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The Twins of Tech

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4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #14814 by mhalpern
mhalpern created the topic: The Twins of Tech
This story is based on a set of Bad Idea twins that were always close, but become much closer after one has quite the accident that is strange even for Whateley.

Edward and Mitchel were identical twins until they manifested as mutants, Edward, now Edna is a Exemplar-2 gadgeteer 3 and Telepath 2 (passive two-way with twin, active receptive for surface thoughts on everyone else) Mitchel is a Devisor 2 telepath 2 (same abilty as twin) they lost their parents to H1 extremists and were taken in by a local super group who's visitor's center they went to when the realized that they didn't have much in the way of safe places to go, at least if they got attacked at the visitor's center the footage would be in the hands of other mutants. But that is neither here nor there, right now it is early October 2007 at Whateley Academy and life is about to throw this duo one hell of a curveball.

Poe early morning
Edna woke up to the sound of a rather blaring alarm, her brother will complain in a few minutes, as this one was surprising enough to wake both of them up, its a shame really.

It's a shame really, we were having quite the dream

"yeah why do you have my alarm so loud sis, I was just getting to the good part"

WE were just getting to the good part, and you know we have to if we want to make any progress on that suit

Pronouns, we've been losing track of them since we manifested.

Looking at my scale covered roommate partially encased in blue eggshell I tell her. "good morning Betty, looks like your gonna have to use a phone to type, no way your hands will be able to use a keyboard,"

"I just hope I will be able to participate in Halloween, might have to go as an eyeball at this rate, I have the levitation spell to do it at least"

"Tom its time to get up, don't want to miss breakfast do ya?' Mitchel asked, Tom's an energizer, and Mitchel's best friend, shocking anyone who thinks just cause he didn't get any powers that would help him directly in a fight that they could get away with beating him senseless, that was why he and his sister got up early to work on the suit, it wouldn't make him stronger persay like most power suits, but it would allow him to utilize his full strength as if he was pumped with adrenaline and react quicker, via providing a shortcut between the brain and the muscles and applying appropriate electrical stimuli to control muscle movement, an elegant system, using a nano-weave his sister made to make it strong and adaptable, the problem was his part, getting that neural interface finished.


Crystal Hall, morning

Mitchel's POV, Mitchel was listening to random conversation while in line for breakfast, when he heard "So did you hear, Jason is going out with that girl from Dickinson" "Wait really I thought he was sleeping with that Poesie"

Mitchel almost dropped his tray, cause Jason was how they found out that certain pleasures are shared between their telepathic link,

We trusted him!
"Now don't get up tight just yet bro, for all we know its a rumor, I'll ask him when your in Devisor Lab, we'll know if he's lying, it's probably just a rumor"


Edna's POV

"Betty. have you heard any rumors about Jason?"

"No Edna, why?"

"Mitch just heard one that almost made him drick out"

"Wait how, oh right twin telepathy, with you two if one hears it or feels really strongly about something, so does the other, I normally try not to think about the images you send him in the showers, or in our room"

"Hehe, we both know that if you didn't like them almost as much as I do you wouldn't send them, besides it's a fair trade, you get my view of Emerson"

Betty raised an eyebrow at my blush, "Oh, it's just Mitchel being a smart ass"


Ballroom Dancing

I confronted Jason in the middle of class, I knew Mitchel was working on the suit and the neural interface was barely functional, but I didn't care we had to know.

"Jason. are you cheating on me?"
he didn't even have to open his mouth, he broadcasted the answer, It wasn't just a rumor after all.

Devisor Lab.


"that bastard he thinks he can use us like that!"

"I thought his sister kept him from dricking out"
"She does, however, if someone hurts her, the brakes are shot and the rocket engine is lit"

I kept ranting for several more minutes, I could feel it got physical between Edna and Jason, as I put on the suit, no one was gonna stop me from beating Jason to a bloody pulp, unless Edna beat me to it.

All of a sudden, I stopped feeling her, and in a welcomed but panicked moment of clarity I ran to Doyle.



"Have you two had enough?!" Miss Rogers yelled, snapping me out of my rage, I tried to reach Mitchel to snap him out of his episode.

"Mitchel!" I exclaimed in horror. "I can't feel him, he Dricked out but now he's not there!" "He HAS to be there! even when he Dricks out I feel him, we share the same DREAMS even!" I was crying, fearing the worst, "I have to go to Doyle if he's anywhere, he just has to be, I'll be there until he wakes up.."

As I was almost out the door I heard Mr Lodgeman "You handle the class I got to call Bellows"



I had made it to Doyle, I pleadingly asked "Is my sister alright?" only no sound came out I tried, and tried again, still nothing my jaw just wouldn't move, or any other muscle the suit doesn't assist for that matter, all of a sudden, my legs gave way, and I couldn't move a muscle, they picked me up and put me on a gurney.



I had made it to Doyle, I pleadingly asked "Is my brother alright?" "I'm sorry dear we don't know yet, he ran in two minutes ago, and collapsed, and no you can't see him right now,"
"You don't have to be a telepath to know what your thinking at this moment sweaty"



I could here the doctors. "And you say he just ran into the lobby? I don't see how that's possible, or any of this is, its like he was brain dead and running for his life at the same time! But there is barely any adrenaline in his system, so even if he was conscious he couldn't have been putting this much strain on his muscles"

Brain dead? How? then I realized the neural interface, maybe I could fix this, all I had to do was....

"Could this have something to do with it?" they turned me on my side and from the sound of it they were looking at my neck...

"Could be, whatever it is, it looks fried" Ohh no!
"Call security, they're gonna want to take a look"



I saw a young blond security officer enter the building, she looked at me with sadness. "Edna" "Yes uhm"
"Everheart, but you can call me Sam, I'm here to take you to your brother, and ask you a few questions" "I understand you stopped 'feeling' him about 30minutes ago when you ran out of class?" "30 minutes, it feels like it's been 10 hours, wait why would y... no he can't be, tell me it isn't true, tell me he's gonna be ok"

"I'm sorry dear. but at 9:10 your brother was admitted into emergency care and at 9:15 he was pronounced dead"

"9:10? I got here at 9:12..." I couldn't think clearly anymore, my brother, we had done everything together, it just couldn't be true...



I saw my sister in tears enter the room, she was worse than she was a couple weeks after we manifested when those bastards... No I wont think about THAT day. We promised that we would do anything we could not to think about what triggered my first Diedrick's episode, forcing her to knock me out that day, we ran, she was carrying my unconscious body, we were crying, desperate I tried to mentally scream at her, "EDNA I'M ALIVE!!! I'm in the suit but I'm alive! Tell them I'm alive!" To my surprise, my cries were heard, but not by my sister, but the security officer next to her, who come to think of it, is pretty hot for security, is she from Venus Inc?

"No I'm not from Venus inc, I think I know what's going on, don't worry I'll help sort it out"

"Doctor, I am afraid you jumped the gun a little on calling time of death, unless you consider me to be dead that is"
"What do you mean Sam? All bodily functions have shut down"
"That suit he's wearing is a nanoweave, his mind is in it, I'm fabricating a speaker that should hook in to his nanites so he can talk"

"Mitchel is that you?"
"Yeah sis. I dricked out, and put the suit on, I shouldn't have, the neural interface burnt out, I thought something happened to you when I stopped feeling you, so I ran to Doyle, looks like I had it all backwards huh"
"So bro, what now, I thought my change would take some getting used to but now you go and one up me by turning into a piece of clothing! I mean I wouldn't mind if I could still hear you"



Sam let us talk for a while, we hadn't been without our link for an hour before we learned that we were both alright, well mostly alright, I don't want to let him out of my sight, not until we figure out a way to recreate our telepathic link, she even gave us a pass to stay out past curfew for tonight.

it was 10:30 by the time she interrupted us, even though she was there the whole time,
Doesn't she have reports to file?

I really hope I don't have to get used to Mitchel not responding to those thoughts....

"Well I do have a few questions for you two, but they aren't as bad as you may think."


"First Mitchel, do you have any self cleaning functions?"

I blushed and we both acknowledged "We didn't really think of that" simultaneously.
But Mitchel continued, "But I am machine washable"
I quip back. "You wanna find out if clothes can get nauseous?, I know we tested the weave for data retention in a washing machine but still, its not like some roller coaster."

"Edna, we may have a solution to the problem of your link with your brother, it'll take a few days and may mean you have to wear him, in addition if you do wear him, we are going to have to ask that you think of getting a heart rate monitor, so you don't accidentally kill your body like he did"

Again we both responded in sinc "A few days can it be any sooner?"
I continued this time "a heart rate monitor doesn't seem like that big a deal"

"And here I thought your bigger concern would be the prospect of wearing your brother,"

Mitchel responded for me.
"Miss Everheart, If I may, Edna and I have always been close, we try to down play it, but our telepathic link was a lot more intimate than we let on, when we feel strong emotions, it can be like wearing the skin of whomever the emotion is more relevant to, this isn't a huge leap for us, will it be awkward and take some getting used to, sure but it shouldn't take much to break it in."

"Besides he may not be stuck as the same outfit, I've been working on a portable wardrobe that uses that nanoweave and recombines it in into different outfits to save on space, you make it sound like you've arranged everything already, Sam, but I never saw you leave the room, and how were you able to hear Mitchel when I couldn't?"

"Your brother isn't the only one who is made mostly of nanites Edna"

Any Bad Ideas I have and microscene OC character stories are freely adoptable.
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