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Subject TO Change With Out Notice

5 years 3 weeks ago #7276 by tenwaters
tenwaters created the topic: Subject TO Change With Out Notice
Subject TO Change With Out Notice

A Whateley Fanfic By Tenwaters

The day started out quite normally. I awoke in a strange hotel room, it was frustratingly reassuring that both the alarm clock and the wakeup call worked. I had unpacked the night before so my shaving kit was in the restroom. My bladder compelled me to the self same room. Several bodily functions and a shower later I was actually shaving.

As was my custom, I dressed to the sounds of CNN. Today was the first day of a new assignment, a suit and tie where in order. Dressed and groomed I was ready to face the unknown or at least see what this hotel called a continental breakfast. I checked my rental car and room keys one last time then grabbed my laptop and headed for the lobby.

My breakfast was as uneventful as it was uninspired I settled for instant oatmeal and a banana. Fortune shined on me this morning as none of my breakfast tried to become part of my suit. It was a small victory for me but one takes joy where one can. My next mission involved a minor bit of land navigation. I am a military contractor. My job involves going from base to base installing and teaching health care software. This is how I found myself in a strange town trying to find the front gate of an Air Force Base I had until recently never heard of. This was the twentieth such base in the last year. Having the ultimate faith in my navigational abilities I left early giving myself one and a half hours for what MapQuest and everyone at the hotel told me should be a fifteen minute trip. The trip took seventeen minutes five of which were spent behind a John Deer manure spreader at one third the speed limit.

The morning dawn was hidden by a mild drizzle. I spent the next half hour listening to the radio waiting for pass an ID to open. By the time the door opened about two dozen contractors had assembled in the parking lot four of them were colleges working on the same project as I. The fact that the rain let up ten minutes before the door opened allowed us time for a small reunion. Twenty five minutes later I had my pass and was going through the visiting vehicles inspection when a rental truck decided that trying to pass though the main gate was a good idea. The security police quickly went from getting their butts out of the way to bringing weapons to bear. Shots rang out; a block up the road a school bus entered an intersection. The rental truck, looking for a target speed toward the bus, I tried to block it with my car, the explosion……


Genica Falls Times

Five killed ten wounded in terrorist bomb attack at Grendal AFB. Names are being withheld pending notification of next of kin…..


There were five of us hovering above the seen of destruction. I seemed more aware of the others then they were of me. A bright light began to pull us toward it. A voice called to us, we moved toward it. It called to the one who was the bomber. Somehow I knew he was called to spend eternity as the forty third virgin. It called, to me and told me I was not yet finished, I had a job to do.

I was sent else-when into a world not my own. I am sure the other three were headed for a better place. I drift past that place that all soles wash away the memory of past lives (all soles but mine). I drifted past that place were all old memories reside. A voice tells me “REMEMBER”. I move onto a world that calls to me. A new world, a new day yet to dawn.

Darkness, warmth, weightless, alive but not breathing, I feel. I am not alone I feel another heart beat. I am floating, waiting, I have no idea what I am waiting for. There is no time here only the beating of that heart and mine. Sometimes I feel movement at other times muffled muted voices. Strangest of all sometimes somehow I feel loved.

My quite contemplation is broken as the whole world shakes unimaginable pressures toss me to and throw. Confusion! Cold! Pain! I am breathing huge hands hold me. So this is birth.

AT first everything in this tiny body is new and worthy of exploration. I am fully aware of my situation, I am a baby, a baby girl. I can understand every word spoken around me. My strength and coordination are minimal with some work I am able to role over. Communications with the rest of the world is not a yet possible and even if it were it is not advisable. I will wait and scope out the family situation.

Ok this is not exactly easy to deal with I am a baby and a female on (had to wiggle out of the diaper to be sure). Things vary from boring to embarrassing. Mom seams huge to me but judging by those around her, she is about normal size. Her breasts seem gigantic and to be honest breast feeding is a bit embarrassing. That, and my body's reaction once the sight of breasts like that would have made me horny now they make me hungry. I don't have much of a feel for time I sleep a lot.

Things were routine for a bit eat, sleep, have my diaper changed by a nurse with really cold fingers, eat, and sleep some more. I am getting a bit more muscle control to bad I am not a boy I would really like to squirt old cold fingers. Eyes still wont focus enough to read my bracelet

Well a real discovery, my name is Thanh, Mom stopped the baby talk long enough to say so I gave her a smile for talking strait. The nurse burped me. Well back to sleep again.

Finally met dad and grandma (on moms side) Dad held me like I was going to break. (Hey buddy I've been their know how you fell) I must be their first child. Grandma is downright insulting a real enigma here Mom has blue eyes and blond hear dad also looks European, so why is grandma Vietnamese, Mom must be adopted. Still how can she call me an ugly baby in such a sweet tone of voice I think it's cultural. I am so tired, off to sleep again.

A loud noise has awakened me sounded like shooting. Hard to hear much else with about a dozen roommate here in the nursery all crying. Must be Halloween or something why, else is the nurse dressed like a ninja. New nurse, ninja nurse is a lot slimmer then cold hands.


Robert Beacon arrived at the hospital minutes after he heard the news. A group of super villains had attacked the hospitals. With his wife and newborn daughter there Beacon wanted to make sure they were all right. When he got to the hospital he was in for some bad news. His wife and child were the targets of the attack. They had been kidnapped.

Hospital security was still recovering from the breach with half the morning shift now in the ER as patients. The press and the police were already swarming over the still beleaguered hospital. Beacon wanted more information, not the apologies that the overly sympathetic hospital administrator he now faced provided.

“I am sorry Mister Beacon but I am afraid the attack was more then our security staff could handle,” said Ralph Waverly the hospitals public relations manager.

“That much is obvious. What I want to know is what happened,” said Beacon.

“I honestly don't know yet,” said Waverly.

“Was Dave Greenburg hurt,” asked Beacon.

“A little bruised, but last I heard the Chief was back on duty,” said Waverly.

With a simple “Thanks,” Beacon departed Waverly office.

It took him only a few minutes to find Chief Greenburg. The head of security was in the main monitoring room reviewing tapes. Robert Beacon had worked with Dave Greenburg back when the two were both part of Philadelphia's Finest. Greenburg retired and rapidly advanced to the head of the hospitals small security force. Beacon had spent five years as a cop. His problem stated when his powers manifested themselves at the late age of twenty-six. The change seemed to only bring on the mildest visible effect on his body, losing a bit of a spare tire he was starting to develop. The fact he became smarter, stronger, faster and better healing than any baseline did not hurt his career in the least. The problem was Beacon was also a low order Package Deal Psychic his hunches just started getting better and better. An honest cop is one thing, an honest cop with a built in lie detector is something else. As Beacon would often say “I had to leave the force for political reasons.”

Chief Greenburg was apologetic at first when he saw his old friend. Beacon explained that he understood and he already had enough apologies from Waverly to last a lifetime. What Beacon really wanted, was to find out what happened and who did it. It took less then a second for Greenburg to invite Beacon to review the tapes.

It took them awhile to piece things together. Nevertheless it began to fall into place. It started with an incident in the hospital cafeteria. They watched a man that sat in the cafeteria breakfast eating breakfast and watching the clock. The man actually wound up eating about six normal breakfasts while waiting. He waited for the middle of shift change then he began to complain to the cook. It quickly escalated to a shouting match and security was called to the seen. When it soon became obvious that the man was both violent and a brick more security was brought into at least contain the incident and evacuate patients and staff. With most of security's attention focused on the mayhem in the cafeteria. Five individuals, four men and a woman infiltrated the incoming staff. Once on the floor of the maternity ward three of them changed from hospital uniforms ninja outfits. The two men still in hospital whites wheeled Mrs. Beacon out of the hospital in a wheelchair. The female ninja went to the nursery knocked out the duty nurse and abducted little Thanh. Placing the baby in a black carrier sling the female Ninja repelled down the side of the building. The two male ninjas moved to the other side of the hospital and began another group of diversions causing the first group of police to be diverted from responding to the initial disturbance. The brick that caused the ruckus in the cafeteria.

In the front of the hospital a car pulled up to the main entrance and the two fake orderlies loaded the unconscious Mrs. Beacon into the car. The car moved to the east parking lot and picked up the female ninja and the baby.

The brick fought his way to the west parking lot were the local police and the ninjas were playing a game of tag with live ordinance. The brick challenged the cops allowing the ninjas to make for a conveniently placed delivery van. The van proved to be both armed and armored and began fighting its way out of the police barricades. The car drove to the roof of the parking garage simply sprouted wings and took off flying.

Word from the police told them the flying car also proved to be armed it took out both a police helicopter and a news chopper before both vehicles made good their escape.

The only real mystery other then the identity of these abductors, was how they managed to control Kim Beacon. Mrs. Beacon like her husband was a mutant. Kim was your basic flying brick with a few other abilities. She had to go fully natural for the birth since she was immune to most poisons and sedatives.

After reviewing the films Chief Greenburg and Bob Beacon went up to the maternity ward to get a better look at the seen of the crime. No sooner then he entered the room Bob knew how they subdued his wife. He could smell the sweet brown powder that covered the floor. Kim Beacon code name: Independence had a weakness for chocolate. Not your normal weakness for chocolate or even a regular allergy, for Kim Beacon chocolate was a powerful intoxicant and the room reeked of it.


I had to admit this was not the ride home from the hospital I expected. The baby sling pinched my legs and Ninja Nurse is crazy, repelling down the side of the building with babies. I hope this is not standard hospital procedure in this world. I can't see too much facing backwards in this dam car seat. Mom and Ninja Nurse are in the backseat with me Mom does not look good I think they drugged her, also they put some strange metal collar on her. It does not look comfortable or stylish. Ninja Nurse has removed her mask and donned a white sweater. I now know, they call the driver CeeVee and he is as crazy as Ninja Nurse. The car is flying, I heard his name when the car did a loop-d-loop.


After gathering everything he could from the hospital and spending over half hour answering questions from the local police Bob Beacon (Codename: Gumshoe) headed to his office. The police were asking at least some of the right questions the problem was Kim Beacon had to many enemies not to mention a few of his own. Kim being an Assistant District Attorney for the City of Philadelphia generated a few. Then there was Kim's knight job and alter ego Independence. Having a wife in the super hero business was only one of his complications. Bob started Beacon Investigative Services three years ago the company had a good reputation and he was pulling in a decent income. His clients include a list of attorneys, celebrities and superheroes he tries to avoid politicians. Still it was the kind of business that made him as many enemies as friends.

The hospital staff knew about Kim being a mutant but even her Doctors did not know exactly how chocolate affected her. So the question for Bob was of all their possible enemies who did?


In his secret lair Milton Malt (code name: The Confectioner) eagerly anticipated his moment of revenge. First he would rid the world of his
arch nemesis Independence she and her cape squad do-gooders had been a pain back in Whateley but she was the one that thwarted his revenge. It had been six years ago when the know nothing judges from the Heavy Metal Chefs competition had humiliated him. One year later he had abducted them and all three of the Heavy Metal Chefs. His revenge was at hand until Independence the interfering bitch rescued them. He wound up doing time in a Federal prison. A Federal prison with his sensitive palette it was disgusting. A year ago he had escaped and now he was on the verge of a new revenge. First he would punish Kim Nghiem Beacon then take down Heavy metal Chef Italian and the rest them, his cuisine would rain supreme!


The Banquet Bruiser and the two ninjas Dave and Eddy stopped and switched vehicles. A time bomb was set in the armored truck to detonate thirty minutes after they left.

The pilot and builder of the flying get away car landed his vehicle on an out of the way country road near Reading. His code name was Circumvolutions (Wheels had already been taken) but everyone called him CV. CV found his car was a bit crowded with Bill and Chuck in the front seat and Grey Smoke in the back with sleeping beauty and the brat. Still the kid was well behaved and the would be back at the hideout in another thirty minutes all he had to do now was drive sensible he retracted the wings and changed the cars color and license plate. He loved the features he built into this baby. He hated driving sensible. Still driving sensibly is what he did.


It was not a really logical chain of reasoning but when you have a precog talent like Bob Beacon you learn to go with your gut. He picked Milton Malt's name out of Kim's high school yearbook. He was some sort of mutant cooking prodigy. A few years back he went bonkers after he lost a cooking contest. Kim wound up stopping him as he tried to do in the judges and competition. The fact that the guy was born in Hershey Pennsylvania was merely coincidental. The fact that Malt lived in the same Dorm at Whateley and worked in the cafeteria however seamed significant. A little normal cop work told Bob that Malt had escaped from a federal prison, a year ago. Four hours worth of phone calls to gourmet grocery stores and real-estate agents narrowed the search down to an abandoned bakery in Bryn Mar.


To say that The Confectioner was pleased to see his henchmen was an understatement he kissed them everyone.

“Bill, Chuck prepare our guest for dinner,” said The Confectioner pointing to the unconscious form of Kim Beacon. “Smoke I need you outside I am expecting another guest soon keep a watch report in every ten minutes do not engage our guest yourself,” the culinary criminal continued.

“A soon as I put the baby in her bed,” said Lin Yamoto Code Name: Gray Smoke.


I have seen enough of this place. I know this place is not home. Somehow I can tell Ninja Nurse is the only one here in near her right mind. Mom is stoned out of her gourd being changed into an evening gown by the two fake orderlies I think one of them is also styling her hair. There are two male ninjas and a human tank playing cards and killing time like there waiting for something more warm-blooded to kill. CeeVee is working on his wonder car. That leaves with me mainly listing to the crazy chief, a bearded guy that looks a bit like a young Ernest Borgnine in one of his bad guy roles. Whatever this guy is cooking up it's got to be trouble. Dam it is so hard to stay awake.


Bob Beacon made a few phone calls in route to suspicious bakery in Bryn Mar. He did not have enough evidence to convince any one of its importance. He did tell enough people where he was going if it turned out to be a trap. No sooner then he arrived at the bakery he had the feeling he was being watched. Whoever was watching him was good at hiding. Hoping to get a few answers Bob began to hunt the hidden observer.

Beacon was on a latter heading toward the roof when three men exited the bakery. Two began shooting at him while the third and largest of the three ran toward the base of the latter. Beacon reached the roof as the big guy reached the steal latter and began ripping it off the wall. On the roof Beacon found himself confronting two ninjas one armed with a sword the other armed with a bow. While the swordsman charged Beacon shot the bowman. Beacon dodged the sword strike as something hit him in the rear end. He pulled the dart from his buttocks as he darted away from the swordsman. He fired a shot at the person with the dart rifle as she tried to take another shot. He reached the body of the fallen bowman and grabbed a sai from the fallen ninja and parried the swordsman's next blow. With his opponents blade held in the sai Beacon pistol wiped the Ninja into unconsciousness. Before Beacon could resume his search for the Ninja with the dart rifle, the big guy from down stairs made his way onto the roof. Beacon recognized the big guy from the tapes at the hospital as the brick that made a riot out of breakfast.

Beacon pulled a flash bang grenade from a pocket in his trench coat about the time he started to feel the effects from the drugs in the dart he took earlier. He threw the grenade and attempted a retreat for a few steps he succeeded then he fell flat on his face.


“My quests are both here now wonderful,” said Milton.

“Not to great Dave has lost a lot of blood and Eddy is still unconscious,” said Smoke.

“Give Dave some of my restorative chicken soup and get that slug out of him,” said Milton. The maniacal chief then went in and checked on the baby and gloated; “What a fine little meat pie I will make of you, I will feed you to your parents, and have the sweetest of revenge.”


Pie! I don't want to be a pie. I got to get out of here. Focus must focus lets, see how child proof this crib really is. I managed to get my little body to do things I used the side of the crib pulled myself up and undid the catch. I lowered myself to the floor and half crawled and half rolled in search of a hiding place.

Great I am hiding behind a door, all that work and I bought myself a minute.


“Bill get the baby,” ordered The Confectioner.

“Sir, it's missing,” complained the confused henchman.

“Missing? My main entree is missing,” Milton stated with considerable annoyance.

“Will she is not in the crib,” said Bill.

“Smoke do you know anything about this,” asked The Confectioner.

“You have not let me near her since I put her in the crib,” said the female ninja.

BB, Smoke, CV, Bill, Chuck, Dave, Eddy find her you idiots,” ordered the master criminal.

Eddy is still unconscious,” pointed out Smoke.

“Then you can look twice as hard,” screamed the irate master mind.

It was Smoke who found the infant hiding behind a door. One baby smile and her heart melted. She took the baby and began edging her way toward an exit.

“Great you found her,” exclaimed Chuck.

In seconds less then a second Chuck had joined Eddy in the exploration of worlds behind his eyelids.

As Bill and CV came running toward her two massive mitts grabbed her from behind.

“BB let me go,” she screamed at the brick.

“Smoke I am disappointed going all maternal on me, I guess you will be joining our guests for dinner,” said Milton casually as he took the baby from her hands.

Smoke squirmed helplessly in the Banquet Bruiser's powerfull grasp as Bill injected her with a powerful sedative.


Ninja Nurse was my last chance here I am staring death in the face, and he is crazy bearded guy with a butcher knife. Well I've been dead before. I just wish there was something I could do besides admire the cutlery.


Milton ran his blade on the sharpener one last time before he began. In a few seconds he felt pleased with the edge. He approached the block and readied himself to prepare tonight's secret ingredient when he was suddenly engulfed in a chilling darkness.


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5 years 3 weeks ago #7277 by tenwaters
tenwaters replied the topic: Subject TO Change With Out Notice
Suddenly in my moment of my greatest despair, I reached deep inside me and found something. Suddenly I was pulling at the very fabric of reality wrapping myself in some indescribable cocoon. Suddenly I had a nearly infinite set of options for change before me what I grabbed was a pop culture Icon. Somehow I knew the choice was only temporary.


When the lights came on the baby was no longer on the chopping block. In its place was a blond teenage girl in an all too familiar blue and red costume.

“You know you can get sued for that,” said The Confectioner as he came after her with his knife.

She easily caught his arm and removed the blade from his hand and said; “I'll take my chances, by the way what are the child endangerment laws in this state like?”

The Confectioner no longer wishing to continue their little legal discussion yelled to his henchmen, “Get her!”

In less then a second The Confectioner found himself handcuffed with a carefully reshaped steal soup ladle, Bill was similarly bound by a serving fork. Dave was tied up in appliance cords. Since CV decided that his continued presence was no longer required that left only the Banquet Bruiser to be dealt with.

By the way Eddy, Chuck and Smoke were still unconscious.

The Banquet Bruiser found the red and blue streak an annoying opponent, he hated fighting speedsters they just never stayed still long enough to be clobbered. He would have let her come to him and use his danger sense to get her at the last second. She came at him but when he went to make his attack she grabbed his arm and threw him through about three walls. He was in the alley behind the bakery and just beginning to recover when she hit him with a dumpster that was about the time he joined Eddy, Chuck and Smoke.

After she had neutralized the threat Thanh Beacon had a few other things to do, she took care of a few of them and then began the task of removing the power inhibitor collar from her mother and getting her dad out of the steal chair he was chained to. Heat and x-ray vision can be so handy.

“Who are you,” asked Kim of the strange teenage girl that freed her.

“I am your daughter Thanh,” said the girl in the blue and red costume.

“I must have been out for longer than I thought,” replied Kim to her rescuer.

“Not really I somehow know I will only hold this form for a limited time. Good Dad is waking up,” said Thanh.

“You know you can get sued for that outfit,” said Kim.

“Hey I am a minor and old soup and nutcase has already warned me, besides I am prepared,” said Thanh as she donned the oversized white sweater that she had borrowed from the Ninja Nurse.

Her father soon awoke and a short time later the police arrived after far to many questions the police carted off six felons and the family departed in Bob's car

“Let's get a couple greasy cheese burgers and French fries you have no ideas how sick I am of a liquid protein diet,” suggested Thanh as the car departed.

On a rooftop a few blocks away Lin Yamoto woke with one hell of a hangover next to her was a suitcase full of her stuff and a note saying simply; “Thank you caring. By the way I owe you a sweater. Good luck Thanh.”


Subject TO Change With Out Notice Two

For a glorious six hours and seventeen minutes and eleven seconds Thanh Beacon/ Franklin Bruster enjoyed solid foods, conversations with her new parents, an adolescent body, and a flagrant disregard for a certain iconic copyright. The conversation was a bit awkward. For most mothers and daughters early bonding involved little or no conversation. They both had a lot of questions. Kim Beacon had mixed feelings less then a day ago she held her baby now she was talking to a teenager. A teenager that was remarkably wise for any age.

Her father went for more practical questions; “I wish could explain a few things to me like how you are talking let alone using your powers like you have trained with them,” asked the father whose code name was Gumshoe.

“It is hard to explain, I have full memories of a past life, but not in this form. I remember dyeing, and I have some strange after death experiences. I have other knowledge that I have no right to know. I think somehow I am linked to the Akashic Record. When I changed to this form it was like grabbing a book off the shelf I read it and suddenly I knew how to be Kara Zor-El. I also know that I can only hold this form for a little over six hours. So Mom you will get your baby back. There is one little problem you know all that energy I sucked in when I changed, I going to release some of it,” explained Thanh.

The six hours and seventeen minutes and eleven seconds were timed by electrical disruptions a mile wide blackout caused by the initial change and an EMP spike when Thanh reverted to baby form. During the last half hour before the change Kim flew with her daughter to an out of the way valley were the damage caused by the EMP spike was limited.

Just before the change Thanh said to her mother; “Mom when I change back please remember though I may not be coordinated enough to communicate, I am still in there. I know and remember everything you say. So please no baby talk one more goo-goo gaga and I guarantee you that you can forget about sleeping for awhile.”

It took another month for Thanh to get enough control of her body to begin talking and then she was careful only to talk to her parents. Keeping even the grandparents in the dark Thanh seemed to be developing normally. Though some people did ask why an infant had a TV in her room. Thanh hid the remote control when visitors were present.


I had a boring and frustrating month. Being in an infant's body is like recovering from an accident just less painful and no physical therapist to push you. I had to do that myself. The TV was helpful though manipulating the remote control was a pain. The History Channel was my favorite it and the news were telling me just how weird this world was. It was amazing how the major events stayed the same even with the supers on one side or the other grabbing the headlines. I somehow know it is supposed to be that way at least up to the last few years. I know, I am here for a reason there is something about this world and this time that is at odds with the Multiverse. So her I am sucking on a bottle contemplating the world while exercising and watching TV. Boring but maybe it beats working for a living.


It has been a month I can finally get enough control over my voice that mom can understand me unfortunately her maternity leave is about over so we are going to let Grandma in on are little secret.


Well grandma is baby sitting me during the day. I don't think, she gets the whole the baby is not really a baby thing. She keeps trying to edit my television. I think this calls for drastic action. I sifted.

I found that spot deep inside me. Once again I was pulled at the very fabric of reality wrapping myself in some indescribable cocoon. Now I had a nearly infinite set of options for before me. What I grabbed was much older cultural Icon frozen in time from so many minds. I knew this choice was only temporary but I new I could hold it longer.
I stood in my crib now dressed in an outfit nearly eighty years out-of-date “Bà ust gì địa ngục làm cho bạn sự suy nghĩ bạn làm,” I yelled. I think that got her attention she ran out of the room crying. I guess, she was not a Shirley Temple fan I got out of the crib and raided the refrigerator while grandma used her cell phone in the driveway.


I think I pushed Grandma to far Mom had to come home from work early. Mom wanted to know just when I learned Vietnamese I told her I picked up the lingo on my tour with the Marines. I realized that in all our mother daughter talks I had not told her I was a guy in my last life till now. It was her turn to shock me as she told me the story of a young boy named Hue Nghiem and the change that landed that young person at a place called Whateley Academy in Poe cottage.


With a smaller body and no supper powers I could hold this form for days if I wished and this time I only caused a two block brownout. What I really needed was some place I could experiment safely. I had a new and different world to explore sure I had over sixty years of experience but I knew I could take nothing for granted.


Mom took me to a safe place to discharge and change back. I now knew I could change at will. Big changes and super powers limited the time I could hold a form and if I stayed in a form for the full time I had a recovery period before I could to change again. Luckily for me with Grandma not wishing to baby sit Dad was taking me to work tomorrow.


Dad started Beacon Investigative Services three years ago. The company has a good reputation and he pulls in a decent income. His clients include a list of attorneys, celebrities and superheroes he tries to avoid politicians. His receptionist is in her early twenties and has a strong maternal streak. She just doesn't understand why I start crying whenever she starts baby talk. She seems to be a bright girl, I am sure with a little patients I can train her. Half a dozen people work in the office supporting what dad says is another dozen in the field. Dad may come across as something out of a Dashiell Hammett novel, but he is a much better businessman than Sam Spade. Dad set me up in a playpen within earshot of the water cooler so I am catching up on office gossip in lieu of television. Nobody ever thinks the baby is listening, but this little pigeon has some big ears.


Pain! Teething is a pain it puts me in a really bad mood. Today I started cutting my first tooth. Must take this one day at a time, I keep telling myself that acceptance is the best was to handle this. I sometimes like to keep the illusion of sanity, but I know it is only an illusion. Sanity does not really matter it is strictly a relative term. The trick remaining connected enough to the people around you that you project the image of sanity. This has to be the worst toothache ever I can really rationalize cranky.


I am now six months old and I am up to my neck in legal problems. It all started when this woman was sent to us by a divorce lawyer. She claimed her soon to be ex-husband was an abuser. He was also rich and well connected. She had moved out and gotten a restraining order but she still felt endangered. Dad moved her to a safe house, and I suggested she might be useful as a baby sitter. It took me a while to convince him but I am beginning to think that Shirley Temple form dose have a supper power after all. Things were pretty much routine for the first two weeks. Dad had two guys taking shifts watching her place at night and I took the day shift. I think it happened when she phoned an old friend. Her ex found out her location. We now know, he stalked the area for two days prior to making his move. I awoke from a short nap to the sound of screaming. I was angry at both that woman beating bastard and myself for letting it get this far that and I still was teething. I needed a change that could do a lot more than sing about animal crackers. The green marvel hellion in the purple and white bathing suit I chose, may not have been the best of choices. Ten blocks worth of suburban homes lost power. I also underestimated what my own rage added to that Avenger's archetype would do. A slight bit out of control is an understatement, putting a baseline human though a wall is well into extreme. How was I to know, the idiot was, colorblind. When he did throw that first punch he thought he was only beating another woman. To bad Jennifer Walters is not licensed to practice law in this universe.

Now about my legal problems; the assault case was dropped, unfortunately the assault case against the ex-husband was also dropped. The attack did make it into the divorce case and the settlement favored the wife heavily. Stewing in his hospital bed the ex-husband decided to do his best to use the legal system to take revenge. In the last couple of weeks Beacon Investigative Services has had to defend itself against a verity of wild charges; everything from the PA Department of Public Welfare for child endangerment to the MCO for hiding a dangerous unregistered mutant. At least neither Stan Lee nor Marvel Entertainment, Inc. has sued yet, but then my little show was strictly for private viewing.

Worse still I am cutting another tooth.


Mom was a little upset with dad and me over the whole incident but that did not stop her from coming up with a plan. A plan that has us spending Christmas in New Hampshire.


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5 years 3 weeks ago #7279 by tenwaters
tenwaters replied the topic: Subject TO Change With Out Notice
Subject TO Change With Out Notice Three

It was not long after the battle that the maintenance crews brought out the snow making equipment. It was the quickest way to cover the craters, blood and scorch marks that were evident after the battles of early December. Spring would make further demands on the landscaping crews. The fact that the campus had been a battleground was strictly need to know and most of the parents did not really need to know. Maintenance crews worked furiously to get the campus in shape for the parents that would collect their sons and daughters for Christmas break.

The campus was abuzz with activity as the silver SUV made its way up the drive to the administrative building. The vehicle pulled into visitor parking space and a young couple caring a baby made their way into the building. They presented themselves at the front office and soon their appointment with the Headmistress was confirmed. They only had to wait a short time before Mrs. Carson came out to greet them.

“Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Beacon I take it this is the little terror that has the MCO so up in arms,” asked the Headmistress.

“Yes, this is Thanh,” said the proud mother.

“She is adorable can I hold her,” asked Carson?

The baby gave her mom a quick thumbs up and Kim Beacon handed Mrs. Carson the baby.

“So just what did you do to get the mean old MCO mad at you,” said Mrs. Carson.

“I sue a wife beater swouh a wall,” said the baby.

Mr. Beacon went on to fill in the details of the incident.

“You do realize seven months is a little young for admission to Whateley Academy however precocious the child,” explained Carson.

“Yes, we are only here for testing I figure the staff here would be a better choice then anything in Philadelphia or what the MCO might come up with,” said Kim Beacon.

“I can understand that, but why are you assigning temporary custody to Mrs. Johnson in history for the duration of the testing,” asked Carson?

“We are having a few issues with Child Protective Services with our release of custody we sidestep those issues,” explained Kim.

“It’s a bum wap,” added Thanh.


Rupert Graystone was a late transfer he arrived a Whateley just after thanksgiving already a year behind in his studies. His parents had spent the better part of that year dragging him across six continents looking for a cure. They gave up when his nightly changes infinitely complicated the problem. Then they all but abandoned him dropping him at Whately with a small endowment that barely covered his needs. They tired but in the a mutant son was just to much an embarrassment for their social circles.

A little over eight foot tall, green, and with a face that made Quasimodo look Brad Pit Rupert had better things to do then feel sorry for him self. He only needed to look around at the rest of Hawthorne Cottage to count himself lucky. So he concentrated on two tasks; the self paced instruction course he had been given and finding a part time job.

He was making progress on his course work he had almost finished the standard curriculum for the eighth grade, he had hoped to catch a break taking history courses in New Hampshire after all the United States did have a lot less history then his native Britain. Unfortunately Whately had him play catch up using the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum as its standard. The job situation was not going nearly as well, as a late comer most of the jobs were already taken having GSD and being to dam large not to be noticed also limited his options. It was definitely an unexpected interruption when Ms. Cantrel knocked on his door and told him to head over to Admin about a job.

It was a green flag day (probably the last one before the parents finished picking up students for the break) so he walked across campus. He was also speculating on what type of job awaited him, he was pretty strong he could lift over one hundred tons, well if it was digging ditches he sure could give a backhoe a run for its money. He hoped it wasn’t a night job he really was embarrassed about the form his body took at night. With his long stride it was not long before he reached destination and ducted into the building.

He reported to Ms. Hartford who kept him waiting for a while then handed him directions to one of the history teacher’s office. She also warned him that this new job would call for his utmost discretion. When he arrived at Mrs. Johnson‘s office he was prepared for almost anything, anything except what he found spread before him. Mrs. Johnson welcomed him to what could only be described as a formal tea. Figuring it was some sort of test he did his best to observe the proper decorum being careful to select only the furnisher that could support his mass and limiting his food intake to light snacking. He did not recognize most of the guests the few he did worked in powers testing, he decided it would be uncalled for a quest to correct what he saw as their total ignorance of proper manors. Still it was pleasant to be treated with such simple courtesy as he made light conversation and no one called particular attention to the four hundred pound green monster in the room. About an hour after he arrived Dr. White from testing brought me into a conversation with our host and a couple in their thirties

“Mister Graystone I would like you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Beacon,” said White.

“Pleased to meet you,” said Rupert.

After they completed the formal introductions and Mrs. Johnson complemented him on his manners. Dr. White explained that he had set up the tea to demonstrate Rupert’s fine motor skills. With that done Mrs. Johnson explained the nature of his new job, babysitting.


Sometime after Rupert agreed to the job and departed the Beacons and Doctor White continued their conversation:

“I agree he is a nice kid, he is large green and his face is somewhat asymmetric but why is he in Hawthorn,” asked Kim.

“He is an involuntary nocturnal/dayernal shifter and required a cooed dorm and Poe was filled,” explained Doctor White.

Kim nodded but it took Bob a few seconds to piece things together.

“Are you saying at night he becomes a,” Sam stammered.

“A she, and she is a quite a lovely looking young lady though still green,” finished White.


For the first few days after we arrived at Whateley we stayed at Mrs. Johnson’s. I used the ST (Shirley Temple) form and spent a lot of time on line. They would not get any testing done till after Christmas day. My first Christmas on this world was a rather pleasant family event dad found a two foot tall potted Norfolk Island Pine and decorated it. Mrs. Johnson is a widow, her own children returned from college for the holidays. For Christmas dinner she also entertained a few Whateley students that couldn’t go home. For the dinner I went into ST mode and discovered that Mrs. Johnson was a very good cook. I must admit my Christmas presents were an interesting mix a few outfits, a sippy cup, a really nice freezable teething ring, and a laptop. I had ordered some presents for Mom, Dad and Mrs. Johnson but they did not arrive until the twenty seventh. I had talked Dad into starting a bank account for me two months ago I have online access to the funds. The account was handy for doing things like buying gifts and day trading. I said I know things that are outside my own experience in this or my last lifetime, one of those things is predicting stock performances with ninety-eight percent accuracy.

My quote for today is: Online no one can smell your diaper.


Well the testing begins today. We are heading over to Mrs. Johnson’s office I will be met by one of the students who will take me over to Schuster Hall. I now can talk well enough in my base form to communicate with most people, but it is annoying the hell out of me that I still have a bit of a lisp. I can make small shifts if I need a better voice but I prefer to hold that in reserve. I will probably need something other then my ST form for academic testing, number two pencils are still awkward in that form. I think I will in dealing with Ms. Hartford I should throw in a wee bit of psychological warfare into the mix.

My student guide picked me up (quite literally) a few minutes early. Tall green and gruesome’s name is Rupert Graystone he seems to be a nice kid (this whole chronological vs. mental age thing is strange even after this long). It is pretty cold out so he takes me through a series of tunnels. Just before we reach the elevator to take up to the building I ask him to put me down. “Now for my twesting form,” I say (damn that lisp).

He put me down, I shifted and he burst out laughing.

“You can’t be serious,” he said.

“Of course not, that would spoil all the fun,” I said.

Hey, what can I say you’re only young twice. We took the elevator and Rupert escorted me to Mrs. Hartford’s desk.

We waited patiently while Ms. Hartford did her best to ignore me and my four hundred pound escort. There was hardly anyone else in the office so Mrs. Hartford devoted her full attention to the computer display on her desk. After standing there for a bit Rupert began to shift nervously back and forth between feet.

“Be patient, we have before us the opportunity to watch true genius at work so remain still and show some respect,” I whispered to him.

“Young lady that uniform is not appropriate for a student of this school,” opened Mrs. Hartford.

“Mrs. Carson has already told me that I am a little too young for admission to Whateley Academy,” I replied.

“Mrs. Hawkins is running a little late there is a testing desk around in room 12 C with all the basic tests you might as well begin,” she said.

“Mister Graystone your services will not be needed till noon,” she snapped at poor Rupert.

The tests were long and boring I filled them out. Mrs. Hawkins came in two hours after I started and began marking some of the tests. She added a few more tests. At noon Rupert picked me up for lunch. Crystal Hall was nearly empty but still I got some strange stares with my rather easily recognized form and uniform. The food was good and I appreciated being in a form with a full set of teeth. A few of the other kids did join us some out of pure curiosity. Others joined us because the kids they normally hung with were gone making the Crystal Hall a very large empty space. I imagine being left in a boarding school over the Christmas holiday is a lonely enough experience without having to eat in a near empty room that is normally the hub of activity. I introduced myself and Rupert introduced me to a few more kids still one of the kids slipped and called me Hermione. Well what better form to select for academic testing.

After lunch Rupert took me back to Mrs. Hawkins for more tests. Rupert was a bit nervous when Mrs. Hawkins told him not to show up again till four thirty. I asked him what the problem was, he said; “It gets dark early this time of year.”


Another day and more tests this time with Dr Bellows (Hawkins has the day off). I am using the HG form again but keeping to strictly civilian entire. Yesterdays tests were tedious and tiring, I transformed to my base form as soon as I left. Rupert took me home where I slept like a baby (or maybe a log). Dad had to head back down to Philly on business. Dr Bellows has a much more pleasing manner, put Hawkins was more fun some of her buttons practically have push me written all over them.

We did testing till eleven and then he brought me in for a little counseling session. We started going over my test results. So far I tested out of most of their standard academic requirements. He was still waiting for some of the faculty to finish grading some of my essays. We went over a bit of my personal history. Dr Bellows then went into the whole transgender issue trying to gage my reaction. I shifted to the form I had before my demise. I actually have a lot better control of my collateral effects than I did a few months ago.

“Dr Bellows gender is not really an issue, Kim is, I can not in good conscious take her baby daughter from her even though I can maintain a non supper powered adult form for over a week if I so choose. After accepting both old age and death gender is not really an issue. I am here for reasons greater then myself, currently we all share a common curse and until that reason plays itself out, all I can do is hold on and try to do no real harm,” I said.

“What is this curse you are talking about,” asked Bellows?

“May you live in interesting times,” I stated. I then followed up by asking him how he felt about all the interesting things happening at Whateley. He of course tried to reverse it back to my feelings so I told him simply; “Me, I like to watch.” I shifted back to base form and caught a short nap. I woke at noon and shifted to HG form for lunch.

There was an interesting bunch of kids at lunch Paige Donner and Jimmy Trauger were both shifters. Jimmy had a problem with sleep shifting and Paige was a were. After I got to know them a little there was a question I just had to ask. “He has that armband and you have that last name do you always eat lunch together,” I asked.

“No we only met a few days ago and I am not from California,” said Paige.

“Still if we all go into a restaurant could you reserve the table,’ I asked?

“Donner party of five,” yelled someone.

Paige barely restrained a groan at the pun that had haunted her since she’d lost her arm.

I brought out my wand and did a quick illusion. A midsized heavily built scaly green demon with inch long teeth appeared next to me and asked, “Do you serve Clod here?” About four students went into defense mode two ducked under tables and Jimmy cracked up laughing.

“You are just plain evil,” said Jimmy snickering.

“Not per say, but we Prevects do have a reputation to maintain,” said the illusion.

I dispelled the illusion while Jimmy explained the joke, apparently he was the only one at the table who read Robert Asprin.

Once the illusion had faded and Jimmy was done his long and somewhat involved explanation, he turned to me and asked me about my powers.

“So what are you, some kind of exemplar? Must be kind of hard on you as far as copy right infringement, I mean you have the powers and appearance of a character from a very well known series.”

“Well I’m not exactly restricted too one set of powers, or one form for that matter. Although, it is true that no matter who I am I have to worry about being a copy of someone or something,” I gave him a vague explanation of archetypes that probably did more to confuse him then answer his question.

As Jimmy tried to puzzle through my answer, Rupert hooked into the one or two words that made the most sense to his british schooling and years of questing.

“So, then you turn into legends? I heard about archetypes ,when my parents took me, to a British wizard once, he said that they were er, uhn, manifestations of the collective subconscious, will on this plane, or something like that. I think he liked to use big words to sound smart.”

Everyone at the table seemed a bit flabbergasted at this uncharacteristic spate of verbosity from the normally silent man mountain.

“So then your king arthor” Jimmy said with a grin

“Only on alternate Tuesdays,” Paige chimed in “but since today is a Wednesday I suppose she must be a … “

“Smart ass” The both of them said in unison.

“Are you saying this robe makes my butt look fat” I growled at them falling into the vein of humor

“No but that wand makes my eyes wander” Paige said with her typical tongue in cheek grin.

“So if you are not a student, what are you here for,” asked Paige asked after the fits of laughter had died down.

“Officially for testing, actually it is part of a scheme to dodge MCO, but on its deepest level it is because I must be here to watch,” I said.

“Watch for what,” Paige probed.

“If I knew that I wouldn’t be here,” I said. Great the more honest I try to be the more cryptic I sound.

“Sounds kind of passive, and more than a bit arcane” said Paige.

“I instigate, I survive, and I watch, the deep shit that is building up around, here that has nothing to do with being passive,” I said letting the straight line fall unheeded to the floor.

“Are you some sort of precog,” asked Jimmy.

“Yes, but not the usual sort,” I said.

“What sort are you,” asked Paige.

“The kind dead people avoid,” added Jimmy.

“I need you to keep secret, you see the only way I get to stay here is by driving the testers crazy,” I said.

“If you want any help with those bastards just ask me “said Paige with an almost feral growl.

“I thought the testers already were crazy,” protested Rupert.

“Well sanity is a relative term and in some circumstances it is more than a bit overrated, and you should probably keep your distance from my tests” I said realizing that my petty gambits could get the poor hacker in more trouble than she really deserved.

“I see were you are going, in fact I may have been their once or twice, if you want I could give you a map, but I think I sold it to Sara” sighed Paige.

“It has been fun meeting you, I hope I get to see you again but I am afraid its time to get back to entertaining Doctor Bellows,” I said and with that Rupert and I headed back for another round of testing.

The first question Doctor Bellows had for me upon my return was why did I write “invalid test” on my personality profile test. I simplify explained that I was too familiar with the testing modality and could give him any results I wished to. The sample I supplied was correct for a normal well balanced woman of twenty five. We talked about testing and measurements for about half an hour in which time I convinced him that most of the standard tools would be basically useless with me. By the time we finished several facility members had gathered outside his door. These were the people that had reviewed my essays. One of them was more than a little upset. I would be to if I had just driven all the way here from the Miskatonic University in this weather.

Doctor Fried actually barged into Doctor Bellows office with blood in his eyes. “I want to know which one of your little bastards has been sneaking around my private files,” he bellowed at Doctor Bellows.

“What are you talking about,” demanded Bellows.

“I have been plagiarized,” screamed Doctor Fried.

“I believe I cited you correctly in my paper,” I interjected.

“You cited a paper that hasn’t been published yet,” said the perplexed and angry professor.

“And a brilliant piece of work it is,” I replied.

He stood there for a few seconds trying to decide if he wished to acknowledge the complement or strangle me. He decided to take a few deep breaths. Before he could say another word Circe interrupted him.

“I to need to talk to you about one of your bibliographic references young lady,” said Circe.

“Just because the original scroll was burnt along with the Library in Alexandria is no reason not to give the author do credit,” I answered.

It was a very long afternoon Doctor Bellows didn’t give me any more tests that day. But I did have a very eclectic oral exam.

That night events would conspire to create rumors that would haunt the campus for months Lewis, Mrs. Johnson, and Ms. Cantrel had worked out arrangements for me to stay with Rupert for the night. Mom had been called back to Philly and Mrs. Johnson’s children were taking her into town and would not be back till late evening. It had been decided that I would not stay at the hospital since the faculty might still want to sue me, strangle me, or kidnap me for the benefit of mankind. Not to mention the history professor who would keep me up all night translating Minoan scripts.

A folding crib and several other Items, Mom believed necessary for my logistical support were delivered to Hawthorne Cottage. Added to this a teenaged girl was seen crossing campus with a baby and the myth of the teenaged mother hiding in Hawthorne was started. Of course the Thornies would not confirm or deny anything.

As for me I took a nap and played a few games of chess with Fubar that night, he is quite good. He said I had strangest mental shield he had ever seen.

The next morning I had a rather long meeting with Mrs. Hartford and Chief Delarose since no writing was involved I used ST form. Mrs. Hartford and Chief Delarose did not take kindly to me apparently compromising their random evaluator system. The essays I wrote each had a sort of verbal Easter egg that was decipherable only by the recipient. They wanted to know how I knew the recipient. Mrs. Hartford had spent a good bit of time on developing a secure randomizer. The fact was if the randomizer was hacked no system in the school was safe. Worse Mrs. Hartford could detect no sign of hacking.

I did my best to comfort them because I did not hack their system. No one else hacked the system. I did predict its results. The randomizer had a diminished effect because the pool of graders was reduced do to the holidays I explained. They wanted to know how I knew who the graders were. I told Chief Delarose what he had eaten in the last three days. I told them I knew many things I should have no business knowing.

“We want answers not some cryptic side show,” said Mrs. Hartford angrily.

I was not overly impressed. I allowed the lights to dim briefly as I shifted to a form of a student that Mrs. Hartford had not seen since her sophomore year. “What answers do you require,” I asked in a voice that had been long silenced by the grave. I quickly shifted back to the ST form. I displaced some energy to a point above the building it dissipated harmlessly as a single electric spark was taken in by the buildings lightning rods. The resulting thunder clap added a nice theatrical effect. Mrs. Hartford decided that she no longer required Chief Delarose’s or my presence. It looked like I would only get in one day of powers testing before the end of the year.


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Subject TO Change With Out Notice Four

There is a tremendous difference between what you know in your mind and what you feel in your heart. It is one thing to know that your daughter can single handedly defeat an entire team of super villains. It is very much another to leave her baby with a trusted friend for three whole days. Kim Beacon struggled and tortured herself over this dilemma the entire time she and Thanh were apart. Now as she and her husband drove a rental car though the snow covered New England country side she found herself adrift in a sea of worry. She could not wait to see her baby again.

“What do you think the testers are doing with Thanh,” Kim asked her husband?

“You are the one who had powers testing at that school, what was it like for you,” Bob Beacon responded.

“Why do you always answer a question with a question,” she complained. It was an old argument, a quirk of his personality what did she expect married to a guy whose code name was Gumshoe. Being an old argument it somehow made it comfortable and almost reassuring. As they drove through the cold New England night Kim recalled her own days of powers testing and begun to worry again.

Bob Beacon did his best to reassure his wife. He knew it was only natural for her to worry about the baby, but after his experiences taking the baby to work he was beginning to worry about the school.

The final weekend of the year was a family event for the Beacons. Mrs. Johnson had a small party on New Years Eve. Her son, the younger of her two children was there along with a few other members of the faculty.


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

Dick Clark took the baton from Guy Lombardo and now is trying to hand it off to Ryan Seacrest. Regardless of the fact I have seen those changes; there will be no Champagne for me this New Years Eve. In this reality I am under age. I am trying not to be maudlin but there is something in seeing far too much of the “Old Long Ago.” These last few months I have come to know the truth about myself, the truth I hide from myself in every lifetime. The truth I can not fully reveal, but this universe leaks information and I can’t hide it from myself. They do not realize the true nature of their powers for it is the power to realize their dreams as well as their nightmares. I do realize it and know why it must remain hidden. I normally come into a universe in a time of change and stay for a lifetime to bear witness. The exercise of free will and unpredictability is my true meat and bread. Here I retain the full memory of my last lifetime, but not only that but I am still linked to the Akashic Record. If I look too hard I see beyond the veil and beyond time. I see things that scurry into shadows on far too many appendages. Tonight I swim in the tears of the world but I stay afloat buoyed by the hopes of billions. For now there is a tomorrow, Happy New Year!

This morning Dad is apologizing for not taking me down to see the mummers parade, turns out he has friends in at least three sting bands, two comic, and three fancy clubs. Just what I need cold weather, crowds, and sitting on daddy’s head to see anything. I thing I would rather watch all those exquisitely made colorful costumes on TV. I will keep this to my self, but in the words of W. C. Fields “better here than Philadelphia.”


Ok, it is January second Rupert is taking me deep into the Whateley underground again for powers testing, let the games begin. I was in my base form when Rupert handed me to Doctors Polland, Hendricks , and Shandy. Doctor Polland in turn handed me to Hillary Newman.

Sorry Thanh we don’t get many babies down here,” apologized Nurse Newman.

“Put me on the table and I will make things easier,” I told her.

She gently placed me on the table and I shifted to ST form. “Ok folks this should make movement and communications simpler. This brought the three esteemed doctors to life as they began a lively discussion about shifters and manifestors they of course had me shift back and forth many times. The fact that they got different results every time only seemed to encourage them. I had to acquire and discard the mater and energy from somewhere I allowed tiny bits to effect this universe and they measured those results. So they watched me play games with everything from gravity to pulling the paint off the walls. I was careful not to EMP their equipment but about lunch time I created a blackout that caused most of their computers to reboot. While they were auguring where the mater and energy were coming from I stood on the scale in ST form. Crystal Hall was calling and I did not have time for the full scope of the ontological debate I had inspired. I shifted to the form of a eight hundred pound gorilla and grabbed a chair sitting down next to Doctor Shandy. They continued their debate.

“Were is she getting the mass I think it is from a different place every time,” said Doctor Polland.

I lifted my chair and moved it next to Doctor Polland and stated; “Uuk uuk,” and pointed to my chair. They noticed that. I shifted back to ST form as Rupert entered the room. “If you don’t mind I think I have given you enough data for a bit can I go to lunch,” I asked.

Doctor Hewley looked at a clock and agreed somewhat apologetically, I went to lunch.

I was already in the hallway outside the room Doctor Hewley stated; I think we are neglecting the obvious gentlemen. All day long we have been lead around by our noses and own preconception. Ms. Beacon was playing with us she knows exactly were the energy and mass are coming from and going to. Her last two transformations did not even register on our instruments. She practically told us what was going on we were just asking the wrong questions.”

“What is the right question,” asked Doctor Polland?

"Where does an eight hundred Gorilla sit?" supplied Hewley.

"Anywhere she wants to," groaned the learned trio.

Lunch was excellent especially the banana cream pie.


Thanh Beacon returned from lunch bearing sandwiches and a pie the discussion amongst the testers had continued unabated. A young assistant had joined the three doctors. After thanking Thanh and Rupert for bring lunch Doctor Hewley began a more direct approach.

Thanh was once more in the form of a curly toped six year old when Hewley asked; “Thanh could you describe how you think your powers work?”

“I could,” answered Thanh.

After a long silence Doctor Hewley asked Thanh to begin her description.

“Do you want the long or the short description,” asked Thanh.

“Let’s start with the short description and work up from there,” replied Hewley cautiously.

“Ok, but this only an analogy,” began Thanh she pause for again getting a nonverbal acknowledgement from her audience and then continued. “In overview it is very simple, I take the essence of a either a being or archetype from the Akashic Record and render it’s facsimile into a workable form in this universe. I rearrange the nth dimensional space near me to allow it to come into being with a minimal amount of disruption to the multiverse but the latter is more art than science.”

“Are you saying you control all the effects we were observing this morning,” asked a somewhat outraged Doctor Polland?

“For the most part, I would hardly care to shift to this form from that of an eight hundred pound gorilla if I left all that mass lying about as energy,” said the sweet little girl’s voice.

The three scientists were at a temporary loss for words, with 89875517873681.764 Joules of energy in a single gram of matter, 349 Kilograms of mass so released was not an idea that aided their digestion. A 7482 megaton explosion would be a bit much even for Whateley. Thirty seven Krakatoas would defiantly be a bit hard on the lab.

“Before we go on, I wish to caution you of the need go slow. Scientific knowledge is not some deviser trick. I will not tell you all the secrets of the universe. I will cooperate with your experiments and even supply you with a few hints, so long as I can pursue my own agenda,” said Thanh.

“What is your agenda Stocwon,” asked Doctor Polland?

“I really have two objectives the first is to stay on campus for as long as possible. The second is to observe some events that may soon transpire,” said Thanh.

Two hours later Thanh left testing while the Doctors laid plans for a busy day tomorrow.


Ms. Hartford was having a very frustrating day she had people to contact. That annoying little monster knew too much. Hartford weighed the implied threat that Thanh had made, in her space, in front of Chief Delarose of all people. That her past and her security could be so easily compromised was unnerving. She had made certain that there was no record, no evidence, nothing that could link her or any of her old fiends to the event. Maybe the kid was a telepath but she had worked long and hard to shield and bury those thoughts. She had people she needed to contact, she needed to ready some damage control. She could use only the securest forms of communications and yet it seemed everything conspired against her. The best she could manage was telephone tag. Students were calling in stranded at airports or train stations. One of the schools buses had a broken axel. Mrs. Carson was stuck in a conference with some lawyer all morning long dumping all the little emergences on her desk. Each little thing pulled her away from her secure phone at just the wrong time. It only got worse as the day wore on, you would think a future super villain could come up with a more ingenious crime than shoplifting.

Ms. Hartford was not the only one having a bad day at the local M.C.O. headquarters in Philadelphia a clerk spilled a full two liter bottle of Pepsi into the B draw of a file cabinet. At Humanity First a very juicy piece of office gossip caused a secretary to leave an important new file on the shedder. A hacker in china accidentally attached a shiny brand new virus to a file in the Philadelphia police computer system contaminating law enforcement databases across the world.

Strangely it was not a bad day for some Doctor Fried had finished a New Years binge of writing and had gotten his paper off to the publisher and a new employee at an insurance company made many owners of electronic equipment happy before she was fired for her efficiency.


That night Thanh slept fitfully, in her dreams she prowled though rows of shelves that intersected at odd angles, shelves that seemed to move if you looked away, shelves that contained volumes that begged to be read or screamed in madness. The shelves stood at angles that defied any concept of up or down. They intersected each other in far more then five dimensions seemingly stretching into infinity in all of them at once. Thanh moved through the library via a circuitous root that by its nature was most direct. She passed great plots, petty conspiracy and grocery lists until she came upon an ancient presence the head librarian professor emeritus and keeper of the Akashic Record. The head librarian considered Thanh for a moment.

In a place were time has no meaning a moment and an eon are about the same. Eyes that saw all things in their domain regarded Thanh. “You were sent to watch not to be watched, I have spent great efforts covering your tracks. You are in a universe which allows you great power, power you have not wielded since the last great cycle. This is the only reprimand you will be given. Cease abusing your position, in comparison to the integrity of the record, even you are expendable. You must yield to the intended flow.”

Thanh looked up at the golden eye that peered down at her/him/it/them and frowned at the alien form of the librarian. “I see you are as hide bound as ever, a billion terran cycles and you still cling to the same form. I will bide by their will, but do not for a moment believe that the keeper is greater than the scribe.”

“The trickster is jealous of his position and has born a grudge against you since the sundering,” cautioned the librarian.

“As is his right, we are too alike, and he took all the blame,” replied Thanh.

“You must maintain neutrality there are things man is not meant to know,” urged the librarian.

“I am not the one giving inter library loans to Miskatonic U,” complained Thanh.


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The Project or Revenge of the Kensue

Monday, December 18th

“I still can’t believe that the Turks so got their asses handed to them by Team Kimba” said Fax. The overly cute round faced girl with blue-green shoulder length hair plopped onto an ancient but still serviceable couch as the other members of her team entered their private meeting room.

“Not only were they smoked, but those girls smoked them with style,” said Cash.

“Nicki Reilly looks good doing anything,” comment the shortest of the team. His nickname was Lab Rat a moniker not of his own choosing but one he had been stuck with since the end of September. His thin angular face, and large ears, slight overbite, and his short stature along with his nervous constantly in motion bearing were part of it. Maybe if his first Deviser Lab project hadn’t involved cheese he might have gotten away with a cooler code name but Lab Rat stuck.

Fax gave him a look that chilled his blood.

“More then just looking good they had them outplayed in so many directions,” said the small device on Left Field’s wheel chair. The tall bald headed boy strapped to his wheelchair did not move he had almost no control of his voluntary muscles he dealt with the world though his telekinetic powers and an assortment of tools, gadgets, and devices.

“People we have a meeting to begin and this is our last formal meeting before break, as interesting as the Kimbas are, we have business to discus,” said Cash. He was the leader of the group and a junior, though dressed casually there was something about the handsome young exemplar that screamed corporate suite. He was the president of the small organization that called itself The Young Entrepreneurs. He called the small group to order and the meeting began.

“According to our agenda I am calling this meeting to order, we have no guests, or new members so I will dispense with the welcome and introductions and move right on to the approval of the agenda. Do I have a motion,” said Cash as he looked at three members of his organization.

“I move to approve the agenda,” offered Fax.

“I Second it,” blurted Lab Rat.

Cash called for a vote and the agenda was approved. A short time later, after a minor spelling correction, the minutes of the last meeting were approved.

“Ok, Treasures report,” prompted Cash.

A moment later the room lights dimmed and a VGA projector that had recently been brought back from the dead placed a PowerPoint slide on the screen.

“As you can see our treasury balance remains virtually unchanged our fall fund raising project barely broke even and our dues paid for the end of finals luncheon,” explained Fax.

“I told you Fruit Cake’s were a lame Idea,” commented Left Field.

“How was I to know the price of pecans was going to jump like that,” said Lab Rat defensively.

“They were pretty tasty though,” added Fax.

“We will discuss this under old business,” said Cash regaining control of the meeting.

“I move to table new business until after old business,” volunteered Left Field.

The motion was quickly moved and seconded. “Alright old business then,” said Cash as ceded to the will of the group. He did have one item on the agenda to delay the dreaded fruit cake debate. “Ok, under old business we have two items, membership and after action on the last fund raiser, membership is first.”

“We have no new members,” said Left Field.

“That is a very good description of the problem,” stated Cash.

“The Young Entrepreneurs try to recruit members from all the cottages, this is done to insure the best understanding of the diverse nature of markets,“ Lab Rat quoted from the clubs charter.

“Well we do have members from Melville, Dickinson, and Hawthorne,” said Left Field.

“Gee that leaves only Emerson, Whitman, Twain, and Poe, complained Fax.

“We are batting better than four hundred, offered Left Field.

“Great for baseball lousy for market penetration,” returned Fax.

“Ok, let’s review our recruitment efforts to date. We each took on an assignment to recruit at least one new member for next semester where do we stand,” asked Cash.

“There is a new kid over at Hawthorne, he came in around Thanksgiving, I am trying to get to know him better,” said Left Field.

“I have a have a sophomore from Poe that I have been talking to, but he is a bit odd at times,” said Cash. In the back of his mind the young exemplar wondered if the guy from Poe had motives other than learning about business. Still he had an interest in joining the group so Cash withheld any additional comment.

“I think Arwin Hochauser might be looking for a new association after that fiasco with the Turks,” said Fax.

“Yea, Goodvibes is a half decent kid and after the licking they took from Kimba’s B team that group has a lamer reputation then we do,” agreed Lab Rat.

“Does anyone else have anything else on membership,” asked Cash hoping to pull the group from the negative direction that Lab Rat was heading. The freshman Gadgeteer was right of course, last year the club got a reputation for lameness. A well deserved reputation. Last years president was as charismatic as he was incompetent the club had sixteen members but stumbled from one embarrassing misadventure to the next. A good part of the old club graduated the rest tried to bury any memory of being associated with the disaster. That was the reason he was the only upperclassman in the club. Last year he was the treasurer of the club. That year the normally well off club hemorrhaged money even though Cash did his best to retain capital the club lost half the money it had in September by late April. By that time most of the members quit. Cash tripled the treasury in the final month of school by betting against selected former team members. He stayed with the club this year because he really could not walk away from the capital he had earned. This new group all freshmen looked promising.

They all agreed to move onto the next order of business and so began the after action discussion on there last fund raising project.

Left Field took the floor; “As you all know I have been a slight bit accusatory, we all put a lot of work into the holiday fruit cake sale. We had two sets of problem that caused us to be less then profitable.” A laptop moved gracefully across the room were the cable to the VGA projector attached itself. When the screen displayed a spreadsheet the wheelchair bound student continued with a PowerPoint presentation; “We made three great mistakes in the Fruit Cake Project. We over produced, we undersold, and we allowed cost of goods to get out of hand. In all but the last case we have only ourselves to blame. We had two items that greatly increased the cost of Lab Rats recipe. The first was the unexpected cost increase in pecans we were not alone in this problem.” A slide showed the number of Ice Cream producers that had to cut out butter pecan from their lineup of flavors. “On the other item I owe you all an apology, I have accused everyone of you at one time or the other of drinking the brandy, our single most expensive ingredient, I even went so far as asking you each to allow me to scan your minds. You all cooperated. Finding all of you innocent of brandy theft I was left a problem were did it go. The Brandy we used was obtained from a source known only to Lab Rat and now myself. The use and possession of such a substance created greater costs and risks. It also seems that our source leaked word of our clandestine purchase to others. Lab Rat and I used our own funds to arrange another such clandestine purchase to set a trap.” The slideshow disappeared to show six views of a bottle of rum after a sudden blur the bottle disappeared. Left Field slowed down the display speed a hundred fold. It revealed a figure entering the room and grabbing the bottle. He then moved the image a frame at a time until a face was revealed, a face that silenced the room.

Aries one of the Alphas was their thief.

“We can’t exactly go to the administration and say, hey the Alphas are stealing our contraband,” said Fax.

“No, but now we can stop accusing each other and move on,” said Cash optimistically.

“And we know what to watch out for next time,” added Left Field flipping back to his slideshow. “That gives us our other two issues Fax you did an excellent job of production but you got a little carried away, producing three times the cakes as many cakes as we actually sold and eight times the cake tins we needed.

The cute Gadgeteer, Deviser and mass production specialist blushed at gentle criticism as Cash and Lab Rat quickly made glances at the wall of festively painted full and empty cake tins that reached to the ceiling as they looked back at the only female member of the team the blush turned into a giggle of embarrassment.

“Were we truly failed is sales we had to much emphasis on production and not enough on sales,” Left Field pressed on.

“Doesn’t that bring us back to membership issues, I did most of the selling myself,” commented Cash.

Left Field agreed and went on to his lessons learned slide which was blank. After about ten minutes of brutal admissions the slide was full and the report was approved.

“Is there any other old business,” asked Cash?

Lab Rat glanced briefly at the wall of fruit cake tins but remained silent.

“On to new business then, the first order of new business is fund raising,” said Cash to the accompanying groans of the membership.

Cash opened the floor for ideas and about five minutes of silence.

After a while, a side conversation broke out between Fax and Lab Rat, it had nothing to do with the topic on the floor. The two had returned to their earlier discussion about the Turks and the Kimbas. It was from this discussion that a single question emerged that would have momentous impact. “Did you see what that sword did to that brick,” asked Lab Rat.

By an odd coincidence neither Cash nor Left Field saw things quite the way others did. Cash other then being an exemplar 3 had very few things you would call super powers. The power he did have was rather odd he was a human metal detector; He could close his eyes and see all ferrous and non ferrous metal within a hundred yard range. He could identify most metals within ten yards and give a detailed analysis of complex alloys by touch. Cash could see through non metal objects in this mode. In the dark he could find a needle in a hay stack. The down side if no needle was present, he would in all likelihood trip over the hay stack. (He was also a blank to telepaths and empaths and had been Left Field’s prime suspect until recently as the in house souse).

Left Field on the other hand saw the world as a swirling was of interacting fields he for the most part did not use his eyes they were functional but he could not always rely on them being open. So he depended more on his field sense.

“There is no way we could duplicate that thing the cost of materials alone make my head spin,” said Cash.

Everyone in the room looked at him as if he had grown another head. Granted growing a second head at Whateley was not unheard of but it still merited attention.

“That thing has got to be a major artifact you can’t even think of having us build one,” said Lab Rat.

“Cash we were just talking about the match not fund raising,” said Fax.

“We may not be able to make anything near that awesome artifact, but seeing what it did to that brick has given me an idea or two. I think I may be able to use certain types of field manipulation to create a similar effect,” said Left Field.

“I think building an übber weapon is not a good business plan everybody wants to steal it or nationalize it or something,” complained Fax.

“No, what I was thinking of was a novelty item for creating wardrobe malfunctions,” said Left Field.

Fax worried for a moment the gleam in the eyes of her three male comrades made her fell almost naked, then her eyes moved to Cash’s body and she said, “I think there is a market for it out there but we need to make it reproducible at a reasonable price.”

“Left Field you said you were stuck here over Christmas,” asked Cash?

“That unfortunately is the case, my old neighborhood is not exactly in the mood for any of my nighttime poltergeists so I am stuck at Hawthorne for the holidays,” admitted the wheel chair bound Thorny.

“Will you have lab access to the labs over the holiday,” asked Cash?

“Of course,” said all three Devisors said in unison.

And so it was decided Left Field would research the idea over the holidays and everyone would remain in contact by IM over the holiday. A modest budget was approved as well.

“Ok, we got a fund raising idea out of Left Field, any more new business,” asked Cash? He was interrupted by an avalanche of hurled cushions as the club took the idea of throw pillows quite literally.

And so it was that project Brick Knife was born.

They briefly discussed progress Fax was having with a swarm of small tunneling droids then adjourned the meeting.

Future Meeting: 01/08/2007


December 23, 2006

[14:59] LeftField995: this is a test
[14:59] LeftField995: only a test
[15:01] LabRatWon2three: ping
[15:01] LeftField995: pong
[15:16] LeftField995: Started research on project BK today
[15:21] LabRatWon2three: bk?
[15:21] LeftField995: Brick Knife
[15:22] LabRatWon2three: What kind of a name is that? Why not just write it out. Or come up with a cool name
[15:22] LeftField995: that was what we called it in the budget
[15:23] LabRatWon2three: meh, true but that was supposed to be a concept thing right? I mean it's not like we can sell it as a brick knife. So we should come up with a good name now.
[15:24] LabRatWon2three: Like ULTRA CUTTER XL
[15:25] LeftField995: yes but most companies use a code name before product release like longhorn
[15:25] LabRatWon2three: you just want something easy to type
[15:26] LabRatWon2three: . . .
[15:26] LeftField995: hey with our rep anyone getting the text will think we are developing a new burger
[15:27] LabRatWon2three: yeah sure whatever, so you were doing research?
[15:27] LabRatWon2three: one sec afk gotta go pee
[15:30] LabRatWon2three: back
[15:30] LeftField995: k
[15:30] LabRatWon2three: . . . dude, just because i was away did not mean you had to stop typing. I'd have gotten back like, a year before you finished a sentancd
[15:31] LabRatWon2three: *sentance
[15:31] LabRatWon2three: **arg sentence
[15:31] LeftField995: getting a little help checking with local brick
[15:31] LabRatWon2three: yeah?
[15:31] LeftField995: be back soon
[15:32] LabRatWon2three: right, will wait i guess.

[15:35] NoPecans4U: Fax, stat update plz?
[15:36] JustDphax23: will talk with LF & LR @ 4
[15:37] NoPecans4U: k, rents and I are going out, be back 7ish, ttyl

[16:04] *** LabRatWon2three has been invited to the group chat.
[16:04] *** JustDphax23 has been invited to the group chat.
[16:04] *** JustDphax23 has joined the chat.
[16:05] JustDphax23: ready
[16:05] *** LabRatWon2three has joined the chat.
[16:06] LeftField995: hello
[16:08] LeftField995: Getting Diz to help in early tests
[16:08] JustDphax23: Diz?
[16:08] LeftField995: Diz Aster she has some powerful uncontrolled TK field
[16:09] LeftField995: having some problems with power source for field
[16:09] LabRatWon2three: problems?
[16:12] LeftField995: not as yet LR do you have the formula you used for supports on bridge project if so email it to me
[16:15] LabRatWon2three: k yea,
[16:15] JustDphax23: Makes sense that stuff was relatively inexpensive
[16:16] LeftField995: it was also strong, light and had some neat field effects
[16:16] LabRatWon2three: thnks
[16:17] JustDphax23: We will have 2 cast it hot its 2 dam strong for stamping
[16:19] LeftField995: OK -- same time day after XMas
[16:19] JustDphax23: K bye
[16:19] *** JustDphax23 has left the chat.

December 24, 2006
With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Well not exactly when the house in question is Hawthorne were sugar-plum fairies with more then a passing resemblance to Nicki Reilly danced though the halls. Stockings were hung by a fireplace that had not existed the day before and Lewis was projecting himself as Saint Nik but for most of the house the real Santa was a company called Next.

Left Field spent much of the night in the divisor lab embedding solid state devices into the handle of a heat forged alloy of amazing strength. He sealed the circuits with a mystic rune. He carefully prepared five such devices before turning in for a long winters nap.

December 26, 2006

[16:02] *** LabRatWon2three has been invited to the group chat.
[16:02] *** JustDphax23 has been invited to the group chat.
[16:02] *** JustDphax23 has joined the chat.
[16:03] JustDphax23: hi
[16:04] *** LabRatWon2three has joined the chat.
[16:04] LeftField995: Merry Christmas and good tidings to all
[16:04] JustDphax23: Same 2 U
[16:04] LabRatWon2three: “
[16:05] LeftField995: I think we got something. I am sending you each a sample via fedex. It interacts with TK and molecular bonding and a few other fields to produce its effect, but looks like ordinary kitchen knife, cuts with a field not the blade. Also added bottle and can opener to it. Has a real neat sheath too. Tell me what you think.
[16:06] LabRatWon2three: is it a device or a gadget?
[16:06] LeftField995: bit of each but that has never stopped fax from mass production before
[16:07] JustDphax23: great a challenge
[16:07] LabRatWon2three: till tomorrow then
[16:08] JustDphax23: ttfn
[16:09] LabRatWon2three: bfn

December 27, 2006

[15:35] NoPecans4U: got sample awesome, this thing slices bricks
[15:36] JustDphax23: only their close it has a safety mechanism in it so as not to make any deep penetration after it encounters their TK field. Worst it will give is bad paper cut.
[15:37] NoPecans4U: not that kind of brick, I am talking masonry.
[15:38] JustDphax23: LF did use a magical rune in the device but I do not think it was Masonic.
[15:39] NoPecans4U: No!! I am talking cinder blocks, stone, granite, rocks, metal, armor, vegetables, bones, even paper, etc.
[15:50] JustDphax23: I am in deep shit just cut my sister diamond pendant in half.
[15:51] NoPecans4U: Awesome!!!!! It slices, it dices, it chops, it craves, frozen food no problem -- I can sell this!!!!!
[15:50] JustDphax23: I will see what I can do on production if my sister doesn’t kill me first.

[16:00] *** JustDphax23 has been invited to the group chat.
[16:00] *** LabRatWon2three has been invited to the group chat.
[16:02] *** LabRatWon2three has joined the chat.
[16:04] *** JustDphax23 has joined the chat.
[16:04] LeftField995: Happy Holiday
[16:05] JustDphax23: HH2U
[16:06] LabRatWon2three: HappyHappy
[16:06] LeftField995: so what do you think?
[16:07] LabRatWon2three: Neat
[16:07] JustDphax23: URD Man, you scribed Rune by hand how long did it take?
[16:08] LeftField995: thanks, yes, 20 min each
[16:09] JustDphax23: Cash is going gaga over knife—need you cost of goods numbers – security will also be an issue need to move project to the new TSD5 lab, I will send you a list of stuff from my lab that will help with production along with codes. As for the Runes have you ever read any Rick Cook?
[16:09] LeftField995: Yes, oh my, yes that will work, never tried anything like that before
[16:09] JustDphax23: be careful
[16:10] LeftField995: will do
[16:10] JustDphax23: U da Mage
[16:11] LabRatWon2three: WTF R U talking about
[16:12] LeftField995: How many Gardnerian witches does it take to change a light bulb?
[16:12] JustDphax23: It's a third degree secret.
[16:13] LabRatWon2three: Oh the pain


December 28, 2006

Rupert Graystone was having a rather interesting time. The job of carting around Thanh Beacon paid well and he had to admit the strange little shape shifter made life interesting. Last night Thanh managed to talk Rupert into leaving her room after sundown. Well actually they got in late and Thanh managed to talk Rupert around her embarrassment at least for one night. She got to see some interesting things Diz found two worthy opponents in scrabble in both Paige and Thanh . Fobar also enjoyed the new chess partners. It was doubly profitable for Rupert Left Field, a fellow thorny in a wheel chair who looked like a young professor X, hired Rupert to move a bunch of equipment. Thanh also gave Left Field some free advice on some deep mojo he was planning. Odd thing was Left Field had them both sign non disclosure agreements.


December 28, 2006

[19:30] JustDphax23: How goes it
[19:35] LeftField995: Well, talked to that new kid I said might be interested in joining. He signed an NDA and helped me move all the stuff in one afternoon also hooked me up with a mage who really knew her stuff. I think she may have saved my life. She did an NDA too she is not a student, just her for testing. HowsByU?
[19:36] JustDphax23: I just became our first customer I am buying my prototype from the club. It saved life.
[19:37] LeftField995: how so?
[19:38] JustDphax23: Remember my sister, I cut her very expensive diamond pendant. Had to show her how I did it. She took my BK prototype as comp.
[19:38] LeftField995: What did she want it for – to keep her little sister out of trouble?
[19:38] JustDphax23: No she is a gourmet chief, owns her own restaurant. She is hot stuff on the culinary seen; even did some stuff for the Food Channel.
[19:39] LeftField995: Did she sign an NDA?
[19:39] JustDphax23: sh!t, send me a copy.


December 29, 2006

The large chamber was newly created carved from the bedrock by Fax’s swarm of mining droids the design was a legacy from the class of 74 and had been improved and updated over the years, Fax’s version was miniaturized, had improved sensors and software that allowed them to cooperate with each other. The droids also manufactured an exotic aluminum silicate polymer that reinforces the arched ceiling and rendered the chamber watertight. Left Field triple checked the runes and wards that he would need for tomorrows summing.


December 29, 2006

Largrrharenzzill Dread Demon Lord of Petty Annoyances brooded as he surveyed his realm. In his own little corner of hell he rained supreme, beyond that no one took him seriously. Worse still he had a New Years party to plan. Partying with the most annoying demons in hell was not something to look forward to. Even the thought of having to deal with his most loyal servant Graybarennettokkit was distressing. Gabi had the ability to turn puppy dog loyalty into a curse that could make even a demon lords skin crawl. Ok, for some Demon Loads having their skin crawl was a pleasant sensation or a means of locomotion not so Largrrharenzzill. Added to that the mere sight of Graybarennettokkit caused the most hideous demons to wretch, fortunately Largrrharenzzill did have a vomit eating hell hound.

Suddenly as Largrrharenzzill contemplated his guest list he felt an unfamiliar pull after ten centuries someone was summing him.

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5 years 3 weeks ago #7285 by tenwaters
tenwaters replied the topic: Subject TO Change With Out Notice
Largrrharenzzill appeared in a circle in a large room with an arched ceiling half the room was filled with a chain of exotic mechanisms, a chain were his circle was just one link. Within a moment he saw the strange bold headed dwarf of a wizard who summoned him.
“Who dares summon Largrrharenzzill Dread Demon Lord of annoyance, fear me or know the true meaning of pain,” bellowed the Demon Lord.

The wizard was unimpressed he moved not a muscle. Largrrharenzzill tested the wards that held him trapped; they were the studied work of a master. Largrrharenzzill began to worry. Seconds later the wizards metallic voice chanted addition spells of translation and binding

Largrrharenzzill knew he was screwed it was time to negotiate.

The wizard was a tough negotiator he would not even begin to talk about the central nature of his desires until Largrrharenzzill signed a binding agreement of secrecy. Then and only then did the negotiations begin. It when on for many hours Largrrharenzzill achieved his first victory, he kept the negotiations going long enough to miss his party. In many ways the wizards demands fitted well into Largrrharenzzill’s own agenda Largrrharenzzill began to fear that the wizard had a spy in his very realm. In the end there was only one issue left. Graybarennettokkit would take Largrrharenzzill’s place in the circle and would spend his time there performing an endlessly repetitive task. Good he would have the little snot out of his hair for awhile. The final price of his freedom however was still to be determined and for his pride Largrrharenzzill pressed hard on the last issue. In the end Largrrharenzzill won one.

“It has been a pleasure doing business with a true professional” said the Demon.

“And it has been a honor to deal with your magnificent self, oh, Dread Demon Lord of Annoyances” pronounced the wizard.

“Just call me Larry but don’t call me often,” said the Demon Lord.

“You can call me El Eff,” said the mage.

“El Eff the honor is mine,” said the Demon Lord.

“Now I begin to honor my part of the bargain,” said Larry.

In moments a notorious spammer deposited a sizable amount of cash into the clubs paypal account, as Left Field checked his laptop.

Largrrharenzzill hid his cringing as he momentarily shared the circle with Graybarennettokkit he ordered the lesser demon to serve the wizard faithfully for all eternity evoking Graybarennettokkit name six times. With relief Largrrharenzzill allowed the wizard to return him to his realm he was now free of his hideous henchman.

In the circle a small creature looking like a cross between Hello Kitty and a pikachu asked; “What do you want me to do boss?”


January 2, 2007

[16:00] JustDphax23: R U OK?
[16:01] LeftField995: Yes, fine
[16:01] JustDphax23: You were off line for 4 days was worried
[16:01] LeftField995: Long hard summoning
[16:02] JustDphax23: how did it go?
[16:03] LeftField995: made the deal on some expert advice went better than expected check club paypal account
[16:04] JustDphax23: You didn’t sell your soul or anything
[16:04] LeftField995: no just the fruitcakes
[16:04] JustDphax23: fruitcakes how many
[16:05] LeftField995: All of them, but there is a downside
[16:05] JustDphax23: what is the bad news?
[16:05] LeftField995: I spent over twenty nine hours negotiating the deal, I was scared shitless
[16:06] JustDphax23: and
[16:09] LeftField995: we are going to have to eat the postage
[16:09] JustDphax23: any off planet, supper expensive addresses
[16:09] LeftField995: no in fact some of the stuff is to be sent with some postage due.
[16:10] JustDphax23: demonic contract?
[16:11] LeftField995: had it drawn up in advanced plus a version of our standard NDA
[16:11] JustDphax23: You got a demon to sign an NDA you are the Mage.
[16:12] LeftField995: A Demon Lord, About the NDA did you get your sister to sign one yet
[16:12] JustDphax23: She really loves the knife she is working with Cash, he is taking his rents to her restaurant tonight, going to get her to sign NDA and shoot a video.
[16:13] LeftField995: Video?
[16:14] JustDphax23: Marketing, Did you solve the rune labor issue?
[16:15] LeftField995: Yes, Larry detailed a lesser demon to the assemble line task, still the slowest part of the line .
[16:16] JustDphax23: Larry?
[16:17] LeftField995: The Demon Lord.
[16:17] JustDphax23: so we have an assemble line with a demon in the middle of it
[16:18] LeftField995: It was your idea
[16:18] JustDphax23: yea but everyone knows I’m crazy
[16:19] LeftField995: like a fox a really foxy fox
[16:20] JustDphax23: are you hitting on me
[16:20] LeftField995: only if you want me 2
[16:21] JustDphax23: not
[16:22] LeftField995: still got that crush on Cash
[16:23] JustDphax23: You noticed
[16:23] LeftField995: kind of obvious to anyone who isn’t Cash
[16:23] JustDphax23: argg send your production figures when you get a chance.

January 3,, 2007

It was a busy day at the campus post office one of the clubs was shipping a massive number of fruit cakes, most of them by certified mail. The lady who normally worked the post office was on vacation so a student that was stuck there over the vacation processed the mail. Left Field and Rupert made multiple trips to deliver all the tins of cake. As per Larry’s instruction one cake was given to the student working the mail room another was sent to the local post master. The cakes did much to grease the wheals of the bureaucracy and it was not until the cakes had left the main post office that the fact that some were a penny light on postage.


January 3, 2007

“Thanh kept going over a few things in her head. It was a very busy head. Her whole experience since being born in this world had been a startling awakening. Well startling in relation to geologic time and Thanh was wakening to a level of conscious that transcended time. For thousands of lifetimes she held herself at a distance living life with blinders on, selecting events between lives that looked interesting. She went from life to life living in interesting. She knew enough to know she was not fully awake. So many lifetimes and so many species, she had seen civilizations, species, worlds, galaxies, universes rise and fall. She only came near waking to watch the most interesting of events.

She watched both wonders and horrors, but always with detachment, apart from the participants yet among them. Why then did she act, why save a bus load of children? Why keep a stupid child wizard from destroying himself? Why just this once did she care? Of course the ripples of her little actions would be amusing. Maybe she was more like the trickster than she cared to admit.

January 4, 2007

Somewhere in the dark depths of New York City a fed-ex delivery vehicle prowled with foul intent. It came to a halt on 22nd and Robin Street at 4pm. Due to a lack of parking the driver double parked and walked up to the 12 story apartment building and buzzed a request for John Smith. Three hours later the package was signed for and the one way street finally cleared. Sadly this did not stop seventy some odd commuters from being late to return to their homes after some idiot parked a fed-ex van in the middle of a one way street.

January 5, 2007

John King of Banger, Main had taken the first week of the New Year off. He was doing the best he could to patch his fragile marriage together. His mail carrier approached him cautiously with a package. It was addressed to his wife and sighed for it. He read the note that came with it and was soon red faced with anger. He stormed into the house and began yelling his rage; who the hell is this Larry fellow and why the hell is he sending you sweets!

Lenard Malt of Perth Amboy, New Jersey came home to a small pink note in his mail box, certified mail, from some zip code in New England he would worry about it all weekend. Nothing good ever came certified mail.

Judy Sinclair of Home, Pennsylvania received a small note in her mail box that she a certified mail package waiting for her at the post office she sped to the local post office. Her car hit an icy spot along the road and ran into a tree. Judy suffered only minor injuries and the tow truck the police called deposited her and her broken vehicle home where she was stuck for the weekend.

January 6, 2007

Corey Matthews cursed in frustration. His roommate had spotted the slip indicating that he had received mail but had not given it to him until Saturday when the post office was closed. In fact, thanks to his Chinese language exam he would not be able to pick up the package from the school post office until the ninth, or Tuesday. Which sucked, he loved fruit cake, but four days in the steaming hot storage lockers of Providence University's mail services center would probably leave his beloved fruit cake smelling much like the not so beloved acronym for the school. He cursed one last time dreading the stench filled tin that awaited him. He returned to his room to pray that his luck would be better with mandarin than it was with pecan confections. Little did he realize the well preserved and packaged fruit cake could well survive the Armageddon.

[10:05] NoPecans4U: Fax tells me you have started production
[10:08] LeftField995: sure thing, pain is I have to do all the QA myself
[10:09] NoPecans4U: How many good BKs do you have in inventory?
[10:10] LeftField995: 65
[10:10] NoPecans4U: As far as QA goes what your Yield
[10:11] LeftField995: 94%
[10:12] NoPecans4U: K going live to mrk

Aboard The Lake Shore Limited Lab Rat was spending his time in quiet contemplation as the endless country side rolled by for the next twenty hours and forty minutes this train would be his world. He had hoped he might find someone to converse with to pass the time; unfortunately what does a Gadgeteer talk to Amish folk about?

Would you believe cooking? Somehow the young mutant managed to cross many barriers, both cultural and social, to learn the secrets of chicken and corn soup, baked pretzels, and corn balls.

It came by Federal Express, a late Christmas present from a young protégé that went on to greatness. Still Dana Swenson remembered her old mentor Chef Marcel. It was not a fruit cake of course; it was one of the tools of their trade, a marvelous discovery that Dana had to share with her old mentor.

January 7, 2007

The time for his field test was at hand Lab Rat had been forced to leave for school two days early so he could be on the Grand Miskatonic Shuttle on this date. On the Grand Miskatonic Shuttle with an item that neither Home Land Security or the MCO would want anywhere near an airplane.

He met up with Cash in Boston. Cash was an upper classman better able to point out targets. “What happened to your prototype,” was one of the first questions Lab Rat asked Cash?

“I had to sell it to Dana,” said Cash.

“Who the hell is Dana,” asked Lab Rat?

“Dana Swenson, Fax’s sister,” supplied Cash.

“Is she as hot as Fax,” inquired Lab Rat admitting something he never realized he said.

Cash paused for a bit realizing a few things he had not considered before; “You haven’t you seen the video?

“Video, what video,” asked Lab Rat?

Cash almost asked his younger associate where he had been, and then realized that the long train ride was his idea, and his companion had a very sharp knife. He opened his laptop and showed a video of a very sexy Swedish Chief doing some amazing things with a knife. [Note: This imagery may be a little imprecise for the more innocent among you the Swedish Chief in question was a tall rather leggy blond and female NOT a Muppet, more innocent among you and amazing things she was doing with the knife ---Get your mind out of the gutter!!].

Lab Rat’s jaw dropped as he recognized the blond in the video he was both awed and outraged at the same time. “You’re telling me that the Dana Swenson is Fax’s sister,” said the awestruck foodie gadgeteer.

“Yes, and she is hot, even if she is almost twice our age, she was a great find for our marketing effort,” exclaimed Cash.

“I mean, have you been to her restaurant, have you tasted her Fläskpannkaka,” asked Lab Rat.

“It was how our knife worked on her Spettekaka that sold her after Fax cut her diamond in half,” explained Cash.

“You go into production, you get endorsements from a top chef, you make a video, and nobody tells me,” complained Lab Rat.

“I’m sorry, things are moving a lot faster than I expected,” admitted Cash.

“I’ll say,” agreed his younger teammate.

After a brief pause Cash asked; “Are you ready for some field testing?”

Lab Rat’s ear to ear grin was all the answer needed.

January 8, 2007

It was all over campus; yesterday on the train three bricks had wardrobe accidents, some very embarrassing wardrobe accidents. The most embarrassing one however was some poor brick that had wound up in the infirmary. According to the young man had his belt had been cut then he also felt a sharp pain in his buttocks. He reached back and found his hand covered in blood, his own blood. He fainted dead away only seconds after his paints hit the ground. According to the infirmary it was only a paper cut.

By dinner Sunday January 8, 2007 most of the students returned to campus. It was a red flag day many parents were still on campus. The meals being served at Crystal Hall were fantastic, not only to welcome back the students or to impress the parents and sponsors but Chef Marcel was in exceptionally good mood. The extra desert he silently slid to Ayla had the desired effect, even with her sophisticated tastes the presentation was jaw dropping.

“C'est Spettekaka comment vous l'avez découpé dans une telle oeuvre d'art,” asked Ayla.

Chef Marcel held up his new toy and returned, “Le meilleur couteau que j'ai jamais utilisé, une oeuvre d'art vraie.”

Ayla returned to the team Team Kimba table carrying her tray protectively; she greeted her friends and began a superb meal all the while distracted by the small sculpture that was desert.

“You may wish to take a picture of it before you eat it,” said Sara interrupting Ayla’s thoughts.

“Yes, of course,” said the relieved gourmet as she brought out her cell phone and began taking pictures. She then thanked her friend for her solution to the age old problem involving having ones desert and eating too. “It is so precious I still hate to eat it,” lamented Phase.

“I know what you mean,” said the demon princess.

Alya was often amazed at how many layers of meaning Sara could add to just five words.

By this time both Nicki and Toni had taken notice of the both Ayla’s strange behavior and its cause. The desert it was far larger than the things Ayla normally brought to the table.

“It is too pretty to eat,” declared Fey.

“Unfortunately it wont last long it has ice cream in it,” said Phase.

“Ice cream,” repeated Jade. This was soon echoed by Billi and Hank.

With the barbarians at the gate Ayla recorded one last picture before taking charge of sacking the city and dividing the booty. Oddly enough the oversized desert was precut into ten pieces with cuts so fine they only noticeable on close inspection.

Midway though the wonderful confection Fey suddenly stopped. “We are being WATCHED,” she said.

“With you around what else is new,” asked Toni.

“Not that kind of watched, this is different,” said Nicki.

“I feel it too, something is awakening” said Sara.

“The eye is open, it is like the Tao centered around the balance. Unlike you it has no interest in preserving or destroying. It watches seeing all. If it is watching us, we are in for some interesting times,” said the Handmaiden.

The rest of Team Kimba looked at Chou who seemed almost unaware that she said anything as she guided her desert filled spoon to her now quite mouth.

Ayla made a special effort to thank Chef Marcel for his little masterpiece and to find more information about his new toy, it had market potential.


Many tables away the Don noticed that Hekate became suddenly inattentive. She was more then just distracted as she looked for some unseen observer. She was not the only one looking.


Just off campus Thanh finished a local scan she was now truly ready to begin the watching.


The assembly line had been built to her plan, her robots had created the tunnel and the chamber that housed it all, still seeing it running for the first time was a surprise and a delight as Left Field gave her and Lab Rat a tour of their underground factory. When she saw the strange creature meticulously engraving runes into the tang of every blade her normally keen analytical mind was cut thrown for a loop. Before she could stop herself the new thought escaped her brain and exited her mouth. “He’s so cute,” gasped Fax.

Left Field pulled his two associates aside and gave them a long lecture about the care, handling, and dealings with demons especially disgustingly cute ones.


The first day of winter term was Tuesday Jan. 9 2007 and Chief Franklin Delarose had his first mystery, though the attack on the three bricks had accrued off campus, it still represented a possible danger to the students under his protection. He really needed to know if this was a near harmless prank by students or the field test of some new anti-mutant weapon.

The Chief knew just who to give the job to, having someone like Sam Everheart working for you was a godsend.

Aluwishus “Luke” Ralston code name Rook was between classes when the girl in the school security uniform caught up with him.

“Hi, I am Officer Samantha Everheart of school security can you spare a moment,” she asked?

“Is this about Sunday,” asked the tall dark well built young man.

“Yes, could you tell me more about the attack,” asked Sam.

“Not to much to remember, I am not sure I want to remember, it had to be the most embarrassing day of my life. I just passed between cars felt this pain in my, it is all in the report I made,” said Luke.

“I just wanted to get a firsthand impression and the part about passing between cars is new,” said Sam.

They talked for a bit longer Sam doing what she could to reassure the rather shaken brick that security was trying to get to the bottom of problem.

After questioning the male brick from Poe that had received the only real physical damage Sam questioned the two female bricks that had wardrobe malfunctions. One was Roslyn Smith “Thorn”, from Melvill, the other was Faith Hamilton “Stone” from Dickinson. The only thing that they had in common was that they were all pk bricks with no danger sense. The two bricks also confirmed that their problem occurred just after they moved from car to car. One thing was certain Sam needed to keep her investigation results secret for awhile, whoever did this was going to have three angry bricks after them.

For lunch Sam met with Team Kimba and talked to the most obvious suspect. What Chou Lee had done to that brick on the Turks was very public and too similar to what happened on the train to be easily dismissed. There was another side to dealing with Team Kimba; those kids had a strong sense of loyalty to each other. If one of their numbers was even slightly suspect those kids were a force of nature still, he had to question Chou Lee.

It turned out that Chou had a very good alibi; she was nowhere near the train when it happened. Most of the team were already security auxiliaries and were only to willing help. Sam was more then a little worried about what she set in motion, especially with one of the victims being a resident of Poe.

It was time for some real police work she went to the Poe transportation garage to see just who came by the buses from that train. The buses maintained a log of all the students transported and the times however some students for reasons of style preferred other means of transport. Sam checked the surveillance tapes for students that arrived by car, cab or limousine after the train arrived with the aid of the hive it was quickly done.

It was now time to question the usual suspects. Sam could not believe she was investigating a cut bra strap, a rather long slice along the seam of a pair of paints and panties, a sliced belt, and a paper cut on some guy’s buttocks. It was however the task at hand so hive quickly listed known campus pranksters:
Jericho -- Not on bus, already on campus,
Risk -- Not on bus, already on campus,
Flux -- Not on bus, came by POV arrived moments before train entered station,
Peeper and Greasy -- On bus see if they are involved there will be photos, wait to see what develops,
Aries, Hamper, and Damper -- on train came to campus by cab means yes opportunity yes motive?
The Alphas would need a major motive to risk such an off campus prank.

Sam began interviewing kids trying to find a motive for anyone pranking these three kids.


In Poe cottage Ayla Goodkind was having an investigation of her own tracking down more information on Chef Marcel’s new toy, she definitely saw the potential for profit in this fascinating new piece of gourmet cutlery. So far she only found a video on you tube and a few blades on EBay, but a Goodkind did not give up easily. She tracked the prices, the first few blades sold relatively cheaply but with each blade sold the biding grew fiercer it seemed like a good way to market a limited production, she entered the bidding. A knife would have a shipping address she would find the source. Ayla would also get in touch with the Chicago chef in the video she was a friend of Chef Marcel.


Specialist four Stanly Lemon had seen the knife on You Tube and won one of the early biddings. He was a bit of a Foodie but still he felt a bit silly paying that much for a cooking knife. When it arrived packed in a fruit cake tin he was a bit more than disappointed until he began using the knife it did cut just about anything. He had it with him two days later when Sergeant Thomas was knocked off a roof and impaled on a piece of exposed rebar. Stanly was the unit’s medic. He stabilized the rebar in Thomas’s chest and cut the steel bar with his knife, all this in the middle of a firefight. He had his impaled comrade evacuated in time to save his life. He saw the price for the little knives rising on eBay to over five times what he paid for it, but there was no way he would sell his.


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tenwaters replied the topic: Subject TO Change With Out Notice
I am doing this mainly for the fun of it any constructive criticism and advice is welcome (and I am fairly thick skinned). This is a creative exercise and a token of appreciation of the Whateley Universe. Any violations of copyright, trade mark or use of real people or incidents are only for purposes of humor or parody and solely for the free enjoyment of the reader. If you are paying to view this you have been robbed.

Help wanted Proof reader and Beta (must be very brave) [and it dose not pay for shaving cream]

Jan. 9 2007

I am having a bit of a problem with butterflies, not the in your stomach kind, but the tropical kind that effect Texas weather. My real problem is here at Whateley I am a butterfly emerging from my cocoon, and this is effecting the watching. In a society of intelligent tool makers ideas are viral and the way this butterfly has been flapping her gums I might have the Shoubijin singing for me. I do not believe playing Mothra to Jimmy’s Godzilla would be keeping a low profile. I must also remember it is impolite to stare, it annoys the sensitive.

The good news is I have finally gotten results back from the GED, CLEP, and the University of Phoenix I now have enough credits to start a teaching practicum though the Miskatonic University. Dr. Polland will be my supervising teacher I just have to remember to stick to the curriculum. . My day trading continues to be profitable. I setup several bots each night to manage my actions for the next day. My portfolio is looking good. I am still spending most of my time with testing

The big show will not start for a bit. The battles between the Wares and the Beast from last month are only a hint of the conflict to come. This is truly a front row seat as it will become the base of the counter offence to come. For now I must be content to watch the repercussions of my ill conceived act of kindness.

I have noticed that Left Field’s warding has made some overall improvement; he used his new knowledge to provide better warding for his groups meeting room as well as their factory. Even in this world most magical or telepathic viewers would have been blocked or by his wards. Indeed half of those remaining adepts would alert him if they attempted observation.

Left Field had even added a few interesting innovations. I admired his handiwork while I watched the meeting of his group.


“I still can’t believe that the Rook passed out like that, at worst it was only a paper cut, what a wimp,” said Lab Rat.

“A wimp that can throw midsized cars,” Cash soberly reminded Lab Rat.

“I saw Stones ass, nice, but I was to busy hiding to see the results on our field test with Thorn,” said Lab Rat.

“She was wearing a halter top, she lost it, those two escaped prisoners were a sight to behold,” said Cash.

“Did you get pictures,” asked Left Field?

“I hope not, you three are starting to sound like Peeper and Greasy,” Fax said in her frostiest voice.

“I am more interested in what happened with Rook I heard there was a lot of blood,” said Left Field.

“Fun though the pranking on brick feature is I don’t think it has a wide market,” said Cash.

“I am also afraid that there may also be safety issues,” warned Left Field.

“What sort, when I accidentally caught Ralston on the buttocks it only gave a paper cut, your safety system worked great,” Lab Rat explained.

“Did you use it in a slash as I recommended,” asked Left Field?

“Of course,” said Lab Rat defensively.

“Good because I do not believe that the safety works if the knife is used in a point thrust,” said Left Field somewhat sheepishly.

“Are you telling me we could have killed somebody with our test,” asked Fax?

“It is a good thing you found the gourmet cutlery market for us Fax,” said Cash. After a moment of silence Cash said; “Let’s start the meeting. I call this The Young Entrepreneurs to order. According to our agenda, we have no guests or new members so I will dispense with the welcome and introductions and move right on to the approval of the agenda. Do I have a motion?”

“I move to approve the agenda,” volunteered Left Field.
I Second it,” said Lab Rat.

Cash called for a vote and the agenda was approved. A short time later the minutes of the last meeting were approved.

“Ok, Treasures report,” prompted Cash.

A moment later the room lights dimmed and the ancient VGA projector was displaying a PowerPoint slide on the screen.

“You will note a marked improvement in our treasury balance due to both fruit cake liquidation and the BK fund raiser. We have made excellent profits on both projects even after expenses.

“On those expenses who are Troll and Stocwon under labor and consulting,” asked Cash.

“Troll is a fellow Thorny, he signed an NDA and helped me move all the equipment we used to set up the factory. As to Stocwon; demon summoning is neither easy nor safe she some really crazy knowledge power and she is a shape shifter. She is testing’s latest project and her advise saved my life,” said Left Field.

“Is Troll the guy you are trying to recruit,” asked Cash?

“Yes, I will be bringing him with me next meeting,” said Left Field.

“Have you tried recruiting Stocwon,” asked Fax?

“She is not exactly a student, she is just here for testing,” said Left Field.

“That is a lot of money under postage and shipping,” said Cash subtly trying to get the meeting back on track.

“When you deal with a demon you know your going to take a hit somewhere,” stated Left Field.

“I move to accept the Treasurer’s report as read,” said Lab Rat.

With a second by Left Field it was quickly accepted by acclimation.

“We have no new business on the agenda any new, new business,” asked Cash.

“Now that we are starting to get some real money in the treasury we may wish to consider how to best use it,” said Fax.

After a brief discussion they came up with four main ideas for future spending, Club House improvement, recruiting, factory improvement, and an investment strategy. Each member volunteered to research one of the topics for the next meeting and they continued on to old business.

“Ok, under old business we have four items, membership, old inventory from the fruit cake sale, security, and the knife sale,” listed Cash.

Left Field requested an earlier meeting time for next week due to some schedule problem that Troll had. It was soon determined that the next meeting would be used for guests and new members.

The next agenda item was the fruit cakes. Left Field explained how he had liquidated the inventory of cakes and was using the excess cake tins to ship the knives.

“The way the knives are selling we will probably have none left for a fruit cake sale next Christmas,” complained Lab Rat.

“Thank God,” said Fax.

Before Lab Rat could make any further comment the cries of amen from his fellow members silenced him, Lab Rat did not really wish to fly in the face of such religious fervor. The group moved on to the issue of security.

They entertained several ideas to improve security the idea that won out was one of Fax’s. Her swarm of tunneling droids had a new mission.

The next item on the agenda was the BK project. The knives had been selling on EBay far faster and for more money than they expected. Each knife was subject to a bidding war. Cash had eliminated all buy now pricing and had slowed the rate of sale of the blade. Slowing down the number going to auction actually increased the profit. Even so Fax and Left Field still fine tuned the assembly line for maximum production and quality control. The only limiting factor was still the rune placement. At the maximum rate they could produce eighty knives a day. They ran the production line at a sustained rate of fifty per day and were very pleased with the revenue they were generating. The knives which were designed to yield a forty-five per cent margin at fifty dollars were selling for well over a thousand dollars each.


Of course they were not the only minor players sitting behind comforting layers of security and warding that I watched.

“Could you please remind me again why we are still allowing that loser Walcutt to remain associated with us,” asked Hekate?
“She still has her uses,” said Don Sebastino.

“As what a venereal disease vector,” asked Hekate?

“I was referring to her roll in the avatar project,” said the Don.

“She is too much of a loose cannon, since she returned from winter break she has been almost Diedrick about the Goodkind thing and the Kimbas,” said Hekate.

“It is a simple normal obsession, Goodkind is that sick twisted bitches dream lover, Tansy will never admit it especially to herself. That and those freshmen have proved more than annoying for all of us,” admitted the Don.

“They do need to be taken down a peg, do you have a plan that does not involve becoming part of the permanent cleaning staff at Hawthorne,” challenged Hekate.

“I have a vague idea but I must admit it needs work,” said the Don.

“Ok, lets hear your great inspiration oh fearless leader,” said Hekate.

“It is really quite simple; Phase has made it very clear to almost everyone that he thinks of himself as a male. If we can find a way of moving his body more toward the pink side I think he may well self destruct. The best part about it some people might even think that someone did her a favor,” said the Don.

“Such altruism, inspiration that may be worth some perspiration, I will do some research. Anything else,” asked the Alpha’s magical heavy hitter?

“Yes, if you can pull it off that girl Tisiphone might be used to deflect the blame, or if you come up with something truly brilliant Walcutt is expendable,” added The Don.


Physically I had spent my day with Dr. Polland it was the first day of classes. He is a better researcher then he is a lecturer his paper on mitochondrial DNA in energizers is simply brilliant. His lectures however; leave something to be desired. Letting this guy anywhere near a required freshman course is a perverse almost Zen way of instilling patience in the young mutants. His textbook is well written, he is one of the three authors that created the book, and his lecture comes directly from it. I will be sitting through all his classes and teaching some later this semester. The rest of my day I will be his willing Guinea pig down in the power testing lab. I am no longer using Rupert’s services to get about. I only use my base form for sleeping these days. I still visit Rupert and the other friends I have made over at Hawthorne. It is the only place on campus one can find a truly competitive game of Chess or Scrabble.


Jan. 10, 2007

The second day of classes was a green day. Rupert woke early to take breakfast. The cool January morning was just what he needed to bring him fully from his slumber as he walked to Crystal Hall his long stride making quick work of the distance. He met Thanh for breakfast and a bit of conversation. The gentle green giant then returned to his room to take the packages Left Field had delivered to is room to the campus post office. He took the forty-five carefully labeled packages sending each one on by the means the receiver had selected. The Young Entrepreneurs paid him a generous one dollar a box handling fee. His first Class was at eleven AM powers theory 101R it was for students that missed or failed the first semester of the required course. He went back to his room and played video games to pass the time.


Mrs. Filbert along with a few work study students ran the school post office like most jobs at Whateley it was far from the hum drum routine of post offices in most boarding schools. The post office shipped and received a rather large number of packages. Most correspondence tended to be electronic these days but grandparents and official letters still allowed for some first class volume. The post office also handled most other shipping services when students were involved. Today was a mild day only three packages were radioactive and just two had biohazard labels. She never did notice that one of the fruit cakes that were sent federal express was being sent to a student in Poe Cottage.


It had not been a good day for Rook word had spread quickly of his reaction to the sight of his own blood the kidding he was receiving varied from good natured to malicious. He nearly exploded when he caught a fellow student pouring a red liquid on his seat in English. After classes he retreated back to his room at glad he had not lost it. He had not had a fight since his freshman year. He had learned restraint himself. He was off the ultra violent list by the end of his second term. Still the damage to his reputation was a pain, a pain in the butt.


It had been a half decent day for Norman South he had lunch with Cash. Cash was a junior in his history class, and the most wonderful guy on campus. Norman had a major crush on Cash, a crush that Cash was blissfully unaware of. Cash had been after him for a while to join his club. If it meant more time with Cash, then Norman was willing. He stood outside Crystal Hall daydreaming about Cash until he was interrupted by three kids from his martial arts class.

“Earth to Gate Way, Earth to Gate Way, are you going to stand there all day daydreaming or can we get to class?” said the portly sophomore known as Lump.

Norman snapped out of his daydream and acknowledged his three classmates; “sure lets go.” He moved his right index finger in a clockwise circle and a vortex formed in front of them. The four of them walked through the vortex and into the locker room. Norman was fairly good at marshal arts for a baseline human. Growing up in a US Marine Corp family gave him more than a little opportunity to get some training. His powers were not really a major factor in combat, but he was about to try something different today. He was sparing with Ember an energizer with flame powers normally Ember was literally too hot for Norman to handle. The sparring usually involved a lot of running and dodging until Norman could make a strategic withdrawal. This time Norman had a plan as the two faced off Norman opened a portal behind Ember and jumped out of the way.

Over the holidays Norman had taken a Scuba course, the course ended with an open water dive in a lake not far from campus. The portal Norman opened was from the bottom of the lake. The ten foot wide portal allowed water under two atmospheres of pressure a new place to go, Ember never knew what hit her. There was a bit of collateral damage as the torrent flooded the gym to a depth of three inches. The rest of the class was dedicated to clean up and getting the fish over to the Crystal Hall.

Norman had two more Classes before he returned to Poe, but they were mostly uneventful. Moments before he entered his room he heard a large crash. He opened the door to see his roommate sitting at what had once been a desk crying. He did his best to comfort the frustrated and angry brick that was his roommate. It took almost an hour to calm Rook down. Aluwishus Ralston had gotten off the ultra violent list two months after he was put on it. He still had a temper and at times like this he could be very hard on the furniture.


Sam Everheart dutifully performed his investigation by midday she had already questioned a tenth of the students that could have been on the train. She had yet to come up with a subtenant lead.


The dinner special at Crystal Hall was fish. Those student that enjoyed fish found the trout to be fresh and prepared to perfection. Paige had discovered that she had developed a real taste for fish of late. With the full moon approaching it would be her last dinner outside her room for awhile. She sat with Sara and the Kimbas and enjoyed her meal.
At the far end of the table Ayla enjoyed a tender and mild trout with a tangy yogurt sauce, served with crusty bread and lemon potatoes. Several tables away a group of sophomores who shared the same martial arts class could not help snickering as more and more students feasted on fish.


William Haddock of Austin, Texas was listening to an incredible story from his brother in law. He had taken his wife to dinner at her brothers restaurant and now he had to deal with a crazed chef go on and on about a kitchen utensil. The madman had paid twelve hundred dollars for a knife. A knife he claimed could cut anything wishing to silence the nonsense of his babbling brother in law the geologist pulled out a small piece of corundum he kept on his key chain and asked for the knife. When the knife went though the second hardest substance on the Moh's scale like so much butter he knew why his brother was babbling he was doing it himself. After dinner he called a friend who was a jeweler


Hekate had left her schedule clear for the time before sun set. The time had been set aside to meet with her mentor before the close of last year. The place of there meeting was defiantly not of her choosing far to into the woods and a mile beyond the school border. Though surrounded by a mature and towering forest the place itself was sterile, not the clean antiseptic sterility of a hospital, but the stark bleak lifelessness of a place were life just fails. On the very outer periphery a few brave or foolish plants lived a twisted and stunted existence, then nothing, nothing but bare earth and weathered stone. Centermost in circle was a slab of weathered rock, a piece not native to the area, who or what placed it there and when was not something she cared to dwell upon. The place brought primal fears to the surface of any that approached it, Kallista was no exception.

The one who was her tutor in the blackest of arts chose the place of their meetings. It was only by sheer force of will that she guided her feet here and even so she tended to tarry. Her will and desire for power had grown with time. Her will had triumphed over her timid feet this time and she was somewhat early. Her victory had won her more time with this barren empty place. Each minute seamed an eternity. Each second felt like it might be her last.

It took all she could muster to maintain her composure as a familiar voice assailed her from behind; “Punctuality how out of character for you.” He always appeared behind her, no matter how she tried to watch her back.

“Is that a complement, I wonder if you are training me in magic or for the cross country team,” she replied reassured by the fact that she had not bolted at the sound of his voice.

“This is less then good, we are being watched,” said the figure cloaked in hooded black

“Watched how can that be,” she asked. Long ago her master had explained to her that nothing of this world could spy on them within this circle. Magical scrying, technology, even psychic senses were rendered impotent by the circle. She was told anything making the attempt risked madness or worse.

“Whatever it is, is older then the stars and not fully of this world as well as mad and uncaring,” said her master.

“I find that less then reassuring,” she replied.

“It does not matter, there is little to do about it now, let us proceed,” he said.

“But if is watching us,” she asked?

“There is little we can do about it, did you perform the ritual of the darkest night as instructed,” asked her mentor.

She began to say again; “If it is!”

“PROCEED,” He commanded grabbing her jaw and forcing to stare into his empty hood. “And you will talk to me with respect,” he continued in a firm but quieter voice.

“Yes, Master, I, I performed the ritual,” she said recovering her composure.

He questioned her at length about the performance of the ritual. He questioned her in detail forcing her to focus on his questions and not on other matters. Finally she was relaxed enough for their more normal exchange of ideas.

“I have this little project, I have been asked to help with. I have done some research on channeling the hate of others into a spell, and using then using them to ground the backlash. I am looking for a way to use the exchange spell and limit it to one body part,”

“We shall meet again on the twenty forth, I will have your answer,” said her Mentor.


Jan. 11, 2007

I awoke early and took on a more mature form. One of the advantages of my base form is I require a smaller bed for sleeping. It has several disadvantages; a shortage of teeth, mobility, and stature are only a few. Having the choice between the selection at Crystal Hall and Gerber stained peas or pabulum I opted for a hasty trip with Mrs. Johnson to Crystal Hall. I have nothing against Gerber, they make some truly awesome puddings but so does Crystal Hall. Being able to shift into a teenage form also greatly expands my menu options along with the number of items I can taste. Sometime I really need to go energizer and sample the whole buffet. There are defiantly some unique items there.

Flavors are a matter of both perspective and equipment I can adjust both. For breakfast taking a form that can appreciate a good cup of coffee is essential. It was going to be a day worth watching.


On the other side of an ocean Colonel Justin Timpson was investigating a request for a citation for Specialist four Stanly Lemon. Lemon was being sited for courage in the face of fire. One item in the citation description did not make sense; how could Specialist Lemon cut rebar with a knife. Colonel Timpson was a combat engineer from Missouri and knew damn well that you could not just whip out a knife and slice through rebar. So he brought Lemon in for an interview.

What he found confirmed Lemon’s story. Lemon brought with him a tool that was nearly unbelievable even when you had it in your hand. The knife not only cut rock, bricks, steal, tank armor, even diamond like butter, it was also nonmagnetic. By the time Lemon left his office Timpson had setup a PayPal account by the end of the day he had his own knife purchased. He also had a few friends in DPAP tracking down its source. His only problem was explaining to his wife why he had to buy his orderly a replacement wedding ring.


In the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small demon sings as it works:

I love you
You love me
We’re a happy family
With a great big hug and
A kiss from me to you
Won’t you say you love me too?

I love you
You love me
We’re best friends like friends
Like friends should be
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won’t you say you love me too?


Against her better judgment Hekate was having breakfast with Solange. “I know we have not gotten along well in the past, so I will quickly lay my cards on the table,” said Hekate.

“You want something from moi,” asked Tansy.

“Well I figured if the Don was planning something against the Kimbas you would want in,” said Hekate.

“You have my interest,” Tansy returned.

“Then you will really love the rest of it. It is my show, so if it fails I am the one the Don holds responsible, and the target is Phase,” said Hekate.

“Why Goodkind? Not that I complaining about your choice of targets,” said Tansy.

“We know how they all rally around the little one, dealing with Tennyo is suicide, magically Fey and the demon girl are almost as bad, Chacka played the Don and is too aggressive, when you try a reading on Chou you only get major arcana. That leaves a very bright brick or a gender confused freak. Which one do you think we can isolate?”

Tansy paused a moment before asking; “You obviously must think your plan is foolproof, what do you need me for, cannon fodder?”

Hekate decided to modify here approach Tansy’s last comment was to close to the truth; “You are our expert on team Kimba and the Goodkind thing. Also you truly hate it. I wish to tap that hate to power my spell. I need you and two others with similar warm feelings to power my spell.”

“So you want me to gather the 'I hate Ayla fan club' so you can do some mumbo jumbo and use our hate as fuel,” asked Tansy.

“You could put it that way, I also need more Intel on the target,” said Hekate.

“I will see who and what I can find,” said Walcutt.

The two shook hands then Hekate lowered her wards and went to class.


In the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small demon sings as it works:

It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all
There is just one moon
And one golden sun
And a smile means
Friendship to every one
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world


Mrs. Filbert watched as Ayla checked her package. Ayla signed for the container that came from Federal Express, and was shocked when she saw where it originated. She asked Mrs. Filbert who was mailing these things. Mrs. Filbert told her about the well mannered green giant that sent out thirty to fifty packages every morning. Ayla inquired about the student’s name, she had never heard of Rupert Graystone, but she was determined to make his acquaintance. She returned to her room to more carefully evaluate her purchase. It was everything Chef Marcel said it was and more, a lot more. She headed for her next class and made a note to herself to pickup something at the school store to fix the hole in the wall. She would find Rupert Graystone after all even at Whateley an eight foot tall green man with a really messed up face an English accent and good manners would stand out, especially the good manners.


William Haddock exited loop 410 and headed north on Blanco road he was meeting his friend Norton Stine at his place of business. Mister Stine dealt in diamonds and other precious stones. Stine and Haddock had been friends for years in all that time Stine had rarely seen the geologist so excited, stranger still Haddock had his brother-in-law with him. Stine knew that Haddock only tolerated the man for his sister’s sake yet here they were together first thing in the morning. Haddock had called him last light talking about something that needed to be seen to be believed. Stine’s curiosity was peaked, he brought the two men into his office in hopes they would unveil this great secret. The geologist pulled out a large piece of corundum and his brother pulled out an odd looking kitchen knife. In all the time Stine had had known Haddock he had never known the man to be a practical joker but watching the man’s brother slice the crystal like a carrot was enough to cause Stine to revise his opinion. It was not until Stine had the knife in his own hands using his own stones that Stine again trusted his eyes. The thing cut diamonds, carved them like balsa wood. Stine found a good sized uncut stone and began whittling while Haddock’s brother told him how he could get a few knives of his own.


In the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon sings as it works:

Oompa loompa doopity doo
I am stirring up some chocolate for you
Oompa loompa doopity dee


Disclaimer The following story is a Whateley Academy fan fiction it is just for fun... Characters you recognize will belong to their respective creators. Any characters you do not recognize are figments of my own warped imagination, and bear no resemblance to any person, living or dead. If it matches the timeline, characters, and continuity in anyway blame dumb luck, this is only a fan fiction.


Jan. 11, 2007


Same Everheart caught up with Doctor Pollard and I on our way to the lab. Doctor Pollard introduced me as his new teaching intern. Sam was trying to find out who or what could cause the type of injury to a brick. Doctor Pollard reminded Sam about last year’s encounter between Team Kimba and the Turks.

“Bladedancer is accounted for I am looking for alternative methods and suspects,” said Everheart.

“You realize because of the confidential nature of testing I have to limit myself to the theoretical,” said Pollard.

“I understand,” Everheart replied.

“Very well, off hand I can think of several likely ways it could be done: The first would be negation, neutralize the mutant power and use an ordinary blade. There are a number of mutants that can do that as well as some drugs and devices. The next would be magic I have seen subtle magical attacks that could by bass a TK shield. Some mental techniques could also be used to get the brick to lower their shields or cut themselves. The field could be bypassed in many ways sound, ingestible, extra-dimensional teleportation. Something could interact with TK field and have it do the cutting. Or a more powerful field could cut through the main field,” lectured Doctor Pollard.

The good Doctor paused for a moment before turning to me and asked; “Thanh can you add anything?”

“Well if we are theorizing we can’t eliminate the idea that the items were held together with some time delay glue or a small cutting robot was in their clothing before they put them on. A well placed and camouflaged razor blade and a spring could have worked. Some very mundane hypnotics techniques could be used,” I offered the investigator.

“Just what I needed a few billion more suspects including The Gillette Corperation,” said Sam.

“Thanh, is there anything else you can say that can help Officer Everheart? Thanh has an uncanny ability to channel knowledge,” explained Doctor Pollard.

“To further aid you would violate codes and pledges far older and newer then you could imagine,” I said.

“Oh, dear,” said Doctor Pollard.

“Am I missing something here,” asked Sam.

“The last time Thanh gave me that type of response was when there was a Class X entity involved,” explained Pollard.

I stayed out of the conversation and let them draw their own conclusions.


It was lunchtime in the Crystal Hall. The building had a rather strange acoustics to it, an acoustics that had gotten progressively stranger since last Halloween when a most unfortunate incursion had caused many of the devisers and gadgeteers to develop an increased interest in sound. The general background noise was what you might expect but somehow it had become increasingly difficult for most human ears to pick any conversation up any distance from one of the tables. One also found odd quite spots next to some uncomfortably loud spots.

Fax enter an area of quite music and sat down next another young gadgeteer. “Mind if I join you,” she asked.

“Sure, do what I owe the honor,” asked the student known as Doctor Goodvibes?

“Just wanted to invite you to our meeting next Tuesday,” said Fax.

He agreed, they talked about other things after that, but I doubt the average reader would wish to hear very a detailed discussion on the role of digital signal processors in noise cancellation.

Goodvibes was almost reluctant to leave the table; it was rare for him to have a cute girl join him for lunch, let alone one that could appreciate audio circuitry. Regretting the cruel regiment of his class schedule Goodvibes took his leave. Fax was not alone long as Lab Rat soon joined her. He brought with him someone Fax had seen around but never met.

Lab Rat provided the introduction; "Fax let me introduce you to Ayla Goodkind, Ayla allow me to introduce Stephanie Swenson. Ayla is the financial wizard that has been helping Triaxial and Automa-tech. Stephanie is our club’s treasure.”

“Hi just call me Ayla,” said Phase.

“Everyone calls me Fax,” said Stephanie.

“Ok Fax, David tells me that your club has had a recent windfall and you are looking to create a portfolio,” said Ayla.

“Yes, but I must warn you we are a bit secretive about our fund raising activities. Certain parties just love to sabotage others,” Fax said while glancing toward the Alpha table.

“You have no cause to worry about me sending any information in that direction,” replied Ayla.

“That and some good recommendations are why we sought you out, but before we begin I need you to sign our standard NDA. I will give you some time to look it over we would like to set up a meeting for the whole group next Tuesday,” Fax explained while handing Ayla a legal looking document along with a card.

“I will take some to get this looked over and get back to you, by the way do any of you know Rupert Graystone,” said Ayla handing Fax a card of her own.

“Rupert yes he is a new kid came in around Thanksgiving lives over in Hawthorne he is a friend of Left Field,” said Lab Rat.

“Thanks I better grab some food, I’ll get back with you soon,” said Ayla.

Fax and Lab Rat talked about how Ayla’s services could be of use for a bit but it was not long after Ayla left the table that Fax brought up a different subject; “I heard Officer Everheart is investigating what happened on the train.

“Yes, that has me worried,” admitted Lab Rat.

“Maybe we need to give her a bit of a distraction to slow her down,” suggested Fax.

“I don’t know if I want to mess with security it would only give them one more trail leading back to us,” said Lab Rat.

“I have a plan that is almost as harmless as it is indirect,” said Fax.

Fax told her companion her plan, his only response was; “Fax, you are evil!”


In another part of Crystal Hall the soon to be target of Fax’s plan was talking with the Grunts. “What I am about to ask you is a bit strange. We had an incident on one of the trains coming into over the weekend. The targets were all bricks security has only one interest in this incident if it is a school prank it is outside our jurisdiction, but we want to know who did it. Not for the purpose of punishment, what we wish to do is make certain that some outsiders are not testing anti-mutant weapons on our students. All I am asking you to do is get the word out,” explained Officer Samantha Everheart.

“We will get the word out maim, said Bunker the other Grunts were quick to agree.


Phase carefully maneuvered her tray to the TK table it had one of Chef Peters little treasures on it. Tennyo was returning to the table with her third tray so Phase used the safety of her wake to make it to the table quickly and safely. For Nicki and Sara the terms Rabbit food had very different meanings; Fey was daintily consuming a salad, Sara had quietly consumed the bunny before joining her sister for the more social part of the event called lunch. Chaka, Hank and Jade were talking about a new round of simulator exorcises and Bunny was studying a hard boiled egg. Not finding the topic of conversation particularly interesting Ayla pulled out the NDA to review it. She found it concise simple and well written accept for a rather strange paragraph near the bottom that had some very unfamiliar references as she reread the paragraph Ayla noticed both Nicki and Sara were staring at her.

“When did you start using magic,” asked Nicki.

“What are you talking about,” Ayla asked.

“Whatever you are doing is gathering magical energy,” said Nicki.

“All I am doing is reading an NDA,” said Ayla.

“A what?” asked Nicki.

“A non-disclosure agreement or NDA it’s often called a confidentiality agreement; and sometimes called a confidential disclosure agreement or CDA. What is, is a sort of secrecy agreement. It is a legal contract between two or more parties that outlines confidential materials. The kind of knowledge the parties wish to share with one another for certain projects, but wish to restrict from generalized use. In other words, it is a contract used by people and companies to share trade secrets,” supplied Sara.

“Let me see that document,” added Sara.

“Ok, but for the sake of argument I am just having you review this for your legal advise,” said Ayla.

“This is very well written, simple language but that last paragraph really makes it binding. It is a binding spell; this contract was designed to deal with almost any entity. It is one of the most efficient binding spells I have ever seen,” commented Sara as she handed it to Nicki who’s already outstretched hand was starting to resemble Billie’s in the presence of French Fries. At just that moment Chou Lee set her tray down.

Nicki’s eye went almost automatically to the last paragraph. Her posture changed as she read it. “You should be honored this contract is worthy of a demon lord. I have not seen it’s like since the before time,” said Aunghadhail

The table became unusaly quite with this pronounocement for a short time then they all started talking at once.


Deep under the Whatelely Campus in the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon sings in a childlike voice as it works:

It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all
There is just one moon
And one golden sun
And a smile means
Friendship to every one
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world


Poverty, hunger and hope drove them from their homes and families many completed the long trip to a land of opportunity. They paid or dodged corrupt officials as they moved north seeking that final boarder. Many tried to learn what they could of the new language others had relatives that were already in the new land. The savings of a lifetime would be used in the journey, but not all the "coyotes" dealt honestly. Word was out to avoid any "coyotes" that were too inexpensive or that headed to the mountains for people went with them and were never heard from again. Still they came and many were diverted for a dark and hidden cause. Those would make it to the USA but they would no longer be human. The Beast waited as his numbers grew for the final assult.


Looking over the MCO report on the Halloween Incident at Whateley Academy gave Gregory Phelton a cause for hope. The next generation of the mutant threat was almost overcome by a force consisting mostly of conventional forces. As military intelligence the report was poorly done but it defiantly offered a clue to how to deal with the impure. It pointed to a choke point, a place were sufficient resources of the next generation of the mutant menace was concentrated. It was a target that had to be neutralized. Phelton’s organization had been set up to asure his independence. His decisions were his alone to make. This helped his clients disavow his actions be they corperation, goverments, or his prime sponsor Humanity First.

He regretted the things that limited his options, but even he had some political limitation. He could not use a Nuke in New Hampshire, most of the more lethal chemical and biological weapons were also ruled out for similar reasons, that and the fact some of the mutants would be immune while his troops weren’t. His best troops had been practiceing the precision assault since the end of November with the New Year they began moving into position their weapons already in place. The cannon fodder units would have less time to prepare. Their more rabid nature made them less reliable for operational security. Political pull would allow a sufficient delay before most local and US assets could interfere with the operation. The cost to his forces would be great but the prize was worth it.


“That’s the guy he tried to get Rupert into a fight the first day of the semester, the guy is a senior picking on a freshman” said Fax.

At six and a third feet tall the very few dared call Tom Cobb by his nick name. Tom was a simple soul an exemplar in everything but his intelligence. Tall with dark hair and indigo eyes his square jawed face and muscular body made him quite striking he was in his sixth year at Whateley and still in Doctor Pollards remiedial powers 101 course. He was one of the few Whateley students over the age of twenty. Most of his recent popularity was do to his ability to smuggle ethonal on campus, most of his friends had graduated. He tended to get in fights a lot, usally picking on bricks and UVs. Many thought him a bully, the truth was sadder and more perverse. It is hard to be a masochist when you are a TK brick. Tom loved pain and could rarly get it. Maybe that was why he took the code name he did. Others said he took it because the name Brick was already taken. His code name was Cinder Block, but he only allowed those that could best him in combat, to call him Cindy.

Left Field was ready to act on his friends behalf, just because Rupert was big green and ugly was no reason for this pretty to pick on him. It took longer then Left Field expected, putting a thought in that thick head was like swimming in jello, you didn’t sink and you didn’t go anywhere fast. Still he did it and the big bully became part of Fax’s plan.


Deep under the Whatelely Campus in the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon sings in a childlike voice as it works:

This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue singing it forever just because...

This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue singing it forever just because...

This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue singing it forever just because……


Most of Team Kimba knew there way around Hawthorne and were friends with quite a few Thornies Ayla was no exception so she had little trouble finding the room of one Rupert Graystone Code Name Troll. The eight foot two inch tall freshman responded to her knock with a deep hello. Though tall green and gruesome described the externals of the young man who answered the door he soon proved himself to be a very pleasant person to talk to an honest English gentleman. It was only when Ayla mentioned his trips to the post office or why he was in Hawthorne that Rupert became evasive.


Aries looked a bit dazed as returned empty handed from what was supposed to be a small scouting trip for Don Sebastino. “You didn’t drink all the booze without bringing me any,” asked the Don as Aries staggered in.

“Almost could not get in,” said Aries still insome distress.

“Get your act together, what happened to you,” demanded the Don.

“No rum, no fruit cakes, just the song that,” Aries held his hands over his ears and curled up in a ball at the Don’s feet. The Don did not know weather to worry about his companion or give him an Academy Award. The Don used his gift to discover the difference. He soon regretted his incursion as the song filled both their minds and for a moment the two lost control and broke into song. Kallista entered the room to an odd duet as Aries and the Don sang:

This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue singing it forever just because...

This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue singing it forever just because...

This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue singing it forever just because……

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It was at lunch that the leader of the Young Entrepreneurs had a chance to inform Lab Rat and Fax about his decision. They were both shocked and impressed by his bravery and selflessness, Lab Rat gave Cash the prototype. Cash had just put it away the prototype. Fax told him the Club room entry modifications were complete. Before she could inform him of her actions aginst security they were interuped; Ayla came to them with a modified version of their NDA, the last paragraph having been replaced by more standard language provided by her lawyer. They all found the new agreement acceptable.


Jan. 12, 2007

It was Friday the thirteenth not the most auspicious days to teach my first class day to teach my first class, but a good day none the less. I had listed the key terms I would cover on the board along with the page number were their explanation could be found in the book. I also drew a box on chalk the chalk board with a small magical glif center in it.

Explanation of Power Terminology

Avatar Page 3
Deviser Page 4
Energizer Page 5
Esper (ESP) Page 5
Exemplar (EX) Page 6
Physical package Page 6
Mental package Page 6
Gadgeteers Page 7
Devisers Page 8
Gadgeteers vs. Devisers Page 9
Gross Structural Dystrophy (GSD) Page 10
Manifestor (MAN) Page 11
Regenerator (RGN) Page 12
Shifter (SH) Page 13
"Mimic" Page 13
Telekinet (TK) Page 14
PK 'supermen" vs. Exemplars Page 15
Telepath (TP) Page 16
Package Deal Psychics Page 17
Warper (WRP) Page 18
Wizard (WIZ) Page 20

I turned into a black cat and waited sitting on the front desk. A mouth appeared in the box on the chalk board and said “On the board you will find the note for today’s lecture you have ten minutes to copy them down.” The mouth disappeared to be replaced by a digital stop watch. The mouth returned on the minute to announce each passing minute in a firm but commanding voice. “Nine”…”Eight”… The countdown continued while I watched the students take notes those students not with the program got my special stare (I know how to make a being know they are being watched). At the end of the time I transformed into a purple haired olive skinned beauty some may have recognized as Yoruichi Shihōin (fully clothed I know it was cheating but this class was G rated) and said; “What were you expecting Minerva McGonagall?” After a few shocked snikers I began: “When Metahuman powers first emerged in the early 1930’s, they completely caught the Scientific Community napping.” (Ok, it was the first line of their text book).

On the chalkboard a man in a lab coat slept in a classic roadster. “People like us were simplely ignoring the laws of physics and no one knew how they were doing it.” The chalk board picture zoomed out to reveal Champion holding the car over his head. The guy in the lab coat pulled out a magnifying glass and began to examine the super hero. “Scientists quickly began studying these unusual people. One of the first steps in any science is the descriptive phase.” On the chalk board a caveman in a lab coat began sorting out various fruits carefully labeling each one. “There were many new terms created to try to define and explain what these people did. Like most new sciences many of the early theories were discarded as better ones came along.” On the chalk board a scientist throws large piles of notes in a waste basket keeping only the terms Apple, Orange and Banana. Many of those terms are still with us….”

I will not recapitulate the whole lecture or all the visual aids I used, but I did manage to stick to Doctor Pollard’s lesson plan even if I did end the lecture as Hermione Granger.

[This of course is a paraphrase of BekDCorvin excellent article in the Crystal Hall Forums
From the old forum)

Doctor Pollards did say I was a bit too theatrical in my presentation. I did have one kid that I let sleep through the first eleven minutes of the period. The poor kid lived over in Melville and someone kept him up all night with their singing. He woke after having a nightmare about a caveman in a lab coat following him around with a magnifying glass and a banana. (Yes, I used empathic, telepathic and dream bands some of these kids need all the help they can get.)


Things happen fast even with all of security watching things can happen to dam fast Chief Delarose knew this but it still did not make him fell any better about what happened. Doctor Tennant was very busy with to students that were not in the best condition and Officer Samantha Everheart sat in the waiting room covered in blood.

“I solved both my dam cases tonight,” complained Everheart.

“Tell me what happened,” asked the Chief.

“The damned incident on the train was a prank, pretty harmless some dammed devisor built this damned knife as a joke for a kid called Cash. The kid confessed the whole thing, told me the knife was designed to penetrate the PK field of PK supermen. The damned blade had a safety mechanism; as long as you slash the dam thing can’t go through deep enough to penetrate clothing or a few layers of skin. He just finished telling me that only after he pulled his stunt on the train that he found out the damned thing had a design flaw,” Sam said shaking her head in disbelief as she placed the weapon in its sheath.

“Some flaw, if you use the point of the blade nothing and I do mean nothing is going to stop it.” Sam paused for a second then continued; “The kid just finished handing me the knife when I hear this other guy yelling.”

“He yelled ‘get your paws off her’ we picked that much up on the microphones,” supplied Delarose.

“So this guy comes charging in like the entire offensive line of the Green Bay Packers and Cash took the brunt of it. Kid used his leverage well used the guys own strength and momentum the jerk went flying into one of those iron benches. The guy gets up smiling and throws what is left of the bench at Cash. I got between the raging bull and the now semiconscious Sir Galahad and emptied six antibrick stun rounds into the bastard. I think he liked it. I wound up using the knife on him,” said Sam.

“You used excellent restraint in not killing him, did you find out why he was following you,” asked the Chief.

“Sort of the last thing he said before he passed out kind of explained it,” said Sam.

After a long silence the Chief finaly asked; “What did he say?”

“He invited me to the Senior Prom,” Everheart admitted.


Deep under the Whatelely Campus in the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon sings in a childlike voice as it works:

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again


Saturday morning January 13, 2006 was a busy day in the Whateley infirmary. They had an interesting group of patients the two exemplars were healing there physical wounds nicely, but Doctor Raul Tennant had gathered some support for other problems.

Aries had three visitors that morning Hekate, Spellbinder and Conjure the girls were very interested in his condition.

“I like to thank you for getting me here, but I can’t help get the felling you are here for some reason greater then inquiring about my health,” said Aries after he moved the cough lozenge to the side of his mouth.

Spellbinder and Conjure were too busy studying the runes, glyphs and symbols on Aries head gear to comment, as usual Hekate spoke for her little subgroup; “My dear Aries as much as we love your company we do find the mess you have gotten into far more interesting. You have the interest of the entire magic department. Just what did you get into?”

“That is just it I don’t remember, the last thing I do remember was heading down to The Young Entrepreneurs club room after that all I remember is the singing,” said Aries with a far away look in his eyes.

“How much have you told the faculty,” asked Hekate.

“Less then I told you,” replied the helmeted speedster.

“Wow, I think every member of the faculty added something to the wardings,” observed Spellbinder.

A few rooms away Caduceus, Earth Mother, and Circe were discussing Aries’ condition.

“It is a strange combination of the old and the new. I believe he triggered a trap in some powerful warding,” said Circe.

“Wards this powerful usually have a strong aversion component,” suggested Earth Mother.

“True Jane, but lets not forget Aries is a speedster he may have penetrated the warding before it had time to warn him,” theorized Caduceus.

“The young man does not strike me as the sort that would run blindly into an unfamiliar area, thou he lacks some wisdom in other areas he is not entirely a fool,” put forth Circe.

“That would suggest he found that which was protected in an area familiar to him or that an area familiar to him was freshly warded, I find both ideas unsettling” said Caduceus.

“Considering that ward of this power could be used for, and that they re resonant with a small demonic taint. I believe the caster may have a demon imprisoned somewhere near,” cautioned Earth Mother.

“Knowledge of such wards is rare and ancient, lesser wards are used in the summoning and binding of demon lords and worse,” said Circe.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door it was Doctor Tennant. “Young Aries has some visitors Hekate, Spellbinder and Conjure to be precise; I thought you would like to know,” he said.

Ophilia Tenent joined the three student magic users; she had a warning to deliver and questions to ask.


Doctor Bellows had just finished a long session with Tom Cobb it was not an easy session but it was interesting. It took some time for Doctor Bellows to get much out of the far from eloquent brick. What he found out was somewhat distressing. Worse still he had to give the news to Samantha Everheart he was beginning to think that psychiatrists at Whateley should be entitled to combat pay.

Sam was off shift and stopping by to see how the two kids in the infirmary were doing when Doctor Bellows found her. He took her in to a small office to talk with her.

“So how are they doing” asked Sam.

“Doctor Tennant assures me that both your two partners from last nights little get together will be fine, physically. Both are exemplars and heal quickly. Mr. Regester is still feeling a little guilty but he will get over it. Mister Cobb may be more of a problem,” Explained Bellows

“I known I darn near killed him last night,” said Sam.

“It is a bit more complicated than that,” said Bellows.

“I really don’t care if I bruised his ego,” Replied Sam.

“Far from it, the problem is Cobb is a masochist he finds pain sexually exciting. It is even more perverse in that he is both a PK brick and an exemplar. Very few things give him pain and you gave him more pain than he has had since his mutation stabilized,” revieled Bellows.

“You are saying by stabbing him a dozen times I was satisfying his sick sexual fantasies?” asked Sam.

“He started with a bit of a crush on you, now he thinks he is seriously in love,” finished Doctor Bellows before beating a hasty retreat.


Fax hovered at Cash’s bedside she was ninety-five pounds of worry and guilt. Cash spent a good part of the day sleeping and eating while his exemplar body healed the broken arm, leg, and cracked ribs. It was not till well past the afternoon when she finally had the opportunity to really talk to him.

“It was all my stupid idea,” said Fax.

“I am the one who tried to stop a three hundred pound brick, how’s that your fault,” asked Cash.

“Cinder Block, I sent him, how can you ever forgive me,” cried Fax.

“Cinder Block, you sent him after me, how why,” asked Cash.

“Not after you, not even after Officer Everheart, well sort of, it was not supposed to work this way,” cried the cute distressed gadgeteer.

“Calm down, just calm down and explain what happened,” said Cash.

She did at length; telling him the whole plan to slow Sam down by throwing a sootier at her, how she brought Left Field into her plan, making Tom Cobb think Samantha Everheart was the ideal prom date. How she was interrupted before she could tell him. “Can you ever forgive me,” she finished

“You are one evil bitch,” he said as he kissed her.

Fax was in heaven as she carefully hugged Cash. His ribs still hurt.


Caitlin took the brand new Barrett XM500 to the range three; the school had acquired it to replace her lost baby. She put a box of lead down range getting to know the new weapon, it was a relaxing exercise. It was almost a vacation the familiar merging with the unfamiliar. When she was satisfied with her performance with the weapon she had a few special loads of her own to try. There were a number of flavors of Voodoo Wares it required some specialization. She had a new motto one bullet one species.


It was a very nice weekend mom flew in from Philadelphia and we had some great mother daughter moments. I spent most of the weekend in my base form resting and being babied. It was good to see such happiness especially when I am called to witness so much destruction, pain, and suffering. Knowing what brews beneath the tranquil facade of these moments makes them all the more precious and bittersweet.


Deep under the Whatelely Campus in the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon sings in a childlike voice as it works:

Skinnamarink-a-doo I love you
Skinnamarink-a-doo I love you
I love you in the morning and in the afternoon
I love you in the evening and underneath the moon
Skinnamarink-a-doo I love you


January 14, 2006

Contrary to the warning they received from Caduceus, Spellbinder and Conjure were on a mission. They headed for the club room of The Young Entrepreneurs in search of mystic secrets. The room had an interesting history the class of 83 created a large section of underground laboratories. It also created a “Dark Legacy” a large maze of auxiliary tunnels with a large number of secret rooms. Over the next two years an amnesty program was introduced clubs were allowed to keep there “secret club room” if they registered it with the administration. This allowed nearly seventy percent of the secret rooms to be mapped. Twenty three years later some of the remaining rooms had been found and filled by security. Some rooms had been found and used by various students or passed down in secrecy others lay hidden and forgotten. The Young Entrepreneurs club room was one of the mapped “secret club rooms.” That meant the “secret club room” was not really a secret. The original door was designed to be nearly undetectable several years ago a young perspective Alpha that was at the time a member of Entrepreneurs had revealed the secrets of the door. What the two young Alphas’ were unaware of was the far more obvious door with a much better lock that Left Field and Fax had added Friday. For the sake of security The Young Entrepreneurs sacrificed Ten feet of their original space. The old door led into an empty closet Spellbinder and Conjure entered the closet in search of a false wall or secret door that no longer existed the old door slammed shut behind them. They found no wards. Left Field no longer felt the need to protect the empty room.


Deep under the Whatelely Campus in the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon sings in a childlike voice as it works:

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...

It's a neighborly day in this beauty wood,
A neighborly day for a beauty.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...

I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you.
I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.

So, let's make the most of this beautiful day.
Since we're together we might as well say:
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?
Won't you please,
Won't you please?
Please won't you be my neighbor?


Thuban kept an eye on the infirmary anything that generated casualties had a story and when you dealt in information those stories were worth knowing. For faction three keeping an eye on the infirmary was sadly easy. There was always some member of the faction whose body was on the verge of a final betrayal. Thuban was molding his group into something where even the weakness of a failing body could be strength for the group. It was a philosophy greater than him or the current group, an idea that had to transcend his leadership to truly work. It was a goal worth believing. It was Faction Three.

It was not until last semester that members of the Alphas found themselves with a high demand for the services of Doctor Tennant. This was the first time this semester that one of the Alpha was in there and the semester was only a week old. This definitely merited further investigation.

The incident involving two students and Officer Samantha Everheart was also of interest. Cinder Block was a nasty customer how a member of security carved him up, along with rumors of a love triangle raised more questions then answers. What was more signifacant was that Officer Samantha Everheart was investagating the brick pranks on the train.


Nicki Reilly and Sara Waite were having a very private conversation in the Lovecraft room.

“I don’t like what I saw in that contract Ayla had,” said Sara.

“I know Aunghadhail is very uncharacteristically upset,” said Fey.

“Yes, she mentioned something ominous about the before time,” Sara reminded her sister.

“Ayla said she was having her lawyer redraw the agreement using more standard wording in that last paragraph. Whatever The Young Entrepreneurs are doing I think Ayla will be honor bound not to tell us anything more and Ayla takes her honor very seriously, especially in regard to business,” said Fey.

“True, but I think we may need to spy on her for her own good,” suggested Sara.

“I am forced to agree, but for now let’s not bring any of the others into this,” said Fey.


Aries knew he looked ridiculous in the helmet. The entire magic department had contributed their skill in creating a devise that made its wearer proof against all forms of mental influence. The helmet was priceless what it lacked as a fashion statement it made up for in utility. What he did know is he was afraid to take it off still as long as he wore it he was free to attend classes on Monday and woe to anyone who made fun of his headgear.


On Sunday afternoon Fax was allowed back by Cash’s side.

“So handsom how are you felling,” she asked.

“Much better ribs are almost healed the cast on my arm can come off tomorrow. I might even be ready to survive another one of your hugs,” he kidded.

He survived the hug and several kisses before conversation resumed.

“So what have you and the gang been upto other then dangerous brick manipulations,” asked Cash?

Fax quickly turned on her privacy device and began; “Well we have been working on security we tried several new locks on the old door to the chamber after Aries broke in again. It seems wards alone were not enough to discourage him.”

“Aries has spent the weekend in the infirmary with the entire magic department trying to keep him from bursting into song,” said Cash.

“Ok, so the wards were somewhat effective, but he still got in. As I was saying we tried several locks, gadgets, and devices on the old door it was a disaster. We wound up jamming the door so it could only be opened from the outside. One of the devices was a one way glue that Lab Rat came up with it also eats magical energy. He was stuck in there for over an hour. We finally gave up on the old secret door and walled off that end of the room and created a new high security door in the corridor around the corner. Six locks plus alarms more secure, more reliable, and less of a device. After that Left Field reapplied the wards with a slight variation so they would not carry any sympathetic vibrations from the factory. It also stopped all the annoying music we kept getting over the stereo. I have a new set of club room keys for you and we fed your picture into the face recognition system. From what Left Field tells me Aries no longer needs the helmet we just don’t have a safe way to tell him,” said Fax.

“I am beginning to think we are starting to have too many secrets,” worried Cash.

“That is because you are our publicist. Speaking of secrets I am meeting with Ayla Goodkind this evening to discuss investments she signed an NDA, we had to modify it. The one that Left Field and Stocwon drew up has a binding spell in it. The new one is only legally binding,” explained Fax.

“I am beginning to think fate is a very dangerous pendulum,” observed Cash.

“Ok, you’re waxing philosophical, I’ll bite, How so,” asked Fax?

“Well last year I was surrounded by a group so incompetent they were dangerous. This I am surrounded by a group so competent they are dangerous,” said Cash.

“Only competent,” pouted Fax.

“Did I leave out the brilliant, skillful, diabolically clever, or the cute and sexy part,” asked Cash.

“Lab Rat and Left Field aren’t exactly cute and sexy,” said Fax.

“I was not talking about them,” said Cash.

Cash survived another round of hugs and kisses.


Tom Cobb was healing nicely he was up around though still a little wobbly, but still strong enough to call a florist.


It was after dinner when Fax met Phase for financial advice. It only took one look at the numbers for Ayla to confirm what she already knew. “Your group is the one behind the Cut Anything Knife,” asked Ayla.

“Yes, how did you know,” asked Fax.

“I have done my homework and your fifty thousand dollar a day Pay pal sales only confirms it. My big question is how com you haven’t patented it yet,” asked Ayla.

“Because they are devices,” explained Fax.

“But! You are making thirty a day,” exclaimed Ayla!

“My specialty is mass production; the assembly line is only running at half its optimum rate. We are keeping the production down to maximize profit while keeping a low profile,” said Fax.

“You call an eight foot tall green giant carrying thirty fruit cake tins to the post office every morning a low profile, you have been at Whateley too long girl,” stated Ayla.

After some refection Fax broke into a fit of giggles.

A short time later they got down to business again planning a presentation for the whole group on Tuesday.


January 15, 2007

Aries had taken a rather simple approach he was going to make the helmet look cool.. It was a mater of attitude he knew he could pull it off the only thing that worried him was Bluejay’s mouth. In a way it was a real challenge a lesson controlled intimidation, by midday he had devisers trying to copy the design


By midday Hykate was worried Spellbinder and Conjure had failed to show up for Advanced Symbolic Magic a favorite class. Lunch at the Alphas table was dominated by trying to organize a search party. Hykate did not wish to reexpose Aries to whatever effected him so badly before so directions were given to Hamper and Damper. They had only one free period to conduct their search. Oddly enough instead of finding the secret door they had been told about they found a well marked secure door they even knocked. No one was home. It was not until dinner that the two Alphas had the opportunity to compare notes with Aries. It was obvious someone was out to get them. They had a lot of enemies, but they knew of only one group that had the power and the guts Team Kimba.

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tenwaters replied the topic: Subject TO Change With Out Notice
Disclaimer The following story is a Whateley Academy fan fiction it is just for fun... Characters you recognize will belong to their respective creators. Any characters you do not recognize are figments of my own warped imagination, and bear no resemblance to any person, living or dead. If it matches the timeline, characters, and continuity in anyway blame dumb luck, this is only a fan fiction.

January 15, 2006


Tim Smothers left the shop with the delivery it was not exactly one of his favorite places to deliver. It was a good ways out of town but it was midday so the roads were not likely to be icy still he took his time. He made his way though the cold stark January landscape past farm houses and haunted ruins. In the spring this area was alive green and welcoming, in fall a riot of color, but in winter it was a foreboding study in whites and grays like driving though a charcoal drawing only colder. He found the main gate and headed between the two gargoyles that stood as silent sentinel. He found the post office and received a set of directions that looked like an English literature course reading list. In short order he found the tower and rang the bell.

“Please identify yourself,” said a firm but pleasant soprano.

Tim Smothers FTD I have a dozen roses for Samantha Everheart.

Miss Everheart was not very appreciative of the gift. She put the flowers in an evidence bag. Tim headed back to town before Miss Everheart’s look or the fading day froze the road.


Ayla was heading back to Poe when Aries beckoned her to a small out of site area between some hedges. Cautiously she answered his call.

“Just for the sake of are little information exchange I need to ask you a question,” stated Aries.

“Ok, what is your question,” Ayla asked?

“Two questions actually and they may seem strange;” Have any of your group been casting spells on me, and have any of the Kimba’s kidnapped any Alpha’s lately, asked Aries?

“On the all questions it has nothing to do with the Kimbas, but I do have a message that has been passed on to me from a third party that relate to the first issue, I have some business dealings with this third party,” said Ayla as she handed Aries a note.

The note read “Sorry did not plan for you entering so fast. Hope you get over your drinking problem. It is now safe to take off the helmet.”

Ayla waited for him to read the note before asking; “As to the second item, who has been kidnapped?”

It was then that Lewis appeared; “I think I can help with that one,” the TK projection said.”

A few minutes later Aries led Phase to the location of the secret door; it quickly became apparent that the door was stuck even against Aries strength. Ayla went though the door to find to very pulling a small flashlight from her utility belt. She found two scared hungry girls in the stone chamber. Looking into the light the girls had no idea who was their rescuer. They knew only that they now had hope. Painfully Phase created a hole in the two foot thick door large enough for the girls to exit. It was only after they emerged into the corridor that they discovered their unlikely team of rescuers.

“I would prefer if you keep this a secret,” said Aries.

“My god, anything you saved our lives,” said Spellbinder.

“All I want is an agreement to keep this secret in writing,” asked Ayla.

The two girls were too tired to resist such a simple request and signed the NDA without even reading it. Ayla supplied them with the version that Fax had originally presented her.

Aries walked Spellbinder and Conjure back to Melville. They had Aries order them a pizza as soon as they left the tunnels. The pizza and a shower made them feel human again. It was not till the next day when they tried to tell Hykate what happened that they found out how binding the NDA agreement they signed was.


January 16, 2007

Tuesday morning began inauspiciously, a warm wet day following a very cold one. Fog lay in pools about the campus lurking over fields of melting snow. A gray sky and a misty drizzle diffused the morning light. Far off the coast a nor’easter was developing. It was a yellow flag day and a disappointment to all the early risers. It was a morning that inspired brooding and introspection. Naturally Toni Chandler was immune to the weather and the mood much to the irritation of her roommate. Nicki Reilly took a longer slower path to consciousness and the showers not necessarily in with either one as a priority. While in another room Tennyo treated all the morning prerequisites of the day merely as barriers to breakfast. Her roommate tactically planed her wardrobe for the day.

Tennyo was on her third tray by the time the rest of Team Kimba arrived at Crystal Hall it was turning to a typical morning.

Things were not so typical at the Alpha’s table Hekate was not at all pleased with Conjure and Spellbinder they seemed unable to tell her anything other then the official story of where they were and what they found. The lie they had planed for public consumption rolled off their lips each time they tried to tell their trusted leader about their misadventure. Each time she asked the two handmaidens only repeated the cover story louder. The even agreed to have the Don scan them. He confirmed their story. Hekate used some detection spells to see what might be effecting them she found the hint of a subtitle spell it had the flavor of each girls magic. Whatever spell the two girls had cast upon themselves it’s subtitle power seemed beyond what she had believed her two followers were capable of. She was both angered and intrigued they had found a new source of spells and were deliberately keeping it from her. She looked to Aries but the speedster was already gone.


The official story was that Spellbinder and Conjure had gotten lost in the woods over the weekend and Aries found them. It made as much sense as the rumor that Aries new headgear was a fashion statement. A lot of people watched the Alphas, some out of envy or admiration others out of caution or fear. Faction Three had many of the ones most likely to be picked on so Thuban naturally gathered as much information as he could. There was something strange going on the Alpha’s seemed to be taking extra precautions it made a good excuse to talk with Shroud. He arranged to meet her after classes.


Sam Everheart was coming off shift she was not exactly happy about Lt. Forsyth comments about putting her evidence in water or how quickly the rest of the shift provided a vase. Sam checked her email and forwarded Tom Cobb’s second invitation to the prom to Chief Delarose.


Deep under the Whatelely Campus in the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon sings in a childlike voice as it works:

If your happy and you know it clap your hands
If your happy and you know it clap your hands
If your happy and you know it and you really want to show it
If your happy and you know it clap your hands


I took the form of Avatar Yangchen for my class, “Today’s class is on Avatars

The term "Avatar" comes from the Sanskrit word Avatāra, which means "descent." In Hindu mythology, gods manifest themselves into Avatars to restore balance on earth, usually after a period of great evil. Some would simplify this to say that the Avatar is the Earthly embodiment of a god. In our usage, "Avatar" means a mutant who is able to host and exploit the powers of a magical spirit. We will not at this time get into the classification of these spirits or the thorny philosophical debate about divinity. As a rule "Avatars" are able to do naturally what several magical traditions, such as Voudoun are able to do artificially. The Avatar Bond creates a symbiosis between the Host and Spirit which provides the spirit with the energy that it requires, without the draining effect that hosts usually suffer.

The relationship between an Avatar and their spirit is very intimate, but not always harmonious. Some Avatars have to keep very close control of their spirit. In exchange for the life force that they provide, the Avatar receives control of the spirit's magical powers. The spirits" powers are reflections of their mystical nature. For example, Geode, a Whateley Graduate who had bonded with a "Gnome" or Earth Elemental spirit, gained incredible strength as long as he was in contact with the Earth, remarkable endurance and resistance to damage, a limited regenerative ability, the ability to form a shell of packed earth around him, the ability to pass through the ground (which I demonstrated), and an ability to sense what was concealed in the ground nearby. So, the spirit was an Earth Elemental, and the powers that it gave Geode reflected that. A classic comic book example of an exemplar would be the original Captain Marvel ('shazam!"), who gained powers from seven immortals. Remember some spirits are intelligent and willful and lend their Avatar the benefit of centuries of wisdom, some carry the memories of all their hosts, some dominate their hosts the nature of these spirits is a course in its self.” I continued on taking most of my lectures from the book but adding and transformation or two and a summoning to drive home my points. My examples had the unfortunate side effect of giving Doctor Polland several new ideas to test on me.

[This of course is a quote of BekDCorvin excellent article in the Crystal Hall Forums crystalhall.org/chboards3/index.php?t=ms...256f6e5fe05b74e68387 ]


It was just after two PM when the first of the calls came in all inquiring about a product shipped from a Whateley PO box. Mrs. Carson politely stalled the inquiries while she did a little research of her own. By the end of her day she received fifty such calls.


Chief Delarose had a call from Mrs. Carson about an item that required urgent investigation. He quickly realized the link to a resent investigation his office had just completed in a moment he had the investigating officer on the phone.


Samantha Everheart awoke to a ringing phone it took Hive some small fractions of a second to correlate the data the connection was obvious by the time she was dressed she had a plan of action, hive prepared the necessary printouts. She headed to Mrs. Carson’s office to finalize arrangements.


Caitlin Bardue was enjoying her favorite sport stalking recruiters the fact that this group seemed better trained in stealth only made this more exciting. Their behavior was odd in that they seemed more like they were looking for something then someone. It only added to the game once she caught them it took a while for her to get the truth out of them. It was odd they were corporate spies for an Asian company looking for a secret factory. She turned them over to security after she had her fun.


Compared to anytime last semester it was a full house in The Young Entrepreneurs meeting room. The guests outnumbered the club members

“I call this meeting of The Young Entrepreneurs to order. According to our agenda, I would like to welcome our guests tonight, first off let me introduce mister Rupert Graystone a prospective new member who has been helping Left Field with shipping, Arwin Hochauser who many of you know as Doctor Goodvibes a prospective new member, Norman South also known as Gateway a prospective new member, Ayla Goodkind or Phase who is here as a financial consultant and last but not least Officer Samantha Everheart of Whateley Security and our new Faculty Adviser,” opened Cash.

After the introductions Cash called for the approval of the agenda which was quickly done. A short time later the minutes of the last meeting were also approved.

It was at this time that Cash gave the floor to Officer Everheart; Fax tried her best to look innocent.

Officer Everheart began rather formally; “I was appointed your Faculty Adviser earlier today by Mrs. Carson as the outstanding performance of you group became evident. It is a rare thing at Whateley for a group to so suddenly grow to exceed our expectations. The fact that we are only halfway through the first month of 2007 and this group has already had half a million dollars in revenue and triggered inquires from major corporations and government organizations such as Dow Corning , De Beers, Honda, General Dynamics, and the US Department of Defense. Ms. Hartford will probably be requesting aid in handling the additional phone traffic we have been getting in the last few days. I have reviewed the clubs charter we believe we will probably invoke the Guzman provision before the end of February. I am honored to join such a notable group and I will also act as your liaison in dealing with the DOD.

I am also here to say how much we admire your initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, but WE REALY WISH YOU WOULD EXPAIN TO ME AND THE REST OF THE ADIMINASTRATION EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON DOWN HERE!”


Deep under the Whatelely Campus in the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon sings in a childlike voice as it works:

I love you
You love me
We’re a happy family
With a great big hug and
A kiss from me to you
Won’t you say you love me too?

I love you
You love me
We’re best friends like friends
Like friends should be
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won’t you say you love me too?


De Beers and the US Department of Defense turned out to be the winners in the bidding war each taking thirty knives a day at a price of $3500.00 each ten knives were given to the school (on the 18th) ten knives a day were still traded on eBay.

Membership in The Young Entrepreneurs grew even though part of their initiation involved several hours answering the phone for Ms. Hartman. The club also ordered new furnisher and a rather large flat screen monitor.

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tenwaters replied the topic: Subject TO Change With Out Notice
Disclaimer The following story is a Whateley Academy fan fiction it is just for fun... Characters you recognize will belong to their respective creators. Any characters you do not recognize are figments of my own warped imagination, and bear no resemblance to any person, living or dead. If it matches the timeline, characters, and continuity in anyway blame dumb luck, this is only a fan fiction. For the real thing and far better writing (and editing) you can find the canon Whateley Academy Stories at:

Warning this section is a little darker, more violent and further from canon then my eairlier Stocwon stories.

In the Eye of the Storm

The essence of the storm was evoked in the mountains and traveled to the Gulf of Mexico to gain strength. The essence was a malign being created for a single purpose, to grow strong and rage against its target. Not long after its emergence from the Gulf it ran into a conspiracy of influences that slowed it movment and drove it east.


January 17, 2007
Early Morning Somewhere in the Sierra Madres

The being now known as The Bastard, was not pleased, his storm wondered around like a drunken sailor moving off course trying desperately to retain strength. The storm could well prove a disappointment. The Bastard had other resources, a reserve of his more intelligent creatures many of which could still pass as members of those disgusting species that infested this world. They and their equipment would require more conventional transport so they would not affect his weight of numbers, in fact they would add to it. He sent them off with a single word of encouragement they chanted it as they entered their vehicles; “Matanza! Matanza! Matanza! Matanza! Matanza! Matanza! Matanza! Matanza! Matanza! Matanza! Matanza!”


Whateley Academy

Deep under the Whatelely Campus in the hidden factory of The Young Entrepreneurs a small disgustingly cute demon contemplated is fate. The food was good usually live rodents or chickens. His new master was not a demanding taskmaster the seventy units he turned out a day were not his max. His master had scheduled regular breaks and brought in a viewing box for his amusement. He had not even been kicked across the room even once since his arrival. In his own way the new master was scary his body glowed with power his face gave no clue to his mood and the wards he used were proof of truly ancient knowledge. All and all this place sure beat the hell out of hell. Happily the little demon burst into song:

We've been travelling far
Without a home
But not without a star

Only want to be free
We huddle close
Hang on to a dream

On the boats and on the planes
They're coming to America
Never looking back again
They're coming to America

Home, don't it seem so far away
Oh, we're travelling light today
In the eye of the storm
In the eye of the storm

Home, to a new and a shiny place
Make our bed, and we'll say our grace
Freedom's light burning warm
Freedom's light burning warm

Everywhere around the world
They're coming to America
Every time that flag's unfurled
They're coming to America

Got a dream to take them there
They're coming to America
Got a dream they've come to share
They're coming to America

They're coming to America
They're coming to America
They're coming to America
They're coming to America
Today, today, today, today, today

My country 'tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing
Of thee I sing





Boston, Massachusetts -- Logan International Airport
Gregory Phelton came through customs without incident neither his recent face or the current name on his British Passport drew attention. Like most of his people he had come by a circuitous route. It would be difficult to trace his route back to its origin in Argentina. Other units hid their points of departure even better Pakistani and various African origins raised far too many questions. Shortly after clearing customs Phelton picked up a rental car and headed to a local hotel. Late that night, Phelton sent off the first round of coded emails before going to bed.


Barstow California
The corruption that had once been Eric Voller had heard his masters call and come out from his mountain retreat. He connected his trailer to his two year old Ford pickup and headed for Barstow. By dawn he reached the desert town and stopped for fuel. Some small vestige of his former self reflexively acquired a cup of coffee. He paid cash ignoring the clerks attempt to draw him into conversation. Voller’s truck was soon headed north on Interstate fifteen.


Whateley Academy

The students entered my room at the front of the class I stood looking like a young Teri Garr in a lab coat. On the blackboard was a printed a single word; “DEVISER.” As the bell rang I began speaking in a mild German accent; “the Deviser trait is one of the most mysterious and troublesome of traits that we deal with. This is the so called Mad Scientist trait, let me tell you I may be a little nervious but I am not mad. This trait allows inventors to build fantastic creations that fly in the face of the known Laws of Physics. I laugh at your so called Laws of Physics! The ability of the so called Mad Scientists to build such incredible things still puzzles the convetional scientist (men with such a limited perspective), and the "Deviser" trait may only be an increase of a trait that baseline humans have in small and uncontrollable amounts. The currrent theory as to how this works is called "The Schimmlehorn Effect", after Reginald Bretnor's fictional character Papa Schimmlehorn. The Schimmlehorn Effect holds that the Devisor decides on an effect that they wish to achieve, then they construct a theory that will allow that effect to work. In so doing, they reject the normal laws of physics that apply in that case, and superimpose their theory over it. As a result, the Devise (such creations are called "devises", with an’s", as opposed to a "device" with a "C") performs the function that it was built for. It effectively changes the laws of physics in its immediate vicinity. Devises will work for people other than their creators, but they work best for their creators. Also, Devises, due to their unnatural basses, are prone to weird side-effects and spectacular malfunctions, and these happen much more frequently when used by someone other than the creator.” Suddenly I transformed into a cute blond six inch tall fairy and continued in a voice far too large for my current size; “Remember if you are using a Devise belief can be more important than proper maintenance.” I returnd to the form I used at the beginning of the lecture and we than began a discussion on the difference between Gadgets and Devises.
[This of course is a quote of BekDCorvin’s excellent article in the Crystal Hall Forums modified to the first person for the source see: crystalhall.org/chboards3/index.php?t=ms...256f6e5fe05b74e68387 ]
After the lecture I retained the image of Young Frankenstein’s comely lab assistant Inga much to Doctor Polland distress.


Nikki Reilly had received a request to meet with one of her instructors after class. What made this request of particular importance was the instructor was Circe. Amongst the Whateley students of magic Circe attention was highly prized (and somewhat feared). This was not the first time that Nikki had been so honored. Being only a freshman it tended to cause a certain amount of jealousy among the other mages. The fact that Nikki and Circe’s meetings had as much to do with defense of the school as they did instruction remained a closely guarded secret only added to Nikki’s reputation as a teacher’s pet. Then again teacher’s pet tended to be a bit of a mixed metaphor in regard to Circe.

After a brief but formal greeting the meeting took on a more relayed air. Circe began describing the odd magic that had vexed Aries over the weekend hoping her decryption would bait Aunghadhail into the conversation.

“I too came across a bit of very odd magic the other day; it was a legal contract it was a spell of binding in a nondisclosure agreement. Aunghadhail reacted strangely she believed that one paragraph was a spell capable of binding a demon lord and it was similar to things from the before time. Sara Waite tends to agree on the scope and power of the spell,” volunteered Nikki.

“It seems we trade one mystery for another, who had this contract,” Circe asked.

“Ayla,” admitted Nikki.

Team Kimba’s communicators made contacting Ayla a simple matter. In short order Nikki received all the information Ayla could legally divulge. “Ayla suggests we talk to
Samantha Everheart the organizations Faculty Adviser,” offered Nikki.


Samantha Everheart was just getting for her shift when Chief Delarose called. “One of the instructors in the magic department wishes to talk to you about that club you are nurse maiding,” said the Chief.

“Who, when, and did they sat what it was about,” asked Sam.

“Circe, punch in and head over to her office. She said it was urgent,” replied Delarose.

Sam had been the Young Entrepreneurs Faculty Adviser for a little over Twenty four hours she had spent four hours of that time talking to the Defense Department’s Deputy Director of Acquisition Management. The guy she was dealing with was very sharp for a DOD civilian, the implicationt that he was dealing with a mass produced stable Devise had not excaped him. Sam was dreading the number of phone calls that she could well be facing as the project wore on.

The kids had shown her their entire operation last night. The songs from the overly cute creature on the assembly line still bothered her. Now she had to explain this mess to the magic department, even with Hive this was not going to be easy.

Sam arrived at Circe’s office to be greeted by Nikki Reilly. Sam had told her father she would do what she could to look after his daughter. That was four months ago, in a far more innocent time, before she knew of enchanted forests and fairy queens that lead from the front.

Nikki and Circe were quick to provide a steady stream of questions most far more technical then the simplified explanations that the three devisors in the group provided her. Even with the exact recant of those explanations that Hive provided it only served to wet the curiosity of the two sorceresses. Sam arranged for an emergency meeting of the Young Entrepreneurs for after diner.


Houston, Texas in an apartment just off of FM 1960

John Smith had never been labeled as a mutant he had none of the known meta-human gene markers. He had a genius that matched any meta-human master mind. He was a good looking man in his late twenties in excellent physical condition that worked hard at appearing ordinary. His greatest gift was his ability to see the patterns in the world and identify actions that could be taken with a fair likelihood of predicting the outcome. He had an uncanny way of predicting the tide of human behavior and above normal social skills. He also had a remarkable intition some part of him listened to the pain of the world. He made his living off the markets but worked a part-time night job to keep up the appearance that matched his bluecolor surroundings. He wanted very little for himself; he had all that he needed, a comfortable lifestyle, a loving wife. His greatest desire was simply to enjoy life and be left alone. He knew the insaneity that was part of the human condition accepted it and moved on with his life. In an insane and imperfect world he was perfectly sane.

It was the love of his life that inspired him to action Mable (May) Lois Calhoun (aka Magpie) was a mutant, a flying speedster with a talent for stealth. She was the dark haired beauty that stole his heart, along with several of the southeast’s largest jewel collections. John was instrumental in preventing justice from catching up with her. He was also the one who seduced her away from a life of crime. For John there were no moral dilemmas he knew what he wanted and could foresee most of the consequences of his acts. Extremes of good or evil simply drew too much attention.

Last year Mable (May) Lois Calhoun became Mrs. Smith. A month ago as May entered into the third trimester of her pregnancy John was once again inspired to action. He began to study patterns further into the future then was his normal habit. He did not like what he saw. Seeing a world poised on the brink of disaster he began to act. That was a month ago now he waited for those actions he had taken to show some effect.


Kewanee, Illinois

David Swenson had been having a rough time. He was still paying off the lawyer that handled his last DWI, worth it, since the guy got him off and he still had his license. The only problem was he was flat broke. He went to his mail box depressed and expecting more bills. In regard to the bills he was not disappointed an overdue notice on his electric, however in one of the envelopes he found four crisp twenty dollar bills it was time to party


Illinois Somewhere on Interstate 80

Office Fritz Schnitt of the Illinois State Police was the first officer on the seen. Eight cars, a tractor trailer, and a chartered bus had been involved in the accident. It was not a pretty sight six dead, dozens injured and several of the injured were in critical condition. The only one who got off without a scratch was the drunk who caused it. David Swenson slept quietly in a Schnitt’s patrol car oblivious to the destruction he had wrought. It would be another five hours till the traffic jam would clear.

For the last three weeks the stretch of Interstate eighty between Des Moines, Iowa and Gary, Indiana had been the DWI capital of the US. Fortunately not all the drunks caused this level of destruction but this was the one that caused the Governors of both states to order a crackdown.


A Small Farm Near Newburg, Missouri

May Smith (aka Magpie) retired jewel thief and criminal mastermind had a gang, a total of three followers. When John setup her retirement he figured the best way to keep them quiet and out of trouble was to keep them out of state and busy. They did not know they were retired they thought they were lying low waiting for the next caper. The official story was they were working a small internet company and that owned the farm house they lived in. They kept up the deception by receiving large boxes from China once a week and shipping smaller boxes out all week long. The boxes contained a small anti-bugging and home security device mass produced by a factory in southern China. Gregory Hertz (aka Ffuts) had designed the thing three years ago he considered it obsolete. He was one of Magpie’s three henchmen. He was a fairly talented gadgeter that made most of the items Magpie used to get past alarm systems. His other two partners in crime were Jill Newman (aka Kid Vid) who was capable of causeing mental illusion and implanting suggestions in people’s minds and Gloria Fang (aka Hay Hue) a mage. May had selected her crew based on their loyalty and ability, for the most part; May was the one who had supplied the imagination.

Oddly enough the so called cover story John set up was in fact a rather profitable business. It paid the mortgage on the farm and provided a comfortable life style to the threesome. The fiction that they were lieing low waiting for the next job was enough to keep the air of excitement they craved. It would not last forever they were adrenalin junkies. The Magpie had always had a problem, she enjoyed the chalenge more then the final reward. Far too often her thefts were too hot to fence and her gang knew it. They belived John was their fence in fact he only made certain that the Gems would not be found.

When John needed a crime wave it was only natural to turn to the three criminals he had on retainer. He gave his wife a few specifications and left the planning to her.

Four weeks ago the Magpie gave them a job it was a strange plan, she said it was a “contract job.” It looked like a cross between an underground gorilla operation and a pyramid scheme but they were being paid well to set it up. It was a crazy plan but they executed it.


Some Where on Interstate Forty-Four in Missouri

Officer Kevin Obi of the Missouri State Highway Patrol found the car stalled by the side of the rode its driver had been robed he did not remember how it happened. It was the third one like this he had come across this week and it was only Wednesday. The highway robberies had started two weeks ago and kept growing in number.


The Johnson Residence Not Far From Whateley Academy

I had a quite dinner with Mrs. Johnson that evening. I had little appetite. I now knew enough to dread the phone call that was only a few hours away.


Crystal Hall Whateley Academy

It was hard to notice the awkward silence at the Team Kimba table Jade and Toni were doing their gregarious self’s. Tennyo and Hank making there usual assault on the buffet, but Ayla, Nikki, and Sara shared a thoughtful silence Chou recognizes the strange tension in the trio and said; “There are times when friendship and honor require patience. I am coming with you to the meeting.”


The Young Entrepreneurs Club Room Whateley Academy

It had been only twenty four hours since their weekly meeting. Now an emergency meeting had been called an emergency meeting with a large number of guests. As they cleared the entrance the four newest guests began checking out the wards like car buffs at the Detroit auto show even gawking like tourists they were an impressive lot. Circe, Fay, Sara, and Chou Lee exchanged comments on the outer wards while Left Field felt his intestines play at macramé.

Cash called the meeting to order and quickly yielded the floor to Officer Samantha Everheart. “People I have brought you here for a very important reason,” said Sam.

She was quickly interrupted by Circe’s question; “Who cast these wards?”

It was more of a command then a question. Timmidly Left Field offered; “It was me.”

“Good work, very good work,” said Circe her eyes looking at what only the magically attuned could see.

Aunghadhail quickly took up the interrogation; “Who taught you that technique?”


The Johnson Residence Not Far From Whateley Academy

The phone call came; I put on a form I had not used in Eons and entered the between.


The Young Entrepreneurs Club Room Whateley Academy

There was a knock on the door Cash checked the monitor and saw a dark haired woman at the Door.

“Tell Left Field its Thanh, I am here to explain,” I said.

I entered the room Aunghadhail recognized my form her anger was evident.

“You! How dare you! You had the power to stop it! And all you did was watch!” said Aunghadhail angerly.

“I told you then and I tell you now all I can do is watch,” I said.

“You revealed knowledge far beyond what the world knows to save this one child from his own folly, and yet you allowed my world to cease to be,” complained the fairy queen.

“As I come to my full remembrance that which binds and constrains me becomes stronger, earlier I could act in ignorance, now I must play by the rules,” I told her.

“Those rules are far too convenient, they let you play god one minute and deny all responsibility the next, you have the power to change things yet all you do is stand by and allow us to die for your amusement and the amusement of your master. You are an unfeeling monster worse than the old ones we must face,” said the fiery Elf.

“I am not unfeeling Aunghadhail, that is my curse,” I said my anger turning to tears.

It caused a long enough break for Circe to enter the conversation;”I take it you know this being,” asked the sorceress?
The pause was also long enough for most of the others present to be noticed moving cautiously in the direction of the door.

“She is the Watcher of Ragnaroks, the Queen among Bad Omens,” said Aunghadhail.

“I go by Thanh Beacon these days, we met in Doctor Bellows office,” I said to Circe.

“What brings you here,” asked Sara?

“You would have tracked me down tomorrow disrupting everyone’s schedule and setting all sorts of rumors around campus. I came tonight to tell you what I must. What I have given I cannot take back, use it as you will. The type of warding I gave Left Field has a size limit. To any other question I can only tell you what you already know,” I said.

“Does this mean Doctor Pollard had you all to himself during the time you were leaking information,” asked Circe realizing the lost opportunity.

“You will have to check his notes,” I told her.

“We may as well proceed with the meeting it matters not if she stays or goes; we have a rare gift, let us figure out how to use it,” said Aunghadhail with an air of resignation.

Circe stared at Aunghadhail for a moment an unasked guestion in her eye.

“Is she omniscient,” Sara asked?

In answer to Sara’s question Nikki only nodded.

I could see that in all the room only Sara and Circe had seen enough to pity me.

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