I look the man in charge and Becky over for a few moments "Do they want verbal or do they want written?" I ask her.

She turns and asked him my question. He looks surprised at my answer to his.

"Becky what is the difference between written and verbal?" Twain asks her.

"I don't know? Why don't you ask one of your mages? It's not what I do. I am a translator and I read history" she near laughs at him.

Mr. Twain goes to talk to someone via an intercom mounted on the wall. He picks up the handset and asks for the right department. Then hangs up to wait for a reply. A couple minutes go by. The line rings back to him.

"So your my mage consultant on staff today?" he asks "So what do you think of the question at hand...if they gave it to you already?"

"Sir...A written contract or a sorcerer's contract? Oh that's a very binding thing indeed! That's if she's a true mage. She will have to obey it 100% to the letter. If you don't live up to your end? There are drastic consequences to it."

Mr. Twain. Asks the mage consultant now worried "Like what?"

"Well since your the manager of this complex. You breaking your word to her...Will weaken all the wards and shields around the whole complex. After that happens she can pretty much come in and out and leave as she pleases instantly! I know that may sound strange Sir? But that's how it works. What you're in charge of, you break the deal? Pretty much nulls and voids any power that you can hold over her! From here on out."

Twain gasps out a little "Ohh?...But if she breaks her end on a written contract?"

"Then you pretty much have sway over her for quite a good deal. It would almost be a contract of a slave! It's up to you, how hard you want this contract written? By Doing it written...not verbal? It would say to her that you're serious about holding up your end of the bargain, as she is."

Twain hangs up the intercom turns back to us "Becky? Please tell her I'd like it written."

Becky turns back to me after they talked a little bit "He's requested it to be written. He consulted with his mage on this...so you know."

"Humm...Fine." I walk over the table. I start writing it out in my language. When I am done, I burned my symbol on the bottom and it's official...I am now stuck here. Till I find a way out or they let me...

Then I hand it to her. "There you go...Becky...just what he wants."

She reads it to Mr. Twain "Well here is her promise. It is basically saying, you let her out at least once a day for an hour or two, your choice. Then, when you request her to come inside she immediately comes inside. She will listen to whatever rules you have. She's not going to go anywhere. She will not leave the grounds without your permission."

Mr. Twain asks "How are we going tell her to come inside?"

Becky gets an Idea. She writes on a piece paper your basic commands, come inside, go outside, come here, and a couple others in the old language that Kyley uses.

"Here is a list of basic commands for her. Basically have your guards point to something, have her read it and she can figure it out." She hands the paper to Twain.

Becky turns to me "Kyley...I just gave Mr. Twain a list of basic commands for you to read, so now...you know what they want you to do. They will point at one, you read it and its simple from there. Is this all right with you?"

"Fine with me. This makes more than sense. You might want to make a bigger, more complex one for us to use. Till I learn this Foul language of yours" I laugh.

I see Mr. Twain nods and Becky leaves the room. He then turns to me then points at the piece of paper...it says...go outside...I nod. He says something to the two guards I don't understand. They lead me down the hallway. Then out the longer, bigger hallway. Then show me one of those 'carts' I get in at their hands waves to do so. After we are all in we drive down another extremely long, large hallway to an elevator that goes far up to the surface. Once there, they lead me off through a couple of armored doors. That finally lead me outside into a courtyard. It looks like a dining hall in this regard. Lots of benches and tables on the edges under a partial roof. It has a tall wall around it. In the center of the area, there is a slightly hilly area with grass, some large stones to sit on? and a rather nice pool with rock water fall.

I look around to the sky above and smell the air 'this is good!' I walk out on to the grass and kneel down on it. I get as comfortable as I can with guards watching me! I start concentrating to attune myself to what's around me, put my feelers out to what's around me. I bump against the wards. Even out here I'm still behind the wards of the complex. I don't like that, but I guess that's one of the rules. I'd love to fly right now. But I can't...I promised I wouldn't. Then I start to dwell on the other things I want to do. My books I can't read here...yet. Talking to my last two kids! I have to guard them....no one should know I have them still. Then add with all the wards up I can't go explore...out there!

After diving into what I can't do for far too long, I start to meditate on what I can do. As I go deeper and reach out as far as I dare. I open my mental shields...just a small bit. NOT! too much as I know now there is Darkness hidden and locked away here. As I go deeper I am finding many 'new?' thoughts enter my head...from where? I do not understand.

After about an hour or so, of me being out there meditating. The guard taps me on my shoulder, points on the paper in my language and it says...come inside. I stand up and walk back to the cart with them and the guards are taking me downstairs back down into the complex once again.

For the next two weeks, what seems to be our schedule. I meet with Becky every other day, she is teaching me this new language at a slow pace. That is more my issue than her not being able to teach. I basically asked her to teach me the commands for go outside, come outside, come here, do this, do that, FIRST...So at least the guards, if they say it correctly. I can understand what they're saying or asking me to do. This is so, they and me don't have to depend on a piece of paper anymore and point me around like an idiot.

In the middle of the second week, Becky brings in a vast stack of translated books for me, on basic grammar. She seems to have other people working on the outside for her, to write down translations in books for her of both languages. We seem to fall into a routine, of about four hours a day, maybe five and every other day approximately. Sometimes Becky will go an extra day in that week. On the 'off' days, I study the books she brings in to me. Every few days or so she brings in a stack of new books and translations for me to go through. As I read them in my room, all day and night non-stop. But I am still having a hard time writing this language down or reading it. I don't understand it? Me? having a hard time grasping the concept of this language is bothering the heck out of me!

By the end of the third week all I have basically gotten is the commands that she wrote out weeks ago. I also have a choppy 'hello and how are you'? This really starting to get me mad. At the end of this third week, on what she calls Thursday. Becky and stops our lessons.

Becky says to me "You seem to keep on arriving here in the same simple clothes. Is all you have these 'hospital pants and a hospital shirt'? Why don't you have them get you regular clothes?"

I regard her "In the style like what you're wearing? I don't understand why?"

"Well you will look more normal?"

I look at her and laugh a little "Do you understand the customs of my homeland? If you want hear this out, I will give you the basics? Because we don't talk much outside of the lessons."

She nods back to me more than interested "Yes I would like to hear this...please!"

"Well the custom of my homeland, where I grew up. I was that when you're at home, you don't wear clothes. Unless there's a gathering of outsiders, a political gathering, the King holding court or that style of event. Even then it's just robes."

"Oh! so you?" she blushes intensely at the thought.

"Yes...we walk around with nothing on. Outside of our home we wear armor, as we have to. But when we are at home, in it we don't...Because" I sigh "outside we always have to wear our armor or it hurts. I know that's a concept you might have a hard time understanding. We can only go outside the homeland without armor on for a day or so without problems." I lie a little to her. To hide what really happens. As I know that they do listen and them knowing too much might hurt me someday.

"Why?" she asks

I shake my head "I can't explain that. I won't. Don't ask me to explain farther... please. It just is."

"Can I see this armor?" She asks me like a small child would ask, all filled with hope to see something new!

I laugh at her "Now?" she nods and smiles.

I shake my head a the thoughts "It would probably give these guards quite a startle! So I don't think that would be a good idea."

She pouts a little at me right then. Then she gets up and marches over to the door. She knocks on it and the guard finally comes in. She's telling him something. I hear a couple of the words. I actually understand some of them now...'she, going to, and something else. I'm getting this language one inch at a time.

She walks back over to our table, kind of happy.

Becky happily says to me "You can put your armor on for two minutes. So I can see it. Then it has to come off."

"Fine I can do that for you. As long as they said yes." I look to the male guard at the door she just talked to.

The guard still standing in the doorway nods at us both.

"Okay" I start into pulling off my top.

Becky near shrieks at me "What you doing?" as she nearly jumps at me to cover me back up.

"I can't put my armor on, with these clothes still on. It will rip them apart?" I inform her.

She seems to be cautious "Okay....if that does not bother you being 'natural' in front of a 'male' person?"

"Its completely normal for me. You should not have shame of yourself? Its the way you are meant to be." I laugh.

She seems to disconcerted by that simple-ness of my statement.

I take off the top and what she calls pants. Which translates pretty close to What I call them. I keep to my smaller self...instead of the larger one, I usually wear when I have armor on. Then I manifest my armor from my bracelet. It flows out of my bracelet slower than usual, so I don't startle the guards. After a few seconds, I am now fully covered, all but my head. She comes walking over and touches it.

"Wow It's cold?" she says to me, as she runs a hand down its smooth surface.

"Inside its warm" chuckle out.

She is feeling across its surface "Its tight...you can see every detail of your body. Its just incredible how thin it is and it's just sucking up the light!"

"Yes" I sigh "I'm the only one that has dark armor out of all my people. Something happened to me and I was marked with black armor from there on out."

"When you where marked with this dark armor was that a bad thing?" she asked concerned.

"A curse and a gift, being one in the same."

She rubs her hand over it more "Does it do anything else?"

"It does many things. That would probably get your guards very upset and scared if I showed it here."

She goes on to look me over some more "How about this? Can I take a picture?"

"What is a 'picture'?"

Becky giggles "Ohh-ya We have to show you this!" Then she goes and gets something with a flat, square, box thing from her bag. That has a light up screen on it. Then she does something with it...IT FLASHES! as she aims it at the wall. Now what was on the wall, is a image in the thing.

I shake my head "No I don't want..." She gets upset, like she's disappointed "No I don't think that would be a good idea."

I ask her, as I point at the box she just used "What is that?"

"This is a phone."

I laugh "Well your going to have to explain the word 'phone' I have no idea what you mean? 'phone'?"

Since there is no equivalent word for it in my language. So she explains what it is. She tells me its a communications device.

I nod at it "Humm ? 'phone." I say out...but I get it little wrong and she corrects me. I call my armor off and get my clothes back on while I say it and practice it.

Then she starts showing what else it does. It has the 'pictures' and how other things work on it. Like 'movies'? The 'net'? and other things.

I nod to her, somewhat blankly....as she lost me about 5 minutes after she started! "You humans and the little things, that you come up with in lieu of magic. Has always amazed me" I say to her.

Then she takes a step back from me, deep in thought is my guess "When I'm not here, do they show you anything at all?"

"No I just sit my room and do nothing, meditate or I do some of the assignments you give me and read the books you bring. I am trying to memorize them. That's about it" I shrug.

Becky stands in thought at my answer for some time "I got an idea!" she opens the door and talks to a guard. About half an hour later, She sits back down with me to get back to work. An hour passes by, as we work on the new words for today. Then a guard comes in the room while we're still going over lessons. She talks to him and then another person comes in another hour later.

This new person brings in a device, like her phone...but bigger. Then the both of them start using it and talking for quite some time.

I wait...but I am too interested to wait! "What are you two getting into?"

Becky points up and around us to the walls "This room records everything that we say in it."

"Okay? it writes it down?" I ask not understanding.

"Yes in a way it does."

She goes on...the room writes down whatever is said in here and this device-- this thing here, she calls it a 'computer' remembers it? and I can go over with the computer what I said in here for lessons. Then you can listen when I say a English word and in your languages equivalent of it. Then you can listen to it back and forth. Then learn while I'm not here for those days."

"So it's a verbal writing tablet!"

She gets happy, that I understand this "Yes that's what it can do for you! I can have one of the guards come in here and show you how to do it. Then we will start making what it says and what it writes as a translation on both sides. We will make a teaching utensil out of it, for you. It should take a couple, to three days? I'll get some people working on it. As the people in charge here, they want the same thing. Now that we have the same goal in mind. They can do this, with us talking in here for the last two weeks."

"Yes this is a good idea. You are definitely a bright young person!"

She looks me over "Young person? You said ,you subsumed a human and came here from somewhere else? How old are you?"

I ponder the question for a bit "How do you measure time?"

She tells me what this is, that this is, for the times that she's come in. Days equals this, then weeks, then months and years.

I nod my understanding of what she said "Okay where I was, my homeland. I watched over it for 500,000 of your years."

Her jaw drops "YOUR 500,000 YEARS OLD!" she yelps out in English, in near shock from the thought of it.

The other person in the room working with the computer...STOPS! and glares at me along with Becky.

She blurts out in my language this time "So you're like Sara! Your never gonna die?"

"Probably not."

Then she asked me question that seemed strange "Do you know what a daemon mark is?"

"Ohh yes! I know what a daemon mark is from the one of the Dark Ones. In my encounters with them it's a bad thing."

She explains out "With Sara it's a good thing. I have not been granted one. She has only given one to select people so far. The ones who do have it...she feels are very close to her." Becky stands there for some time deep in thought.

After some time goes by, She asks me near beaming with hope "Do you have something like that!"

"Hummm? Let me think on that. As I have changed A LOT lately....so Mine might have changed. But my old one that I always have. I know I can, still do! Is same...a little in that way." I shrug a little " BUT this one of mine, is fatal...instantly. But with it everything that you ARE!...I would know. I guess it would be the same thing as her's? You would become a part of me. Did you want that? Because I would certainly pick up your language in a heart beat, if I did that. But you would cease to exist! The way you describe Sara's Mark is no where near the same, you would be just part of me. That would be it...you wouldn't get much out of it. You certainly would not experience anything from here on out. You would just be piece of knowledge in me and that's all there would be left of you."

She sits there for quite some time...she's pondering it!? Then she surprises me with her next statement "Kyley I am seriously considering it?"

I shake my head. I am in near shock at the thought! It is making me sick "NO! you got a life in front of you! I wouldn't do that unless, you're on your deathbed! That's not what I do. I respect life FAR too much. I couldn't put that kind of pain on those who you hold dear!"

Becky near pleads back "My friends and my family would think its a........."

"I don't care what they think. Its what I want. NO! I couldn't do that. Knowing that I caused someone pain? Even thou you like it? I couldn't agree to that. That would hurt me too much"...I get up and pace the room in anger that someone would toss away life like this! I start again in explanation to her..."If you where dying of some disease, I couldn't help you with and your going to die anyway...in a day or two, I understand that. This way? No! you have got another 40-50 years of life in front of you! NO I couldn't do that to you."

She looks kind of sad now, I can just feel the wave of it wash over me form her and just under each wave is disappointment added to it all.

I whisper to her as softly and kindly as I can muster out "Just Believe me...you got life in you. When you think you're going pass from this world and you still think that way? You seek me out and we will make a decision then. Until then just live your life, learn and spread your knowledge. You can make other people's lives better, that's what I believe!"

Becky looks at me more than emotional. Sadness is eating her up. I can feel every drip of it across the room and it eats at my very soul to feel it "I want to be part of something that lives on forever! and this is a way!"

I get closer to her, to hold her shoulders and smile at her face "You did that! I will never forget this. This language your teaching me, will serve me everyday for 1000's of years to come. So you made your goal! My mind can't forget anything...like I remember how many peanuts you ate yesterday during lesson time!" She looks at me smiling now..."You ate 374 in that bowl!...See you are going to live on and my kids will learn what you have shown me here! So?...You have to have a presence and try. Giving up is silly." I start to pace the room....then I glace at her standing there "You know...what?... since we broached this subject. How about we end today's lesson at this and you can go home to think about what I said. I'm going to ask them to go outside."

I walk over to the guard and ask him "Outside...go...please?"

I'm starting to leave the room and I see Becky going out the other door. She really does not look happy. I can feel the sadness and dread in her across the room. I hope I did not mess this up and she leaves!

The guard gets my attention back too him and says "Something...something...go outside?" I nod back to him.

He talks into that voice moving device of his. Then after it talks back to him they start into walking me down the hallway to take me outside again. We go on the same path as the last 17 times I have been let outside.

As we get finally outside I ask him "Outside...long?" He holds up three fingers "Hours?" I ask...

He says "Yes" as he nods back to me.

I say back to him "Good!" he smiles back to me...I nod and I am feeling quite pleased with myself! I am talking to them!

Once out on the green area, that they only let me go to. After I sit down, to start into relaxing my mind and body. To let my mind drift about freely. I find that doing this once and awhile, new thoughts seem to come to me in my head? But when I do this in my room I get nothing. So I relate outside to doing this as much as I can now!

As I sit and relax...I find the answers of Becky's last question to me, just flow into my mind. Yes! I can do what Sara does now...As the 'laws" governing here, say it has to be that way! They say, to me... if I save someone's life or change something about them, a equal 'price!' must be paid. This keeps the gates of hell or heaven shut! So that one 'wishing' moron can't wreck the train we are all on!

I sit there and let all that new knowledge flow into me, the new parts flow into my mind to get moved into place and 'filed' for later review. I also start think about this place and my place in it, at the same time. Now I notice that my mind can have many thoughts going at the same time, just like I did in the past. I am starting to grow back toward what was normal for me.

While my mind is doing all that...I really like being outside for a bit. As being in the tunnels of this complex may not bother me. But being outside is far better still. I think...NO I wish! I could get out of here and get airborne! Too fly about for hours! But no way, do they trust me that far yet! But time will change this!

As my body sits there for quite some time and my mind drifts to dozens of thought at the same time, to solve them or mull over them. The guard finally come over to me "Something...inside...now..go...?" is what I think he said to me...he finally says this enough times, I get it. 'my comprehension of this language is killing me!'

I finally nod back to him "Okay" I am finally learning that..'okay'..means....yes.

After I nod agreement to the guards, then they take me on the long boring path back to my room again. I am starting to see THAT room as more prison cell that it really is than 'guest room'.... Once I get there, I start right into pacing the room. As I am really upset. I want to help Becky with her goal. But she might not see what I already do, that she has succeeded! As I pace my room in thought, a knock is at my door I almost laugh at it. Manners? as if I can NOT open it! They control it, not me?

A man comes in my room and places a tray of fresh food on my desk. As he starts to leave I say "Thanks" and he nods back. I glance over the tray of food. I see that they finally got onto the idea that bringing me full services of certain foods is just a waste of time. Now they are bring to me samples of food to try out something else different. When I like something I put a little of it aside on the tray to say to them 'I like to see that again'....they seem to be keeping track of that. As now in the fourth week of me being here. They are dividing the tray in half, new stuff on one side, old favorites on the other and a little bit of water. I sit and eat or try out what is there.

Then I go to sit back on my bed and meditate all night. All that fills my mind all night is that Becky is mad at me and most likely has left. As I said NO to her dream.

On the coming of morning. I go get my morning shower over with, as I dry myself off and brush out my hair. I am thinking of my wife and little girl I did this for. I am starting to feel down from it. A knock is at the door once again. I suck in those feelings, as a female guard comes in with my 'food' and a large bag. She puts the tray down on my table and walks over to my bed where I am sitting at. To pull out lots of new clothes.

'Humm a female?' I've only seen two or three females in the whole building. I have only seen males near all this time.

What she pulls from the bag is, new dark blue pants for me and a blue shirt. Then she pulls out and places on the bed even more things.

As she does this. She points to the first items "Socks?" they are both small and white in color...then she pulls up her pant leg to point at one on her leg, under the pants, but over her feet.

I say "Socks" but mess I it up about a dozen times, as she corrects me.

Then she moves on to "Shoes" and shows me them, they are very weird for 'shoes' but look good and they are both black with some white blue strips on them. She asks for my foot and slips a sock on...then a shoe on it. I nod back my understanding of it. She takes both back off.

She then takes out "Underwear" and they are two parts. One "Bra" that's a real bright pink and 'see through?' I wonder why? Then one "panties" set....real small and thin in the same color. I go through learning those words and items they go with. She asks me to take off my shirt. I do so. Then she shows me the rather complicated way to put both on. I hate it!...but they are far softer than the shirt, I have been wearing!

She then pulls out a new shirt, that I put on, she makes sure I do the buttons right. I near slap her hand away! I know buttons! they are common! Then she picks up the new pants.

"Blue jeans" she says to me.

I say it over ten times before, I get it right.

She hands them to me and motions for me to put them on. I find them a bit tight. But they loosen up, After I am done getting them on and stand up. I get all the clothes on and straight. She spins me about, looks me over and then nods her approval.

She grabs the bag one more time and pulls out a coat...a "Jacket" then she rubs it indicating the cloth itself "Denim" she then hands it to me.

She looks me over once again. Then hands me the shoes and socks to put on. I do and now...I guess this is presentable and I shrug at it all.

She then walks out of the room, pretty much without saying a word and her job is done. So I sit and eat or really pick at the food she brought to me. As I am feeling down...Becky...I just know she left. Later on that day, they come to get me and take me to my lessons room. My pace down the hall is slow and I feel sad. I have to wonder who is going to teach me today and how far will this set me back?

As I come in, I see Becky sitting there as usual. Joy just fills me. As I had thought all night, I had messed up and she would be gone!

"Your here!" I beamed at her. Showing my immense JOY at her being there!

"Of course I am?" she says to me more than confused at what I said AND how I said it!

I admit to her "I just thought, with how sad you felt yesterday...you...that you would leave? Especially after I told you no...on what you wanted?"

"Ahh no I would never leave someone in this kind of position. You need me to teach you this. Besides I promised, I would to you and Sara. So here I stay till I am done at least" she proclaimed to me.

"Well I am very happy you stayed!" I near bounce out.

Becky finally notices the clothes on me "WOW! they brought you new clothes! I asked them too, but they did it so fast!"

I spin about "Yes they did...Well I hope this makes you happy?"

She looks me over, but her face and emotions say disappointment "Well they got you new clothes. But they sent a man to buy them...he did shop in the girls section, but I can tell it was a guy by what he bought!"

"SO this is bad?" I ask not even knowing what is correct here.

"Ahh no...not all bad. The shirt has got to go. The jeans he bought....Ahhumm he bought them to show off your butt! That's why they are so tight on you! The shoes are Okay for now" She looks down my shirt by pulling it out a bit "AND!! that bra?...he picked a sexy one! That A-hole! He must be one of the guards who sees you everyday on camera and he is getting his thrills at seeing you in that!" She moves me about and pulls on the pants sides to see the 'panties' "YEP just as I thought, the panties match! Ooo I am mad!" she hisses out through clinched teeth.

Gods I can feel the anger rolling off her. I step back a few paces to give me more room. Becky sees my move and my face change in looks "What's wrong?" She asks me.

"Ahhh I can feel your anger...real bad and if I don't step back a little now. I might get mad from it myself?" I say a bit sheepish, to her raising anger.

"You feel my emotions?" she appears to me more than startled.

"Ahh yes I do. Normally I keep all my shields up...but when I am in here with you? I drop them, so I can get a 'feeling' to what your saying. I find it helps out a lot with learning faster."

"So you 'feel' what I do?" I nod "So? I had better keep it down a little!" she giggles out. I now feel, that she is happy again.

"Thanks that helps. I really don't want to shield you out."

"Do you feel the others here?" she quizzes me.

"Yes I do...but I keep my shields up everywhere but here. As there is what can only be described as...pure evil stored here....somewhere?" I wave my finger in the air "and it wants out bad!"

She nods back to me "Okay? I will take your word on that!"

Then she looks me over more "But I am going to have to fix these clothes and get you some more appropriate ones to wear!"

I asked her "It's been a long time that I've been here. Have we developed enough trust that I can be taken out of this very guarded section and put in something more reasonable? Like on the surface at least. Then I can get out once in a while and not have an escort everywhere? I'm feeling more...and more like a prisoner now....than a 'true' guest."

She sighs to me "I don't make those decisions, but I could ask?"

"Would you please? Do that today and it's obvious I don't want to go anywhere. I want to learn this. I have to! and you have to show me more of these computers and stuff and the cart and whatever else"...I say more than excited!..."and I hear noises in the sky...things flying that I know...they're not creatures I assume they are technology...I hear them when I'm outside once in a while and the mirror on my wall?... is not a mirror and I know it!...It looks like one of these computer things!" I near run out the words...like a river at full flood to her!

Becky just starts laughing hard at me and has to interrupt me "That's a TV...a television"

I repeat it back to her "Television" it takes me some time to get that one right!

"The television...it broadcasts moving pictures for entertainment. Like watching a play."

"And you can request any of these 'plays' instantly? and it shows all these moving pictures like a play...really? That is 'neat?" I say back.

Becky casts a concerned eye on me "You know...actually you're right your cooped up in here. You're just learning a language and your not learning anything else. So? you were trapped in a block for 150 years...but anything that human? that you subsumed knew...you don't get at all?"

I have no idea...I ponder that question "I know what a horse is...I know what a dog is...what a cat is. As that is a common thing....but outside of that, I know nothing of this world."

She sighs and then walks over to the door, knocks on it to get the guards attention to the door. After a few seconds it opens and she starts talking to him. She talks rather fast to him and I feel 'mad-anger' coming from her. She comes back over to me at the table and sits "Well I am going to get this fixed! for you!"

A couple hours later Mr. Twain comes in the room and he seems upset at having to come here. I stand up and greet him "Hello how has your day been?" ...And that is the limit of what I know...I mentally laugh. I offer to shake his hand and he does.

"So what can I do for you?" he asks me.

I look to Becky and she nudges me in the ribs, I ponder what to say to him "Outside...go... now...long time?" is the best I can do.

He's shaking his head in reply to me.

Becky gets a little mad and is explaining it to him. I don't know what's going on.

Becky starts into him "Mr. Twain? she's already discussed her wants today. That she does not want to be treated like this anymore. Being a prisoner. She obviously doesn't want to leave here. But what's going on here is she needs to be shown the outside world so she can acclimate and not be locked in this one spot. She's not learning as near as much, as she should about technology. Like what a phone is, a car, plane is or even a television is and she has one IN! her room and does not know what it is or how to use it...GODS she thinks its a mirror or something!"

I heard the word "phone" So I get the idea, she's running down a list of things to them, that I need to know.

He looks like he is at least thinking about it. Mr. Twain paces about the room for several minutes.

Then he stops to look at Becky "You know Becky--I think you're right. She has reached a point that, she hasn't done anything that shows she's a threat. I think bringing her upstairs to one of the guest cottages, so that we can watch over her and she can have free run of the area. We can do this as long as she signs another contract not to go anywhere? She just has to know and obey some set rules."

Becky looks real happy and overjoyed to me now...she sang out to him "Well that would be a great idea! It would be a lot more comfortable for me and for her. You could assign me a guest cottage near her! With that I could bring her up to speed on real world stuff so much faster!"

Mr. Twain nods "I think that would be good idea. Plus we have to start thinking about really integrating her into society and think about sending her to that mutant school back East."

Becky sang out happy! "Whateley were Sara's at?"

"Yeah at least she would know one person there right?"

"That makes sense. She would know one person regardless if they have a friendly relationship? At least she would know 'of' one person better than no one? That would be one person that she could talk to in an emergency in her own language!" Mr. Twain nods his agreement to her.

"Well do you want do this today?" She asks.

I stand there watching the two of them talk for quite sometime and when I heard 'Sara' in their conversation I got more than a little apprehensive. 'What are they up too?' I think. I start to drop my shields and reach out to what Twain and Becky are feeling and I do not find any malice or trickery in them...or ill will toward me. So I calm down a little.

Mr. Twain stood there thinking about it "Might as well...today, tomorrow, next week. It's going to have to get done eventually. Having her cooped up down here. She's not getting as much knowledge as normally would. Maybe if we show her some trust. She will show us more trust. You tell her and then we will all escort her out of here right now."

Becky comes near bouncing happily over to me and tells me the whole thing. The plan to take me upstairs. Set me up in one of the guest cottages, like a small house. Then they will show me my boundaries. I then have me sign another honor oath, that I am not going to do certain things and obey certain things. She tells me that they are going to do this move now.

I look at Mr. Twain and I say to him "Yes!" he nods back to me "Thank you" I say back. That was one of the manners language lessons I've been getting slowly.

He nods to the guard there. After he does more guards come in to the room. They gather us all up and they escort me down the hallway from the other side of the rooms doorway this time. They lead us all to a larger 'cart' that more people can fit into.

I look at Becky "This is a Van, if your wondering about it?" she says at my very questioning glance at the 'thing?'

This 'van' is way bigger! It's got to be five times bigger than the others I have seen so far. It starts off down, a much bigger hallways at a higher speed then the others and to an elevator. This elevator is much larger, the doors on it are huge! and thick with armor. We finally finish going up in it. We finally exit the elevator at a huge guard post. That stops us, checks each and everyone out. I even feel a mage check on us all! After we are done the 'van' we are in drives off and goes many leagues distant from the complex. I turn around to see the big rock gate that we just came out of, all the guards around it and guard towers made out of rock they call 'concrete'.

I start into asking Becky about...this and that and she says words that don't make sense to me now. She adds to each question and I am getting it as fast as I can.

I ask Becky "How does this thing move? As I feel no magic on it and there is no animal pulling it"

"It's an engine....there is a metal box under there" she points to the front "inside of there are tubes and fires pop in and out of them. They burn something and it makes things, in the tubes...go up and down and pushes rods and stuff and makes the wheels turn...okay?"

I ponder that...."I will get you some access to a library! That will fix this and other questions" Becky says.

Then she leans forward and starts asking Mr. Twain. Who is sitting in the front all my questions. I also notice that there is only two guards in here with us all right now instead of the usual six. Mr. Twain says something and I hear the word 'library' again. I am starting to recognize one word or two...and 'yes' and 'will we' so forth.

After some time, the van gets to a small white house among many in a large grouping of the same and all of them look exactly the same to me. There are ten of the same house in a square shape surrounding a grassy area. With trees in the center and a small building at the corner of the clear area. Mr. Twain and Becky are talking for a good 30 minutes or so and she's writing down notes as quick as she can while we sit in the van.

She leans back to me "This is what the rules are. Your to stay at this cottage. You have free roam around it and in it. It has one room to sleep in, it has a bathroom like your used too. It has a kitchen, but you don't...eat " she laughs "But you can cook and prepare food in it, this is what we call a kitchen."

"Humm kit...chin?" I take me several tries till she nods its good.

We all pile out of the van and Twain leads the way to the small house, Becky is next then me --followed by the two guards. As Twain opens the door I look around and see five more guards nearby. My guess they are not there by chance?

Mr. Twain opens the front door and leads us all in--but the guards.

He starts into a small tour for us. The first room is the 'living room?'....'hummm silly name' I think. The room has a large long chair in it, they call a 'couch or sofa?' and two other chairs with a table at the center. Becky shows me the huge 'TV' on the wall there it has to be near 70 inches "I will show you how this works later on" she says to me.

Twain says a bunch of stuff to Becky...she takes notes on what he says furiously ...I ask "What? "

"I will show you later...its all about the TV and other things in this room" I nod back.

He shows us a room with a bed and place to keep clothes in. The bed is just huge!, made for two and the set of drawers in there also is nice. Then a bigger bathroom than I had before with a tub, a shower and two sinks. He shows me that kitchen, with its cooking place and a 'fridge' that is cold! This leads us all out a rear door. Once outside...he tells Becky even more, she writes it all down for me to see and hear later.

Twain then starts us down a path from the rear door and keeps telling Becky more and more at each step.

Becky stops us "Kyley? you can go down this path...only this path" she tells me.

"They are being very restrictive on things here?"

"This is their rules I don't make them?" she says back.

We walk more down the path and exit the small house area to a large building.

"This is the rec center where you can exercise" she adds when we stop there.

She then shows me the building and its contents, a weight set to lift...to build strength and a circular 'track' outside to run on?

I look at it and I laugh "You run around in circles? Instead of running from somewhere to somewhere else? That's stupid...but okay?"

Then she shows me a pool in the building "A indoor pond to swim in?...Oookay? I might enjoy that?"

We exit the building to go to one right next door. She tells me this is the communal food area...called the 'cafeteria' You don't need to worry about that, but you can go in there if you want to eat and maybe talk to people?"

Then we all walk down another path "Are you memorizing this all?" Becky asks.

"Yes Becky I can memorize everything, I have memory that's completely 100% perfect. I could tell you what, you asked me three weeks ago when I first met you. The second word that came out of your mouth and I'd be exact."

She is startled and pleased "This means you ARE like Sara, you can remember everything?" I can see she is maybe thinking about yesterdays questions again...I hope not!

"Yes I can tell you how many French fry things you had on your plate when you came in last week with lunch...that one day."

She shakes her head to me...she is thinking, I can see and feel it "Yes that's right Becky I am different. Sara and...I, are a lot more different creatures than you."

We all moved on into the next large building in the grouping "This is the library Kyley this is where you can find all the books that you will need and computers are in here too for you to use. After I show you how they work." she giggles at me.

She goes on to show me the vast numbers of shelved books there "Most information is on computers these days. But some of it, is still in books?"

I pull a book off the shelf, I opened it and started into to reading it...'this is good' I thought...'but I could only understand but maybe one word out of a hundred. BUT! it has pictures and words!....that might help out eventually'

Mr. Twain gets my attention from the books and their 'lure!' of knowledge, for us all to walking back to the guest cottage.

"Well this is it and so I will get all my supplies together. I will move them up here and they will put me up right next door. So you be able to see me at anytime!" Becky beams.

I ask her more than concerned that...this is all she has "Don't you have a life outside of this?"

"No I was pretty much....I'm a priestess of the church. That's what I took care of......translating the tomes and scrolls for the church itself. That's what I did in life before. That's all I want do."

She Asks the guard to do something. He goes off out the front door.

I watch as Mr. Twain gets Becky's attention from watching the guard leave "I need to have her sign that sorcerers contract about the new rules Becky?" he states to her.

"Well lets go over the basics and then I will give them to Kyley to see and agree on. Then we can make changes as needed?" she pointed out to him.

After they talk a little. I then see them banter back and forth for near a half an hour. She writes notes down at a furious speed, all the while asking Twain many a question while doing it! I don't understand much, but my guess by how Becky is talking, its all important.

During the conversation those two have. I watch the guards bring in most of mine and Becky's lesson material into the 'living room'. As they do, I notice a few guards right outside the door waiting on a cart.

I walk out and point at all the bags on the carts flat part "What is?"

The driver glances at me from a 'phone' thing he is using and thinks about what I asked...he then says "Becky's bags" which I actually understood!...'Gods I am doing good today on this!'

I walk back in to see Becky is still talking with Mr. Twain "Becky your bags are here."

"Good tell them to take them to my new house? Can you?" she asks. I nod back.

I walk out to the man on the cart and get his attention from that 'phone' thing. This time he was not talking to someone, but playing a game maybe on it. As it made sounds that a child would like. "Becky...bags...house" I say to him.

He nods to me and drives to the house right next door and starts to take her baggage or whatever they call it here, off the cart. Then he puts it in the house right next to mine.

'humm she is right next door...good or bad?' I think.

I go back to see what Becky is up too. I look over here shoulder to see that she is writing out in my language a set of rules for me.

I look them over and I interrupt her and Twain. "Is this to be my contract for staying here?"

"Yes Kyley it is...Is there anything you want to add so far?"

I read what was there so far...most of it is normal, but I saw one item left out. I asked Becky "Can you ask him, if I can fly once in a while. I have wings for a reason. Though you haven't really seen them." I jest.

She giggles a little "That's right! They did tell me you can fly or have wings anyway. So? you really do fly?"

"Yes I really do fly...and getting outside and stretching would be a good thing?"

She laughs real hard and that surprised Twain "Stretching your wings!"

"I don't get the idea?"

"It's a joke saying...'stretching your wings'....means to get up and move around."

"Okay?" I say flatly back...not even understanding it.

"Mr. Twain?...Kyley wants to fly some around here to....'stretch her wings'...that's why I laughed."

Twain chuckles..."Humm as long as its in the rules too. I can see that? How about half an hour to an hour, twice a week up to say a 1000 ft up...her choice of what days. Just she has to start wearing a badge to track her. Also it has to have a picture and such just like yours does. We also want something in trade for this 'extra'...more of her history? or study her medically as we have done none of that and it has to get done sometime or she will never leave here as per....MCO regs?"

That last part confirmed it to her...'they do listen and know some things Kyley and I say. As we just talked yesterday about pictures, an her not wanting any...hummm'..."Mr. Twain I will ask her?"

Becky gets up and walks over to me, then leads me outside. "Kyley here are the rules they want you to obey. The question you asked about flying? Well they will let you do that half an hour to an hour twice a week your choice of what days. But they want something from you in trade for it?"

"What does he want now?" I ask in a voice not happy or even sounding pleased.

"Well the first part is you have to wear a badge like mine here" she shows me the card attached to her top "It will have a picture of your face on it, just like mine does to make it official. Then add this badge can track you everywhere you go here."

I stop her "Its magic?" I touch it and I feel no magic on it.

She giggles "No its human technology. So its safe. Then they want one more thing too. They want your history? My guess is what and who you are?"

"NO!...that can not be done. I have to stay unknown or...something bad might happen?"

"Okay...then the other choice is medical exams...."

I stop her "You mean, have a healer look at me?"

She kind of explains in the process of research and medical exam "AND your going to have to do them anyway..." She looks and feels sad to me...what ever she is holding back is a bad thing "As your not human and all 'mutants' here have to be tracked and information on them kept."

"What...'mutant'....?" I ask not even getting that English word at all.

"Humm other than human...like you, Sara and me" she pulls a card from her pants pocket. Then goes on for some time getting me to understand what she means.

After she is done, she hands me that card to look at. I hate all that she said. I understand keeping an watch on the dangerous people...BUT ALL? NO!

As I look at the card. Its a small card with her face image on it and some writing I have to understand "That is a MID card ID and the MCO makes them for us to use. I have a gift. It gave me a healthy body, my ability to read and say near any languages I see or hear." she then goes on for near an hour telling me the basics. Then stops "I will get more into this later with you, as Twain is looking bored."

I ponder the question at hand "So I am going to stay here like it or not, till I do the medical exams?...unless I break out of here?" She looks at me in shock and nods "Well I guess I will do the exams and get two things in trade for one?"

She asks me "Do you think you can break out of here? As this place is made to keep things in!"

"Break out? Maybe? it can be done, I am out here so far, instead of in that 'hole' in the ground. All they have to do is slip on something's that are 'written' if you know what I mean and I am free. OR I can just wait till they all die of old age and walk out?" I laugh.

"Humm a hundred years to you, would be like a month to me! That is funny and makes sense."

"But I will do the Exams in trade...so they want to note what my limits are basically?...What I'm going to let them see. All exchange that for this gift from him. But I want a written in...time limit on this! 2 years of your time maximum, then we have to agree again on this all over? Then you and me will work on other trades for extras later on?" she nods back to me.

Becky tells Mr. Twain my answers and nods to them all and says a few things. "He agrees to it all including your time limit. He feels its is only fair...as your going to live so long!" Becky laughs at the end.

Becky starts writing from her vast notes, quite the list of rules out for me to write on good parchment via my own hand to make the contract binding. After she is done. We both go over it once more, to make sure nothing is wrong. Then as a failsafe, she asks Mr. Twain to go over it once again.

I then read out the contract and I put on the new contract exactly as written no more no less, the exact rules as Becky told me. Of what I can do and can't do. I also write out Mr. Twains part to this and his bargaining points. I give it back to Becky to check with Twain and he agrees to it an signs it. I get it back and burn my crest on to it.

I nod to Becky "Done?"

"Yes we are done on this. Let me ask him some other Idea's I have for you please?" I nod back.

"Mr. Twain?" Becky asks him "Can we get more clothes for Kyley? as one set so far is not enough!"

Mr. Twain says back "Humm getting her more clothes to be a good idea We can definitely afford more for her on the budget. I will have some of the guys go out and get her some more clothes to wear."

Becky shakes her head to him "Can you send them out to get clothes that are a little bit more 'girly' or feminine? But not too much, as she still definitely has more guy in her than girl obviously?" he nods back to her, his understanding.

Becky comes back over to me "They are going to send out someone to buy you more clothes. So you have more than this to wear." she taps my shirt.

"Do you need money? for them?" I ask.

She looks at me with a questioning glance "You understand the concept of money?"

I laugh "Money..yes..trade....that's a normal thing for any advanced society. Having something in lieu of trading a service for an item is normal."

I reach my hand out into nothing and a hole in space forms around it. I reach into it and pull my storage bag out of its home there.

Mr. Twain more than mad near screams at me, as his eyes near bug out! "WHAT! are you doing there, you never told us you can do that!"

"Tell him to calm down and what did he say? Becky?" She tells me.

As I say this to her, one of the guards runs in with another right beside him, they where both just standing outside the door waiting for us. The first one in sees what I am doing and levels one of their 'boomsticks' at me.

I stand there not moving "Becky tell them its all right...this is just storage. There is nothing to worry about in there, everything's fine. I signed a oath not to hurt anyone...BUT ITS null and void if this 'human' shoots me with that!" I near bark out.

She starts into telling Twain what I just said. I actually hope the guard shoots, as it frees me to leave! So far he does not, but I am now free to defend myself. Just because he has a weapon on me! Regardless if it can actually hurt me.

As I stand there Becky and Twain have some very heated words at one another...very fast!. I just stare at the guard, my eyes do not leave him and I stop blinking. I think my not blinking is unnerving him badly. As he changes his footing nervously and raises his aim from my chest to my face...'please don't shoot that!' I think 'because if you do, it will cost you...your life!'

After several minutes Becky says to me "Twain understands now that you mean no harm. You just startled him and these two guards is all."

"Fine then tell him to lower the weapon...please...as its not healthy."

She talks to Twain Quite fast. After they are done. Twain says something to the guards....but they ask something back?...'they don't obey right away! either they are stupid or Twain is not really in-charge here? hummm'

They finally lower the weapons. I calm down immensely. But I still stare at them, as they are armed and have shown intent to hurt me. I can't let my guard down yet.

"Becky? Ask Mr. Twain this please...is he in-charge here or are these guards of his incompetent? As I heard him give an order and they questioned it. That is a very dangerous thing to have happen in this case."

She does as asked and Twain looks rather upset and starts into getting heated again. Becky calms him down.

"Ahh he said he is in-charge and this will not happen again. As long as you remain non-violent...they will not hurt you."

As Becky says that to me. Twain yells at the two men and they leave.

"So now that is over and done with" I say to Becky.

I reach into my small bag and grab some coins out "Is this fine for money here? I ask. "As I would like to pay my own way in some part."

She takes the dozen or so I give her and looks them over. Twain asks for one and she gives him...just the one! As I see that I laugh at it hard "Things do not change no matter the world...money and females..." Becky gives me the stare of death.

Twain says flatly "It looks like gold?" He calls a person from outside that has some 'thing' he waves over it and that person nods to him as he says something and shows Twain the 'things' face.

"Well Becky its real and near 22k gold. So I guess, she is paying for at least some of her own things for now."

"Kyley how much of this do you have?"

"I will not have enough if I live a long time. Or as I see it, I will have plenty if I die soon. But how about a few dozen for now to start?" I reach into my bag and pull out about ten more. "Is this enough for now?"

"Mmmm ya it is" Becky says as she hands it all to Twain.

"I will trade this in and put it all on her ID card. As a credit, so she can spend it or reimburse someone" he starts to walk out my door "Becky please show her over to the security department desk in the library before the end of the day, for that ID. Kyley I am going now have a good day. I will see you later" I nod not really getting any of what he said...but my name and 'good day'.

Becky closes the door and then sits down on the couch "Kyley please sit and lets talk." I go and sit down on the other end of the couch "I want you to know Twain let it slip by accident, that they do listen to us for sure and in some small part understand us. As he said 'he knew you hated pictures' and we only talked about that yesterday?"

"Humm not good...do you know other long dead languages?"

Becky gets up and goes over to a bag of her's on the floor. To pull out a very large well made book. She sits next to me "I know these real well too. I brought this sample just incase" she opens it and I read on in it. After about ten pages I find one, a very old one.

"This one here...say something please?" I ask while I point at the words on the page.

Becky does and does so more than well enough for me. "We will use that one if you think its old enough?" I say in it.

She nods to me.

"We will only talk in this, when we really need to. But him knowing that I don't like photo's, is small to me. Its not real issue at all. Just me being very cautious is all."

"I have to ask you this, as it made me scared. You said the money is enough if you die soon?"

I stand up and walk the room "Becky I hate lying. I can only think of one time of late when I did so...it was to my two youngest children on my last day." I tear up "Promise me you will never repeat this!"

"I promise by my true name." She says. I feel from her...she is telling me the truth. She will go to her grave with this.

I really start to tear up "I lied to them, that everything was going to be fine and mom was coming soon...She was already dead and the enemy was at the gates of home. Then I took them. AND don't ask what that means!" she nods.

"So with that I am not going to lie to you. I genuinely feel, I will be dead in less than One hundred years. This is because, what killed me and my kind before are here now in some part. Then one of them knows I am here. That will soon lead to all of them knowing and they all will come to get rid of me before. I have a chance to grow my numbers. That is all I will tell you now...ask no more please!"

She nods silently to me. Then leans over and wraps me in hug "You need this, and so do I after hearing that" I whisper into her ear "Thanks... I do."

She then adds, after the hug ends "Well Kyley lets go and get you that card Twain asked for. As he wants it done before the day ends."

"Okay lets go...you lead on."

She leads me out the back door and down that 'one path' I am allowed to use, We walk down to the 'library' and she walks me up to a desk. That has what appears to me is a guard sitting with a rather bored look on his face behind it.

Becky gets his attention (he seems mad at being bothered) and talks to him for some time. He hands her a big flat 'phone' thing or maybe a computer? Then she leads me over to sit at a table. She starts to use it and show me what it is.

"This is a tablet or a pad. Its just a different type of computer and its like my phone."

Then she asks me some simple questions. To fill out small parts off the form on it and of course most are 'none' as I am nowhere near from here and have no family. As she goes, she lets me do this and shows me its workings while doing so.

When we get back to the desk, Becky talks to the guard and hands him the 'pad' He looks it over and they start into talking, as I look around the room at the books there. My curiosity is in full swing, when knowledge is about and it draws me in deep.

"This is not right" the guard angrily tells Becky "You had her put 'none' in all most all the parts for family and last place of residence?"

I hear that tone in his voice to her and it angers me badly, so I walk back to her and stand beside her "He should not talk to you like that! He is a servant! A Squire at best! This mortal is angering me with his foul manners."

Becky put a hand to my chest..."Its fine, he is just misinformed and stupid. Let it go?"

"Fine!" and I walk back to the vast shelves of books to search out more.

Becky turns back to the guard, from calming me "That's right ask Mr. Twain? Its all correct."

"Humm I will have to look this up" He turns to his computer station. Then begins clicking away

He gets to work and after several minutes comes back to her. "Fine I found it. This all matches on the computer and most of this is classified over me, so I have to give one to you anyway."

After they get it all done. She waves me up back to the desk. They have me stand on a painted spot on the floor. Becky says "This" she points "Will flash a bright light at you" she points to a thing on the desk, I nod back and the thing flashes at me.

Becky gets my attention back from that and talks to the guards a bit. Then he hands her a card. She hands it to me "All done, now your official. Just remember they can track you with that. Ohh ya your money is on it too."

"This card is my money now? What is it made of?" I flex it and look at the picture of me.

"This is mostly plastic. Like the computers are and lots of things around these days."

"Humm so all is done and I can move about as I want? Within the rules that I agreed to?"

"Yes, you can...so what's next Kyley?" she beams at me.

"I fly that's what!" I start walking out of the library.

Becky near yells at me "You should tell the guards!"

I stop, turn and walk back to the guards desk at her suggestion "fly...now!" I bark at them both sitting there and walk off. The guard looks more than puzzled at the two words I spoke to him...."Done!" I say to her as I walk by.

"But I don't think he understood you?" she warns me.

"That's too bad for them. Twain agreed to me flying twice a week a half hour to an hour a day and heights up to 1000 feet. He said or had me write my name to that. There was no telling them, when I choose to do so, in the contract!" I near quoted back to her.

"What if the guards don't see it that way?" she cries out, as I leave the building with her right behind me. But she stops at the doors not sure to follow or stay in the building, to talk to the guards more for me.

I turn to her, still standing in the open doors of the building and the look that comes over my face really spooks her bad. All I hiss out is a one WORD! in reply to her question of the guards trying to stop me...."Death!".....My voice says coldly, then she steps back in fear....back into the still open library entrance doors.

"Please don't. This may not be a good idea right now?" she pleads.

"Then go tell them." I wave my hand at her "This is happening right now. I have been patient beyond measure and I am long past waiting for this!" I finally get out past the doors and they close behind me. I take off my top and the underwear 'bra'. With that action my wings finally are free for the first time in weeks! I toss all the now extra clothes onto a bench by the door.

The guard at the desk jumps up, when he sees what I am doing "What is she doing there!"

"Ahh she is going to go fly! of course" Becky says trying real hard to make this sound completely normal.

"Well we where not told this!" the guard barks at her.

"Well Mr. Twain...YOUR! boss signed off on it, she has permission to do this two times a week and on days that she chooses. She can fly for half an hour to an hour and she can fly up too 1000 feet!" Becky is insisting and standing her ground to him.

"Well its not in my log!" the guard says back to her, as he grabs a HUGE gun off the rack and so does his partner. Then they both start walking out from behind the desk to the library main lobby, where Becky stands.

Becky near jumps in-front of them both, to block there path from going out the doors "Guys that is a real bad idea there. You have no idea what she is! I do and that silly gun of yours will not work on her!"

The guard pushes her aside "Want to bet!" he says as he pulls the weapons magazine. Then he takes a new one from his vest pocket, that is now a deep red in color ...like blood. He then slams it home in the weapon and closes its bolt.

"I'll take that bet!" Becky jests at him, while she pulls out one of my gold coins from her pocket "This here is worth well over a Thousand! So any takers?!"

Both men stop and look at each other. The first one says back to her rather meanly "I'll take that bet! Your covered!"

"Ahhh money up front honey! she sings to him. "As I think after you go out there and shoot that at her? Your not coming back to pay me off! EVER!"

The lead guard just stands there....thinking "Done!" and he pulls out his wallet and sure enough, he has over One thousand dollars in it!


Down deep in the command center of Homestake

A technician yelps at Mr. Twain, as he passes by on the way back to his office. "Sir come look at this!"

Twain walks into the main room and sees on the huge wall filling main screen. Is me getting undressed and my wings coming out. The screen then shows the two guards stationed in the Library coming out in a huff, from behind their desk and they are both well armed!

"What is she doing!?" Twain yells out to the massive room.

"Ahh going for a fight is my guess Sir!"

"Ohh crud! I did say 'yes' to this! What are those two doing? Any word from them on radio?" Twains yells, as he points at the two guards on the screen.

"Nope? They have not said a word to us here....Sir?"

"Well get those two morons on the radio and warn them off! As if they shoot her! We are screwed! As we will break a contract with her and she can do anything she wants!"


Back up on the surface

I just get my large wings all stretched out and flexed after a LONG time of keeping them in. I hop up and float on my wings. I turn while I am hovering in place, at hearing a sound behind me. I see a guard looking very mad, exiting the building. He is walking fast up to me, with one of the bigger 'boomsticks' in his hands.

He yells at me something. All I hear and understand of all the words he just said are 'come' and 'now" and he starts to raise the weapon at me.

As I keep hovering "Fly now!" is all I say back. At that second, his communication thing...squawks something to him. He finishes leveling the weapon at me and I am mad.

I drop down to the ground and walk up to him. I see right behind him, his buddy and Becky arguing but coming up fast to us both.

As I stalk up to him. I grow to full size and my armor forms on me. "YOU! have garnered my wrath mortal!" I bark in Hawk lord...as I snatch the weapon from his grasp and snap it in two. Then my hands, crush both parts and drop them to the ground at his feet. He looks up into my now angry face, well over a foot and half higher than him, to see. The face of DEATH... I now wear staring back at him and...he pisses his pants. Then faints! He falls over smacking his face hard on the 'concrete' at my feet.

I bend over and I laugh! Gods! I laugh so hard at that. As I shrink back down and my armor fades yet again "Ohh what a weakling! I can not believe he fainted!" I burst out.

Becky comes out with the other guard who just leans his weapon against the building. 'smart move child!' I think 'as I am not something to be enraged farther right now'

Becky looks at me and him more than worried "What did you do to him?"

"Look! Becky he fainted!" I point down at him laying there....She looks and sees that is true, then tells his partner.

The partner starts laughing at his fallen buddy, laying face down-prone on the ground.

Then Becky notices something I did not. As at the time I was deep in anger, then the sudden laughing that was infecting us all "HEY?! Kyley your pants! You did not take them off this time and they did not shred to bits! Like the last time you said they did, when you used your armor like that?"

I look down at myself "Humm your right, I just noticed too! Well that's new! Come to think about it. I used to be able to do that a long time ago. Maybe I just now relearned it?" As I look myself over and ponder that, the guard on the ground comes 'to' for the barest of moments. only to see me still standing over him and he faints dead away again...This just adds to and renews our laughing streak as a group.

As we stand there laughing. Twain comes up very fast to us riding on a cart, with many other guards along too "What did you do?!" he screams at me.

The anger coming off him and along with that of the guards he brought with him. Is feeding emotional anger into me and I am having a difficult time shielding it all out. As I have not had near enough particle doing so, in this...my new form. Since I have changed so drastically, what used to be easy to me. I now find is hard and I have to start relearning it all.

Becky sees with that screaming rage coming from Twain. My mood changes instantly, to one of near rage! I start to walk up to him and she blocks my path. "Ahh Mr. Twain he is fine...he fainted!" she giggles out.

Becky has a hand on my shoulder, to stop me. I ask her through my now clenched teeth "Ask Twain, if his guards where acting on his orders or did these get stupid too?...please?"

Becky does as I ask and they both talk for quite sometime. As I stand there calming back down. Becky finally pulls me aside "He says, they where acting alone and did not check in or ask what to do in this case. He is going to have a meeting to clear this all up as soon as he can?"

I am not even close to happy hearing that "Tell Twain...No! more of this again. I am obeying within the rules he set and as a 'guest' of his. His guards can no longer hold weapons on me without a reaction from me. I will not hurt them, but I will take the weapons and break them like I just did! Also...I expect this guard to be punished or sent off!"

I watch her as she says this to him. Then they both talk for a time in some heated tones. Becky once again pulls me aside "He apologizes and will put a real effort into making sure this does not happen again?"

I take to wing and hover "Fine!" then, I fly off. I start into loosening up by flying about fast and doing some simple tricks.

"Humm that looks like fun!" Becky says to Twain, Who nods back in agreement.

I hear that easily and swoop down to her, then come to a hover in front of her "It is...come here you!" I grab her up in my arms, with a squeal coming from her "So lets see if you really like it!" I fly off at high speed...UP!

"EEeekkk you might drop me!" she yelps out.

"Never going to happen, have not dropped anyone one in years! and the ones I did? They almost always lived...mostly?!" I laugh out "Besides I need you! I would smash myself into the ground, saving you!"

I start to fly up even higher "I hope you like heights!" I say to her.

After I get us both up to about 1000 feet. I stop and hover in-place. "Humm nice view!" I say to her.

"YA! it is...God it must be real fun to be able to do this at anytime?"

"It is and some of my kind, actually fly before they walk!" I spin in-place to let her look about "Let me show you some real fun!" I tip us over into a dive and speed way up! She is shrieking like mad!...but laughing too! I pull up at the last second with ease and do a series of rolls between the buildings. To come up to a hover at Twain's feet and drop her off. Becky walks wobbly to a bench there and sits down, all the while laughing with glee at the fun she had.

I land and fold my wings all the way in. Then I walk over and pick up my things off the bench. "Have fun?" I ask her. She nods to me, like a more than happy kid.

Twain walks over to us both. As I put my clothes back on "Well? are we done for today?" he asks.

Becky quickly translates for me...I nod "Yes." As I put on my clothes. I can see and feel his eyes all over me. It does not bother me....but I do feel that 'lust' dripping from him.

Becky sees his eyes and where they are resting on. Her protective streak come on full and mad "Hey Mr. Twain NO FREE SHOWS!" She is on her feet and she starts stalking up to him.

"Becky calm down...please" I say "As he is only human and male! So let him look I don't care...BUT if he touches!" I wag my finger at him.

Becky translates for me and Mr. Twain looks away very embarrassed.

I finish up dressing, to see Becky is still staring down Twain. "Becky lets go back to my house and start talking and going over your notes. On what Twain told you, as we all looked over the house....please?"

We both walk back to the house at a slow pace. As we enter, I choose to sit on the couch and she sits right next to me after she grabs that rather large notebook of her's. She starts reading it over to me. Most of it, is simple stuff...no real issues. Then she gets to a part of her notes, about the TV and the small commuter system on it. When we get there, she gets up and grabs a small book and a small 'thing" that is long, hand held and that has many 'buttons'? on it. She calls it the TV remote. It tells the 'magic mirror' on the wall what to do and what to show me.

We start to go over this 'remote' and she turns on the TV. When it comes on, it is more than loud and startles me. When it does, I jump up out of the chair and think for a bare second of blasting it to bits! I stand there looking at it, my left hand glows white with energy.

Becky is laughing at me, as I stand there. Fully alert and startled. Then she finally notices my hand and the eerie light coming from it "Whoa there its okay! Its just a picture that moves with sound in it!"

I close my hand, thus stopping the flow of energy to it with a thought and walk up to the TV to touch it. 'hummm this is nice'...I turn to her "Show me more!" I say as my face lights up with delight.


As I sit down to have Becky show me more....down deep in the command center.

Twain is standing there looking at the main screen. That is showing me and my living room. All along the sides of the main panel, are 30 more panels showing all parts of my house. Not one part seems not to be covered.

As the light dies off my hand, from my being surprised by the TV "Humm now that's is new!" says Mr. Twain "We surly did not know she could do that!...add that to the testing we are asking her to do."

"Yes sir....all noted and done."

"I have to wonder what else she can do! As she knew on sight, our resident teen GOO!...for who and what she was! Then add our Sara knew this one was near one of her kind...an immortal! I have to wonder do they 'feel' each other or what?"

One of the techs there peeps up "Maybe Sir...its like that old adage...a fisherman knows another fisherman from afar...They both have to follow those old laws I heard about. So they know one another on sight, to balance the scales?"

"Humm? you might be right on that one. We humans will never understand how they think, its just plain and simple beyond us all" he observed.

"Hummm Sir now, she is watching over a dozen feeds on the TV. At the same time! Man how can a brain handle all that!"

"I wonder how much she can take in at the same time!?" Twain asks the room.


Back in my house. At the same time

I am sitting there as Becky is showing me more and more of how this TV works. She does something I like! She opens more than one window at a time with sound. I ask, just as she is about to close the 'extra one' "No don't...please add more!"

"More windows, with new channels in them?" she asks.

"Ye...YES! please! I get more this way!" I near shout ..overjoyed at the new things I see.

Becky thinks about what to add, then goes to the channel line up and adds in.
A few news channels, some older movie ones, a few history ones and a bunch of kiddy shows with basic learning on them! Well over a dozen in all and all the sound from them is on at the same time. To her its just a 'buzz'...to me and my mind its not nearly enough! I want more!

"Is this all it can do?" I ask as my eyes never leave the screen.

"Ahh yes this is it. We would need a bigger one for more?"

"Ahh too bad, as I think. I could handle about 10 times this...but this will do!"

"Humm fine...Kyley how about you sit here to watch this and I go get me some dinner and maybe? I will come back later or tomorrow morning?" I just nod, now just fully entranced at the TV and My face is wrapped in its soft glow.

Becky gets up from the couch to walk out "I sure hope it does not rot her brain!" she laughs.


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All night I sit in the exact same spot, never moving. Becky comes in the next morning at near eight am. "Kyley? you here?" Becky asks out while walking in my house. She finds me in the same spot! "Kyley? you never moved?"

"Why? I don't need sleep? and I don't eat like you, so I sat here and learned all night from the TV! AND its great! I am sure I got at least thirty new words and their meaning right!" my eyes still never leave the TV as I talk to her.

Becky takes up the remote from the table and hits 'pause'

MY new fun world of learning, I see it all stop! "What happened!?" I yelp, as I finally turn to her more than confused.

"This 'remote" Becky waves it around in the air "Can do lots more! besides on and off. Then add channels. It can stop all of this and you can start it later at the exact same spot!"

"OKAY! I like that. If we start it again? Can I change some channels? As some are boring me?"

"I bet! Some are boring you! AND yes we can add more and different ones later on!"

Becky sits down next to me on the couch with a plop "Well lets get down to today's lessons shall we?"

I nod my agreement to Becky. She then gets out all the books, we will need from her large bag and then we start into working. We work through most of the day and things seem to go well. I test out my 'new' words, that I just learned from the TV and make sure they are good....they are! As Becky wraps up the days lessons to go back home and have dinner. She sets up the TV for me to watch all night. As its seems for now, it adds to my learning curve for the better!

Now it seems to be Becky's coming over just about every day to teach me English. I am now catching on a lot quicker, now that I have more positive and quicker reinforcement. On the second day of us doing lessons, one of the guards shows up. He brings into the house after talking to Becky. A stack of boxes off his cart outside. They take them all into my bedroom as I watch them, then the guard leaves.

"What is this?" I ask her.

"Your new clothes...I sure hope they did better this time!"

Becky starts going through them all for me. As she does, she seems to get madder at each item from the boxes that comes out. "All they got you where girl versions of male clothes! They're all too practical.

"It's just fine. What where you expecting? For me to wear an evening gown, ball gown or something?"

She laughs at me saying a ball gown and shakes her head "No? I was not but you need to get clothes that show your a 'girl'...not this!? This is something a girl in the military would wear! You need to start wearing, what a 'lady or girl' would wear."

"Ahh all right? So tell them to take it all back?"

"No we will keep them for now, as you have to have something to wear? As of now all you have is that one outfit and hospital clothes? But soon I will get them to let you go shopping out in the world and buy more."

"Humm that sounds like a plan?" I say, while thinking it would be real nice to leave here even for a day.

Becky starts putting my new clothes away "Well at least they washed them for you, before bringing them over to us."

I look more than puzzled for a few seconds at her "washed?"

"You do understand 'washed?" She glares at me.

"Yes you take them down to a river and beat them over a rock?....Washed."

"Ohh...then I have to show you something. Go get your dirty clothes and follow me."

I go and grab the bag, I was shown to keep them in, back in the prisoner section of this place. I then start following her out the front door, to that green area that rests between all the small houses here.

As we walk toward the small house. I see four guards walking on a concrete path on the green space's far edge. I know they are watching me, as I can catch them trying 'NOT' to watch!

We both go to the small building that rests on the far corner of the green space. I watch as Becky just opens the door without even a knock?

"Why did you not knock first, on this persons house?"

"No one lives here. Its a building that has group things in it, for all the houses around it. Everybody shares this."

I nod and I don't quite understand, but follow her none the less into the building. Once in, I find this end of the building has lots of windows in it and three tables with chairs all around them for over twenty people to sit and use. Along one wall is a sink and 'countertop' Becky calls it and cabinets. On another wall is two doors and Becky goes into one, I follow not even understanding any of this place.

'Is it a meeting hall? or place to have a court for leaders for the area?'

She walks in and opens the top lid of one of four big white boxes, we find there.

"Kyley let me have your clothes or 'laundry' is what we call it?"

I hand her the bag and she separates the few underwear I have out and dumps the rest into the big white box. Then she opens a cabinet at the rooms end and selects a container after she reads the labels on them. She pulls out a little mushy cube from it and she tosses it in the machine. Then selects a bottle from the shelf in the next cabinet over. Takes the bottle, she pours some blue liquid in a little cup and then into the machines center tube. Then she closes the lid.

As she gets ready to turn a knob on the boxes front "Kyley please come here and look at this. This word here that's 'wash' then you turn this knob to this mark" it click and grinds like mad when she does "then pull out the center knob" it makes a big click. I now hear water flowing and splashing Then she lifts the lid again "See its filling with water and when its full of water. This machine will move this thing around in the middle and clean your clothes for you. It takes about Forty five minutes."

She takes my arm and guides me to the large cabinets. She opens the doors once again and takes a mushy cube out of a container there "This is soap. You only need one to wash with" She grabs the bottle back out "This is a chemical to make your clothes softer and smell better."

I sniff it. I find, Its was kind strong. So I wiggle my nose at it "That...there? it dilutes in the water. It's not too bad then, after it's done." she adds.

I look in the cabinet at the other stuff there "Hey this is 'Tide?' and this blue bottle is 'Downey?' I remember seeing it on the TV!" I say more than excited as I point at the boxes and the large blue bottle.

"Well at least the advertising people got their money's worth! I think they just landed their new customer and one that will out last the company!" she starts laughing...and I don't get it at all?

"But Kyley after the washer gets done. You open this door on the dryer" she opens the front of the next box up and it forms a little shelf there "then you take your wet, clean clothes and toss them in here. Close this door up. Then you turn this knob" She shows me "to here...that is for heavy clothes or cotton. Like your jeans! Then pull this out, it starts to spin around inside and makes heat to dry your clothes out" She opens the door real quick and I see it spins once or twice then stops. "when it buzzes it's dried and you pull out your things. If you don't like wrinkled clothes...but you probably don't care if your clothes are wrinkled or not. But if you care? Put them on this setting here" she shows me a place on the 'dryer' knob "This means no wrinkles. But you still have to pull them out pretty quick after they are done or they will little wrinkle up anyway!...okay? This is how you wash your clothes."

"All this just fine for your cotton things. That you now own. But as you get new things that need different care I will show you. You do know what I mean by 'cotton'?" she looks at me to see my understanding.

"Yes I do understand it, we have something very similar back home...or 'had' something like that" I say, now sad and starting to tear up.

She realizes what just happen to me "Every time you think about home. You realize it does not exist any longer?"

I nod fighting down the sadness, as I do not want to project it on her and make her day bad too!

"Well anyway you just learned how to clean your own clothes here! You should do this every few days the keep all your things from piling up and having to spend the whole day here washing. There are many machines here and near no other people staying near us. SO you will have plenty of time for this."

I glance over at her "I usually have people that would do this for me. But now I guess I'm going to do it myself?"

"Humm really? So you never did this task at home?"

"Ahh yes I did once and a while...but remember! We don't wear clothes and outside we only wear armor for the most part."

"Ohh ya. But sooner or later you have to wash-up on the outside? Don't you?"

"Yes once and a while. But for the most part my armor does not get dirty or me in it. I do remember once after being in a long fight, taking a long bath, to soak out the smell of blood off me. As I was in that fight near non-stop for a year."

"A year! wow! what a fight that must have been?"

"Maybe some day, I will bore you with the stories of some of that time?"

"Okay we can do that. But lets take some time to go over all of this. So we make sure you learned the all the words from here."

So we start into reviewing the words in English. We work on it until it looks like I've got it. This all takes over an hour for me to get out correctly -wash, soap, dryer, clothes and other stuff used in the building. Then Becky thinks that I might need a basket to hold this stuff and she writes down her notebook that she has been carrying.

After we are done at the 'community building' she called it, we go back to my house. I put those few things away. Becky is out in the living room tidying up things and make more notes.

She says to me, while closing up the last book on her stack up "I am going to get lunch now."

"Are you going to eat in your house?"

"No I am going to go to the cafeteria."

"You want me to go with?"

She near bubbles out "Yes! I would be more than happy for you to come with me for your first time there. You have not gone there yet, in the last couple days, have you?"

I shake my head "I have not tried much of going out of this house of theirs. I wanted to feel comfortable here before I ventured out. But going with you will make me comfortable!"

"Fine Kyley...then lets go. AND please if you want to walk around with me. We can always do that instead of lessons. As I can teach you while we walk, on what we see too?"

"Now get these on, so you look nice" she hands me a stack of new clothes.

I immediately start stripping down and put on the new things. When I get done. I say to her "Lead on your in charge!"

Becky literally bounces out the back door of my house and we start to walking down the path toward the large cluster of buildings. As we walk I notice three guards off in the distance yet again!...'prisoner' is all I think.

As we walk, she shows me things as we go and uses the words for them. Tree, plant, flowers and my favorite now 'rock!' ...As we meander down the path I hear a sound again, one that I must ask about.

"What is that? up there making that sound?" I point up.

Becky stops and looks up, to what I am talking about "Ohh that....is a plane!"

I look at her more than befuddled by that word.

She giggles at my confusion. "A plane is like the 'cart' or the 'van' instead on being on the ground as we use it...it fly's. Remember we humans don't have WINGS!"

I look up at it and use my great vision to look closer. I see windows on it and maybe a head of a person looking out? "Ahh I see that now. I can see a head in one of the windows on it!"

"You can see that?"

"Yes I can. I should be able to. Because as fast as I can fly, if I did not see things very far off like that! I would smash into objects all the time!" I laugh out.

We finally get to the cafeteria and we go in. I see there are many people here. Far more than I have seen in one place here, even the last time we where here it was empty. I have to wonder if they moved everyone that first time I came here just incase I was dangerous? As I see and count the crowd fast, 247 in the room. I make sure my glamour is fully off. But GODS, I do love all the people in here! All the ambient life force is just filling me up! GODS it feels so good!

I watch Becky get in a line of people and grab up flat board "Get one of these Kyley to carry your food on...its a 'plastic tray' "

I look down at the vast stack of them, She just grads me one and hands it to me finally. I am not sure I want to eat anything? I think about it, I might as well try it?
Becky slides her tray on a metal rail on the side of the long table with food behind glass on the other side of it and people are standing there handing out plates of it to any who ask?

Becky waits her turn and orders her food? after a mere second they hand her a plate. She then talks to the man more and I watch as he gets a large plate, to just put little samples of food all over it and he goes to hand it to me.

"Take it silly that's yours...I told him, that you only eat so much and you want to sample everything. As you don't know what our food is like."

"Good?"...then I say to the man... "Thank you." I get "You're welcome" back from him. She says more to him with a slight giggle. He just nods back.

We slide along to the end. To a final younger girl sitting there, who looks over what Becky has. Then Becky pulls out of her bag, a small case and hands her 'paper'?

My guess that is 'money' here

I start to pull out multiple gold coins. Becky stops me "No give her this" She hands me my ID card, she just unclipped from my shirt "this has your money on it."

"Ohh all that's right!" I hand her my card, she swipes it through a machine as I'm walking by and then she hands it back to me. As Becky walks off , I hand the girl one the coin anyway..."is yours" I say and walk off. She's looking at me like I'm crazy now.

We both sit down and about five or ten minutes goes by. Then that the girl I gave the coin to an two other people walk up and start talking to me, somewhat upset. I don't understand what they are saying all I can get is one word of ten at best.

So I point at Becky across the table from me. "Her?"

So all three start talking to Becky at the same time and they seem to be upset, happy the same time. Becky's listening to them...then one of them, a man WHO I DID NOT! give the coin to, hands it back to Becky. She looks at it, then looks at me...that look just says trouble all over it! to me.

"You gave her a gold coin? Why would you do that?"

"I have enough I think?...So I gave her one....I know what giving a gratuity is to a person is?"

"We call it a 'tip'!"

"Tip'...I repeat out "okay?"

"Well her supervisor, her person in charge says it's not a good thing."

"Well tell them to share it then?"

Becky goes on talking to the man and I can see he is having none of it...while he is shaking his head at her. But all this time I feel good and hope off the young girl who I gave the coin too. I feel she wants it and NEEDS it for something?

"Tell them I insist or it will be an insult...that's not a good thing."

Becky gets kinda mad at him and starts talking fast. What I don't know is going on is?

The manager says to Becky "We don't tip here....that's not allowed."

"Well this person is from a faraway place and this is what she does normally at home. So tipping is normal to her." Says Becky in a tone, that should get results soon is my bet!

"Well? we don't normally tip here...and not especially a one or two thousand dollar gold coin! It's just ridiculous!"

"NO! she's insistent. That you guys just share it, divide it up equally with everybody that's probably working today and enjoy it. She appreciates people working for her. So just keep it or...your going to insult her badly and that's not going to be a good thing."

They start arguing back and forth for a little bit. I watch and my anger is starting to rise.

Becky sees and feels it. As she stands there, right next to me "Well your going to have to keep the coin and keep it as a tip or donate it to charity or something. But don't insult her by giving it back. I insist! or do I have to call Mr. Twain down here and settle this for you?"

The man sighs "Okay we will call it tip and everybody will share it."

The two girls that are standing say "Thank you"

"You're welcome"

"I guess they finally took it, at your insistence and mine?" I ask Becky.

She sighs back "Yes...but Kyley don't do that again, it's not a good idea."

"Well it should be. They seemed happy to get it? and that younger one seemed to need it bad in some way. I felt it from her!"

She shakes her head "Maybe we should get some regular money for you. As giving that much is...quite a little bit too much."

"Well they are going to share it or divide it up. That's better now isn't?"

"Kinda makes sense?"

So with that issue done, I get back to eating. I sample a little nibble out of everything on the plate. Becky, she tells me what things are. Like the pizza (I loved by the way!) there and the spaghetti, meatloaf and she leads me through the rest of the tray. We make it into a lesson and a chat. As I finish up, that younger girl from before comes over to us.

She says "Thank you" to me and then tells Becky something. After she is done she goes to shake my hand. As I take it up, my minds just shoots off like mad and I feel out to her. She is very sick....near death in mere weeks...I feel out to heal. as I always have done AND get stopped cold by...that feeling of balance. Something MUST be paid to BALANCE the scales out...to keep the gates of hell closed. I hold on to her hand for far too long but, she does not pull away from me, as I must be making her 'feel' good. I finally let go of her hand.

"Your welcome...name?" I ask.

She says 'Madelyn' then nods and walks off.

After she goes off. I put my face in my hands and near start to cry.

"What? Kyley I can near feel that off you!" Becky asks me...more than feeling the now growing sadness in me.

I pull up my shields fast...I say to Becky in that older language. We now use for secrets "That child is sick, she is so...near death! AND I can't help!"

"What? I don't understand?"

I get up from the table..."Outside with this...not here?" Becky stands to join me on my walk out.

Once outside and far off from the building.

I stop Becky on the path back to my home. To talk "What is wrong Becky. Is that nothing stopped me from healing anyone back at home. Just so you know most of my kind are warriors, then later on some of us far older ones...Like me found we could heal, as well as kill with our inner energy. But now that I am here? New laws of this world stop me from doing so. The law here is 'balance' I give....so must I take. I hate it!....but that is the way for me now."

"Well then 'take' and cure her?"

"I can, but that 'take' is so incredibly high. That after I do it...why live? As to cure her would make her a near slave to me or worse. Strip her of all freewill forever and beyond. I am not that evil! I just can't."

"So what is it, she has got?"

"I don't know your words for it. But her guts, are literally rotting out. She has mere weeks, a month or two?"

"Well at least make an offer? Death is death, some kind of life, is still living? Does she even know she is dieing?"

"You go ask...I don't want to be near that, if I am doomed to not help!"

"I will!" and Becky stalks off to go back inside.

Becky walks inside, wonders about for a short while and then finds Madelyn at her work station "Ahh I have a personal question for you, can we talk off somewhere else please?" Becky asks her very softly.

"YEP lets go over here" and Madelyn near drags Becky off.

Once they both get out of the main dining area, then into a separate small banquet hall Madelyn asks Becky "So what do you need and your friend is so nice!"

"I don't know how to put this...but that friend feels your sick or something...do you know that?"

"Sadly yes...final stage, cancer in the liver and it spread to other stuff in there. I have like a month or two...and if your going to ask why I am working its, for the money AND why sit at home waiting to die!"

"Humm Okay, I understand that. I just have to say this and its between only us you promise?"

"Okay I will bite. I promise, So what is it?"

"Ahh that friend is real special in many ways annnd if I said she can help you. But the price would be extremely high...and we are not talking money here...would you go...go for it? or ask and listen?" Becky barely squeaks out.

"Fine lets see this!"

I wait on the path to my house and pace while doing so. 'Gods I hope that this lady is not getting me into a hole!'

As I wait on the path, thinking and pacing about. I see Becky leading that young girl Madelyn this way! 'danm it!' my mind screams!

As Becky gets there, she asks me "Well Kyley, Madelyn is sick and has something to ask you?"

"DAMN IT Becky you have no clue? You worship a Daemon, yet you don't know this? Gods this is going to be trouble." I snarl at her.

"Yes I know it! But the offer has to be at least made!" she says more than insistent to me.

"Fine 'girl' I will...ask her this...do you promise what we are about to talk of never passes your lips or you will never write it down?"

Becky does it for me. And then translates as we go.

"Yes I do."

"Fine...Since 'Becky'..." I glare at her "Brought you here on this I have to offer. I can fix you...BUT! the price is VERY! high...AND then do you believe me, when I say that, I can do this?"

"What is it? and I do believe you, as when you touched me. I felt something and you made me feel better than I have in months!"

"Well the price is HIGH...darn it....it would be near to say your life again, as your soul in a way...till you die. I can make you do anything and you have no say! AND I mean NONE, as in....I ask you to jump off a cliff to your death....you go! The reason for this harshness is, your so close to death. It will take lots to save you from it."

She stands there pondering it!........'Gods she is actually thinking of saying yes?......please don't' I beg her in my mind.

"Is there any other option?" Madelyn asks me....and I see that glimmer of hope in her eye...........and its killing me!

"Humm let me think..." I start to pace...then...the thought just hits me...kids!

"You can bear a child or more for me? That would at least give you free will, But you still have to obey me impart? As My requests on you would be more your choice...but to refuse too much....say 5 times and then you would have no choice! AND these are not my rules. I don't make them up! A higher power did eons ago!"

"Can I think on this?" she asks.

"You bet! you will...I would demand you did!....and do you have kids of your own yet?"

She shakes her head, to answer me. "Good, as if you do this...these will be MY children not yours....you will be mother to them, but they will not be human at all."

She just nods back to me. She is silent and thinking.

"Take your time, as I will be here for quite some to come."

Becky and me, leave her standing there deep in thought. She has life changing choices to make.

The next morning comes early and since I don't sleep. I greet the sun, while I am standing outside on the communal grass between all the buildings. I am stretching out and going through what I call the Warriors moves. I wish I could pull my Axe out. But doing that, would probably get too many people mad at me. My body is starting to relax from my exercise. I am starting to like this place now. As I flow from one move to the next, in my rotation. I see Becky come out of the house next to mine. She looks like, she's going somewhere? She looks over the area, finally lays eyes on me and finds me out on the grass several yards away doing my moves.

I hear her speak to me, as she walks over to me "Kyley what you doing up so early in the morning?"

I stop flexing and stretching out, to talk to her "Becky remember I don't sleep, I've haven't slept since I came here?" I laugh at her.

"Oh, I keep forgetting that?"

I look her over and she has a robe on and some sort of slip-on shoes that I have never seen. "What you doing?"

"I am off for a morning swim!"

"Humm that sounds like fun...maybe I otta go swimming too?"

"Do you have a swimsuit?"

"Swimsuit?...You wear clothes to swim" I shake my head "How you people....I have hard enough of a time wearing clothes as it is! Now you say, you have to wear clothes to go swimming in?" I sigh out. "I'll never get you people on that? I guess that's one more thing to send the guards to get for me?"

Almost instantly, she pulls out a little notepad out of her pocket yet again and writes down on it. I glance to her "Do you make a note about everything I request? Are they paying you for this?"

She leers at me with a crooked smile...that says she is a little mad to me "Don't you be giving me gold. I don't need it. I have got, everything I need from the church okay! But the Church will accept the donation?"

I give her more than the evil eye "The church...your church does not need my donation and I know it! One of these days I am going to tell you what Sara's long time ago relatives did....to where I was at and then you will know why I'm just very leery of her. Give money to her church?! I laugh at it! Even if she is different. It...just would be....just stupid."

"Could you at least give me the basics?" she asks in a calm voice, that does seem to have caring at its core.

"Okay I will give it to you short and to the point as possible. Everything that I knew. People I knew. Places I knew. People I loved. Everywhere that I have ever been. They destroyed! Okay? Simple as that, it's all gone!...I haven't figured out why? But I got plucked from there, to here and that's all there is?....That I know about. I have a feeling eventually someone's going to tell me what's going on?"

She can't even look at me now and her mood is definitely changed from happy to sad with what I just dropped on her. "I'm sorry for you." she mumbles to me.

"You don't need to be apologizing for something you did not do or had no control over. It happened so long ago and so far away....it's funny." I sigh out in thought "So why don't you go have your swim. Then you can have them go buy me the clothes I need for that too...have fun."

Becky starts walking away, then stops suddenly. To twist back and look me over "That ID card....your supposed to be wearing it!" she gets gruff with me.

"Okay I will wear it?" she walks up to me to whisper at me "Remember that card tells them where you're at exactly!"


"They want to know where your at all times, that's why they want you to wear it. You have to wear it or they will get mad."

I am surprised at that and say "You mean I have too, even out here on the grass practically in front of my house?"

"They might be okay with that?...but you have to wear it all the time."

"Do you think they scry on the inside of my house?"

Becky has to think about what I mean by 'scry' for quite sometime "OHHH! 'scry' you mean take pictures and listen!...probably? I wouldn't put it past them? they did not make a promise not to?"

"Maybe I should make a new contract with them on that?"

"Mr. Twain probably won't sign that. This is his land and his buildings. He can do what he wants to them right?" she near tells me.

I sigh out "Yes, I am a guest. I have to obey the Lord of the lands rules, don't I?"

She nods "Yes...that translates perfectly...I will see you in a couple hours" then she walks off toward the rec hall area.

After I stretch out for a bit longer. I see one of the guards is looking at me from a distance off outside. I go back in my cottage for bit, to grab that silly badge of mine and put it in my pocket. Then I think about it. How can I fly with a shirt on? I can't do it? Flying with my armor on would get them really upset? Yeah whatever?

I walk over the male guard standing there. I have noticed that...there is one around every time I come out now. As I get up to him I say out while I point up "Go...fly...now?" Then I point at my wrist meaning for time "Hour?" and he nods.

I walk back over to the grassy area. Next to the bench there, take off my shirt and drop it on it. I glance at the guard...and the look from him is priceless 'what the heck' is what, I am guessing is running through his mind right now!

I let my wings come out and flex them wings out for a minute or two. Then I hop up and fly straight up. Then start into flying around the area. After getting about ten minutes into, it loosening up and enjoying it. I find a nice air current, I am enjoying floating and soaring on it. I see Becky underneath me walking, I watch her for a little and then she notices the guard looking near straight up at me.

She screams up at me so loud, that you could make it out even up here! I hover for a second and she Bellows once more even louder! "Get down here!"

I go like a bullet right at the ground and pull up to land near her feet. My wings fold up, making them go back all the way into being hidden under my skin.

I walk up to Becky to ask her...I am scared I did something really wrong "What's the matter?"

"Your not wearing anything on top! You need to be wearing a top. I told you this is not right."

"Well then tell me what to wear? As these people have not been giving me anything without a back on it!" I sass her.

She pulls out the notebook again to write something down. "Kyley please turn around and put your wings out for a second." I do as asked "Humm I never really looked back here before now...your wings or where they go, looks like a 3D tattoo right now"...I finally unfold them and she looks like she's trying to measure by gauging it with her hands across my back.

"I think I have an idea of the type top you can wear. If not? I will have a custom one made for you to wear."

I get sassy at her "Really? I have to wear clothes even while, I am doing that?"

"Its just not acceptable" she says while crossing her arms to me. Thus saying to me...'this is a RULE!' by the motion.

I sigh and I walk away from her. Then I fold wings, As I walk. As I go I grab my shirt off the bench and put it back on. "Your people and your customs are certainly cutting into my idea of having fun and enjoyment....You know that! I am never going to feel normal with your weird customs around here!"

I'm actually REALLY upset now, as I walk away from her and go back to my cottage. As I go in, I can see she is shaking her head at me and with that motion from her. I walk in my door and slam it shut!

I near scream out at the empty room "These people are just getting to be a little too much with their weird customs."

An hour and a half or two hours go by and there's a knock at my door. I look out the small window in the door and it's Becky. She usually doesn't knock. But? this time she knocked? I open the door to her "Why did you knock to ask to come in? You just usually just come in?"

"Well you seem to need some personal time. You are upset at our rules or our customs are bothering you. Well they just are...and your going to have to accept them. You're here now, not there. You understand what I am trying to get through to you?"

"Yes I have to accept that everything that was...is gone and this is all new...but forever."

I finally notice, that she's got a plastic basket in her hand and she hands it to me.

"Here you go, here is your swimsuit, it should fit you? There are two different types of them in there, for you to try out to see which one is better."

Then she leads me into my bedroom and takes the basket from me "This is for your dirty laundry. Just put in here, then you can carry it easier over to the laundry area. They sent two suits over, after they figured out your size. And maybe one can be used as a top when you fly? At least till I get a few custom ones ordered for you. BUT Today were skipping lessons."

"What!..... why?" I ask more than flustered at the interruption of that.

"You're going to go to the medical facility. You are going to start doing those tests ...that you promised to do and get them out of the way. Then maybe after its all done you can go outside faster, as you need one of our MID cards to do so."

I sigh more than disappointed "Okay I agreed to that...yes?

"But anyway" she pulls out one of the clothes from the plastic bin "This is a one piece swimsuit. I suggest you wear this, but they also sent this over" and she pulls out two very small pieces of clothing "Since they're guys they picked this" she shows me "What it this is...is a bikini. It covers as LITTLE! as possible, so guys can look at you!"

"To me? they don't make any difference so.... I'll probably end up wearing this more often. You know what I said with my custom is. I don't care what they see, as long as they don't touch me."

She gets more than sassy and kind of motherly to me "Well if you like guys LEERING! at you all day long!"

I shake my head to her "I don't care what they are thinking, as long as they don't act on it."

She looks at me, with a curious look on her face "Well what would you do?"

"If a male groped me? I would probably break his arm. If I didn't rip it out from the side of his body. You might want to tell them that. If they touch me, like that. Someone is gonna need a healers help desperately."

Becky pulls out her ever present notepad and writes it down quickly. Then asks me "Take off your shirt...please?"

I take off my shirt, at her request and throw it on the bed.

"Please put on this Bikini top?" I do so easily "Can you make your wings come out with this on?"

I flex and think about it for second, as I get the feeling off it, how it fits me "Yeah it'll work?"

"Good you can wear this, when you're flying then? The bikini top? " I nod to her "Pull your wings out, so I can get some good measurements?" I do and she goes over some things back there "Good...there is a couple of what we call exercise tops that will work for this. They are backless." I nod back not even knowing what she is talking about.

Then I see her write down yet another note "That stuff will be here for tomorrow to cover more of you up and it will not be so easy for it to fall off. Because of these ties...that bikinis have on them."

She undoes the bikini for me and tosses it back in the basket. Then she tosses me back my shirt and I put it on.

"Well then lets start getting you over to medical station. We start into walking rather slowly over there. As we do she starts into explaining what my MID card is, the MCO, what mutants are on the planet, and I am now classified as one. She goes on to say that they will probably call me an 'avatar'. Because I've subsumed my human and it changed me into this. Then on top of that classify me as a changeling?...which is a change in sex."

"Humm Okay all this to describe one person and most of it can't be seen--funny rules you have here?"

"So what we are going to do today is what they call this powers testing, for the MID card so they can figure out what you do"

I nod back....thinking about this

"AND please Kyley...you don't hide anything, as of later on you reveal something drastic. They're going to get really upset and they might try to put you in jail."

I don't like that idea at all! That I must reveal all to them...I am going to hold back some. As I am still not sure how 'good' Sara or her kind are here! or the maybe that they might find me via this...to END me?

Then we finally get to the medical buildings and she introduces me to a couple of the doctors and she tells me their names. Then she tells me in my language, that they're irrelevant names and don't worry about remembering them. 'but I remember everything!' I laugh innerly to it.

Then they get me all dressed, in a suite that measures what I am doing. Then they lead me and have me run through this gauntlet, maze and throw stuff at me. They surprised me with stuff, that they do to me! They test my strength, running speed and even more!

Then Becky reminds me "They know that you turn into a bigger version of yourself. They have to test that also?"

SO! we run through the whole thing AGAIN! With me at what I really call normal! ...bigger version and she's patiently watching the whole thing. Making sure that she translates and about ten percent of what they say to me. I'm understanding now.

The test person puts me on the treadmill again as my bigger self to run it again. He says "Something...run now..." and off I go! As I understand that!

As I am running, he says "Stop" since I know the word 'stop' now, I do. Then they launch balls at me, that's new? A cannonball swings on a metal rope at me and before it gets to me...I slap it off, out of the way. Since this is the 'bigger' me, as I slap it out of the way. I bust the whole device completely out of the ceiling. 'whoops' is in my thoughts.

The lead tech sighs "Well that's first time that's happened."

Becky is laughing, as she translates it for me. Then they start into measuring my strength, then onto my agility, which is higher than normal. Then near finally a test of my memory with shapes, colors and other strange stuff. I can memorize it nearly instantly, then they start feeding it to me as fast as they can and I still get one hundred percent on every score across the board. I even beat the computer, on that 3D chess game that changes rules on the players!

I see Becky shaking her head, at how fast I memorize stuff. She finally gets a chance to ask me "If you do all this, then why? Do you such a difficulty with English? You memorized this silly test instantly and you can't do the other?"

"I don't know why English is an issue? Maybe it's the human I subsumed fighting me? I don't know, it could be the last curse of him."

The tech says for the next test...."We want to take you outside and see how fast you fly?"

"NOW! that sounds like fun!" now I am happy!

Becky says to me "Kyley just a minute!" and she runs off, as they take me outside. She finally comes back with a top for me.

"Come over here!" she takes me to a corner "Put this on, where no one can look!"

I sigh "Whatever?" as I do as told, to keep her happy.

After I finally get it on, I pull my wings out and relax. "Ahhh that feels SO much better!"

Becky notices that I relax more, when I have my wings out. As this is the second time, that she has actually seen it.

"Do you feel better with your wings out? Kyley?"

"Yes" I sigh while stretching out.

"Is it?..."she questions me "When you have them put away, is it like you have to hold them in?"

I nod to her, as I stretch out "Yes exactly that. Its liken to clinching a fist all day long."

"So you have to make an effort to have them in and having them out there's no effort. Have you thought about leaving them out, all day long. I can get clothes and shirts made for you, so you can do that?"

I think about it for sometime before I answer "It would not be normal, would it? and you're so worried about me not wearing clothes as it is?" I think I got her on that "I might as well just wear this...top...when I need to and keep everyone happy? You can get me a couple more of these....right?" she nods back "Well I am going to try to fit in with your customs much as I can and I don't see a lot of winged people around now...do you?"

She laughs at me "No."

They walk me completely outside for this test and I see a Doctor standing there a bit farther off from the group. I see that he has a lit thing in his mouth and smoke is coming from it. I 'just' smell it and I start to walk over there to him, just entranced by that delicious smell!

I wave to Becky to come to me and I point at the man "What's this?" I ask.

"That's a cigar" she says. Then man finally notices me and her asking about it.

I'm smelling it and its DEVINE! "I don't know why, but I want one!"

Becky shakes her head "They are not good for you. It's a bad habit."

"I want one!" I near demand.

The doctor over hears us both "I will giver her one, if she wants to try it?"

He gives me one and for some reason the one he gives me-- my mind says to me suddenly that 'this is a reasonable quality one' --I take a smell it. Then he gives me a gizmo to use.

Becky jumps in "He will explain how to use that."

I don't even wait. I snip off the ends in a well practiced manner on the cigar like you're supposed to and I hand back to tool to him. He looks at me and Becky more than puzzled "Is this the first time you have had one?"

"Yes I think?....But for some reason I have got a memory my head stuck...that I've had this before?"

Becky glaress at me hard "You like cigars?"

"This is first time, I can remember in my surface memory having one? But I have a deeper memory..." I stand there concentrating "Becky?... This must be what's left of the human I subsumed? The resistance to my understanding English and this stupid 'cigar'? you call it? This must be the last bits of him disappearing?"

The doctor goes to hand me a lighter and with that move of his. I look at him like he has gone nuts.

"No you don't light a cigar with a lighter. You light one with a match!" I informed him.

After Becky translates for me. He looks at me more than surprised..."Well she is right on that one. A true cigar person uses matches only. I use a lighter because its works for me."

He digs deeper into a satchel, that he was carrying and pulls out a small box of matches then hands them to me "Now lets see if she know the rest of this correctly?"

"Thank you" I say.

I get out a few and he's watching me intently. As I light the first one. I heat the end of the cigar fully. Then evenly light it off by, drawing the smoke out of it in long pulls of air through it, till its finally lit to my satisfaction.

"Well shoot! she knows how to do that right!" I go to hand him back the box "No keep them you may need them for later?"

"Thanks...this is...ahhh...good?" I say not sure if I am saying it right. ...I am, as I see Becky nod to me.

The doctor asks Becky "She just lit that correctly and You are saying this is her first time smoking a cigar?"

"Well doctor? You have to understand that she is a 'mutant avatar' and she subsumed her human near completely. This skill or habit and her having some mental block or resistance to learning English. As well as any other languages from here. Seems to be the only small 'itsy bitsy' residual parts left of that human--so far?"

"So you tried other languages with her?"

"We tried a couple dozen languages weeks ago and the same thing."

I get Becky's attention back to me, from the doctor's questions "Becky can you
ask him to buy me more these and the best that he can find?"

Becky asks the doctor my question.

"Ohh ya I have a connection to get her the finest Cuban cigars and she wants to? I could also get her a humidor and everything else. But its going to cost money?"

Becky laughs "I'll ask her about that....money issue?"

Becky asks me "Kyley....what your asking might cost a bit of money? So do you have any to spend on this? As I think its a waste of your money."

After she asked that question. I finally really realize something. I have been in a bit of denial. I have been thinking for weeks 'that its only a mater of time...till they come and kill me again'....What if they never come? I might need every coin, I have to live. As I am sure that no skills, I have currently can make money here at all. Its not like in my past as a young boy. That I could go out and have fun to gather treasure from the world at large, or depend on the empire and family to care for me. It has been so long that, I have not needed to worry about this...I have forgot how to deal with the need of it.

But that WANT or CRAVING for them is just over powering. I NEED it!

"Becky I think I have enough money for this....I need this in some deep way. So I will do it. So how much is it?"

"Doc? she has some money on her ID card to use?" Becky questions the man.

"No...I prefer cash, the ID card is good, but they track them. Where I get my supplies from is not exactly legal."

Becky translates that for me. So I reach out for my pack of coins and grab a few. As I do I ask "Becky how much would cover this?"

"I am not sure? a couple hundred?...maybe? I will ask him?"

Becky asks the doctor the question at hand and discovers he's talking about thirty to fifty bucks apiece for the top-of-the-line ones--he's never had one that good and expensive himself. But he feels that on average, the middle market items are just as good and at a far better prices overall.

Becky goes over that with me and after pondering that question I decide that sounds good..."Becky please tell him that I will go with what he said. On what to buy. I want several boxes the best he can find at a good cost. All the accessories you need to smoke them, with wooden matches like I asked. Maybe something to carry the cigars around and so they don't break. Then give me what's left over and he can keep a bit of it for himself? for the trouble?"

I then hand him two coins "Good? I ask him.

He nods back and then talks to Becky for some time. While I simply puff away very happily. The doctor says to her during their talk, that he'll have everything by the middle of like next week.

As I am standing there more than happy I notice that most of he crowd there is looking at me for something ...but not saying anything? "Well I guess I had better get on with this flying thing for them." I hand over my lit cigar to Becky and she grabs on it and she holds like she's revolted by even being near it!

I fly up and ask Becky "What do they want me to do?"

"Kyley...they want you to fly as fast as you can. At first, then do the obstacle course. I nod my understanding to her and fly off.

I fly off in the direction indicated and do several passes. I see from them after six complete run bys. I am done. I look to Becky for the next part and she points at a bunch of rings set on poles at various heights and sizes of ring.

"You want me to fly thought the rings?"

"Yes as fast as you can please! The ones they want you to go through will light up as you go."

I look off into the distance, while I hover. To see a ring light up, just as she said it would. I tip over, dive at it and go through it. To notice the next one inline lights up, as this one fades out...'humm a game! This I might like!"

I do several runs, thought the whole thing. As I go, I see they are using the same set of rings over and over. But they are trying to get me to do faster and narrower turns at each run. On run through number four, the rings shrink in-size. I actually have to pull in my wings, as I pass through them to make each one. By run number eight, the size is down to just my body and a small bit more! But I still make it and keep my speed up. Then at run number ten, I am hit by a blast of wind from a device at the rings entrance and that tosses me up hard!...But I make it! This sudden 'wind' test of theirs, gets progressively worse at each run till. I am tossed VERY violently to the ground with a thud! When I get back up, the testers tell Becky its over. As they now have all the information they need.

"So what's next?" I ask her. As I dust myself off from the fall. Then I stand back from her and shake the dirt out of my wings.

"Well Kyley? They are done out here. The next part is back in the medical center. Some sort of magical test? But don't ask me what it is, as I do not do that at all?"

A cart drives up and they ask us it get on it. Then it drives us all back in the direction of the medical center. As we drive, I watch around me and see we are not going to the medical center. I listen to one of the other riders talk to Becky for most of the trip. Then she finally turns to me, just as I see we are about to enter a large guard post to enter an elevator.

"Kyley? Since they know your a mage of some sort? We are going to is down to a lower level, to test your magic skills out. Since this can be a dangerous test. They don't do it on the surface at all. So we have to go back down in the mines again" She can see my mood change, as I know the deeper I get, the harder it will be for me to get back out. If they break their oath to me. "Hey don't worry I am sure this is normal." her smile...even thou I know its nothing, it does give me some comfort.

As we go down, we drive long hallways to an elevator and that takes us down into the complex again. I close my eyes, relax and open my mental shields. To 'feel' out to the men around me. So far I am not 'feeling' any deception from them or that they are hiding something. As I am 'open' I reach out a small bit...I know there is vast evil down here...somewhere, so I am cautious. As we drive along, suddenly...it hits me! and I pull my shields back up, as it near jolts me off the cart! That action and near fall. Gets Becky's attention fast!

"What! Kyley?" she asks while holding my arm to keep me in my seat.

"Sorry...I was 'feeling' out again and that 'evil' here just knows? I am here and reached for me in a big way!"

"WELL then, don't do that anymore!' she near shrieks in my ear.

I nod back to her, as the cart stops and the others get out. Becky and I follow them to a room. As we enter this new section. I can feel the 'wards' allover the entrance at the doors edge. We the all walk down a short...but large hallway to a room. This room has even more 'wards' on it. I can see them all from the doorway, that the walls have etched and painted runes all over them. Becky stops, to talk to a person that was already standing there waiting for us? My guess, is that he is the mage in charge here. As I can feel it, as well as read it from him.

After they talk for a time and I see him point out something in the next room to her. She walks back over to me "Kyley This is the staff mage here and he is going to do your magic test for us. This is so you can get that MID card taken care of and travel soon enough. But what is going to happen is your going in there and he will tell you what to do and I will translate it all via the sound system in the room.....Okay? " I nod back "But first off you have to step into this circle, for the testing to start."

I look at the circle and its a mage built one "I don't want to...not gonna happen!"

"Why? she asks me.

"You never stand in a circle made by a mage willingly. As they will have power over you. I'm not doing that! EVER!" I say while, I am shaking my head vigorously.

Becky says my reply to the mage standing there "Well she's not gonna do it. She says its bad and I believe her on that" she tells the mage.

"Well please tell her, that it will not hurt her. Its One hundred percent safe and it's only for testing to keep everything safe. It keeps her safe and us while she is doing our testing." pleads the man.

Becky tells me what the mage said to her. I stand there not quite sure what to do... then it dawns on me "Have them sign a piece of paper, like I do for them. That this is not going to hurt me. Also at my request or demand, this tests ends and I am free...right there!"

Becky says that to the mage for me "She wants a document from you, like she signs for you people....a sorcerer's contract I think you call it? Between you and her. That she can get out of that circle when she makes a request and that your not going to hurt her or she's not gonna do it."

He sighs out then looks at me, angry? I return his gaze to him...."Are you going to do this or do we have an issue...mortal!?" I say my language.

Becky turns to me fast, to glare at me in anger and then! She shushes me!

"Don't shush me!" I bark back.

The mage asks her, after my little outburst "Becky? what did she just say?

Becky sighs out..."What she just said is 'Are we going to have a problem?' is basically what she said."

The mage's attitude starts getting a little more than defensive in its posture to me. Even Becky a non-warrior sees its change.

"Hey now don't you two get into a Kafuffle over this. As its just her being cautious, as she is new to here and has not developed a trust with anyone yet."

"Ahh okay, I see that now. I will give her one" He says, then starts into writing out, a short contract to keep me feeling a bit more safe in this 'test' of theirs.

After he is done writing it out. Becky goes over the simple paper with me and translates it all for me. I tuck it into my pants pocket and say to him, as friendly as I can "Start...where?"

He leads me to the circle and we start into a bunch of magical tests with Becky translating as best she could. The first step is a Question.

"How do you 'see' magic?"

"Humm I see it in many ways...ley lines...the glow from an area, object or person."

"How do you make or use spells?"

"I just think about what I want and if I or the area has enough magic energy in it...it happens?"

"But you must 'weave' or form spells with words or actions or something surly?"

"No I just see the amount of magic in the area and use it. Plain and simple as that? But what your referring to, is what I and my master who taught me. We both call that a 'crutch'... a way for a simpler brain to 'see' how to use, what is normal to me and he who taught me."

"Who first taught you magic?"


"Who or what is Uthor?"

"He was the king of all dragons where I came from. A Golden one. He taught me over about, I would say somewhere between five to ten thousand of your years? in total. At first it was just about twenty years. Then I came back for more later on in life. You have to finish what you start!"

"Huumm now that's a first for me! You are certainly older than you look!" he laughs out nervously.

"Well then lets begin shall we?"...I just nod agreement back to him.

I stand in the circle, to go through a whole bunch of magical tests and after nearly two hours of that evil. He finally lets me out of the mage circle. He then hands a full report for Becky to read over to me.

"Well Kyley this shows out of a skill range of one to seven. You are a four and he definitely thinks you're trainable to a six. If you learn the different magic styles that are used now and that may take years for you to learn he says...But I know you have that!" she giggles out "Just so you know, there are only a handful of Sixes on the whole planet. But trainable to a six is pretty incredible! This also says you have quite an affinity for magic and a very deep essence well to draw upon for your magic. Then the way you do and see magic is something they might want more on later. As you 'see' it, then use it instinctively and very different way than others do? He then says, your magic is really close related to the Fae's magic or that of Elves?"

"Well make sense, I learned a lot of magic from the Elves."

"Really? You learned magic from Elves?"

"Yes I did, after Uthor got done with my basics. I did some study time under the best Elvin mages around. As the Elvin Empress and me where old friends. I helped the Empress to clear her lands of all evil and to secure her throne. She was a VERY good friend of mine. She was one of the first ones to fall, when 'they' came." I am shaking my head in sadness thinking about it. I start walking towards the door to leave. I just don't want to talk to her about it any more today.

I walk over to the cart and sit on it. I see Becky near runs out after me, after talking with our escorts.

"Kyley we are not done yet. But the next part is back upstairs anyway. The next part is the medical exams....like blood x-ray, MRI, CAT scan, eyes, ears, hearing ,ect" ...she just goes on and on. I hear her fully, but my mind is really lost in the old thoughts of long dead friends.

After some time traveling Becky notices, that I am not really 'here' and whacks me in the ribs hard "Are you listening to me at all?"

"NO, not really. I am thinking of all my old times. But I did hear all you said and remember it. I just don't care right now is all" I say very plainly and flat. Then I drift off back to what mattered to me at the time.

We all go back up through the same maze of hallways and corridors back to the medical center. After we get there, the first thing Becky does is hand the gentleman in charge there the paperwork from the mages. He looks over it more than interested, while he goes off to read the reports more. A second man comes forward and asks Becky if they can test my armor out.

She translates this question to me. I nearly laugh at the though of it. As since I have been here I have heard no less then five times, that they tested the 'block' that was my armor for near One hundred and Fifty years!

I am still so near laughing, I barely tell Becky "Please Becky tell them that my armor is the same, as it was as a block or me wearing it. They had all that time to test it and nothing has changed...from then...(I laugh more) as I am still in it!"

Becky looks at me in wonderment no quite getting the joke...then it dawns on her I was IN that block all that time, so testing now is exactly the same! as then.

The man looks more than disappointed in that fact. As my bet is, that he never got to do any of theses tests and really wanted to see this for himself. But he went on to explain something new to Becky for several minutes.

Becky finally came over to me "Well this is the last part for powers testing. What they want to do is a test for regenerative healing. They know from that shot to your chest on that first day that you heal. Now they just want to see how good you heal."

The doctor gives Becky the first steps on this. As she listens to it she doesn't look happy...near at all "Well This is new for me --The only way to test your regenerative healing is...destructive...they cut you and see how fast you heal?"

"Really? well that's going to be interesting?"

I nod to the doctor and he leads me to sit me down at a table, then puts my arm in a device to hold it, so I don't jerk around is my guess. After its all set, the medical attendant tries to cut me with a knife. It doesn't cut so good. So they try another blade or two on it and the results are not what they are looking for....As all they get, are very deep cuts into my hard skin...then my internal energy near melts the blade and makes it dull. They move on to a laser. But that just makes real bad burn marks on me, that heal up fast. What they are after, is a consistent 'cut' to measure. AND my energy is interfering in this.

The assistant tells Becky "If we can't cut her? We're not going to be able to measure your regenerative abilities today? I will have to send for a set of special blades for this and that my take a week or more?"

Becky tells me his question "Kyley they can't cut you, so the test has to wait?"

As Becky is telling me this...'I remember that my armor properties should have leached into my body and my skin. Thus making them tougher. Since I wore mine so many years. I should probably be one of the toughest people that lived where I am from, plus that cursed, gift?....the blackness of my armor, made it even tougher. Did my rebirth, make all this go way?' I ponder the thoughts.

"Humm they just need something to cut you with?" she asks again.

"I know...get this thing off my arm for a minute please..." I look at the man sitting there "Off now?" and point at the brace my arm is in.

After he gets me out of the brace. I pull out my storage bag. I literally dig around in it for several minutes. From it I get a small dagger and place it on the table. The medical assistant starts to grab for it and I have to slap his hand away like you would do a small child! "Becky? tell them not to touch the edge of this. As it will surly cut their fingers completely off in a split second, or from just a tap it will take their whole arm off! okay? It's made of the same metal my suits made out of, but this is an alloy of it."

She explained it all to him. Then I put my arm back in the device. No sooner than I was done he started using the dagger to cut me. Some blood pours from the new wound for the barest seconds, then heals fast and no scar or other indication of a wound is left.

Becky is in a bit of shock at the sight of it "DO! you feel pain? right now?"

"No not really? You can call it a pain? But it's just telling me, I got hurt."

They do a few more on the arm and hand. Then the doctor tells me via Becky.."They want to cut off a finger now?" she gulps at that thought!

"I am Okay with that...go ahead."

The doc cuts off my small finger it drops off to the tray below it, with a large spurt of blood. Then rolls around in the tray it fell into for a second. To disappear in a small flash of light. There is a small bit of ash left there to show it even existed. Then in a few seconds, a new one starts to grow back in its place and after several minutes. Its all healed

"Humm now that is new...never saw that before or even read about that! Kyley what was that? your finger just did?"

After Becky translates to me..."Ahh, that is my energy or maybe you can call it life force? Being released?" I say back to him.

"Lets do more!" he cuts off another and another one with the same results. The doctor writes it all down each time.

Becky is just standing there jaw open for some time..."Wow that is neat!" she finally says out.

Becky and the doc talk a little...Now Becky asks for him "They want to cut off the whole hand now? Ahh that sounds a bit drastic. But that's what they want next?" she says more than sheepishly to me.

"Go ahead?"

She tells him and with little time delay or waiting. He does! Near the same thing happens, But this time the light flash is far brighter near blinding and the blood of mine even more. But since this was the whole hand. It takes near a half an hour, for it all to grow back. The doc writes even more notes, down this time. Then he does it once more after it grows back, just to test if my healing fades with time.

All the doctors talk for a few minuets, amongst themselves. During all of it Becky does not look happy or pleased with what is at question. I can feel some fear off her and its directed at me or for me?

She asks me in a voice that sounds all too worried now "They want to move you to a new table and take off your whole arm...since they see, your not feeling any pain and healing so quickly."

"Well I agreed to all of this...fine. Lets do it and get this over with!"

Becky now she looks a little queasily at me "Please, they only can do this if you agree to it?"

I nod back to her "I am fine with it. As I am not really feeling anything from this."

They take me into another room, that is a bit bigger and I see there are some other patients already there getting care for injuries. They sit me down, near a man getting a cast done on his leg. I can now see the reason why they brought me here. The table is made to hold, lift and move my leg 'just so'... To make this easier on me and safer for them.

I take off my pants for this and lay down on the bed. The doctor takes my leg in his hands "Well here goes!" and he cuts it off with my dagger as fast as he can. The blood flows out fast for several seconds as the leg falls off and the near blast of light from its going. Blinds everyone in the room but me! My flesh just flows and grows back into a new leg within an hour after that.

I Look over Becky and she does not look good at all! I also see that one of the technicians looks as if he may barf at any second and the technician who was with the doctor is looking happy as heck! at the sight.

Becky asks me in a soft tone "You don't feel any of this?"

"You could call it pain? But its not, its just my body saying, I am hurt a little."

They all talk some more and Becky comes back "They want another?"

"Fine" is all I say, with a nod to them.

Without a moments hesitation the doc moves to the other leg. But this time even more personal show up to watch this. He cuts the leg with the exact same results again...but this time I get a clap from the peanut gallery that is assembled there.

Becky and them talk at that...then she tells me "Well they are going to stop now because, the next test will be basically chopping you in half and I don't think that would be a good idea for you?"

I laugh "I think you're right chopping me in half, probably would not be a good idea?"

As me and her talk. I see a quite a commotion happening across the room. They are all talking over that man who was just next to me when they took off my leg. I can see that they are talking and pointing at something and the mans leg. Then they shuffle this one man into another room.

"Becky what are they arguing over?"

"They all seem to be looking at a X-ray of something?"

"What is that...an x-ray...please?"

"It takes pictures of bones through the skin, to show breaks and problems."

"Okay I understand that...so what are they talking about?"

"I can't tell they're muffling and mumbling too damn much!"

I try and listen...but end up shaking my head in disgust "I really wish I knew your language better then. I can hear every word they are saying. But I just can't speak it well enough to get what the issue is. All I can get is at best one word of ten spoken by them."

Becky finally gets fed-up and walks over to see what issue is. I sit there and my mind wanders back again to old friends gone. My mind as of today just can't seem to get off that track!

Becky comes back over to me all excited "Kyley! you know that guy that was next to you, that they just took away? After they cut off your leg and being in the room for a while for awhile, he says that the pain-- it stopped after being in the room with you. He broke, his leg two days ago and they just X-rayed his leg bone. It's completely healed up! Like it's ever been broken before? Do you know anything about this?"

"Becky have you ever noticed that you felt better when you're in the room with me?" I ask her.

"Ya? I just thought it was just me being happy, that I am teaching somebody?"

"Well?" I sigh out "My kind make people feel better being around us. If your around us long enough...it will probably heal your wounds a little bit over time. Then when they cut off my limbs, that flash of light? Was that energy being released at one time. That one flash was probably like being around me for a month all in one shot. That was probably what healed his leg?"

She gets all excited and tells the doctor. Who looks at me like I am slightly crazy "So you can heal people if you want to?" he asks me through Becky.

"Directly yes and if you're in the room with me long enough-- slowly yes?"

The doc asks "Can we test this some how?"

"Okay at least I will feel like I'm helping somebody today?"

They take me to the infirmary room or the ER, for this rather large complex and since it has a large group of people running it there are always some injured around here. The doc shows me the first one they want me to try. A man broke his hand the other day, they letting him recuperate here and doing a follow-up on him.

I put my hand on his broken hand. I feel out into him and I see the break, its a simple one. I push out some of my energy or life force into the hand. There is a slight 'glow' from it.

"Becky tell him to flex his hand and fingers now, everything should be fine."

He does it...after she tells him "Hey it feels great, all fixed! Thanks!"

I see the doctors take him away, to test my work out. When they finally get back. They tell me like I expected, its all healed up. I am next taken over to a man who was just brought in, with a rather large gash to his leg and he is bleeding badly. As I see him enter the room. I feel that PAIN of his wounds, I near run over to him and place both hands on the wound. It only takes me a couple seconds via touching him, with a little concentration and it slowly seals up.

After I am done with that man, they pull Becky aside to talk yet again to her. I am starting to feel like she is 'running' me, as they ask her all the questions. After that talk, they nearly drag me up to a hospital room and once there Becky starts into me quick!

"Kyley this man has lung cancer...its like that girl from the cafeteria, can you help him out?"

'Damn she expects me to fix everyone now? I already told her there is a price to such things!'

With I sigh, I walk to the man in the bed and start feeling out to him via my hands. I can feel the 'cancer' in him or as I call it 'red death' because you usually bleed to death from this...slowly. The cancer is all over his lungs, so bad there is no way to 'cut' it out like they do here. Then to add to his misfortune, its all in his stomach and spreading fast.....He is a dead man.

"Becky he is even worse than the girl was, he may last a bit longer. But he is still going to die. Tell him I am sorry."

"BUT you said to Madelyn you can save her for a price!" she nearly yells at me.

I am very mad and near screaming at her myself "YES! I did! You cornered me into that deal! But she has not made a choice yet and unlike this man! She can bear a child in payment to me and balance the scales that way.....THIS! MAN WILL BE A SLAVE TO ME! don't you get it.....balance is the rule! I can not change that! So you tell him that!"

"I WILL!" she finally screams out to me.

She starts marching over to him and she is going to do just that! Right in front of everyone!.... "STOP!" I yell in English. "Tell the others to leave first...as this is too personal for a crowd to hear!"

Becky shoos them all out. After they all leave. I drop a privacy ward on the room to be sure! Then I turn to Becky "Well tell him! he can live if? He is my slave till he dies! NO! free will at all. He will be at my 'beck and call' all day!"

"But its your power? not mine?" she near begs.

"You forced this! deal with it!....just remember that. I get the great pleasure of feeling all his pain, his lost hope, rage, when you tell him and let him down with this......I told you the price can hurt!" I give her a not too gentle shove over to him.

Becky starts talking to the dieing man "Ahh my friend here can help you. But first, do you feel we are talking the truth right now?"

"Yes strangely I do." he says calmly

"Well before, we can go on since this is so private. I have to ask you to promise never to tell anyone? EVER!"

"I can do that.....As I know I am a dead man so.....what's one more little secret!?"

Becky now sees what I mean a little 'by feeling the pain' as she starts "My rather new friend here is not normal...she is a mutant...but a little beyond that. She can heal you. But there is a price to be paid. Not in money to balance the scales of the world....As she calls it....'to keep the gates of hell shut'. So in your case she says the only way you can balance the scales out, is near slavery to her. As you have no other real 'currency' to offer in the deal. I am so sorry....but I had to ask, as life is life?"

The man looks up at her in veiled anger and sadness 'gods the pain and sadness ....then the rage! I am feeling now from him is near killing me! Darn it Becky!'.... "So the offer on the table is live and be a slave or die? Why so high a price?" he barks at her.

"Its not her rules...these rules where written long ago by things far above us all and must be obeyed at all times or she pays the price."

He spits back at her "No! thanks. I am slave...to no one! Now get out!"

Becky turns to me as we leave "See?" is all I say to her.

I look to him and say "Sorry?" I turn to leave the room. As my back turns, He tosses his tray of food at me. I feel it coming and slap it away. I should be mad...but I can't. All I do is say "Sorry" again, as I go out the door.

We both walk down the hall, from the group of doctors at the man's door. I finally see a staircase door and shove Becky into it hard! Then slam the door "What are you playing at! Are you trying to get me found out! or what!" I demand from her.

"I don't understand Kyley? what?"

I feel out to her and all I get back is confusion "I was thinking you where planning to out me to the world on this?...But now I don't feel it from you?"

"I would never do that!"

"BUT you would do....what you just did! I can not fix the WORLD! little girl....I am not this worlds GOD and even she can't! If you want to do this again, then do it with Sara! and see how much 'fun' she is...is my bet!"

"I......I don't...." she stutters at me confused.

I grab her by the neck with my hand "If I did not need you!.... OOOHH!" I let go of her "Do you even know how painful it was for me back there...I felt all the pain and rage off him!....Sorry about grabbing you like that...its his rage...still getting to me. Can we take a break from this? As this whole building is pure pain!......to me?" I sigh out.

The doctors want to go on, but at Becky's instance we stop. I walk out of the medical center with Becky in tow, lagging behind me a little bit. She can see finally how mad I really am and is staying back a little to give me some much needed room.

After a long and very silent walk. We finally get to my back door "I will see you in a few hours Becky. I need some time alone right now."

"Okay...are you sure as I just really see it in you now? You do look very tired?"

"I am. They took all those fingers, my hand a few times and two legs. Then add healing those two men...it all has a price! I have lost allot of my energy today and then add the magic testing on top." I then shut my door, as I am far too mad to talk to her any longer.

After I get in my house I tear off my clothes and go to the shower. I just feel so 'dirty' right now! I near jump in the shower and turn it on. I don't even give it time to warm up! I just stand there and bask in its warmth for over an hour, just plain enjoying the waters flowing embrace on me. I finally feel I have had enough, I get up the energy to get out and dry off. After I do...I walk slowly out to the living room with a blanket wrapped around me, that I just pulled off the bed and sit on the couch with a tired plop.

After I settle down to cover myself up, I grab the TV remote and push play. The sound and light from it, wraps around me and calms my raging mind. I decide to lay down and watch it. In less then ten minuets I drift off to sleep. As I sleep my mind divides up, one part listens to the TV and tries to learn. Another is processing today's madness and the final part drifts off to the last time I fell asleep with my wife Gina. As lay there wrapped in that wonderful night. It changes suddenly to her last day! I feel her dieing like all the rest, being torn part and her grief not knowing what will become of the kids! THEN finally her death stabs at my heart deeply!

I jump up near off the couch, screaming that name!...her name.

Once I stop screaming and look suddenly about. To find Becky getting up from the other chair in the room, She is scared and is backing away from me. As my mind finally gets cleared from that horror, I was just in. I see why she is scared! My Axe is hovering in the room over me and is slowly going to her. I feel it means her harm!

"Becky DO NOT move!" I command her. Luckily she stands still!

I grab my Axe and ask it why its out!

~'I am out....as last time you talked to her, you felt betrayed. Your fear and sadness. It called to me!'~

~'Go! now!'~ I say to it mentally and it fades out of sight.

"Becky are you all right?" I ask more than concerned for her.

She calms down and then finally sits "I am fine, what was that!

"That was my Axe. Sorry, it has gotten a little over protective...as the years have gone by"

"It thinks?" she looks a little confused to me, as she says that.

"WHY Yes! wouldn't you after more than 500,000 years of being around?" I sass her.

"Were you just sleeping? I thought you never slept?"

"I really don't. I was awake in some sort. I heard you come in two hours ago and sit. I was just spent mentally and physically from today, is all?"

"Who is Gina?"

I spin to her from my near sleep....my now fierce gaze makes her back into the chairs cushions from me "NEVER SPEAK HER NAME TO ME! you have not earned that privilege to ask that of me....yet!" I bark at her.

All Becky can do, is nod silently in fear at me.

I feel that fear dripping from her, now that the rage of that outburst of mine is gone.

I say softly to her "Becky I will tell you that someday, when I feel you have earned my full trust. Just as of now, Because of your being around Sara. I don't fully trust you yet. Now please stop being so sacred of me right now. As I did say to you more than once I need you and will not hurt you willingly or knowingly."

"I am sorry for that? I am not scared anymore."

I see her still shaking in fear. She is just mouthing the words now trying to be polite to me.

"Yes you are....was it the Axe? As its now gone...Because if your still scared of me....then go right now! I will figure out all this myself!" If she only knew that fear, nearly hurts me as much as sadness and rage does.

"Hey! don't say or think that? Are you all right? As you seem really too angry and off right now?"

"I need more rest.. then add all the 'feelings' I had to deal with from others today...have affected me a bit today?...But we have to get the rest of these stupid tests done?"

"AAhh nope we don't, I will call and get them to it set for tomorrow. Do you want to sleep some more? or?"

"No....Actually I want a pepperoni pizza?....and sorry I lost it. As who you asked about....may have....died....years ago...but to me, it was just yesterday." I finally stuttered out in thought ...as I held back all the sadness. Because if I let it all go with her in the room, it would surly drive her mad.

"I'll be right back in a few!" and off she runs out my door.

After she runs out, I bury my face deep in the blanket and cry. I let all that sadness from that dream out and then try to calm myself before she gets back.

After about twenty minutes, Becky comes flying in the back door with three large pizzas in hand and large bag of snack food. I go for the pepperoni one, as I asked for it and start eating it slowly. As Becky pulls up a movie on the TV to watch, as we chat about the week gone by. As we sit there, I am finally letting all the days madness flow out of me. As the night goes on, Becky is giving me near tons of snack items to try out for taste. I finally seem to like items that have peanuts in them allot! I get into relaxing on the couch. I snuggle into its corner watching the movie and I fall asleep again from the exertion of the day both mentally and physically.

I fell into a dream of my youth being out with friends in the untamed world and not a nightmare this time at all! When I wake several hours later from that nice feeling of safety. I find out why that was. Becky had fallen asleep snuggled right next to me and her emotions were of feeling safe and comfortable being next to me. Her dreams and emotions, they had bled into that dream of mine to form it.

Well now that I am up. I find that I can't get up without waking her? 'OOhh...well' I think. My hand grabs the TV control and I hop through the channels looking for something interesting, to settle finally on a kids show with a large yellow bird? As I watch it, I find it silly. But even with the sound off....its entertaining!

As I lay there for a couple of hours, I find Becky is really snuggling 'close' really close! I really like her....but I want to keep her for now, at arms length. She finally stirs in her slumber, then looks up to me.

"Well we are finally awake are we?" I ask her.

"MMMM....yes. God your so warm! I loved that!"

"What?...I did nothing?....can I get up now? or shall I stay here and be your pillow more today?"

Ohh poo! We have to get going. If it was not for those tests I would happily lay here all day?"

"So last night...you stayed...why? If I can ask? As after I fell off to sleep, you could have just left?"

"I was told to watch over you by Sara and that's all there is....that's my job. I am here to make sure you get cared for." she says to me while standing up and stretching out. I watch her closely as she does and find it familiar.

"You know Becky...when you stretch like that, you remind me of a old friend of mine!" I start to laugh at the thoughts.

"So who or what? would that be?" she asks while moaning out from her moves.

"You remind me of Tameria. She was part of a humans tribe. I traveled with for a long time, she was like a were-tiger? I think you would call it? All your stretching looks like her...like a big cat!" I now giggle out.

"So I act like a cat?" her gaze on me is less than happy at that statement.

"Yes a big cat!...."

"So how did you meet this cat?"

"Well not cat....tiger! think human female and tiger blended. Then think over six foot tall, all muscle and weighs 400 pounds! But I met her in a town. She saw me when she was young, stupid and VERY hungry. I was walking down a alley and she jumped me, thinking I was a rather large chicken! Well my throwing her through a building wall, solved that issue fast! At that age and time in my life I was going to kill her for that, but a human that was traveling with us. Liked her and we took her in. For that...boy she was loyal to us as repayment!"

"Humm sounds like a fun friend...who tried to eat you!...." she laughs out as she does the 'face of menace' and clawed hands at me.

"She was great!...but I got to get a shower!" I say as I jump off the couch.

"Do you want company?" she asks me in a very inviting voice.

"Becky...I am not going to do that with you. I do not want to have that type of a relationship. Your my teacher to me, I don't want to complicate the relationship between a teacher and a student at this point....please? We can still be friends? Then maybe...beyond this place and this now....something can happen?"

"Okay I have no problem with that. But someday, we might revisit this issue!...But like you said...off to shower up and lets get this over with!" she beams out.

After an hour of me getting ready for the day, I step out the front door. Wearing a shirt that Becky just got for me, that has a built in hole in the back for my wings and a pair of 'cargo pants' I got from the 'new' pile of clothes. I walk on to the green open space in front of my house, to let my wings out and to stretch them out. As I go through a set number of moves I try to do daily to limber up. I notice that a guard is walking near me once again? It's funny how every time I leave that house of mine. A guard pops up in a minute and a half.?"

As I ponder that as, Becky comes out of her place, then walks up to me, all clean and ready too. "Hey you ready? or what?" she asks.

"Becky? isn't funny how that every time I leave the house, that the guard pops up? So they must be watching me in there...inside my house? This man here just proved it!"

"You know, you're right every time you do leave the house, a guard pops up within a minute or two. They practically run out here!"

"So in other words I have zero privacy?" I near hiss.

"Well I thought they would...look in on you? As they are not fully sure of you? Not to mention your a bit powerful?"

"Hummm" I think..."But anyway...more tests? today?" I ask...even thou I know this.

"Yep more tests. But today will go fast and easy! As its just medical stuff?"

"Same building?" I ask...not sure.

"Yes same building!" she smiles to me.

"Well lets go!" I scoop her up and fly over to the medical building with her squealing in my ear all the way.

"Hey I did not expect that! and you messed up my hair!" she says while taking out a brush from her bag to fix it.

"But it was fun?...say it!....say it!" I coax her.

"Fine....yes it was."

"Well then I guess? We will have to get you a hat for next time? hummm?" I question her with a evil grin.

With that little verbal swipe of mine, Becky walks into the building a little mad at me. I just laugh at her, I know she loved the flight!

After we get inside I watch Becky go off to find, who we go to for this next part of the tests. Since she just left me just standing there, I wonder off to find something to peak my interest! Walking from room to room, watching the people come and go. I find this simple thing really interesting to say the least. I may not know what they are doing? But its fun to watch them all. In my wandering I come across what must be a medical place for the children of people who work here. I can tell by the change in the color of the walls and all the happy paintings on them. In that area, I find a small room off to the side of the main hallway, As I enter the room I find a TV showing that show with the big yellow bird in it. In front of the TV are three children just watching the show, not one of them over I would say age five. I stand there at the door, I watch the show for a short time to find that I like this show and its even better with sound! So, I go and sit down on the floor just behind the entranced kids.

We are all sitting there watching the show and a slow part of the show comes along. With that, one of the Kids finally turns around to see me sitting there. She gets VERY! excited and starts talking to me.

The first kid to turn around is little four year old...Mary. She spins around from watching Sesame street and finds sitting right behind her is, Me...an Angel in her young mind watching TV too! "Hey look its an Angel behind us!" she squeals out!

The rest of the kids turn to stare at me, at hearing that outburst from her!

Little Matt, that is five says "No its not! Those wings are fake!" He jumps up to run behind me and grabs a wing of mine's, edge feather and tugs hard! to prove it to all!

As he tugs, It does hurt a little, but he is no where near strong enough to do any damage....So all I do is yelp out a little "Ouch" as I pull back a little from his play then say softly to him "No...please?" He was certainly surprised that the wing did not come off, like his sisters did. When she wore some just like these last week, as she played at being an 'angel' for a few days.

A younger kid Sally who is three...does a teaching moment to both of them. "You don't pull out a Angel's feathers! Silly...but you can pet them!" and she toddles beside me to pet a hand on the wing she finds there...softly. "See she likes it!"

As Sally is having her fun. Mary near yells at Matt "See I told you she is real!"

Mary comes up closer to me to ask "What's your name?"

Cool! a sentence I know! "Kyley!" I say out to her more than excited.

Well my answering one question opened the FLOOD gates! "Hi am Mary!...she is Sally...That stupid boy there, is Matt my dumb brother...Where are you from?...how old are you?....how big are your wings?...how fast do you fly?...are there more of you?"....and she went on for several minutes...like all my kids did at that age! You could swear, they don't need to breath to talk!

All I can do in reply, is shake my head at near every word she says to me. As I don't sadly understand a word she says to me.

As Mary is talking a river of words to me. Matt is behind me trying hard to flex out my wings to get a better look at them. I let him do it as best I can, while sitting. Then Sally has taken to sitting on my crossed knee, to watch the TV show.

I suddenly feel fear and concern behind me. I slowly look over my shoulder to find a woman standing there gasping at me. She almost yells out "KIDS get away from her now!"

I sense nothing but mass confusion from the children now. As they don't understand why she is yelling at them for nothing? But her more than commanding voice moves them all over to her. Where she does the 'mother hen' move and clutches her arms around the kids. I stay seated as she does this, Because my guess she is afraid of me?

A rather large man suddenly runs into the room now that the woman screamed out. He sees what my guess is his children move over from me, to the mom? "What in the heck! Who let that monster in here!" he yells out at me. But I don't understand a word of it.

Mary yelps out "Dad she is not a monster! Don't you know an Angel when you see one?"

At the same time Matt in a voice that says stubborn all over it "Dad she was not hurting us. She is a good person?" he insists to his father.

I see the man turn angrily to his kid and his left arm rises up. I can see and feel what is going to happen. He goes to swing and my instincts take over. I move at near blinding speed and grab his wrist to stop him from hitting the boy.

As I hold his arm in my vise like grip. I say to him "No...hurt" while I shake my head to him.

Sally squeals out "SEE! daddy she is good....an Angel will never let a kid get hurt when she is there!"

I feel what is coming next from him. I have his left hand in mine, but his right is free. Since I am leaning far down to catch his hand, before it hit the kid. I am in a bad position to defend myself. His right fist rolls far back and then smashes into my faces left side. When he lands the blow, my head only pops back slightly from the blow...

'I hear the bones in his hand break...at least three'... After he hits me, the pain from the blow stuns him and he starts to shake his hand from the pain of it hitting my hard skull.

I GLARE at him in anger and I see a look come over him that says to me 'What did I just do?'... the look then fades into....'ohhh no, that did not even phase her at all!' then his look fades lastly to 'ohh no, she is mad and will surly kill me!' and I feel all that anger from him, drop to sudden fear coming off him.

As I let go of his arm, to stand up. Becky comes running into the room. AND! she is mad! I am sure, she saw the blow land on my face. So...she is now pushing the man back without fear of any kind. All the while yelling at him...who knows what?

As I stand up at Becky's sudden showing up. My mental shields go up as full as I can muster, as I hold back my anger and rage at being struck. I try hard to calm myself, as I watch the show of Becky shoving and screaming at the man. Then I see, he is about to act on her! But a glare from me backs him down. A thought runs through my head...'good idea...as if you hit her! I would hurt you badly!'

As Becky is going 'all nuts' on the man. Four guards show up running in, with Mr. Twain. Twain sees what might happen soon, then he then jumps wisely between Becky and the man to stop something that will surly get out of hand fast!

"What is going on here!" Twain demands from the man and Becky "Why did you hit Kyley!" The rage coming off Twain is so high, I can feel it.

"She was hurting me!" man rages back at Twain.

"Humm now lets see?....." he then turns to the mother "But first ma'am please take your children with this guard to keep them out of this?"

I watch as the mom takes the kids off while the younger two girls shout out "Why? she is fun"...and "I want to stay and help the Angel out!" I smile and wave at them friendly as they all go.

After they are all gone. Twain turns to a guard standing there to bark "Tablet now!" and the guard hands him one of the flat computers.

"Well lets see shall we. AS! All of this was caught on the clinics camera system!"

I see the man's mood change as he hears that, While Becky is catching me up on the translation of it all.

Twain watches the tablet for a few minutes. Then spins it to show the man something on it "Humm from what I see is that, she saved you from hitting your kid and me firing you for it!"

The man is standing there is shock at that...then Twain adds "What I also see is you hitting her! in the face!...But lets not split hairs....you just know your fired...right?" he hisses in anger at the man

When Becky gets done telling me that. I speak out "No he does not need to lose his job for this. I am unhurt and besides, he broke his hand hitting me. He thought he was protecting his kids from a danger? All I want out of this is...he keeps working here and he tells me why, he called me a 'monster'?"

As Mr. Twain ponders my request. Becky 'still very angry' whispers in my ear very fast. A short version of 'monster' refers to mutants. Then she adds to that with some people have organized via 'Humanity First!' or..'H1!'.. to get rid of them all and that would include me!...I nod back to her that I understand.

"Humm fine he keeps the job....so tell her why you called her a 'monster'....NOW!" Twain barks at the man.

"Well I thought by your looks? That you where dangerous?" after he says that. He stands still and silent.

Becky shrieks at him "SO your not H1! as that is their slogan!?"

"No! I just lost it and used the first word in my head! I know its an insult. So I am sorry?" he says in defense to her...rather meekly.

After Becky translates for me. I walk over to him "Can I see that hand you hurt?"

Becky tells him my request and he puts out his right hand. I take it and he winces in pain. I see the hand is now swelling rather nicely and turning some nice black and blue colors! I feel out to it "Humm you broke three fingers...well that will tell you, not to hit me next time!" I laugh out... as Becky translates for me...then I put some of my energy into his hand to heal it "No...hurt...now?" is the best I can get out to him in my little english, when I am done with it.

He pulls back his hand and looks at it, as he flexes his fingers "She can heal people?"

Becky boasts to him "YEP! and it looks like she just did it to you. Even after you tried to hurt her!"

Twain tells the man rather harshly "You can go now!"

I watch as he leaves, then I smile to him and say to him though Becky..."Tell your kids it was fun and be good!" all I get back is a crooked smile of confusion from him.

After he is gone, Twain says to me "Well lets get on with those tests. Please remember that we have to test out the Axe of yours and that 'light' power or yours that comes out of your hands?"

"Okay? and what 'light' power are you referring too? As mine just heals is all" I ask him trying to sound innocent.

"The one you almost used one day to blast the TV set, after it surprised you in your house. That power!" he states to me.

"SO! you do Scry on me!" I say more than mad at the thought. "You figured out my 'light' kills as well as heals!...Good for you!"

"Well yes we do...you maybe treated better for now...but you are still an unknown. We don't know what you can do? or if your a good or bad person....or should I say creature?" His tone at me, is one I do not like.

"Fine I will show you that and more. For more freedoms. I want to be able to fly off farther, lets say three of your miles up and across? Plus, I can fly at anytime I want to! Then lets add this? You take out all the Scrying devices from my house and swear to it!" I stand my ground waiting for my answer.

After Becky more than happily translates that question for me. Mr. Twain is more than mad "You are in no real position to bargain. If you want to leave here. You have to get tested and do as I ask."

After I hear what he has to say. I just don't care anymore "Fine then I will stay here and not leave...you are all just 'smoke' to me anyway. I will wait till your gone and deal with the next person in charge" I pause inwardly laughing "In?...say one hundred years?" After I am done talking, I start to walk off....not caring.

Becky stops me, before I walk off too far "What do mean 'smoke' I don't get it"

"You humans....mortals...are 'smoke' to me. OR before I really see or know you. You all disappear in the winds of time, never to be seen again. Understand it?" she nods to me as I walk off.

"Mr. Twain?" Becky asks him "She will stay here and wait till you die or go and then deal with the next person who takes over for you. She called us all 'smoke' ...or gone before she knows it with the winds of time. So now what? She can wait you out and not care? As she has time on her side! She said, that she is willing to wait a hundred years at least?"

Twain near barks out "Damn it!...FINE! I will do as she asks. BUT this had better be good stuff or no deal!"

Becky stops my walking away, with a hand on my shoulder "He agreed...." she giggles out.

I walk back over to him and offer my hand. He shakes it of course. Then I say "Lets get today's testing done!"

With that Becky leads me off to the Doctor she found that will handle it all. So for the rest of the day they medically test me. They take my blood (which was hard!) only to find it disappears in an hour or so. That really upset them! Then we go on to.. Full X-rays, MRI, CAT scans, and other things that show inside my body. Some like the X-rays are blurred by my internal energy and some like the MRI don't work at all on me? After we are done for the day. Me and Becky return to my house.

As I see her off for the night "Well see you tomorrow and maybe this 'testing' will end on that day? As it bores me to no end and has near stopped my lessons that I really need!" she nods to me while walking off.

On the next morning I am still getting showered up, as Becky walks in my door. I have just got out of my shower and I am in the middle of toweling myself dry when she comes in my bedroom. When she sees me with nothing on, she averts her eyes and starts to exit the room.

"Stop Becky...you know by now, I do not care if you see me...or any other? So why are you so ashamed at this?"

"I just am is all...its not normal in our world. So you doing it, will take me time to get used to?"

"Fine I have no issue...So wait for me in the living room. I will be right out."

I finish getting all dried off and toss on some clothes for the day to come. I choose a backless shirt and jeans today. I walk out to the living room and find Becky is eating 'breakfast' at a leisurely pace.

"Hey your done! I got you some pancakes for this morning to try out?" she smiles at me.

"I tried them near two weeks ago? So what is new about these?" I ask.

"This batch is buckwheat and I added a bunch of flavors to them!" Becky says to me while happily shoving food in her mouth.

What she brought me looked good? So I sat on the couch and grabbed a plate, then added a pancake on it. At Becky's instance I added some strawberries? then syrup on top. I started to dig in, I found this new flavor of her's, to be real good!

After we get all done. I sit there watching Becky and her rather funny bloated stomach! She ate far too much! "Well shall we go?" I say.

"Yep!" she blurts out.

"Ohh and we are walking. As after you ate all that, there is no way I can carry you and fly!" I jest her.

I duck the swipe! that came next.

"Hey I did not eat that much! besides in that test. You lifted a bit over a ton in this" she waves her hand at me "smaller body of yours! AND the LARGE one did near four!...SO quiet you!" she snarled at me.

All I do in reply, is snicker at her. Which earns yet another swipe at me!

We walk to the medical center to meet up with the latest test giver. Who tells us that we have to take a van out to a far off test area for destructive tests like mine. So he leads us outside to a van and tells us to wait as more are coming soon to go with us.

I see walking toward us is Mr. Twain. So he, is the one we where waiting for?

"Good morning?" I ask....the only real greeting I know.

Then Becky starts to ask the same thing and all she gets out is a rather large 'BURP!' Man she is embarrassed at that less than lady like sound, coming from her.

I just can't resist "See I told you...you ate too much and that proved it!"


Mr. Twain tries hard to act the gentleman...but fails, as he turns his head to look away. But all he can do is laugh out loudly, when he does so.

Becky is on him in a second "NOT! you too...now shut-up you!" she barks at him while wiggling a finger at him harshly.

He snickers back and raises his free hand in surrender, then waves the same hand toward the van's door and he says something to both of us. Becky gets in the van while daggers near shoot out of her eyes at him. I follow her in the van laughing hard at the whole scene. As Mr. Twain got in the van, he started to tell us today's plans. The first was going to be my 'light' power, then my Axe and followed by anything else I care to share with them today.

As we drive off the main part of the complex. I start looking out the van's window at what is around us. Since we are so far out, there is near nothing to see. But still this place...my new home still intrigues me to no end. As I watch the near barren world side by my window, I finally notice as my head turns that a van is following us and one joined in front of us at the gate we just passed through...more guards no doubt!

We finally arrive at the testing area, near three miles outside of the main complex. What I see when I step out of the van. Is a barren bowl of dirt with small hills all around us. A few scattered block buildings, that look to me as being built really strong. My guess is that they hide in those during the bigger tests?

"So what do they want me to do?" I ask Becky as she gets out of the van "Need any help there? you look so burdened?" I ask as she looks to be moving so slow ...and the joke is so ripe to be picked.

SWIPE! "No! darn you?" she howls at me.

After she is finally out of the van. She goes to ask the assembled technicians what is at hand for me to do. While she is away from me. I look up into the sky and feel the winds out for the best way to fly around here. I bend down to the dirt to look at it. I feel it in my hands, as I pick up some in one and as I stand up I let some out of my hand to gauge the winds. I find, that they look good and strong for just soaring around here for hours in. As I look off up there, my mind drifts off. Becky finally comes back over to me after several minutes of watching me standing there. Becky has to tap me to get my attention back, as my mind drifted so much...in my just looking around and picking at the dirt in boredom.

"Hey Kyley where do you go? when you drift off like that?" she asks me.

"Ohh that? I was thinking of a simple thing like soaring on these great winds for hours...just floating in the clouds. I have to do simple things once and a while to rest my mind...as it never stops. Example this morning..and I am not making fun of you!...You ate three pancakes and took 127 bites to do it. See what I mean, I just suck up information that is not needed?" I look at the dirt in my hand before I drop it... '1,956,098 grains of sand, 4,507 small pebbles, 365 pebbles...' I drop it before I count even more of it.

"Humm okay...maybe you need to find a hobby?" she giggles "But what they want you to do first, is test your power on slabs of steel. To see how much you can cut or destroy?"

She leads me off to the techs who have set up various metal plates in holders. The whole thing is set up in front of a large hill to stop...my guess from damage going farther?

I step up to the arrayed targets and let lose on each one. One step at a time. As we go along I notice as I burn or blast each one, it gets a bit thicker. Also while I work at the task the techs make notes on each plate and the results most furiously. Toward the middle I slow my pace and pretend not to be able to get through some of them. As I am being cautious with just how well they know my powers and skills work.

On the next set of thinner plates, they want me to just 'blast' them explosively...no burning them. I go through about half and stop. I say to them "That's my limit right there."

Mr. Twain walks out to me and smugly asks "Anything else?"

"Humm there is this!" I say as I form a ball of near pure energy in my hands. After it gets to about three inches. I toss it far off into the distance toward the dirt berms. The explosion it makes is very nice! The assembled techs make even more notes at that display of mine.

"Well that is good!" Twain says as he dusts himself off "Messy but good."

One of the techs then asks me "Does that get bigger or do anything else?"

"Yep!" I say out as I form up a larger one and start into rolling it around in my hands and juggling it between both of them.

"So they do get bigger? and they don't explode till you let go of them?"

I say through Becky "Ahh nope..Once I form one it goes...boom, either real quickly like the last one...Or...like this one here...they have a time delay."

"So what is that one's delay?" Twain asks me.

I toss it to him as I say "In about fifteen seconds!"

He catches it easily, then hears what Beck near screamed out and tosses it! He flops on the dirt, as he did not toss it far. I just stand there waiting and watching the group flop around. Becky stands with me, my guess is she trusts me real well by now.

I stoop down to them "Guys I lied..that one is like...fifteen minutes till it goes boom!" I calmly walk out onto the clear area, while Becky is laughing at Twain and his group as she translates to them. I bend down to the ball, to pick it up and toss it at the berm. In my walk back to the group, I can see that Twain is just furious and I feel his anger growing toward me.

"SO! you think that was funny!?" he barks.

"Yes" I say calmly. After Becky's translation is finished.

"You know? I got my new suit dirty because of that!"

"Then take it off, if it offends you now? I don't care. You know that." Becky stifles a giggle and holds back even more. As she translates for me.

As he is yelling even more at me. I just stand there calmly waiting. At the right time I hold up my hand, so Becky can see it and count down the fingers one at a time...at three left. She steps near me to shield herself, just incase from the blast that comes at.......one!


Twain stands there as even more dirt and dust falls on that 'nice' suit of his. His mood does not get better now.

All I say is "Next?"

Becky nudges me playfully in the ribs "The Axe!"

"Ohh ya I had better get set for this part" I start to grow into my bigger self. My clothes fade away, as my armor shows up.

As I call my Axe, to have it appear hovering next to me. I ask out "What now?"

My Axe is near Four foot tall, from blade edge, to the stone at its handles base. To most, the blade of it looks to be made in three equal parts, and it is.
The blade it self is a skeletonized circle, that is about three quarters round with the last quarter where the handle extends from. The handle is made of a wood from my home and is wrapped in a leather, that only I know what it is.

As one of the techs walks forward to me I can just 'feel' the fear off the group standing there. As my new size, is not exactly a friendly look, especially in my black armor. One of them finally comes off the group and He leads me to blocks of metal already set up near by. As we get there, He does not wait for Becky to come over he dose a chopping motion at one. I get the drift of his request, so I start into slicing progressively thick and harder metal at each one. As I do, I ask the blade to not cut anymore at one, so as not to show its full abilities to them all.

A somewhat disappointed Twain asks "Is that all?"

"Nope" I say...after the translation. I then toss the Axe at a far off small pole that stands at the berm over 200 yards off. It hits it and easily slices the metal pole in two then returns to hover next to me.

"Huummm" is all I get from him?

"Not impressed!? WATCH this!" and I show off just a little.

This time I toss the Axe and guide it via my link, to hit several poles at the berm.
Upon its return to me. I swipe it in an arc at the targets again. This time the three blades separate from the handle. They go off to strike the targets, that I guide them to. Then I have them fly back to me. I toss up the Axe's main shift and the blades rejoin it. The Axe falls down from the toss, to hover once again next to me.

Mr. Twain stands there.....but he looks not so impressed at that. Where as the techs are amazed at that showing.

I think 'he must want more....he is digging for more?!' I stand there confused at him and his actions.

"Well I am done" is all I say to him.

"Well! that's not near enough for our bargain then!" is his answer to me.

'Damn mortal is playing with death!' I think as my anger rises. "I will show you one more thing that's all, then the bargain is made and done!" I bark at him

I just know I am being played with...but I have shown him not near all I can do!

"I am fine with that...as long as its good?"

I call out 'Night' and there is a small flash and she standing there next to me. She is my near three foot tall hawk, with all black wings and plumage like my armor. She is just eyeballing everybody! I can tell she's not happy...not one bit! To calm her down, I bend down to her and I stroke her feathers on her back and head.

"Becky...Meet Nightwing...my bird. When I was born, this bird was born at the same time and we're linked forever. That's about all I am going to say about our relationship."

"Is she smart?" Becky asks me.

"Yes Becky this bird is smart. She is smarter than you by hundred and we talk" I tap the side of my head "We talk up here...not verbally, all you can hear is her screech like a regular hawk. Then obviously she is a bigger bird! also" I take a glance at Night...then she takes off, with a large beat of her wings. To circle over us and go fly around for a while.

"Was that enough or did you want EVEN more?" I ask....and I am not happy anymore with this game of his.

As I say that. Night must be feeling my displeasure at him. She lands on a steel handrail in front of him. Then she crushes it near flat, in her talons and tears it with them. Then she slides over a little to show him, while she tears at the rest with her beak. One of the techs backs up a pace or two at the show of force.

"Humm I still would like to see more?" he asks...and he is pushing the line!

"So you want even more? Do I have permission to show you more?" I ask him with a evil grin on my face.

"Yes you have it"....he stops and is about to say something else.

I jump up and fly up, at the same time Night disappears. I fly up to near 10,000 feet. Then I go what I call 'light speed' and streak off into the far distance.

What they saw was...me jump up and fly off. Night 'my bird' vanishes from sight when I do. Then they see me fly up high near out of sight.

Mr. Twains asks Becky "Where is she going? is she trying to escape!"

All poor Becky can do is shrug and say "I don't know...she does not tell me everything!"

Then they all see me far up high and a bright streak of light....not unlike a shooting star go off into the distance...from where I was just hovering at. Rapidly followed by a very large THUMP! One tech says then "Well she just broke the sound barrier...right there!"

"She what!..She is gone!...You have to know something Becky about this!...She planned this!..Get her back now!" he screams in her face.

"AND! how should I do that!...Should I flap my arms and go after her!" Becky shouts back, all the while flapping her arms to show Twain how stupid he is being.

After about twenty minutes. I come flying back into sight. I stop my high speed run and slow to a hover at that great height. I look down and see that they are all still there. I had hoped they would just give up and go away. I laugh thinking about it.

I then tip over, then dive at them, to pull up at the last moment and land.

"Well how about that?" I ask them all.

One tech asks me "How fast did you go?"

"Humm about 1300 of your miles per hour. But I can not turn during that, straight lines only and I have to go near one hundred miles or better!"

"Where do you go?" Twain asks in a less than friendly tone.

"That way...fast!" I say as I point where I was just at.

"So you think your being funny?" he asks

"Yes" I hiss out after Becky translates and then she tells me what he said while I was gone.

I start to walk off and Becky follows me very closely. As she is feeling I am now more than mad at this continued 'game' of Twain's.

I hear behind me in a calm voice "We are not done yet here Kyley"

I spin to glare at him "Yes we are!"..I hold my gaze on him unblinking... and deep in growing anger "We had a deal on this...I feel we are done."

"I and the center here want at least one more demo of what you do?" he asks me sounding like a unhonorable merchant.

"You want one more thing? Really?" I ask. I turn to Becky "I have done or shown you all allot today...haven't I Becky?"

Becky nods her agreement back to me.

"Yet he asks for more?" I question out. "So... you want more?...fine then just one last thing..deal?...or do I stop and wait you out?" I ask less than pleased.

"Fine Deal...one more thing from you and all you asked for is yours."

"So I am still free to do anything, to show you my skills?" I ask him...as I form a plan in my mind.

He nods back to me...."Say it...please...as I need to hear it from you to go on?" I ask back.

"Yes...do what you must" he toned out to me.

I smiled at him evilly...to think..'Silly mortal you just gave me permission to hurt you...but I will not'

"Becky get ready to translate this real fast...As this is not going to be pleasant!"

She says back to me rather meekly "Okay? Kyley...but please don't do anything bad?"

I reach my hand up in front of me, as if I was grabbing something there or grabbing at a bug. When I do this move.

The most hideous looking undead hands, shoot out from the ground, to wrap around the legs of each man standing there. All ten of them find that they can not move...not even budge an inch.

I start out slowly to them "There's a name for this power...in another language. Its basically called... 'The Hands' That is basically exactly what it looks like. If I want to" I say out as my hand is holding on to nothing but air "I can YANK all of you under the ground and you disappear forever!" Becky translates this for me, as near as her new growing fear allows "Twain! you want to keep on bargaining for more than you deserve! I can get rid of all of you right now! I will hate every second of that. Because I have to feel every second of you guys dieing! AND that's not going to make me happy today."

"You can't do this! You signed an oath not to hurt anyone here!" he barks out....but his voice shakes in fear to me.

"Ohh but I can...'mortal'...you gave me permission to demonstrate my skills and powers. This is how I choose to!...You have to watch, all our words when you deal with one of my kind!" I glare at him.

I finally let them all go. With that Mr. Twain walks over to me at a fast pace and he looks very mad. He near barks at me "You were just about"...Poor Becky is trying hard to keep up on the translations..."to kill me?!"

"You keep on bargaining for more than you earned!" I start to walk off from him...but I stay...near to him and shrink back to what they think is my normal size ..."I would have not killed you because it's not my way. This was my way of showing you that not everything is happy between us. Anyway? hurting all of you? Would have hurt me badly. I would've felt all of you go and I would been reeling from that impact for a long time. Death is not a happy thing to me...Okay? I don't like it. I don't like hurting people."

Twain stands there for some time thinking. "What do you mean by 'feel' death?"

"Death I feel it...that's all I can communicate to you...It just is?"

I turned back toward the van...as I am walking, Becky comes scooting up to me and walks along my side to ask me in a whisper "Would you have killed them?"

I say to her in our personal 'secret language' "No but! the threat is still there."

"Could you have killed them?"

"Yes...more powerful beings than them?...No. Only lesser beings....how you say? peasants? would have been killed by that...instantly. Everything else can struggle to get out of it. But they don't know that!" I chuckle out.

I get to the van finally and jump into it. Me and Becky sit and talk more while we wait for Twain. I look out the window at the group we just left and I see that they are all milling about talking. I also see Twain off to one side doing something with what looks to be a mage?

I go to lean back in the seat...tried from the day, to hear Becky ask me "That...little bit, with the creepy hands...took something out of you? didn't it?"

"Yes it did....it's not exactly an easy spell to do." I sigh.

"Can I ask where did you learn such a strange thing?"

"That Elf Queen had it. It was a gift, she bestowed on me. I was one of the first ones that she did. Ahhh! but when she did it! You should have seen it! Her pulling down a thousand very powerful people and beings to their doom, was easy for her. It was just amazing to watch her do it!"

"But when she did that, did you feel their deaths?"

"Ohhh that was back when I was young! Long before things changed in my life. Back then killing....to me was normal. It was just another day....like a job?"

"So you changed allot as you got older then?"

"Yes, when I was young. Death and fighting where near daily things to me. It was a 'wild' time in my life...then. After I settled down. My day to day looking over all the people of the lands in my control. Made me more than caring for all. As with that, I now 'felt' how the people under me felt!" I lean farther back in the chair resting, as I told her that trying to rest my body a little from the days workout.

Finally Mr. Twain gets into the van with us. "Here Kyley your deal...All wrote out and I already signed it." he says to me while handing me a parchment "So lets just go on from here...I was just doing my job...protecting the people around me."

'Humm an apology of sorts? Not really in my opinion!' I think as I take the two documents from his extended hand. I then give them over to Becky to check.

I sit back and wait for Becky to get done. In a few minutes she hands it back to me. "Its all good. Heck? he even added to your flying area, he made it five miles instead of the three you asked for. But only one add? Do try not to get seen by those outside of the complex area?"

"Humm tell him fine and thanks for the extra room" I burn my symbol on each page to make it official and then hand him back a copy.

He finally says "Your welcome"....I nod back.

We take the long trip back to the main complex in complete silence.

Two weeks have gone by since that last test, I was asked to do. As usual I greet the morning out on the grassy area in front of my small house doing my exercises. Only three days ago was I told that, Mr. Twain's men had removed the final scrying device from my house. The reason why? I was told it took so long? Is that, he maybe in-charge here. But he still has to get some approvals for things like this.

I get done with my last set of forms and start to walk back in my house. This time I note, no guards around me .... watching me....finally. Now I feel like a guest, not a prisoner.

After I finish my shower up and right on time, Becky steps in the front door."Kyley! good news!" she sings out.

With that from her....my head pops out the bedroom door to look at her "What?" I ask.

"Your MID card is here! So your official!" She puts down a package on my table, then she runs in my room and shows me the card "See!....your picture is great on it...Mine looks like crap!" I take it from her extended hand and look at it.

"Humm its okay I guess?"

"But look at this!" she points at the card "Twain and The Department of Paranormal Affairs, left off your Axe as a power? and then your bird Nightwing? I have to wonder why he did that? But he listed you as a Fae class mage? But any how, you can travel now when you leave here!"

"Humm Okay" I say, as I clip the card on my ID chain.

I look at it some more has it hangs on my dresser "Becky why is the color of mine different than yours?"

She takes up my ID chain and looks at it "Humm, its orange? That means student? I wonder why Twain did that?"

"Who knows? But should we ask him?"

"Maybe...but any how" She hands me a large box "Your Cigars are here! That Doc came through. He made a special run to get them for you as promised."

I open the large box and find four sealed boxes of Cuban cigars, A large humidor for them all, Three carrying cases...real nicely made! too, and lastly a lighter of some sort with a note on it.

Becky reads me the note "This lighter is a newer style, it does not give the cigar a chemical taste at all, or just use the matches. Then the doc added the address to get more good stuff from for you!"

I pull al the smaller boxes form the large one. Then arrange them all on top of my dresser top. I crack open the seal on one cigar box and pull one out. Then I open its own storage tube and smell it. "Hummmmmm! good stuff there! I will save that for later!"

"Well this sounds like a day for some fun!" I say as I get dressed.

"Humm what? If I may ask? Nothing crazy now!" Becky now tosses me a all knowing leer.

"What me?...do something crazy?...never?" I wink to her.

As I finish getting dressed. Becky goes out to my living room and sits on the couch and starts pulling out our lesson books.

"Ohhh Kyley I have another surprise for you too! When you get out here." she sings out.

I finally finish up and walk out to her, while I brush out my hair. "So today is full of good stuff? So what is it?" I ask.

"This!" she says while she pulls out a large computer pad from a storage bag it was in "This is that computer that can teach you English, I had people working on for so long!" I glance at it while I sit "This here" she goes on "Will translate for you and teach you. You put in the words you want to learn here. "she points at the screen "then it talks back to you in my voice, in English! Then you say them and it can tell if your right or not! Also it can listen to English and change them to your language. If needed you can teach it even more, as you use it and so will I"

I near snatch it up from the table..."Finally! with this. I can go all day and night non-stop. I can learn at my speed. Be it...slow or fast!"

"Yep! so now you should? learn at a much faster rate!" she bubbles at me!

"Ohh we are going to have fun today...lets go eat, then get on this later" I say as I place the pad back in its case.

Becky jumps up from the couch to start to walk out my back door. I start to follow her out, after I get the case zipped up and laid back on the table.

I run up behind her, already walking on the path going toward the main buildings. I scoop her up in my arms and take off.

"Today we are going to have fun!...Your going to go up REAL high today! None of that thousand foot stuff today for you!" I speed up faster near the ground and pull up hard. Becky is squealing, but having fun! I can tell! I get us up to over ten thousand feet.

"Do you want to try something new?" She nods to me "I am going to drop you and you freefall for a bit. Its as close as your going to get to flying, without wings. Are you good with that?" she nods...so I drop her!

Off she falls, spinning like mad. I drop after her and try to coach her on how to fall, flat and level. She is,...just starting to get it. When I have to grab her to stop her fall, as we are getting too close to the ground and I want a little safety margin.

"Again! do it again!" she bellows at me.

I pull her up to an even higher height and hover. She gets it automatically, what I intend on...she nods...so I drop her again. On this fall she does way better! Almost as good as my own kids did, when I did this to them the first time! Me and her repeat the fun....until, I see that she is tried out from all the fun. I swoop down with her to the cafeteria, so we can eat finally.

We both walked into the cafeteria laughing like mad. As we both got in line and waited our turn to order our food Mr. Twain walked up to us. I nod to him as Becky and I are talking.

"Looks like you two where having some fun?" He asked us both.

"It was!" Becky beamed out to him.

After I got the translation. I asked him "Want try it?"

"Ahh no...I am afraid of heights! So that is not going to happen" was my answer back, as he walked away.

I laugh at what he said "Hey maybe Becky. I should just fly him up to say twenty thousand feet next time I need something and drop him!? Then I might get what I want faster?"

Becky's head tilts in thought slightly "Humm might work? Heck considering what a A-hole he seems to be. You might get paid by his staff to do that and even more to miss catching him before he hits the ground?"

"That sounds like an idea! I wonder how much I could get paid!" I giggle out as I go back to waiting in line.

When I get to the order station the cook there gives me. My now regular sample plate of food. This seems now to be the same thing each time I come back in to eat here, they do this for me. As weeks back, I seem to have established a routine with them on this very thing. But as the days have gone by, they have gotten real creative in what they put on my plate each day, trying to impress me with new tastes. I seem to be getting items that are not on the menu, for me to try out or they are experimenting on me? After I paid for my food, I sat with Becky and we ate and joked around for hours.

Saturday June 2 2007
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

On this morning I go through my now regular routine, I just got done with my morning exercises and am in the process of jumping in the shower. As I get in it, my mind is running through all the English that Becky has taught me on one level of thought getting ready for the days lessons, while another is listening to the music from the MP3 player she got me last week that is playing in the bedroom. After I got done in the beautifully warm water of the shower, I stepped out to dry off and brush out my hair. As I stood there doing this, I noticed that Becky had not come in yet? She was late today? This was not like her at all. So I got more than nervous and quickened my pace of getting all set for the day.

I near ran from my house to her's and knocked on the door. I got no answer and it was locked? She never locked it, Why would you, we are guarded better than anyone! My mind raced and my feet followed, as I ran to the back door. I found it LOCKED too! SO I ran back to my house and grabbed up my teaching pad, as it can translate for me in a pinch.

In mere seconds, I was flying out my back door literally! I landed at a near run going into the library door to the guard station. Elders Gods! I was lucky! Tim that guard, I had scared on that first day of me flying was there! I had made up with him and healed his busted nose from that crash to the pavement when he fainted.

As I ran in, he could see, I was not with Becky and that happening in the morning was unheard of. He near jumped out of his seat "What's wrong Kyley? I can see your in a bad way?"

I am so excited and worried I barely get out to him "Tim...Becky not here? Find please?" I say as I wave my ID card in his face. I am doing this, as I know it can tell them where she is!

Tim understands me fine "Let me look!" he says, as he gets his computer working on the issue.

I pace the floor in front of his desk. I am truly worried. I really need her to get my learning finished in this language, even now with this new 'pad' she just got me. I still need her and more! My mind is spinning in thought 'Maybe I should have tried to 'bond' with her somehow? So that I would know what is wrong now or where she is!...BUT she is one of Sara's 'minions' and since I can not trust a Dark one yet? I don't know what to do?'

"Kyley?..." I don't look at him, as I am still deep in thought "KYLEY!" Tim yells at me.

I jump from my name being called "What?...find her?"

"Yes...she is in her house? or this is?" and when he says that last part, he waves a ID card in my face.

"Her door locked...never do that!" I say my thoughts as best as I can.

Tim near jumps over the desk and leads me out the door by my hand "Lets find her then!"

We both run to Becky's house. He gets to the front door and checks it. Its still locked. He tells me to wait there and runs around back, I guess to check that door. He comes back shaking his head from that trip.

"The doors are locked Kyley. I am not allowed to open them unless, I know there is a problem?" He says to me. I get most of it and have him repeat it to the pad to make sure!

I start walking around the house and open my feelings out fully A VERY BAD IDEA! I can feel something like 'questioning and not knowing' feelings coming off Tim. I push out farther, as I walk around the house and at the bedroom wall, all I feel is sadness and pain of a sort.

"Becky inside! I feel it! she sad?" is all I say to him.

"I can't open the door. She locked it for a reason and I have to honor it?" is all he says to me.

"I open then!" Is all I say back to him, as I kick the front door across the living room with my right foot to the door! It smashes, far into the kitchen beyond with a crash.

Tim shrugs "Well that works too? I bet Twain is going to be real mad on that one?"

I walk in, what's left of the doorframe into the house. Right behind me...Tim follows me at a distance, as he realizes unlike some here. That when I get mad.... its best to be far away as possible. As I turn into Becky's bedroom. I find her there all curled up in the bedding, sobbing badly. I drop onto the bed to sit by her.

My arms wrap around her, as I ask "What's wrong?"

"GET OUT!" is all she yells at me.

I say softly "No you need someone here. You have stood by me. So here I stay till this is over?" all I get in reply is sobs back.

I turn back to Tim, who is standing in the door watching me "Tim? go please...fix door..I help her.....food maybe need?"

Tim nods his understanding back to me and softly walks out the door. I lay on the bed with her and simply wrap her in a hug. While she cries what ever this is weighing on her out. As the day goes on, she does not move near one bit. Then an hour later. Tim comes back with food and someone to fix the door that I destroyed badly. He leaves the large bag of food and drinks in the room for us. After I hear him leave our room, I can hear him and Twain talk at the front door for some time. What I get from the talk is, what I did to the door and what Becky is doing. Wisely Twain does not come in now to question this, then he just leaves. As the day goes on, the men working on that door get noisy and they close the bedroom door for me.

The rest of day is all nears sobs from Becky. The men who fixed the door have come and gone, their job all finished. Tim stopped by and dropped off newer, fresh food for us...long past his regular time to go home. All I can get Becky to do is sip water from time to time, while she stops sobbing or sleeping. Only once during the day does she get up to go to the bathroom. I am getting genuinely worried in her state! I have tried more than once while when she was awake or asleep to 'feel' out to her. But what she is going through just reads to me as sadness to me. I try and 'push' out as much 'happy' and 'joy' feelings from my core as I can to her, but it is having no real effect on her.

After a long night of me...just plain being there for her. I finally coax her to take a shower, and change her clothes. I get her out to the living room and settled on the couch, all wrapped in a blanket. As she is all set, I hear a near tap at the door. I go to open it, to find Tim standing there with large bags of breakfast for us. When he comes in, he leans into the living room and he can see that Becky is still in a bad state. He drops the bag of food on the kitchen table for me. Then pulls me into the kitchen to talk.

"Has she said anything?" he asks.

I shake my head to him.

"Well I looked it up to see if anyone she knows is dead or something and there is nothing there. So she is not grieving a loss, we know of? I wonder what's wrong with her?"

I put my hand on him and say "Stay?" then walk out to the living room and fetch my teaching pad. I give it to him and ask him "Say again?" as some words he said where new to me.

He knows what I mean, as I have had him do this many a time over the days. He types in what he said and the pad translates it to me.

I type back on the pad to him....as I really don't know all the translations yet "Becky is feeling some sort of grief. From what I don't know? I will try to coax it out of her today. But thanks for showing up!"

I hand it to him, after he reads it. Tim simply nods and hands it back to me "I have to go to work, but I will check in on you both later?" I nod to him and with that said, Tim walks out the back door of Becky's house.

When I sit back down on the couch with Becky, I grab the bag of hot food and open it up. What I find is one of Becky's favorites...pancakes with berries on them. So I cut it all up and add the toppings.

"Well its time to eat!" I ask softly to her.

All I get back is a head shake and the softest "No" I have ever heard from her.

"Becky...you have to eat? Or please tell me what's wrong? Maybe I can fix it?" I ask her.

All I get is a head shake form her again?

"Tim looked it up. No one you know or any family of yours has died? So why all the sadness and grief? Please tell me...so I can understand?"

When I finish the last of my question. I start to feel a growing rage in her.

"Sara is gone! She disappeared the first week of May! And!...from what I am told they stopped looking for her at that DAMN! school of her's"

I ponder that for a moment "She is missing? Any word on how it happened? A description of it?"

"What was told to me" she sobs out "is she was with one of 'her's' and she went rigid, then just POOF! disappeared from sight...right there!" Becky is now looking at me...for an answer.

"Humm From what I know. Someone had her true name and used some sort of summoning to get her. As with a Dark One of her type, you would need both to keep her this long. As four weeks and she is not free, tells me that."

She near wines out "So she is gone forever?!"

"No....Most of these only last a certain time and are linked to the maker or the person who used it. So at sometime they or the link will fade and she will get free. But woe to anyone nearby, as when she gets out. She will be mad and might be near crazy with hunger!"

Her eyes light up with hope...'a false hope in my opinion'..."So she will get out soon!"

"Maybe? but this might take years? or decades to happen. To her, as long as her life is. It will seem to be days, at best to her."

"DECADES! but then......" Becky's voice fades off into wailing again.

"What is the mater? I don't understand this with you? Your fine and the 'church' will go on without her there. IS!...this? that life ambition of yours to be 'part' of something that goes on forever? I thought 'we' or 'I' had got you over that months ago? When I told you, that you have succeeded, as I will never forget you! Or what you have taught me."

As I stand there waiting for some kind of answer from her, all I get back is sobs and her curling up into a even smaller ball on the couch.

I am slightly mad at her for not trying to talk this out "Becky this is going to sound cruel to you. BUT! If you wanted to become 'one' with Sara? Does she even know you really exist or want it? Then does she care if you want it? If she does it?...is it out of 'love' for you and what you 'want' OR you having a 'spawn' of her's? As a bargain?.......You have to remember she is a Demon. That will not pull you as part of her followers into her, for maybe years. So that she can grow more in power!"

I still get no answer? But I now 'feel' less sadness from her now, as she is thinking about what I said.

I finally sit next to her and hand her a plate of pancakes "Here eat up and think about what I said? Take your time on this and don't jump to conclusions on this. As you have years to live and find your 'center' in life!"

Becky finally caves into the logic from me and starts eating. I grab up the second plate of food and eat slowly while watching her. As the day goes on my mind is wandering hard from feeling all her sadness over the last day. It has eaten into me and unbalanced my mind badly in parts. After we are done eating, I turn on the TV for the distraction it gives us both. I sit and listen to it, but my mind is drifting hard to what comes next for me?

At near midnight Becky finally talks to me with near no sadness in her "Kyley how about you go home now? As I feel better now and you gave me something to really think about this morning."

When she asks me this. I reach out deep into her. To see, if she is hiding any plans for doing something silly and I happily find none there.

"Okay if you are truly fine? I will go" I ask her. Then she nods her answer to me.

I leave her place to get back to mine. As I enter my door, I realize with all that happened today. I have been putting off a sad thing of my own.

I call my Axe out of its hiding place and grab it, as it floats near me. I stride to the center of my house and tap the gem on the bottom to get a spell in it set to go. When I feel out to the house, to find as near its center as I can. The kitchen doorway is it. I slam the Axe handle down and burn the gems symbol into the floor, thus warding the house to all outside scrying of any type from now on. I stand and make sure of the work. After I am sure of it, I take the large gem off the pommel of the Axe and send the Axe back off. In my standing there thinking of what is next, I decide to add a few more wards on the house to be sure! With that now done, I walk over to the couch to sit. I then place the large gem on the table top, calm and center myself and then reach into the gem with my sprit. Once in it I call out to my two most valuable things. The last two of my children, that were placed in it, to save them from the death that was surly to come. I call them both from the purgatory of the gem, to here in the house.

I watch as both of them flow from the gem into the room and become near solid. They both stand there very confused to where they are now.

Velmeran my boy, asks me "Daddy where are we?"

"In a safe place for now."

His sister Sassnick asks me, after she looks about the room for several seconds "Daddy where is mom?"

"She is not here honey" God I hate lying to them!

I start to cry at that thought of her not being here.

"Daddy why are you crying?" she asks me.

"Nothing honey" is all I get out for some time.

"How about you two, play together for a little while and I will sit here to watch over you both?" I finally say to them.

They both do as I asked, I sit and watch them just...'play'. Velmeran pulls out of the nothing. A simple game, that he and his sister just love. Its a Elvin stones game with lots of colors, that the Queen gave them years ago. As I watch this simple thing from them both, it just tears me apart. I can not touch them! or hug them. I hope pulling them from that gem does not back fire on me! I easily sit for hours watching them have so much fun, that I forget where I am at. Suddenly the door opens and Becky walks in the room. Both of the kids jump up from their play, to run over to me and almost through me.

Sassnick asks in a more then frightened voice "Who is that!? Why is a human in our room!"

Velmeran being the older one and darn near fearless. Stands between his sister and Becky "Go away!" he yells out at her. His wings tilt in a way, that just says to me he is going to hurt her soon, if Becky does not back off.

I urged to them both "Calm down you two. This is Becky, she is a friend and she will be leaving us...RIGHT NOW!" I near growl at her at the end.

Becky sees that bad mood of mine...but asks anyway "Ahh Kyley what is this?"

"Becky....just go" is all I say to her.

"Daddy I will make her go!" Velmeran adds in a tone, that even I find cold.

Becky tilts her head in confusion at me "Daddy? what the heck?"

"Becky GO! now....its best. I will tell you later!"

She just stands there.....not moving.

"Please?" my voice and eyes plead to her.

She sees how uncomfortable this is for us all, then leaves us and closes the door softly as she does.

With Becky now gone. Both of them forget in mere seconds, she ever entered the room and they both go back to their game. After several more hours of play and me watching over them. I feel its time to stop the fun...and my pain for the day.

"All right you two, time for bed!" They both fade off back into the gem, thinking its bedtime. Thus back to purgatory they go.

I get up from the couch more than spent from this. God I hate not knowing if! or when! Those EVIL DARK ONES or the GOO bastards they call them here, will find and kill me! My own mind thinks that 'when they find' is the option that WILL happen. AS there is no IF with them! My feet take me into my bathroom and I wash my face from that agony of tears I just had.

Its time to get back to the lessons, so I take a slow walk over to Becky's house and knock on the very new door I find there. Becky comes to the door finally and lets me in.

"Kyley what was that?" She asks me as I am let in.

"Before we get into that. Have you decided if your going to wait for Sara to show back up? Or move on with your life?"

"Ahh I really don't know? What to do honestly?"

I go and sit in one of her chairs, as I say to her "Well until you decide that, lets not talk about what you saw yesterday then."

"Why? I don't understand it?" she asks me.

"I told you already this once. As long as your in Sara's camp. I can not tell you everything. But I will always thank you, for what you have done so far with me" I say flatly, hoping she will drop it.

"Kyley I am seriously thinking of leaving that church. As you were right. That path most likely will never lead me to where I want to go in life and beyond. Perhaps that path is with you? who knows? But yours so far, looks to be far better?" the look on her face is definitely saying to me, she has turned a corner in life today...determination!

"Fine with me. If I where you? I would tender my resignation from them. If and when you do that? We can talk more then? As for what Sara offers some of her closest? I am still changing and growing...so? Who knows if I can offer that....same thing soon? to you?"

"I was told that her chosen, do a pledge to her and gain that? Will that work with you?" she asks....and I see that 'hope' again.

"I truly don't know? All I can offer is what I did before? Unless?" I wink at her "You want to have my kids? Like I offered that other girl?"

I duck the swipe!

"I will take that as a maybe then?"


"A maybe then it is!" I say playfully.

"But anyway? I have to ask since, I most likely 'shoved' you in this direction? What do you do for money? Do you have your own? or does that 'church' pay all of your costs?"

"I have my own! Not lots, but enough. I think I might ask Twain, since I am here and I intend to leave the church. If he will take me on as your paid teacher and guide?"

"Humm fine idea! He may go for that. But make sure, you tell him your intentions up front..." I tell her.

Her head tilts at that "What intentions?"

"I would hope that you would tell him...this...You may work for him..BUT..you will not spy for him? I trust you and you will not tell him anything?" I questioned her.

"Never! I will not even tell Sara what has happened here. Its no one else's business!" she states to me.

"Glad to hear it" I change to the older language to tell her "Those that you saw where my kids. Okay? does that help you......and please don't ask for more...it hurts too much" I get back a small nod of acknowledgment from her.

"So lets get on today's lessons!" Becky beams at me.

Friday June 15 2007 1:05 pm
Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center

Me and Becky are sitting in my living room, having a kind of celebration. As Twain has agreed to take on Becky as staff and her position will be to teach and guide me.

"Humm good stuff!" I say as I tear into a yet another buffalo wing.

Becky glaress at me from her plate of food, then goes to sass me "Cannibal!"

"Hey I like taste!" I mumble out from a mouth full of chicken wing.

"No its 'I like the taste of this' or 'I like the taste of them'?" she corrects me.

"Whatever?" I jest back.

"SAY IT!" she insists.

"Okay! 'I like the taste of them!'....Well?"

"Better!" she razzes me back.

My hand then snatches up a few more onto my plate from the box. After I drop that last bone into a bag on the table.

"Where do you put it sometimes?! You don't eat near a thing for days on end! Then you wolf stuff down like mad!" she questions me.

"It all goes to this!" I lift my right hand and produce a ball of light for her.

"Humm you do remember what these are don't you?" she asks.

I grin evilly, as I hold up a wing "Yep! chicken should run flown faster!" is all I say to her.

"ITS 'THIS chicken should HAVE run OR flown faster!" Becky glaress at me while saying it all in her 'instructing' voice.

I stop and swallow......Then belch "This chicken should have run or flown faster...much faster!" I laugh. I say as I wave the now meatless bone in the air.

"Well at least your English has improved a lot this month!" she shakes her head "But your manners...they suck!"

As I devour yet one more wing, a very loud horn starts blaring out off in the distance. I look at Becky in wonderment about this, all I get from her is a shrug in reply. The horn keeps going on and on after her shrug. Then two more horns start to sound also now....in a different tone than the first one. When I hear those two new additions, I jump out of the couch and run out the door with Becky in tow.

As I get outside, I see many guards and other personal running through our area. All of them seem to be going to the main building complex that lays behind my house down the path. I grab one of the guards as he runs by and stop him.

"Becky, ask him what is going on!"

I watch as Becky and the man talk for several minutes. As they do I watch Becky's face change from being annoyed, to down right sacred.

As I stand there I try to speed this up. By asking her from time to time "WHAT!?" ..."WHAT?!" all I get back is her waving me off, while she talks with him.

She finally! gets done talking to him and he runs off toward the main complex. As he does, the look from Becky is near all fear and some panic.

"Kyley What is going on is, that something got lose deep down in the dangerous section is hurting and killing people. They are trying to get as many guards together to go down there. To keep what ever it is in, so it does not get lose and hurt even more! There are already dozens hurt and over a dozen dead from this thing!" she looks at me for what to do.

I ponder for a mere second what to do, then scoop her up and fly off in the direction of the medical center. As I fly there. I look down to see all sorts of men and large trucks going to the large main entrance that goes into the deeper sections off the complex's edge. Then as I get over the edge of the medical center roofline. I look down to see the main door of the medical center, is just a mass chaos of people running all over.

As I land at the front doors area "NOW! you stay right next to me! Do not even think of wondering off! AND if I say RUN, do not hesitate on it...RUN! You got that?" I insisted to Becky.

She meekly nods her head to me in response.

As I go in with her following right behind me. Becky practically is hugging me most of the time, in fear. As we look around for someone to ask, what I can do. I finally see that doc, I got my cigars from and speed over to him.

"Hey doc need help?" I ask him.

"Ohh you ohh HECK ya your a healer! So get to healing! darn it!....I'll pay you in cigars!" he laughs out.

I understand most of what he said and Becky so close behind me...almost in my back pocket, added the rest! "Done! I am cheap!" I say back.

I start going to work on some of the wounded there. I find the first one in a bed at the door, that was shoved to one side for the more dire cases. His leg is badly broken, from being smashed by something. But he will not die soon from that, so he waits.

I walk up to him "I fix this?" is what I say to him, as a I take hold of his leg.

He does not even get a chance to say anything, as I lay both hands on the leg and start into pushing my energy into the leg's bone to heal it up. In a few seconds the leg is healed and the torn flesh from the bone tearing through his skin is gone. I nod to him and move on.

The next one I see, is just being laid on the floor at that rooms edge by a medic. I can see his side is torn open to the ribs and is bleeding. I get up to him and move the medic aside. I rip open his shirt, then lay both hands on him and start healing the wound. The medic is just watching me, mouth agape as I do it. After I am done I stand up to find a wave is dizziness hits me. I spent too much too fast! Becky sees me waver and helps me to sit, while I start sucking in the life force flowing around the room to replenish me.

I watch from my seat, as they bring in a young kid in his 20s on a gurney and he is just howling in pain! I jump up from my rest and near knock Becky over. As I feel something?...something VERY bad! I dash up the gurney and I look down. I see what is eating him up, eating him alive? Its just changing him, his flesh. The flesh is bubbling and just corrupting right before my eyes.

The doc finally runs up to help next to me, then goes to touch him. I stop him from touching the man and shove him back! I say to the doc in my language, as I am so caught up in what is happing. That the English I learned, is gone for now in the excitement.

"What is this madness! You have Mythos corrupting people here? What is going on here!" Becky translates for me, after she noted my slipping back into old habits so fast.

I push the doctor once again, as he try's to get to the man "Don't touch him! it'll kill you" I bark at him.

I tell Becky, to stay back as far as she can and still hear me. Don't touch any of the people that have any of this on them. As it will kill her!

I lay my hands on the poor man and start feeling for parts of the corruption I can get out of him.....He's done. I can just tell....sadly. There's nothing I can do for him. I could stop it, for several minutes, but it's not going to stop completely. It's going to overtake him sooner or later...he's going to die. I wave Becky over closer to me.

I ask her softly "Becky translate this exactly and its going to hurt for you to do this girl. Ask him his name? for me?" her glance at me is not comfortable at all. She sees what is happing and gets his name for me....John.

"John....your going to die and there is nothing I can do to stop it."

Just as Becky said that to the man laying there. The doc pulled me aside and jumped in my face. "You can't say that! We can fix this! We have a vaccine for this!"

"So! get it!" I bark at him.

"Its coming, it will be ready in three hours. We have to make it, since we do not keep stock on hand." he informed me.

"SO! John here has to wait? WELL! he can't wait Doc! He has got about twenty minutes of life left. Then this Mythos taint, takes him over and the creature he will become starts its slaughter in here! Then more get changed and die from there!"

"Can't you hold it back?" he asked me, almost begging for the man. As he now knows I was right.

"No I can't, he is too far gone. Even I am surprised he is still sane and talking! AND this cure of yours, are you SURE? It will work or is it a maybe?"

The doc looks at me, oh so sad now "It might? it has never been used on a case this far along."

"So get out of my way! Let me help him the best way I can" I then angrily shove the doc out of my way.

I turn from the doc who stands there near helpless, to walk back over to John's gurney. The man laying there is begging everyone to help him, but they all stand back from him, as they know I was right.

"John...I am sorry but its true...It's going to happen. Your going to die soon. You have two choices. You can go peacefully or Think you're going to try and fight this? Its going to corrupt you, if you fail in that fight and then you will turn on your friends in this room. Then you will try to kill them. When that happens I am going to have to take you down in a most painful manner, you're not going to like it and you will feel every second of that pain when I do so. So it's up to you? If you think you can push this out of you" I shake my head to him "you're very strong but...your NOT that strong" I wait for Becky to catch up to me, she's practically in tears doing it.

"Becky?" I ask as I look her over..."You're translating every word exactly?" she's nodding back to me and says..."Yessss" in tears.

Then John and Becky talk for a few minutes I get most of it, that he is telling her. He is very afraid of dieing is what he says mostly. That he really does not believe in the ultimate reward after life. After she stops talking to him to tell me or make sure I understand. He starts begging the rest of the room 'he does not want to die.'

I lean as close as I can to him, near touching noses. I stare deeply into his eyes. Then I pull him into 'me', so he can see the 'real' me, deep beneath the shell I now wear. I push my thoughts directly into him, so he can hear me "Look into my eyes child. LOOK and see how old I am" he believes it. He sees it! "I have died more than once in my time. So much so, that I can't die anymore. I'm telling you there's an ultimate reward. You fashion your own, your friends and family come to visit you from theirs. As they are all intertwined in a fashion. Your place...be it the hallways of Valhalla of the Norse legends of your people, that I've read about recently. Or a house on a hill, nestled in beautiful Green acres. But in any form, it's YOURS. Like I said to you. You can fight this and think your going to win? But you're not gonna win. Or I can take you peacefully, quietly and you go on to what's next" I let my influence on him slip away. Now he must make up his mind and soon!

I stay by John's side, He's crying like mad, but finally caves into what is best, to say weakly to me "Do it!"

I tap a nerve junction under his chin and he goes unconscious. I call upon my Axe as I stand over the now peaceful body.

The Doc sees what is about to come and yells at me "What are you doing?" I just push him away before he can do anything.

"Becky keep him away?" I ask her. Becky grabs onto the doc and struggles hard. But holds him back while I work.

I take my Axe and tap the pommel stone on its base and hold it till it glows to me that its ready. Then I tap John on the forehead and with a room filling blinding light. It sends his spirit on its way and in one second destroyed his body utterly. All that is left of him is ash. I put the Axe away and walk away from the now empty gurney.

'One down...how many must die today?' is all my mind can fathom right now.

I see my new target of rage! A officer of the guards is standing across the room from me. I march over to him in my rage, grab up his armored jacket and lift him off the floor.

I scream in his face "Where is this fight and tell me how to get in it. So I can save some of your lives!" Becky translates for me

"Your a guest? You can't go down there...its dangerous!" he pleaded back to me.

"You either show me! OR I am going to beat the living crap out of you, for denying me this. This is what I do! Me being a healer here, is secondary to what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm a warrior...not a healer! Show me where this fight is, tell me how to get into it and save others! OR so help me...I might kill you right here now!" Becky translates for me again. Then she stares harshly at the Guard for some time, to finally say to him coldly..."She means it!"

"Twain! now!" I bark at him in English.

The Guard I have off the floor, finally sees that I mean him harm and grabs at his radio attached on his shoulder to call someone. When I see that he is done, I drop him to the floor none to gently.

As I wait, I move from one hurt man to another. I flow from task to task as fast as I can, to boost the guards numbers for a fight to come to us all. I finally sit after helping more than fifteen guards back to full health. Becky is watching over me as I sit and drink some water and pull the free flowing life force from the area to recharge myself. As I sit deep in thought at pulling into me all I can, the room's energy changes. I open my eyes to see, why this has happened. When I do, I see Twain and a dozen guards enter the room.

Twain Sees me sitting, with Becky attending to me and walks over to us both. I can see from his walk he is none too excited to be here. Standing next to him is that older black guard with the bald head, I saw near months ago when I first got here. This is a man who I respect, he knows his job!

"So you want to see me about this fight and getting to it? Well NO! you can not, its not your fight. Your a guest at best and a p....."

I never let him finish that word...I near leap into his face "IF! your going to say prisoner to me...then I will stay out of this and let you all die!"

Mr. Twain stands there glaring at me. The older man next to him whispers out "But sir, if she can help?"

"So I see you do need me? Well... I want in this fight, as I know this enemy and I am its BANE in the universe" Becky repeats my words to them.

Twain is about to say something to me and I stop him "I want fight now!" I howled at him in english "This is what...I do!"

All I get back from him is a head shake, but the man next to him is whispering again to Twain.

I finally see what is going on! Twain is a politician. That man next to him is the head guard?

I shove Twain aside To get to the man I need to see "You're in charge of this fight obviously? I need your invite to get in this fight! As your losing...and badly. I can not help you here as a healer, that is only fixing the damage. I have to get to IT...to stop IT! That way I can save lives?" He looks at me not knowing what to do.

I turn to Becky and in the best English I can muster "Becky get ready to leave here. This place will be....grave soon! So go....save yourself. I have....stay...least till Twain here dies" as I say that, I slap his back to prove my point "Then I will meet up.....you later. When he dead, I am not bound by anything I swore him....Now go!"

Becky sees the game, that I am now playing and gets on track with it. "Okay I am going. There is a town about one hundred and fifty miles that way." she points off "I will be waiting there for you."

I nod "Fine Becky..I will come in...a few hours...less?" As I say that, she is getting her bag, so she can walk out.

Once I see that Becky is ready. I turn to walk her out "Now go. No need other bags. I will come in few hours. After all dead here." I say out in choppy english to her.

The old man in charge of the guard, yells out to me "Screw this crap! Kyley? Do you really know what's down there?"

"What is down there is a Mythos of some sort. I felt it when, I woke up. But I thought you all knew what it was doing so? I said nothing. As this is your place, not mine? So what gave it the power to get free?" I ask him via Becky.

The old guard walks right past Twain. "Hi I am Johnson or the Gunny will do for now.....What we have down there, that might have got this started? Is thirty-five mythos tainted Were's we captured in California last year. We got them during some sort of breakout? They all where in cryo-supension, but must have got out somehow?" Becky translates for him and then explains to me what cryo-supension is?

"So that is where this is coming from. Get your men back a little and hold a line. But if they can not cure a wounded man that is tainted...then kill him. As he will turn on his buddies." I say coldly...as the old warrior in me takes over. Becky is in a little shock at my statement, but translates it none the same.

Gunny glares at me stunned, from my cold statement "I can't do that? But lets get you down there to help! As you seem to know this better than us?"

"I do know this....far better than I should. Show me.. way?"

As he starts to walk me away. I grab a radio from a man laying there getting medical treatment and give it to Becky "Talk to me....this" she nods back.

I then grab the armored vest of one of the men escorting Twain and take his radio off it. As I do I move him next to Becky "YOU! protect Becky! she die...you dead!"

I pull Becky to me, so I can whisper to her in the old language "Stay here, its a little safer. Stay away from the wounded at all times. If I say run! do it and do so fast. If your told, I am dead or hurt bad...run! As this has got out of hand." I let her go.

She cries to me "I am coming with y...." I stop her words with one deep kiss.

"For luck...or just in case I don't see you" I let go of her and walk out the doors with the man in charge.

He leads me off outside to a van, that has a few guards already in it. After I get in and all set. The van does not move? its waiting for what? I slam my fist on the divers seat back and scream at him "Drive to fight.....now!"

Finally the van speeds off, down the short road to the main tunnels entrance. As we go farther down the tunnels to the elevator. Gunny tells me what is going on down below via what little english I know and some help from Becky via the radio.

When the elevator door finally slides up, at the floor we need. I find that the fight is going badly in my opinion. As the sounds of the fight are right there! The van moves out of the open doors, to stop just a few hundred yards down the immense hallway from the elevator doors. I listen to the nearby elevator doors close behind us all and I hear then seal and lock. Just this short distance from the elevator is where the worst fighting is at! I jump out of the van, then I start to grow to my full size, as my armor forms over my body. My growth finally stops at my full size of seven foot, six. I also pull out my Axe at the same time, during my short walk toward the fight. Next to me Gunny keeps pace with me. Because if he did not, my sudden appearance might draw the men around me to shoot at me and waste time we all don't have.

As I get to the edge of the fighting, I tell Becky on the radio "Becky....this does not look good...so be ready...please?"

"I am...so don't worry...I will leave...for you" is all she says.

I start walking into the fight. At its edge, I find a medic laying out the dead. I check them fast with my senses to life and find none there...BUT I find, a growing Mythos taint. That taint, will soon turn the bodies into creatures. The creature they become will attack our rear. I see what must be done. Its not a nice action...but a must. I grab the medic and yank him back from the fallen men. Then I blast the bodies into oblivion and he looks at me like I'm crazy.

I shake my head to him, as I say "I hope you understand. What I'm doing is cleaning the battlefield of this taint or more people are gonna die from the corruption that is already in the bodies."

After I have done that, I grab Gunny once again and tell him why I did that. I also tell him that if, I can not clean out that 'taint' from others. They too might be dealt with in the same manner. As I do not want to have that 'taint', in this groups rear area and attack us later on. He agrees with me. Now he sees, that he was making a big mistake and that simple mistake would have cost him the whole complex soon!

I wade up to the front line. I find there two dozen of their guys are piled up behind a couple of vehicles that near fully block the whole hallway. As I walk slowly to gather in a view of the fight, they just fire wildly down the hallway with everything that they've got. I find that they are firing in fear and not taking time to aim or coordinate the weapons on targets. I stand there amongst them and look around some more. Now I see why they are so scared. From the looks of it, a corrupted Were or more had jumped the small barricade and tore some of them apart...hence the dead behind me.

I walk past the main line, as they all fire off weapons of all types right next to me. One yells out 'stop' or something. I'm not even listening to them. I walk out about ten feet off the line into the open and I let loose a large bolt of energy down there. The bolt explodes and takes out a couple of the corrupted Were's. The smile on my face grows, as they howl in pain and then die!

I turn to Gunny...who is still ducking down behind the truck "Nice sound they make when I kill them!" I hiss out.

I see the men start to move with a purpose now, they are more bold. As I just showed them...this can be killed! I start to walk forward slowly, very slowly. I want to be very through in my cleaning of this, I can not let any of it get past us.

I get a few dozen yards farther down the hallway and see some targets far off. I toss off the three blades of my Axe to zip down there at them. After I let them fly, I get rewarded by the sounds of meat being hit and Were's being hurt badly. Then the blades fly back to me, banging off the walls of the hallway all the way back to me. I do this 'ricocheting' the scare my 'prey' more!

I start to walk again, but this time I find the guards are too close. I stop and tell them to stay back and give me room to kill.

The Gunny says "If we fire, we will hit you?"

"Then fire anyway, as your guns will have to hit me many times to kill me. I want you to fire at me, if you need to. You must protect your own lives. None of this must get past us!" after I say this, I can hear the head guards radio repeat the same to him in Becky's soothing voice, I am surprised she sounds so calm?

I let my Axe blades fly off three more times at far off targets as, I walk forward. In all but one toss....I get no hits. As the Were's are fast. As I keep walking slowly the hallway is littered with wreckage from the first barricade that fell. I start to push some of it aside. Then! I hear more just a head of me! I let lose all my blades once again. As I do that last throw. A Were jumps me from my left from behind a large flat cart, that he was hiding behind. He was laying in wait for me to do just what I did....darn things are smart? or they are being lead?

The beast hits my left side hard and slams me to the far wall with a swipe. His action gets him several shots from the men behind me, as a reward for the deed. As he is getting shot, my head slams into the far wall...hard! from his blow. I then slide down the wall for a bare second, then leap at him. I swing the Axe handle at him to bash in his skull with a nice thud, that is followed by black gore flowing everywhere from his caved-in skull. This move, kills him instantly and he falls. When his body hits the ground, my blades return to me and reassemble to the Axe. I then chop off its head to make me happy. Then blast it to ash, to clean its filth from the battlefield.

As I get back on track. I notice that the blows from that fight, do hurt some what badly? I wonder to myself 'my armor is near as hard as I remember it....but it seems, that blows get through it and hurt now? I have to be more careful from now on. I can't die from this, but be incapacitated...yes'

My Axe cleaves yet one more corrupted Were, that just finished trying to tear me apart as I walked down the massive hallway. The rest of the guards seem to be keeping pace with me so far and are cleaning up any leftover body parts with flamethrowers. At the next small junction, two more Weres. A wolf type and a bear one. Both hit me at the same time and shove me into the storage room across the hallway with sheer force. The bear is trying to keep me pinned and down. While his partner the wolf, is pounding on my armor hard as he can. His more than heavy blows are starting to beat their way through my armor's hardness and I am feeling the blows now. I can feel each blow flex the chest part of my armor and my bones, if you can call them that? Are taking the damage from the blows...but my flesh is bruising and it hurts like mad. I try to get my Axe into the fight but, the bear has that arm pinned! Just as I tell my Axe to act on its own and end this. THEN! I feel....FIRE all over me. The guards are roasting me with the flamethrower? The intense heat makes my helmet snap shut to protect me. After a few minutes of the heat, both have died and fallen off me.

I finally shove off the dead bear off me and get up "HEY I had them!...you mess up my chance....bear rug for my house!" I laugh out, in my broken english.

The group of guards, lets me pass out of the room and I start once again leading the way down the hallway. As I get a few yards down the way, I hear from behind me. That flamethrower at work on the room once more to be sure is my guess. As no one is yelling at me, to look back there.

As I walk forward, I push out my feelings and my mind. As there must be something leading this rabble. After we clear a few more Weres and get in the deeper sections. I start feeling a presence. One that is not that same one from weeks back? But a new one? One that has just a touch of that first one, I felt thou? Humm maybe its a puppet or a creature, the leader made into a lieutenant of sorts?

I sense something big nearby and I stop to hold up my hand in my militaries symbol for 'stop and hold here' I see the guards react near instantly. As my guess is that simple hand gestures like that, are universal in most militaries. The men behind me form up a good strong line and hold...as I keep walking forward. I walk around a corner into to a small room and find five Weres are guarding a very large 'cat'? It looks to me like a puma or a cougar, that Becky showed me in a book this month. I think it must be a sprit of some kind that has been badly corrupted. I tries to hide in the far corner from me and sends all five Weres to jump at me in its defense.

I slash through the first one, that leaps at me easily and as I hack it in-half. Its black corrupted gore and guts fly allover me to coat my armor in a most sickening mess. Two more pounce on me and shove me near out the door to this room. When I pop out into the hallway. The men start firing all over me and them! The bullets pang off my armor and splash into the flesh of the two beasts on me. I shove the monsters back into the room with a big blow from the 'flat' of my Axe blade. As I step onward into the room again I see guards start to move up. I shout back at them "STAY HERE...too dangerous!"

I walk into the room once more...but this time it hurts, as all those bullets did some damage to me. With the force of their combined blows. I can feel some of my ribs?... Are broken, but healing very fast. As I enter the room yet again. All four Weres come tearing at me, as the leader jumps into the next room behind a large armored door. As the four come at me, I form up a very large energy ball and toss it at their feet. The ball lets lose at the same time it hits the floor and its immense light fills the room. The blast from it shreds the first one to bits and ash. The next two have large chunks of corrupted flesh burned off them and they fall over dead. The last one ducks most of the blast and is singed. If these had been regular Weres. They would have been hurt, but not dead. As my 'light' only seems to kill mythos. Humans on the other hand, would die from it...and tougher mutants? I have no Idea? But my guess is that they would live just fine...hurt...but fine?

The last Were seems to be stalling me, by jumping around allot in the room. He is not trying to dodge? But keep me away from the door. It suddenly dawns on me what he is doing and I back up out of the room. I yell down the hallway "Does this room go anywhere?"

I see Gunny holding out this radio for my voice to get to Becky. In a few seconds I see him shake his head to me.

"FALL BACK! Its an ambush coming!" I scream out! Then wave them all back.

I hear the radio crackle the info from Becky's voice on it, the men turn in an orderly manner and fall back to a better spot. That spot, lays about Twenty five feet back. Just as the last bunch of men get into a better spot, seven Weres burst out of one of the doors farther on down the hallway. They all run past me toward the men. I let them go, knowing they have it secured back there. What I am waiting for is the BIG ONE!

I am rewarded in my patience, by the last corrupted Wolf Were from the room jumps at me. My fighting instincts take over instantly and I cleave it in half with my Axe. What's left of it, hits my armor and its gooey body parts slide off my armor to plop on the floor. I then shake the chunks of the beast off my blade and walk forward toward the bigger beast...the leader! That lays in-wait behind the thick armored door.

I am thinking 'I wonder what got this one started? Were they were studying it down here?'

As I tear at the door locks. I hear a near constant chatter of guns behind me and whumps of explosions. I work on the door to open it and the sounds of fighting from the hallway lessen a lot. A group of men stalk into the room, as I work the locked door. I finally hear and see them "Get back out of here. If you look at this one, it will drive you all mad from just seeing it! Don't listen to it...or it may take you over and control you. GET OUT NOW!" I bark at them. The radio in one mans hand sounds back to them my translated words and they all run out.

I finally get the door open! I see the cat beast backing into a corner behind some equipment trying hard to get away from me! As it backs up I have to wonder 'was this down here all the time? or did it sneak into here? or maybe it was just one more thing humans got curious about and tried hard to understand. Then it got out of hand?

I scream out in the old language to it, as it backs into the room farther "You're about to die!"

It howled and hissed back to me "Warrior light? How did you get here? You're all...you've all been destroyed! Eons ago!"

I listen to the weird voices coming out of it.....Its in the Dark Ones language. I know this thing should not be talking this? Something else is talking through it? I feel out a bit to the wards around here. I can feel them and they're weakened and torn apart! So something has crept in here and got to this thing. Then did all this damage...maybe it's trying to free something else? I hope not?...it might be deeper in the complex and this cat beast didn't quite get to where it needs to go to free its master!

I have it cornered! So I pull up, then ready a vast amount of my energy and launch it. The beast is blasted apart from the blow and fries. I watch it as starting to die from the blast, as the 'light' of mine is eating it up and turning into ash slowly. I smile to it!

I run up to it before its fully dead and ready my Axe. Then hit the beast in the forehead, with the pommel stone of my Axe. So I can kill it, then take its essence and memories into me via the stone. I do this so, that I can now know all that it has ever done and maybe find out more about what is going on here today?

The beasts 'sprit' or what's left of it flows into my Axe's gem at its death. Then it is finally blasted by the gems power to ash. Instead of sending the sprit on its way into the after life. I pull the beast into me....Then all the memories of it start to flow into my mind at my command. I start to see what this 'thing' was up to and where it was going.

THEN! the shock of the flow, hits me from the beast. The Dark One that's on the other end, that was commanding that beast. IT! links into my mind fully, as I opened the door for it...via this 'sprit link' of mine. It starts blasting into my mind and spirit, to either kill me or take me over. I start to stagger blindly about the room from the blows to my mind and my spirit are taking. I stagger wildly back into the hallway for a brief second and the guards see me wallow about for a few monuments to finally stumble back into the room. Where I am finally knocked flat down to the floor. Then go unconscious for several minutes to process, what my mind just took in. I lay there desperately trying to break the connection, before it hurts my mind too much. As I lay there mentally fighting this, the Dark One on the other end knows I am down and sends Five Weres to my room to finish me off!

The guards outside see the five Weres come at them! They fire at the mass of targets. But since the Weres are not looking to attack them, they easily dodge most of the fire and run into the room I am in. As the group of Weres jumps all over me, to claw and bite at my armor. My armor reacts in defense of my unconscious body and shoots out spikes from it to pierce the beasts all over. My Axe would normally jump to my defense in this. But it is busy helping me out inside my mind, that is now under attack!.

One of the guards after seeing the five Weres going into the room I am in. Along with what appeared to most there as me being incapacitated badly by something. Jumps up from the barricade to scream out "She needs help in there! I am going in!"

Another shouts out "But she said...to stay here, its too dangerous in there for us?"

"Heck with that! If we lose her! We might lose this whole thing! As she was the only thing evening up the odds on us winning!" after he is done with his retort. He stalks down the hallway toward that room, gun at the ready.

Ten more of the guards, fall fast behind him and cover the advance to the room. When they all get there, the 'new' leader peeks around the corner via a video link mounted on his gun and sees the trouble I am in! The Weres are all over me and my armor spikes are hurting them all...but not killing them!

The leader shows the groups what is going on via the link and they all take turns spraying the room with gun fire to kill the beasts! But it has no great effect on them.

One hisses out "Lets see if this works!" as he pulls out a phosphorus grenade. Then chucks it into the room.

The large canister goes off and fills the room with burning chunks of white hot phosphorus. That start burning the beasts on me...up! This finally does the trick, after they toss in two more for good measure!

After the fires die and the beasts also seem dead. They all go in, with each one taking a section of the room to cover. When they all nod that the room is clean. The lead man looks at me laying there, very! still "Is she dead?" he asks the group.

One of the group whispers out "I don't know maybe I should check?" He then starts to walk forward to me.

His buddy stops him with a hand on his shoulder "NO! don't, did you see what that armor was doing! I bet it will not know you, from one of those animals and spike you to death!"

The lead mans gun camera scans over my prone body several times. Up above us hundreds of feet, Becky is watching the video feed 'live' and is in tears from watching it all for the last twenty minutes.

"Is she dead!? I have to go down there and see!" she wept out.

The guard I put in-charge of her care, holds her "I can't let you go down there. Not until its all clear and we are sure. I promised her and so did you?"

"Yes I did promise her!" she sniffs out. Becky then watches the feed once again to see my body stir down there. Then she sees me get up once again, but not before some choice words! come out of my mouth!

"Haaa she is fine! She is cussing a blue streak!" Becky laughs in relief.

Back Down in the hole!

I finally stand up, while going on a verbal tirade! and get out of that room. I bark out to the men there "COOK it all!" AND they call up a flamethrower, to do just that. As they do, I toss three very large energy balls in both rooms, to be sure. Then toss a few down the other hallway we have yet to clear. To keep the Weres heads down while, we get more men and equipment up to this new position.

After I see to all that, I walk back down to the main forward barricade and up to Gunny "Are we secure enough for me to take a break here? As that last one hurt me bad and I need some rest." I ask, him in a little bit shaky voice.

After it gets all translated. He goes on to tell me "We can make a stand here. Their numbers are less than half now, of what they once where. We also got our hands on more men and better equipment. Then add that vaccine that fights this corruption is ready for use! We will be bringing down armored robot carts that have machine guns and flamethrowers on them. So go take that break you need, we can hold here for some time!"

"I advise you not to use remote controlled units. Use ones with direct wiring, as I think this mythos can get into computers via that thing you call a 'net'? I saw into its mind as I linked to it for a short while back there and that is what I saw it did to get out?" I state to Gunny.

"Hummm I will do that and cut off all computer feeds from this section from now on! Now go...rest!" I nod back to him and trudge down the hallway.

I walk back to the large barricade, as I do I pull off my helmet to breath better. As I get past the barricades, I see that man from the medical center, that had the three kids and hit me. I laugh internally at the thoughts of it.

As I walk past him, I ask out "How are kids? Mary, Matt, Sally? are good?"

He looks up at me, in my black armor and recognizes the face he finds there "You?...are you Kyley? That angel kid? My three never shut up about? How?...Why are you so big?"

"Yes I Kyley....the Angel. Things always change. This...what I should look like! Kids good? I ask as best I can.

"Ahh ya they are fine." he mumbles out.

"Bye....I rest now." I say, then walk off from the group that he was part of.

"Mark?... Was that the girl, I heard you hit in the medical center? As if it was...your lucky to be alive!" one of the men next to him stated.

"Humm your right? But she does seem to be nice thou...even if she is scary as heck!"

I walk slowly back to where the waiting van back to the surface is parked. As I see it and know this area is near as safe as it can get today. So I shrink down, so I can get in it. After I climb in the van, I fall near boneless into the seat there. Exhausted from using far to much of my internal energy to fight and kill the corrupted. Then add my mental fight with that Dark One on top of it all has drained me badly. I need to get up to the surface to recharge from the free flow of life-force outside, as down here in these tunnels. There is none for me to tap upon at all.

As the van drives up into the elevator. Gods I feel so sleepy and tired. I start to look at the driver and his beating bright life-force like a snack that is ready for the taking? I almost start to reach for him, but I stop myself 'no! I am not one of THEM! The DARK ONES! I do not kill to live! EVER! I rather die first, then fall that far!'

As the elevator door closes up, I climb over the seat, to go father back into the van's rear. So that I can lay myself across the bench seat far enough from the driver, that I don't 'feel' his life and have to fight to keep from draining him of it. After a few minutes of us rising up and me fighting the 'urge' to feed. We get up top and roll out the massive doors to the main check point here. I sit up on the bench seat as we roll along to see that in the few hours, that I was down in the that hole. They have set-up dozens of tents and now there are several hundred armed men all around us.

I tumble wearily out of the van to my feet and walk for a just a few seconds. When Becky comes running up to me as fast as she can go.

She takes a fast swipe at me, that I am too exhausted to even try to duck "Don't do that again! I thought you where dead!" She screamed at me. Then she pulled me into a deep hug.

"Hey I was not tiring to get hurt. But I need to lay down some. I spent allot of myself down there and need some time to recharge" I say to her in a voice that is heavy laden with my fatigue in it.

Becky nods to me "I know a good place to go to!" then she takes my hand and starts to near drag me off.

As she leads me off toward a tent. I watch a giant ship near hover over us and start to land at a flat concrete pad some feet away. It looks like what Becky called a 'dropship' to me. Just before its legs hit the pad, the rear ramp lowers and I see well over a hundred troops at the ready in the door. As it hits the ground, the legs flex and the men all run out at speed.

As I watch that, Becky gets me into the tent and lays me onto a bed there. I start pulling in the ambient life-force of the area and with hundreds of people there. I am filling up and feeling better even faster. As my head hits the pillow I fall right off to sleep.

Part of the WA Drow clan/ collective
Author of Vantier and Shadowsblade on Bigcloset

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