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A Writing Challenge: Fee Fi Fo Fum

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #47809 by Domoviye
Domoviye created the topic: A Writing Challenge: Fee Fi Fo Fum
Genericville, USA

"Want to see a magic trick?" Angelica asked her two best friends Scarlett and Carla.

"Sure!" Carla said, nodding so fast her blonde hair fell into her eyes. Scarlett was just as excited, placing the pink fedora she'd been looking at on her head and crowding in beside the two girls.

Holding her hands up with her fingers spread to show there was nothing in them, Angelica made a slapping motion and a quarter appeared from between her fingers dropping into her waiting palm. "Ta Da!"

"Wow, that's amazing!" Scarlett said. "Can you teach me how to do it?"

"I... uh, probably not. I can only get it right a few times, so I don't think I can teach it," Angelica said hastily. Actually she couldn't teach it because it wasn't a magic trick. She'd woken up a week ago and found that by quickly moving her hand through the air she could make things appear. They didn't last long, which was a good thing since she'd accidentally made a go cart appear in her room, blocking her door for tend minutes, while her Dad yelled at her to get ready for school. She wasn't sure what her friends would think if they found out she was really a mutant. So showing off probably wasn't a good idea, some of the teachers at her school were members of the nasty H1!, and who knew what they would do if she said, 'Hey I'm a mutant.'

"I can do magic to," Carla said.

"Oh, what can you do?" Scarlett asked.

"I can't show you here," she replied, looking around nervously. "When we get to my house I'll show you."

"Am I the only one here who can't do magic?" Scarlett asked, crossing her arms and pouting.

"Maybe," Angelica said. "But don't worry, we can learn some magic tricks on the net and wow everyone at school."

As the nine year old girls started talking about what magic tricks they wanted to learn, in another part of the mall a large man in a trench coat was sniffing the air with a round, ogre like nose and rubbing his enormous stomach.

"Fee fi fo fum, I'm getting hungry for some blood," he muttered to himself. He took a bite of his hamburger, hoping it would take his mind off his stomach but his belly growled back at him.

Looking around the food court, the super villain known as Fee Fi Fo Fum licked his lips and thought about all the different ways he could cook the people around him.

He took another bite of his food. He couldn't do that now, he had to lie low so the superheroes wouldn't find him and throw him in jail again. The last time he'd been put in there he'd almost gone crazy from the poor food.

As a baby cried, Fee Fi Fo Fum smacked his lips together and tried to concentrate on his food.


"Where's your Mom, Scarlett?" Angelica asked. "She was suppose to be looking at clothes near us."

"How am I suppose to know?" The red headed girl asked,. "It's not like I have a tracker on her."

"Well lets just get our things and go find her. And we can tell our parents this is why we need our own phones," Carla said.

Hurrying to the checkout they were bumped out of the way by a teenage boy who glared at them before turning away and farting right in their faces.

Angelica saw Carla turn red with anger, and it seemed almost as if her best friend was starting to swell up before she took a deep breath and stepped back glaring at the boy. Well Angelica wasn't about to take this lying down, she swiped her hand through the air and concentrated with all her might. Yucky yellow snot like slime fell from the sky right onto the boys head, covering him.

All three girls jumped back, screaming ew, as the boy, the cashier and the other customers stood in shocked disgust. Angelica pushed her friends to another till, where they quickly paid for their clothes and rushed out of the store.

"What happened to that guy?" Carla asked.

"I didn't see where that slime came from, did you see where it came from?" Scarlett demanded.

"Lets talk later when we're alone, for now lets go find our ride," Angelica said, trying not to panic as she realized that she'd almost blown her secret wide open in the worst possible way.

They were passing through the food court, trying to look in every direction at once for the missing mother when they heard screaming and the sound of rocks falling.


Angelica stumbled to a stop, staring up at he fifty foot tall monster who was stuffing people into a bag that hung from his shoulder. It saw her, licked its lips with a tongue the size of a car and picked her up so quickly she didn't have time to scream.

"You look tasty! Children are always good for a snack!" He said with a laugh. Opening his mouth, his enormous hand rose up ready to drop her into his ginormous maw.

Screaming, Angelica started slapping the air like crazy. A trophy, a stuffed dog, a kitchen sink, a bicycle, and more flew from her hands hitting the giant in the face. He blinked in surprise, but his big, yellow teeth just mashed up the junk that managed to fall into his mouth and his hot breath made her want to throw up.

Putting all her strength into it, Angelica brought both hands down at once and thought of the biggest thing she could imagine,

A full size school bus fell from the sky, landing right on the giants head and sending him to his knees.

"OW! Fee FI Fo Fum, doesn't like that!" He roared, rubbing his head.

The room was spinning and Angelica felt like she was going to faint. Worse yet the giant was still holding her. She slapped the air again, but only a tiny rubber mouse fell from her hand squeaking pitifully as it bounced off the rope like hair covering the giants hand.

"I'll save you Angelica!" Carla shouted.

She had to look up to see where the shouting had come from. When she saw Superman come flying out of the sky, Angelica was sure she was seeing things. But the comic book superhero punched the giants hand hard enough to make him shout in pain and let her go. The next second she found herself being flown to the ground by Superman.

"Are you OK?" Superman asked in Carla's voice.

"Carla is that you?" Angelica asked.


"You look like Superman. Why do you look like Superman?" She demanded.

"It was the first thing I could think of," Carla said,

She started to laugh, hearing Superman talking in Carla's voice was too much.

"Hey, I just saved your life, stop laughing," Carla/Superman whined.

"I"m sorry, it's just, it's just-" she started laughing even harder.

Carla/Superman closed her eyes and looked like she was trying to poop, the body changed, until Carla's head was sticking out of Supermans neck, and Superman's body was now wearing a pink ballet dress. Angelica started laughing even harder.

"I'm trying my best here!" Carla shouted.

"GUYS WATCH OUT!" Scarlett screamed, racing towards them.

They both looked up in time to see a large pillar that had previously been holding the roof up, flying at them like a spear. There wasn't time to run or do anything except stare in horror.

Then it slowed down.

Angelica and Carla both dove to the side as the pillar slammed into the ground as if in slow motion. Even stranger, Scarlett was still running towards them but she was moving at a crawl, even though her hair and coat were whipping backwards like she was running at full speed.

Five seconds later the pillar seemed to explode at regular speed and Scarlett was desperately trying to stop as she went back to normal.

"What did you do?" Angelica demanded.

"I don't know, everything just suddenly sped up. Lets get out of here!" her friend said.

"But what about the people he's captured?" Carla asked, throwing a table at the giant as if it was a frisbee.

"The superheroes can save them.!"

"What, you think Corporal Payne can do anything?" Carla said with a laugh. "My Mom says he's always soused."

"What does that even mean?" Angelica asked, ducking behind a potted tree as the giant kicked some debris at them.

"I think it's like my Uncle Roy after he's been out fishing all day with his friends, you know like when he crashed his car into the neighbours pool," Scarlett said.

"Can we talk less and run away now?" Angelica asked.

"We have to save those people!" Carla shouted, picking up a piece of the roof that was bigger than even her man sized body was and throwing it as hard as she could into the giants big belly.

"We're kids!"

"Look it's Ball Boy!" Scarlett shouted.

They all looked up to see the cities second major hero come bouncing out of the sky, his ball like body hit the giant in the back knocking him right to the ground. The hero proceeded to bounce up and down on the giants back like it was a trampoline.

The two girls grabbed Carla by the hand and dragged her away from the fight. "See Carla, the heroes can handle it. Lets go!" Scarlett said.

"Wait, the giant's getting back up." Carla shouted and pointed at the fight lifting Angelica straight off the ground.

And she was right, the giant managed to stand up despite the beating he was taking from the ball like hero. As the hero tried to bounce away the giant spun on one leg and kicked the hero so hard he vanished over the horizon. The giant arched his back which made a cracking sound similar to an earthquake, smacked his lips together and said, "Fee Fi Fo Fum, I'm so hungry I'll eat them raw."

Reaching into his bag he pulled out two people who started to scream as they were raised to his mouth.

Carla jumped into the air and flew towards the giant, her pink tutu barely hiding the red superman underwear she was wearing.

"We have to help her!" Angelica shouted. She ran towards the giant, thankful she had gotten a short rest and raised her hands in the air.

The giant slowed to a crawl,

Bringing her hands down, Angelica pictured a huge boulder in her mind. When a boulder as big as a car landed on the giants toe, making him slowly roar in pain she let out a cheer and looked for a good hiding spot.

Carla flew in just as the giant began to speed up again and managed to catch the two people who found themselves thrown into the air as the giant began jumping up and down grabbing his big toe.

"We need a plan," Scarlett shouted, as they ran behind a big planter so the giant wouldn't see them. The two adults who had just been rescued took off running as soon as their feet touched the ground.

"I have a plan, we punch him until he's unconscious. Then we punch him some more," Carla said, punching the planter to demonstrate. Unfortunately, being super strong with much larger fists than she was used to, the punch shattered half the planter and sent the rest of it sliding away. Revealing the three for all to see.

The giant pounced on them.

Angelica screamed and ducked down covering her head with her arms, as Scarlett rocketed away like she was in fast forward, Carla flew up to meet the giant only to be squashed into the ground by a hand that was larger than she was.

Looking up Angelica saw the giants big brown eye staring at her from less than two fee away. Once again she smelled his bad breath and knew she was about to die.

Still she wasn't going down without a fight. She brought her hand around and thought of the first thing she could think of. A big sharp trophy appeared in her hand, and the corner of the wooden base hit the giant square in the fleshy eye.

He reared back, screaming, making the ground shake as he tried to hit her. Angelica dodged the first blow, landing on her butt, and saw the other fist coming down right on top of her. Then everything went into slow motion. She could see the fist coming down but it was at a crawl. Carla was getting to her feet, her pink tutu in tatters, and her superman body flatter than it had been, she was moving even slower than the giant. The only person moving at a normal speed was Scarlett.

"MOVE! It will stop in five seconds," Scarlett shouted.

That was enough to get her moving. She bolted away from the giant and was almost inside the nearest store, when time moved normally again. The shockwave of the giants fist made the whole building shake, and sent her flying into a a big cardboard box of underwear.

Carla and Scarlett came flying and running after her. The giant who was rubbing his red eye, glared at them and looked around for something to throw.

"Got a plan!" Scarlett shouted. "Angelica, you run up to the giant and make a bus or something fall from the sky. Carla you grab it and hit him as hard as you can with it, just start spinning as fast as you can until the bus is destroyed or the giant is down for the count."

"He's too fast for that," Carla said.

"I'll slow him down. You'll have five seconds, hit him as you can."

"Got it," Angelica said. "On three. One, tw- RUN!"

They ran out of the shop just in time to avoid being crushed to death by a counter that had formerly been used by a fast food Chinese restaurant. Since Carla could fly faster than Angelica could run, she began throwing debris at the giant, trying to keep his attention on her. The broken chairs, tables and ceiling just made the giant angry, as he tried to swat her out of the sky.

As soon as she was close enough, Angelica shouted, "NOW!" And brought her hands down.

The giant went into slow motion, not even seeing the bus form above his head. Carla dove in, caught the bus and with a shriek spun it around like a giant baseball bat catching the giant smack in the face. Spinning with the momentum Carla hit him again and again and again.

By the time the slow motion affect went away, the giant was bruised, bloody and unconscious. He slowly shifted to human size, his pouch bursting open as the people inside became too large for it and were able to escape.

Angelica and Scarlett ran over to Carla whose superman body was fading away, leaving a very tired young girl. Helping her to her feet, the three girls slunk away into an abandoned store where they hopefully wouldn't be seen until they had figured out a cover story.


That night the three girls watched the news which was talking all about how three young superheroes had defeated the man eating giant. No one had gotten a good look at them, and most people who had been taking pictures had focused on superman with a young girls head and a pink tutu rather than the two normal looking girls.

Their parents were of course horrified that they'd been caught in the middle of it all, but they believed their daughters when they said they'd run into a shoe store and hid as soon as the monster appeared.

Later on they went to Scarlett's room and were finally able to talk.

"So we're all mutants?" Angelica asked.


"Looks that way."

"We should make a team," Angelica said. "We did way better than Ball Boy, and Corporal Payne didn't even show up."

Carla nodded, "Yeah, we kicked butt. We can call it The Amazing Carla and Friends."

Scarlett threw a pillow at her, "We can't use our real names, dummy. Our parents would ground us for life if they knew we were doing this."

"I wanna be Supergirl!"

"Carla, you can't be Supergirl, the name is already taken. And you didn't look like a girl today," Angelica said. "How about Mismatch, because your head didn't match your body."

"LAME! You should be called Slappy, since you have to slap to do anything."

"I am NOT going to be called slappy."

"Well I'm going to call myself Stopwatch," Scarlett said. "And I'm going to make a costume with a watch on it."

"What costume should I make?" Angelica asked. "Do you think pink would look good."

"I want my costume to be red. But can any of us sew?" Carla asked.

"You don't need a costume, you just make out of of thin air. I wonder if I can make a costume appear."

"We still need codenames," Scarlett insisted.

"I should be called knock out! Because I was the one who knocked out the giant." Carla said.

"Only with my help!"

"And mine! I made the bus, that wasn't easy you know."
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