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From Ben to Egg

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4 years 5 months ago #13371 by mhalpern
mhalpern created the topic: From Ben to Egg
This is a rough, snapshot of a story based on my "mutant that turns into a proper dragon egg" concept in the bad ideas thread. very much incomplete, haven't decided if he's an Avatar or an exemplar, The parents MAY be based off of my parents a little, but this isn't an author avatar I don't think, as Ben isn't a Gadgeteer or anything in this iteration. All names have been changed from those that they may be loosely based off of.

Ben, 5'4" fairly athletic, average teenage boy.
mid July,

Ben gets out of bed, slowly, cursing the sun for denying him sleep, steps on the hardwood floor and slips, "Woah what the?" he notices something off, what appears to a medium gray eggshell with vein marks on each heel attached by what appear to be membrane material and strong cartilage, panicked he cries "Mom!""Dad!"

"What is it? You know I hate when you shout through closed doors" That was Mom, unlike my Dad, my sisters and I, she can't hear a conversation in normal talking voice from across the house, while in a closed room.
"not the time now Mom, I need help, I think I'm a mutant" trying to get up, grabbing a blanket to tie around my waste seeing how thats all my newfound lack of balance will allow, stumbling a few times catching my self on my desk and cabinets, I make my way to my bedroom door. open it and sit down on the basket outside my room.
"you couldn't even get dressed?"
"Mom, I could barely walk" kicking a foot out, pointing at my heel.
"Well Ben, I never thought I'd have to teach you how to walk in heels"
"I'm serious, it looks like thats how you are going to have to walk, and you need new shoes, as it looks like all you'll be able to wear are flip flops."
that earned a groan, Ben hated flipflops.
"Its better then stepping on a rusty nail or something"
Dad came up, with a familiar red metal cylinder, the household fire extinguisher. and a slight smirk.
"We don't know what your powers are, so until we do, I want you to keep this around at all times"
"...I'll think about it"
"Well don't burn the house down!"
Wow, who knew that old joke would become so literal? that got me laughing, then there was a brief flash of heat and light, fortunately I wasn't facing anything too close, we learned 2 things, 1 I breath fire, 2 our smoke detector is definitely out of juice, I was practically right under it.
Grabbing the fire extinguisher with by eyes wide in shock and a blush of embarrassment I ask "can you get the crutches too?"

Late July

By this time, the shell pieces have formed near every major joint, and there were patrusions jetting out from his lower back slightly with the beginnings of a larger shell piece, looking in the mirror, Ben noticed something his hips were definitely wider, the family was noticing some less masculine traits, a more dainty appearance in his arms and legs, the fact that his facial hair stopped growing was alarming, seeing how before a full beard was a week without shaving was the first alarm, this made his body look almost undeniably female.

Clothing wise, Ben was down to "kilts" and strapless tops, namely those that exposed his now slender mid drift, be it by luck or cruel design, the shell pieces around his feet now functioned almost entirely as high heels, so the flipfops were no longer needed.

Despite protests in order to be presentable, all of Ben's body hair was shaved off the previous week when it was decided that there was no way Ben could pass as male, especially with his Wardrobe difficulties.

"Ben, I know this is hard for you, but we have an appointment to get to."
Powers testing, with a nearby hero group, even before I mutated we didn't trust the MCO, no matter how much they sugar coat it, they are a fear driven organization, and the fact that almost the entirety of their numbers are baseline, has always made my family doubt their supposed professionalism, and a critical look at "Tales of the MCO" doesn't help matters.

[skip powers testing most undecided, the important parts are the codename "Dragon Egg" and the Whateley admission forms,]

Going through the admissions forms, Ben got to a certain question

'As a result of your mutation is your body becoming ____?'

  • more masculine
  • more feminine
  • neither
  • other

Its common enough that they have a CHECKBOX for it?

end chapter 1

Any Bad Ideas I have and microscene OC character stories are freely adoptable.

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4 years 5 months ago #13372 by mhalpern
mhalpern replied the topic: From Ben to Egg
Ch 2,

Early August, a week and a half after powers testing.

Ben was now 5'2", his shell pieces have gained a slight blue hue, which Ben was thankful for, because its easier to find clothes that match blue than it is to find some that match steal gray... not that he'd ever admit that.
Ben looked down and sighed well we knew these two mounds were coming, at least I don't have to pee sitting down yet his eyes shifted to a package he dreaded opening, his mom had the foresight to order it online, and it sure saves on the hassle of trying to find a clothing store friendly to obvious mutants.

There's something about a formfitting devisor bra that automatically displays the size of the last wearer, that bugs me, if that wasn't enough, the results were automatically sent to mom's phone and mine, with mine allowing me to "visually increase the size" with an app, whomever made it is a pervert, the app has an enforced tutorial for when you first wear it, and goes through certain "special features" that I hope weren't advertised when these things were ordered

Of course, the tutorial HAD a skip button for THOSE special features, but Ben didn't realize that until he got to the "locator function" basically you can call for a clean one with your phone, and you can call your phone with whatever one you're wearing...

Ok that's useful, embarrassing, but useful... Still say the devisor who made these is a pervert

"Ben! You know you got to finish filling out those forms soon" that was Dad
"Yeah almost done"

The reality was, the forms were filled out days ago, there was just one thing left blank, his name, Ben was no fool he didn't look like a "Ben" anymore, not even remotely, and it was almost to the point were there would be no signs of him ever having been male.

"Yeah kiddo?"
"Truthfully I filled out everything but the name days ago..."
"Ahh having trouble thinking of a new name still?"
"Yeah but its not that, its that I'm afraid to think of one, I chose a gender neutral codename because I know a masculine one wouldn't fit, but look at me, I can't even wear unisex clothing anymore, I have boobs, and its only a matter of time before...." I cry, hugging Dad, careful not to hug too hard.
"shhh its okay, a name is just a name, a label so that people can identify you, but it doesn't define you. You will always be you, no matter what name you go by."
That calmed me down... "Stupid girl hormones, they wont even let me hyper analyze things like I used to or stay calm while doing it." that earned a chuckle, I reflexively looked away to laugh as well, thankfully I practiced holding in my laugh most of my life.
I started thinking, I wanted one that sounded somewhat similar so I could get used to it more easily, but I am not moving to a gender neutral name, just wouldn't feel right, "Beatrice, Betty for short"
"my new name, it didn't feel right picking a gender neutral name, that would be like going from one boy's name to another, so its Betty"
"Ben, Betty, that's going to take some getting used to, you sure about that name? its distinctly feminine..."
"Yeah I'm sure, I mean its just a name right? And that one sounds... nice, I'm going to have to get used to it too though."

With that, the forms were sent in, the acceptance letter came a week later, in that time, Dad had already been looking up and booking rooms at mutant friendly hotels, it took a lot of digging, but and it would be a 2 night trip, it would be 1 night, but they're afraid I might accidentally breath fire in my sleep, it hasn't happened yet, but better safe than sorry, that and we don't want to attract attention at the rest areas. Of course after hearing that I finally picked a new name, Mom took that as the go ahead to give a crash course on everything from makeup to what I have to look forward to every month after "Little Ben" makes his exit. not to mention her delight in introducing me to my new portable storage (non)options, otherwise known as the purse, I mean I get that I can't exactly wear a backpack with that shell thing in the way, but why not, say a utility belt?

"Beatrice?" it still feels funny being called that,
"Yes Mom"
"I know this is a lot for you, but the fact in the matter is all this is going to be important, no one is going to look at you as Ben the boy anymore, but as Betty the girl, and that's going to mean you are expected to follow a lot of new social rules...."

late August

Betty was still 5'2" but that wasn't saying much considering how she has to stand, she put on her devisor bra, even as she noticed the beginnings of an all too familiar body feature, on her phone was a notification, "C-cup" she stood shocked, only a few weeks ago she was an A... and not long before that, she didn't have them at all!.

"Betty! Its time to go"

I got in the van, my seat was leaning back to make room for my back shell thing, the reason taking a plane was not an option, that and because even getting there 4hrs early, airport security, in conjunction with the MCO would cause me to miss my flight, I mean its kinda hard to hide my back, let alone my other features that scream "mutant" I'd be held up just by people saying i did something because they want to ruin my day.

The first day was uneventful, we passed by an outlet mall that Mom would have loved to take me to, I guess that is one thing I can thank my unique appearance for, even as a guy that particular outlet center was a required stop anytime we were in the area.

We got to the hotel early, and checked in, the hotel clerk looked at me and said
"Why aren't you a pretty GSD case."
"Uhm, thanks?" that got me nervous and uneasy, I didn't know how to feel about the word 'pretty'
"Ah a changeling I take it?"
"Uhm changeling?"
"someone who finds themselves going to a different set of bathrooms after their mutation"
"you have a lot to adjust to, but you'll get through it"

With that we asked where a friendly place to get dinner was, it wasn't the best, but they offered lots of variety and large portions, I was strangely hungry, our waiter asked if I was an energizer, to which dad thankfully said "No. Betty here is still changing quite a bit."

We made it back to the hotel, and I slept like a rock, when I woke up, not only was there shell covering my breasts as a sort of "uniboob" but as I found out in the shower, my testes had receded, I got out of the shower and even in my bath robe, my parents could tell something was wrong,
"what is it?"
"what's wrong honey?"
even the state I was in, I could respond with a touch of humor,
"You know how people tell others to grow a pair, well I just did the opposite, and I think the rest is going tomorrow "

This of course was not the best course of action, as through the rest of Pennsylvania and half of New York, it was either "the talk" or female hygiene review or pop quiz on social regulations.

We got to the hotel, and we found I was right the next morning, strangely I didn't feel as bad about it as I thought I was going to, of course since manifesting, I have found that practically EVERY morning brings about new surprises, and low and behold, my feet were covered in scales light blue, sparkling scales. We hit the road and made it to Dunwich a few hours later, which is when I learned that I wasn't expected to arrive until tomorrow, and it didn't take a genius to figure out that the town outside of the mutant school would be largely friendly towards mutants, or let alone what that meant as it relates to the reason for our early arrival...

"Beatrice" I've had that name less than a month and it gets me to stand at attention..
"Yes mom"
"As I was saying, your wardrobe is horridly small for a young lady like yourself, and while your options are still rather limited, we've scheduled an appointment with a local seamstress that works closely with the school,"
I was doomed.

end chapter 2

Any Bad Ideas I have and microscene OC character stories are freely adoptable.

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