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Seeing is Believing (Complete)

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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #19685 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: Aggressive seduction
Aggressive seduction

By the time Agent Banks had finished confirming his sight lines, noting his paths around the perimeter and finally crawled back into the hidden ‘clearing’ under the large fir tree, Agent Selleny had pitched the tent. Looking dubiously up at the branches above him, the lowest bent nearly all the way to the ground by the snow on them, he turned to the smiling Agent Selleny.

“Relax Chicken Little," she laughed. "The grounds keepers specially checked out this tree for us and confirmed all the branches. Nothing is going to come crashing down on our little love nest in the middle of the night and cause you to come running out ‘in flagrante delicto’.”

“It’s not a love nest Selleny," he growled. "It’s a hide for us to warm up in between maintaining vigilance on our targets.”

Selleny gave him another amused look. Together with the propriety ones she'd been given him ever since they arrived on this mission, they seemed to be all the looks she had thrown him since today started Agent Banks noted absently.

“So, do you want first watch?" Selleny suggested. "I’ll get the inside set up?” she pointed at the tent.

“Sure. It will be dark soon and then we’ll see what security has as updates for our expected guests.”

Nodding, Agent Selleny ducked into the tent leaving Agent Banks carefully making his way out from the hidden space under the tree branches and starting his patrol from vantage point to vantage point looking down on the Whateley grounds.

Less then half an hour later Whateley security came in over the radio. “Banks, you there?”

“Go,” he replied shortly.

“Snowstorm coming in, blizzard expected to drop another few inches of snow. Time to huddle up. Confirmed your guests turned home and have garaged up themselves. Nothing’s going to happen tonight.”

Swearing Banks thumped the ground, then calmly replied. “Wilko. Squirrelling in.” Returning to the tree he carefully inserted himself into the clearing underneath, again making sure not to disturb the snow on the branches of the tree, a clear giveaway that someone was hiding under it, and crawled into the tent backwards, zipping it back up before kneeling and removing his coat, sitting to remove his shoes and finally sliding out of his cold weather pants.

Turning to look inside the tent for the first time, he stopped shocked, frozen on his hands and knees looking down at the smiling siren face of Agent Selleny, lying head right below his on the joined-together air mattresses in the middle of the tent. His favourite of her assets, her breasts, caught and held his attention. Like he'd thought, Agent Selleny wasn't wearing a bra today. She was instead covered in a black lace bodysuit. Crotchless, he couldn't help noticing, and she was grinning, like the cat that got the barrel of cream.

“Oh dear,” she murmured wickedly. “All dressed up and nowhere to go. I do love a good blizzard, all those hours of lying side by side, cuddling close for body warmth, just whatever shall we do?” she asked breathlessly. With a throaty laugh she pulled down his face, planting a kiss right on his lips. So surprised was Agent Banks, her lips were locked with his, and her tongue invading his mouth before he could so much as catch his breath, let alone protest.

Kissing long and lingeringly, Agent Selleny didn’t let up until a gust of wind rattled the tent. “Right on time, my new best friend,” she purred, finally releasing him from her kiss. “You have nowhere to run now." Fixing him with a penetrating stare, Agent Selleny all but growled at him. "For the record, I don’t tease what I don't want, I flirt with what I intend to have, and I’m all through with flirting. I will have my desert.”

Spinning round, she rose to her knees, pulling him up too. Untucking his top she pulled that over his head, followed by his shirt and thermal underwear, leaving him naked above the waist. Leaning back she pulled him down atop her. Running a foot up his thigh she smiled. “Yes, I knew you liked me.” Rubbing her foot up and down until he drew short of breath, Agent Selleny smiled and stopped, then casually she popped her foot in through the waistband of his trousers and licked her lips. Pushing down with her foot on his waistband, she effectively pantsed him before rolling him over and onto his back, slipping a hip over him and then slowly pushing down as she sighed. “Now dear," she all but purred. “Let me show you some dance moves I’m particularly proud of.”

Throwing a fully unzipped sleeping bag over them as a blanket, Agent Selleny lay full length on top of Agent Banks with a leg on either side, undulating happily. Leaning forward she whispered in his ear, “Mine. Aaalllll Mine.”
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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #19686 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: Alternative measures
Alternative measures

"Doctor Trent," Mrs. Carson welcomed the man exiting the first of two vans to pull up to the loading dock for the Doyle Medical Centre.

"Mrs. Carson," he greeted her back. "Interesting drive. We barely made it in before the blizzard. I hope you don't mind putting up me and my crew for the night?" he said gesturing to the flying snow behind them.

"Not at all, and I'm afraid it might be a cold and late one. Did you bring them?"

Doctor Trent nodded. "Two anaesthetic transport capsules, guaranteed to keep even the highest regen mutant sleeping peaceful as a baby for at least twenty four hours."

"I need you to prep them. One for a baseline male. Six foot. Late thirties. Little bit flabby but still fit. The other for a fourteen year old girl. Caucasian. Also a baseline physique. No regen."

"Do we have medical records on them?"

"No, but I have been assured that the standard settings for their baseline profiles will be sufficient and non-dangerous for them by a trusted psychic."

"And when do you need them ready by?"

"Tomorrow, and I then need your team ready to move at minimal notice. Something may happen tomorrow our psychics say, and there is a chance we'll need to transport these two to ARC."

"And what will we be doing with them there? I just need to know so I can get the right setups for the chambers, wouldn't want to drug them into insensibility if they need to start therapy straight away."

"That won't be a problem. If we need to transport them it'll be because we need to insert them into the ARC Black facilities. The girl's codename is 'Ragnarök', we've already had one event with her that we barely survived, if we get lucky at another event I want your team ready to act."

"Lucky!" he gasped. "With a codename like 'Ragnarök'? Define 'lucky'?"

"We're still here to talk about it," Mrs. Carson stated coldly to the wide-eyed stare of Doctor Trent. "The name is warranted, a title given to her, not something she chose herself," Cason explained to the doctor. "Can you get those chambers prepared?"

"We'll work through the night if we have to," he promised fervently, waving to his team and wheeling the two ambulance trolleys with their coffin-sized, tube-shaped cargos through the doors and into the Doyle Medical Complex.

"Are you really planing to put Shelly into ARC Black?" the security guard with Mrs. Carson asked quietly.

"If the timing goes wrong and they cannot complete their spell in time, we won't have a choice," she admitted sadly. "They have until the first attack on them to get it done. Once the attacks start they are not going to stop, and it then becomes Russian roulette with the world on the line and an unknown number of bullets in the gun."

"They can't just try again?" he pleaded softly.

Mrs. Carson closed her eyes in pain. "The players against them are not amateurs. They have their own precogs and clairvoyants too. If they attack they believe they'll succeed, and I believe they'll at least get to them, that's all it will take to spook Shelly. Once spooked she can so easily escalate, slowly or fast, the spiral is inevitable and we know its eventual outcome doesn't bear thinking about."

"But she's such a good kid."

"As are all too many of the others held there that I failed," Mrs. Carson sighed turning away and walking into Doyle Medical Centre, face bleak.
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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #19687 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: Morning after
Morning after

"Father Solomon I want to discuss with you that tent!" Agent Banks cried out as soon as Solomon and Shelly stepped up from the basement into the main floor, where breakfast was being served to all those 'in the know' for today's endeavour.

"I wasn't responsible for what happened last night!” Solomon replied calmly. "I told you it wasn't needed to guard us."

"You can't tell me you didn't know about the snowstorm I ..." Solomon held up a hand to stop him.

"I didn't plan last night. Someone got up yesterday morning and planned what she would be wearing all day. It wasn't me. And anyway Agent Banks, it takes two to tango.” Solomon favoured him with a smirk. "Though admittedly one leads and the other follows." Leaving the red faced Agent, Solomon made his way to Shelly, and hidden in her hair, Selanothis.

*Our reluctant paramour?* Selanothis smirked.

*I think he feels we cheated somehow,* Solomon confirmed.

*He had as much chance of escaping her as the Titanic had of making New York. He was sunk years ago, she has no shame in taking her man.*

*I think ‘taking’ is exactly what he feels she did.*

*Tell me that when his pants stop tenting at her merest scent,* Selanothis laughed. *He needed a good screw and she definitely enjoyed giving it to him. Look at her marking her conquest, rubbing all over him.*

*I do seem to notice a slightly changed ‘alpha’ / ‘beta’ feel from them,* Solomon suggested smirking as Agent Selleny casually reached around both sides of Agent Banks to take things off the breakfast table, not so accidentally rubbing her breasts into his back and making him stiffen and pale. Agent Selleny just lent sensuously into his back, eyes closed and an expression of bliss on her face. All around the room jaws dropped as Agent Selleny all but purred into Agent Banks' back.

*Oh my! I need to take notes, that's the way to mark a conquest complete!* Selanothis enthused.

"OK people," Mrs. Carson called attention to herself, waiting as the gathered quieted down and shuffled over to her. "This is the situation, today Solomon will be attempting to guide Shelly through a working that has a high degree of risk, with possible explosive outcomes, as such they will be attempting this in the hollow near the grove, right at the edge of campus." The security guards turned frowning gazes on Shelly at the mention of 'possibly explosive outcomes'.

"Now, as you know," Mrs. Carson continued gathering back their attention. "There are several outside powers that want our guests, and are prepared to initiate hostilities in order to get them, here then is what you will be doing in order to prevent this.
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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #19689 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: Hiding

As security set-up their perimeter Agent Banks walked up to Solomon who was staring down into the hollow, occasionally glancing at the Grove nearby as well. “How will we know you are successful?” Agent Banks asked.

“There will be an explosion, a huge crater will be created and we will no longer be there. You can tell everyone I died containing ‘Ragnarök’s’ final event that consumed us both,” Solomon replied solemnly.

“And if it doesn’t work?” Banks pushed.

“There will be an explosion, a huge crater will be created and we will no longer be there. You can tell everyone I died containing ‘Ragnarök’s’ final event that consumed us both,” Solomon dead-panned with a slight smirk.

Banks blinked. “How will I know which it was?” he exclaimed frustrated.

Solomon laughed. “You won’t. Nobody will. Only we will know if we succeeded or not. If you want you can not lie to your boss by using words such as ‘we believe they perished’ instead," he suggested grinning widely.

“You're a cruel, cruel man,” Agent Selleny stated, laughing at the shocked expression on her partner’s face. “Some men handle uncertainty so poorly, and you’re giving him no certainty at all.”

“He has access to precogs, it's not like he can’t check with them for his certainty.” Solomon laughed at Banks outraged expression, raising a hand in farewell before he left, setting off quickly down the hill. At the bottom of the hill was the hollow they were going to use today, where Shelly, and unknown to most, Selanothis waited for him.

As he arrived in the hollow he hugged Shelly and concentrated hard. *Selanothis, prepare the sleep spell, just in case. The syndicate has moved and we may not have the time we need,* he thought loudly, trusting to Selanothis to hear his thoughts.

*No! If they take her...*

*Lady Astarte will get her back. I fear more for what Shelly may do, the hurt she may cause herself accidentally, then that anyone today will take her far from the school. Lady Astarte is right here with her, fighting to keep Shelly safe. Please. Let's not have mistakes Shelly could not control on her conscience.*


*Please?* Solomon begged.

Selanothis sighed *Alright, I'll prepare the spell, but I will not use it!* she fiercely declared.

*Thank you Selanothis!* he sighed in relief. "I believe we are ready," Solomon announced giving Shelly a final hug before he released her and looked her in the eye. "Are you ready?"

Shelly took a deep breath and nodded. Closing his eyes, Solomon concentrated, calling to Selanothis *Link us. I will start monitoring the patterns. When you have that link tight, reach out to Shelly and bring her in with us.*

*Sharing with you*"now" Solomon finished her sentence.

"Ready to bring you in now Shelly" Selanothis voice came from Solomon's mouth.

"Completing the link" "now!" Solomon and Shelly chorused in one voice, as simultaneously identical smiles rearranged their faces. "I think therefore I am," they intoned together, before stepping close, touching forehead to forehead they apparently entering a trance together.

"How long?" Agent Banks queried of Lady Astarte, who was standing next to Selleny and himself. After thirty minutes of watching Solomon and Shelly stand still as statues with their eyes closed with nothing seeming to happen.

"Solomon said an hour or more. We'll know when they are done," Lady Astarte reminded him wryly.

"Stop worrying about them," Agent Selleny muttered. "Instead worry about why the Security Officers just pulled their guns and have started scanning the sky."

Pulling his own gun, Agent Banks strode to the top of the hill and shielding his eyes, starting to scan the horizon towards the town of Dunwich. "I thought they were going to warn us when the kidnap squad in Dunwich stirred," he muttered.

Agent Selleny too had climbed the hill, but she was looking to the right, to the closest perimeter, scanning worriedly over the Native Lands. "It's not them," she warned readying her sidearm as she heard the base rumble of chopper blades.

Turning towards her Banks was just in time to see her lower thigh explode in blood as Selleny cried out in pain and collapsed, a thick geyser of blood shooting out the hole in her leg.

"Shit they got an artery!" Dropping next to Selleny, Agent Banks desperately undid his belt as he reach forth a hand to stop the spurting.

"If I'd known all it took to get your pants down was to show a little thigh, I'd have done it long ago," Selleny mumbled, staring in shock as again blood geysered out of her leg.

"Stay with me Selleny," Banks cried desperately as he pulled off his belt, wrapping it around her upper thigh above the wound, pulling it as tight as he could as the loud cacophony of a helicopter roared over their heads.

Flying low, the helicopter dropped grenades onto the girl and the man in the bottom of the hollow. Crying out in surprise, Shelly raised her arm in front of her eyes as the flash grenade blinded her, then again in anguish as a concussion grenade threw her and Solomon through the air, where Solomon heard a crack and then a pained scream as Shelly landed awkwardly, bending her arm under her body and then breaking her wrist as the force of the concussion caused her body’s full weight to bend the wrist all the way back, caught as it was between her chest and the ground.

Crawling towards the sounds of sobbing, Solomon heard the muffled retort of shots. Desperately diving forward he tried to get between Shelly and her assailants as he felt impacts on his arms. Reaching out he felt darts, and realised that instead of bullets they where shooting darts to subdue them. Already loosing feeling in his arm he cried out. "Selanothis!" Solomon screamed. "It's lost, Shelly is down. Fly!"

*Solomon no!*

"Selanothis! Please!"

Watching the armed men running for Shelly, Selanothis whistled and as the magpie swooped from the sky she jump from Shelly's hair to the magpie’s back, keeping her glamour of misdirection active. She looked back just in time to see a black suited assailant grab and pull Shelly by her broken arm. Shrieking Shelly pushed her other arm towards the assailant and Selanothis felt Solomon's desperate cry in her head at the glow appearing around Shelly's outreached hand as Shelly screamed in pain. Weeping herself, Selanothis turned back towards the fight and released the spell she had prepared, the one she had hoped not to need.

Knocking Shelly unconscious, Selanothis shrieked her unhappiness to the wind, a cry not just of voice, but of mind too. Writhing on the ground, the assailants desperately tried to cover their ears against the pain, but as it was a shriek of mental anguish it mattered not. Swinging back around for a third pass, Selanothis struck out this time with magic, and mindful of Solomon's feelings she struck not to harm but with the same spell she had used on Shelly. One by one she hunted them down and slept them all. Careless of her own ethics on telepathy, she ruthlessly used the fear they were screaming to goad them and find them with her gift, and render them unconscious with her spells.

Eventually she realised that though they couldn't see her, they had started to associate the magpie with the effects of her spell, and after a couple of wild shots had come particularly close to injuring Shelly's gift, Selanothis came to her senses enough to pull back. Circling away, she realising in her rage she had slept not only the assailants, but also Whateley Security guards, even Agents Banks and Selleny were victims of her magic.

*Go! Run!* Solomon desperately pleaded as the effects from darts overtook him, and he succumbed, slumping unconscious.

Crying Selanothis paused, about to circle back, but more Whateley security was arriving, and taking no chances they started firing on the magpie. Selanothis wheeled and dove into the Grove, crying and not realising where she was going till she arrived at the tree deep in the Grove that hid the hole she had hidden in ever since she'd arrived at the Grove soon after manifesting, after making her way to where she had felt 'called' to go.

Dismounting she crawled through the defences against animals she had slowly, painstakingly, built up over the years, and into the bed of moss and dried grass that had been the best she'd ever learnt to make herself. Laying down she wept her unhappiness.

Slowly fighting off the dual effects of Selanothis mental scream and sleeping spell, Lady Astarte stumbled to where Shelly had been rendered unconscious and grimaced at the revealed injuries Shelly has been stopped in the middle of unleashing. While her assailant still breathed, his clothing had been burnt off all along the sides closest to Shelly, from his wrists along both arms to his chest, and up his chest to and through his face, nasty burns also covered his skin all along where the clothing had been burnt off. Shelly herself wasn't as badly burnt, but it was obvious that whatever she had been about to do was also reflecting back on herself.

Sighing she turned toward the newly arriving Security Officers. "Have Doctor Trent bought now, along with his two chambers. Ragnarök and Solomon will need to be transported to ARC, and we need to do it before they wake and fight us. This is the one chance we have of doing this, we must take it."

With tears seeping from her eyes she knelt down and gently turned the girl to her back, moving the injured arm so that it lay across her chest. Tenderly she brushed a stray lock of hair from her face, then sighing she stood to check on the others.

Sitting nearby where it had landed, the syndicates helicopter was starting to wind down its engines as the arriving security officers powered down the engines while removing the unconscious pilots from the craft, disarming them and securing them in case they awoke. Quickly the other six men of the extraction team were all also secured tightly, even the burnt one, by the arriving Whateley security teams. Looking further out she saw the lights of security and medical teams racing for the hollow near the Grove and sighed, finally looking towards Agents Selleny and Banks back up the hill. Banks was collapsed over Selleny, where he had been tying his belt on as a tourniquet. Judging by the lack of pumping blood from her wound Agent Banks had managed to successfully finish that before he was rendered unconscious. Already security officers were with them, one animatedly calling into his radio, presumably for urgent medical aid.

Lady Astarte sighed and pulling on her “Mrs. Carson” persona went forth to organise the response.
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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #19690 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: ARC

"Where am I?" Agent Banks growled as he awoke, looking around the medical room he was in.

"ARC," Mrs. Carson said simply. "Your partner was taken for immediate medical attention to Whateley’s Doyle Medical Clinic, and her leg operated on successfully. She is recuperating at the schools medical clinic. You were only unconscious and so transported here with Ragnarök and Solomon. The contingency plan is being enacted already. They will not awake. They are being prepped directly for insertion to ARC Black right now."

"I thought you believed in Solomon?" Agent Banks accused.

Carson sighed, anguish showing through her usually impeccable teacher's mask. "I do, but as he always said, today was a one shot. They ran out of time and our enemies got lucky, they managed to render Ragnarök unconsciousness and unable to respond to her danger sense. We will not get a second chance like this, so, as I always warned I would, I have acted. Rest here. When we are ready you will be able to watch and confirm for your employers the insertion. Our MCO Agent friend has also been invited to attend, be warned." Turning she left Agent Banks to his thoughts.

"Agent Banks?" Banks looked up, one of the technicians was standing there holding something. Agent Banks had no idea how long he had been sitting there thinking since Lady Astarte had left. "We found it in Solomon's clothes when we were prepping him. It's addressed to you." The technician held out what he could now see was a letter. Numbly taking it Banks stared down at "For Agent Banks of the U.S. DPA. Open now". The technician left quickly, closing the door behind him and again leaving Agent Banks alone.

Turning the letter over Agent Banks saw it was an ordinary envelope, though Banks couldn't help smiling as he noticed it was sized for A4 paper, not US letter. Smiling at Solomon's almost obsessive snub of US imperial measurements, Banks pushed a forefinger under the tab and opened the envelope, inside was a letter and another envelope with no marking on it at all. Shrugging he started reading the letter.

Don't beat yourself up. I have foresight, not you. I was the one who's skills were supposed to prevent this.

For the record, if you had agreed originally I would have adopted Shelly, left the priesthood and got married and bought Shelly up as my adopted daughter in Australia. Shelly would have gone through school and by the time she entered University would have had iron control over her gifts. As I promised, there would have been not even the slightest notice of our lives passing, except in the memories of our family.

Also for the record, this was my 'Plan B' all along. This, Whateley's 'ultimate solution'. I have organised with Mrs. Carson that our incarceration is to be linked. To remove one of us from ARC's Black section, they need to remove both. Do not think of this as permanent, merely my way of once again becoming anonymous. Over time, less and less people will remember us or what we can do, and when most have forgotten we will be free to be awoken to continue our lives in that anonymity, to be a family and to disappear again into history.

When ARC believes the time is right they will release us, I do not fear this. Instead what I fear is those that would force them to release us, take control of Shelly or myself for their own purposes. So here is my final request of you, a penance if you feel the need. Get appointed to the oversight control group for our case. Make yourself prominent on it and fight to keep us frozen when you believe the reasons to release us are because of their convenience, rather then our interests. And watch carefully those who also get on the group. There are those who will add themselves to the group to get us released into their pet programs, and those who will be subverting the group to provide opportunities for attacking ARC to gain us.

Be careful, accepting this request will lead to an interesting life, in all the meanings of the Chinese curse. All I can give you is one more thing, it is the letter you hold unopened. Do not open it till you have failed and you have no other way of stopping them thawing us out. Choose wisely when to open it, you will only be able to do so once, so it better be the only time you need it.

Agent Banks looked at the unopened letter for a while, and then carefully placed it inside his jacket pocket. Folding the letter he'd just read carefully too, he put it back into its envelope and sat there holding it, finally he sighed. "You gave me the second letter already, you knew I'd accept your request. Where is your free will in this?" Smiling he stood and opening the door, leaving to oversee the interment of Ragnarök and the completion of his mission to prevent her from ending the world as they knew it.
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Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: Epilogue

Finally after crying herself out Selanothis sat up and wiped her eyes. Looking around at what was little more then a hollow she'd excavated out among the roots of an Oak tree, dirt floor, dirt walls and little else for all the decades she'd lived there, she turned and spied the one aspect of modern life in her hole, the letter with her check in it, secreted here when she had taken it from the desk last night.

Face firmly set, Selanothis marched to the letter, picked up the stamp from the dirt nearby, pealed it off its backing and firmly attached the self-adhering stamp to the letter. Taking hold of the letter Selanothis started pulling it down the tunnel. At each of her defences she deliberately dismantled them, leaving the tunnel free of obstructions. She no longer intended ever to return here, and something else might as well claim her shelter.

Reaching Maggie huddled in the snow outside, she apologetically reached out and warmed her with some magic, then climbing aboard she set off for the main school buildings where she intended to post her letter, and then talk Mrs. Carson into helping her 'returning' Maggie, and herself, back to Shelly's home, a place she fully intended to start living. No more would she huddle here in the Grove and merely 'survive'.

Secure Syndicate Tele-conferencing channel

"Report." Even distorted the command in that voice was unmistakable.

"Solomon and Ragnarok have been interned in ARC Black. Arc operatives were on site already, when they were both rendered unconscious Carson ordered them to action, and both targets were confined in portable sleep chambers and transported to ARC where they were immediately incarcerated, never regaining consciousness."

"What happened? How did you fail?" another voice demanded.

"Both teams performed flawlessly," the second voice responded calmly. "The decoy team was discovered and placed under surveillance immediately as planned, Whateley Security finding them and identifying them quickly ..."

"Did they trace them back to the organisation?" interrupted another voice.

"Of course, that too was part of the plan," the second voice replied smoothly. "At no time did the team identified by Whateley Security as being a Syndicate team enter or violate the Whateley neutrality."

"But Whateley believes they were planing to?" the planner's accuser rang out again.

"Correctly, the team was planning to enter Whateley grounds. The fact remains though, they did not. As far as Whateley is concerned, an different 'unknown' group attempted extraction," the planner replied calmly.

"But your second team was captured!" the accuser rang out again.

"You and I know that," the planner replied, not even the distortion hiding his humour. "But no one else does, not even the members of that team. I hired them directly by anonymous means, gave them full intelligence on the first team as a 'rival' concern, and they acted independently at all times. As far as they are all concerned, they were hired by a competitor organisation."

"So Whateley is completely unaware of our organisations involvement in the incursion?" the commanding voice demanded.


"Good. Wind up team one, double-check no links between the organisation and the second team exist, and then close down the operation."

"But the Asset!" the accuser squealed.

Silence descended as all waited to see what the commanding voice would do about the interruption.

"This is the best possible outcome," the voice declared slowly, enunciating clearly as if to a simpleton. "The target's threat to our organisation in neutralised, and no additional strain has been placed on our association with Whateley."

"But he failed to obtain the asset!"

A silence of stunned disbelief greeted the additional outburst.

"The targets value as an asset was marginal at best," the commanding voice growled. "The resources needed to gain co-operation and protect him likely would have negated most gains from obtaining him. Due to the actions of our agent the target is now no longer a threat to us. The operation was an outstanding success. It is to be closed and liquidated immediately, with the minimum of ripples."

"Understood," the planner replied, breaking the connection immediately.

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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #19707 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: Twenty four years later
Twenty four years later

"I should have known," Banks' last boss in the DPA, before his forced resignation and retirement, cursed when Banks was escorted to the control room, beaten and handcuffed. "Fifteen years you spent blocking me, now that I have what I want despite the best efforts of your protégé," he gestured to a corner "you appear again, like you matter. Well you don't matter. Sit here and watch as I unfreeze Solomon and get some real Talent for the Department, make our country great again!"

Looking to the corner Banks stared horrified. Running over he knelt down quickly, removing his tie and taking out his hankie, he bundled up the hankie and tied it over the gunshot wound to the leg of the woman laying there, then checked her breathing, finding it really faint. Moving the leg he saw why, quite a lot of blood already had been lost from the wound. Turning growling he stopped facing the rock steady opening of the wrong end of a gun.

"You'd have been proud of her," his former boss gloated. "Proper protégé of you and her mother.” He spat. “Once she realised what I was doing it took a bullet to drop her, and bleeding out to stop her."

"You bastard! She's one of your own Agents!"

"As I said, poisoned by you and her mother." Turning dismissively, he ordered another Agent, "Guard them, take them somewhere else, no need to tempt fate by having another of the subjects oversights here, no telling what he could do with these computers. Lock him up somewhere safe."

Growling Banks stooped and gathered Deborah in his arms and strode from the room with her. "This way," the guarding Agent tried to insist.

"Fuck you, she's one of ours! I'm taking her to the infirmary, shot me in the back if you have to, otherwise clear out of the fucking way!" He strode off knowing that without the direct order of the man in the room, none of the Agents here would shoot him, especially as he was striding away from the area of concern.

Banks stumbled into a run, jaws clenched as he remembered his first introduction to Deborah as a fresh recruit, straight out of the Academy. As Solomon had hinted, his former partner, her mother, had sacrificed her career for the welfare of a mutant child, escorting the kid to Whateley over the express orders of the piece of filth he'd just left, at that time an up-and-coming golden boy desk jockey writing orders 'For the good of the Department' and not caring about the lives of the Mutants he so summarily traded like sides of beef. His partner had taken her sacking in silence, making them go through with the threat, refusing to quit and make it easy on them.
    She'd left back straight, head held high and proud, walking out the office and his life, getting as thoroughly lost as only someone trained and experienced in finding people could. More then twenty years later out of the blue she'd walked back into his office, casually tossed a file on his desk as though she never left and smiled at him.

    Shocked solid Agent Banks automatically reached for the file as she laughed a clear silvery laugh. "Good to see mor'n twenty years and a shock ain't changed you none. You'll like her, and she needs you. Don't muck her up. Now I'm taking my reward for being a good girl for so long." Leaning forward across the desk, she pulled his face to hers and kissed him long and lingering, before with a smile on her lips she turned and walked out of his office again. By the time he'd recovered enough to get out from behind his desk and chase her, she was long gone.

    Swearing sulphurously he made his way back to his desk, snatching up the file opening it, eyes going wide in shock. Grabbing his coat he rushed out, yelling to the duty agent as he left, "I'll be at the Academy, attending the graduation."

    It wasn't hard to find her daughter in the graduating class, other then a few more inches in hight, she was the spitting image of her mother in her graduating uniform. "You won't find her," Agent Deborah Selleny had laughed easily, striding up to him as he looked all around. "She already told me she wouldn't be here, but she had a way of making sure you were. She also said you'd sign this," she smiled handing over a form. Looking at it he grimaced. Taking the offered pen he signed it.

    "OK your mine, let's get this filed. I assume your mother grilled out of you all the crap the Academy tried shoving in there?"

    "You have my file there."

    "It was given to me by your mother. As all else she ever handed to me, it'll say only what it needs to get me to do as she wishes, and not a smidgen more."

    "Actually, it does say something more." Taking the file she carefully opened it to a specific page, turning and handing it back to him.

    Not even looking down he said. "I've known your mother was a mutant since before I ever meet her. I tracked her down because she was a precog, even if it was only a boarder line level one ability. I always intended to do the dangerous jobs, I partnered with your mother to increase my chances of doing it right."

    Folding the file shut again Agent Selleny handed it back. "Then you'll understand this, from her. While you stay an Agent you cannot track her down." Grimacing he nodded.

Bursting through the infirmary door he growled to the Agents with drawn guns standing over the staff. "Get out. She's hurt and they'll stay to fix her, they believe in their job and the oaths they took." Carefully laying Agent Selleny down on the bed, he waved over a doctor and then personally escorted the DPA Agents from the room by sheer force of fury alone.

Leaving the doctors to do their job, Agent Banks sank down in a chair and removed from his jacket pocket a letter, envelope sized for A4 paper and completely devoid of all markings. Sighing he slipped his finger under the flap and tore it open. "Well Solomon, I guess this is the time you foresaw, happening just as you feared. What pearl of wisdom do you have to get us out of this mess?" he wondered aloud.

A gold ring came out of the envelope and a single piece of paper. Taking the single sheet of paper out he opened it and read:

We are not there. We have never been there. We've disappeared into history as I promised you we would.

Sit with your daughter and catch up, her Mother will be there soon to enjoy the laughter as your former boss and her nemesis gets his comeuppance. Marry her, she deserves her reward.

Silver laughter caused Banks to look up, where the daughter that had hid her relationship to him for years smiled at him from the bed. "Doc, I think you need to send a nurse with a paper bag for my father. I may have lost all the blood, but he looks like he's the one that’s gonna feint!"
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