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The Call of the Waters

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #48232 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Call of the Waters
The Call of the Waters
A Whateley Universe story.
Part 21

July 4th
Lions Park
Hastings, Minnesota

Judy Carlson threw a punch, a punch backed by fake pain and humiliation that had never happened. She knew Jeff had told her to hate her ‘cousin’, and suddenly all sorts of fake memories had flooded her mind. It was fortunate that LeAnna was an Exemplar, she could dodge and outmaneuver Judy easily. It hurt to do so, not physically, but emotionally. Her lover, her girlfriend, her best friend was there, yet not.

LeAnna decided to put some distance between her and Judy, and she backed off. Circling around, she managed to put Jeff between them. He thought it an opportunity to strike, throwing punches of his own. LeAnna could avoid them both, with her edge. Whatever else Jeff was, it appeared he wasn’t an Exemplar. She could use that. She looked up, and Jeff caught her gaze. He smiled, he had made eye contact. Now all he needed were a few words, and it would all be over.

“LeAnna, you slut-freak. give up. You have lost. I think I’ll have you beat your girl to death. Having the MCO on your tail should be good. Pity Minnesota doesn’t have the death penalty.” He smirked and then suddenly frowned. It hadn’t worked. She wasn’t attacking Carlson. She was still dodging and weaving.

LeAnna smirked. She had accidentally looked Jeff in the eye, and nothing happened. She had seen the pulsing patterns in his eyes, and the rhythmic pattern that his pupil dilated repeatedly. But it didn’t do anything to her. She grinned and clenched her teeth as she evaded blows. She never thought that her strange new eyes would have benefits like this. Sure, when she went swimming, she could see clearly in deep and murky water. She did miss the colors though, her vision was more sensitive to the blue and green portion of the spectrum, and she could no longer see reds and oranges the same. They all appeared to be brown to her.

LeAnna dodged more blows from Judy and spun around, backhanding Jeff and knocking him to the ground. She went to tackle him, but out of nowhere as seeming crowd of women had appeared. Jeff had planned for this. In case he ended up losing, he had compelled the women around him to rush in and act as a cover. LeAnna sighed. she couldn’t take on a crowd of over a dozen. Backing off, she let out a melodious call, soothing and peaceful, haunting and beautiful. The women stopped and looked around confused. Judy pulled back a punch that had been aimed at the back of LeAnna’s head. LeAnna looked around, but Jeff had left.

The Sheriff’s office and the MCO were quick to respond to the scene. Based on the reports from the still recovering women, LeAnna was absolved of any wrong doing. Furthermore, an investigation was opened on Jeff Pierson. His rape of Lisa Cooper, and at least 5 other women was uncovered and investigated. ATM footage had revealed Jeff using the cards he had stolen from one of his victims. When that same woman was found in her car in the river, murder charges were filed and Jeff was added to the fugitive list.


August 23rd
Boundary Waters National Park
Northern Minnesota

LeAnna had left after giving her deposition. Judy had broken things off with her due to the horrific false memories she had concocted under Jeff’s sway. Deciding to commune with her spirit, LeAnna had come up here and camped out. She used the retreat to reflect and meditate. It was funny how the summer had started, she had been a typical teen, crushing on boys and wanting the latest fashions. Now she was someone else entirely. She got up and took down her tent. packing up her gear, she hiked back to the ranger station. There, she waited until her father arrived. In silence they drove on, until they got to Duluth. There Paul Baker said his goodbyes. He gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek and waved as his little girl got on the plane.


LeAnna Baker-Smith looked out the window of the small plane. Her old life was behind her, and at Whateley, a new one was bound to begin. Turning from the window, she smiled and looked forward.

The end?

High-Priestess of the Order of Spirit-Chan

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