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4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #15659 by Wyverntamer
Wyverntamer created the topic: Deathwalker
"That day, the lightning struck not once, not twice, but seven times at my grave. No this is not some lame horror movie script, this is the story of my life" - Deathwalker - J. Peterson

Hello, I am Alexandra, and I should be dead... No, that didn't work either, backspace again. The girl at the laptop thought to herself as she pressed the backspace and deleted her writing. She had been drafting up introductionary texts like these ever since that day. She sighed and swirled around in her chair. Why did she have to have such anxiety problems? At school she could be as normal as they allowed her to be, but she was a perfectionista, and she wouldn't call that 'Whateley Academy' untill she had the perfect way to introduce herself.

Hello, this is Alexandra speaking. I got this number from an acqaintance who once has been a student at Whateley. My powers are that I can't die, I have been hit by a train and survived, and while that is not that unlikely, it is unlikely that I now have my legs, which were torn off due to the way the train hit me. There, that was good, she would call the school, that should be enough to get me a place at that school.

She dialed up the number and was answered by a woman who sounded really tired. Oops, she hadn't taken the time difference into account. "Whateley administration, how can I help you?" She answered, a bit embarrassed. "Hello, this is Alexandra speaking. I got this number from an acqaintance, who said that he had once studied at Whateley."

The woman on the other line sighed. "Why are you calling me at this time though? You know what time it is?" Alexandra was embarrased all the way to hell. "No, I am calling from The Netherlands, I think I should have first looked at the time zone you were in, anyway, I got this number from some guy calling himself Krachtbron, Powersource, pretty lame, but he gave me this number due to the fact that..."

The woman sighed at the name Kracthbron. "He's still alive? I thought he'd died long ago, damn shame that he gave you this number, that means that he either wants you to be his enemy, or his girlfriend. And it's about half past five here, so could you please make it quick? Why would he give you this number?" Gracie looked at the clock, the minutes were right, she'd really need to get a new clock with a pointer for the hours though. "Well, the thing is, I was hit by a train, and my legs were torn off."

Alexandra shuddered when she thought of it, it was not the best experience. "Go on" the woman at the other side of the line said, her interest was definitely peaked. "So yeah, my legs were torn off, and my body finally left the front of the train, and I felt a pull, I looked at where my legs were supposed to be and saw a very vague green beam of light coming from the stumps, and no blood, then, when the green beam of light was very strong, tentacles came out of the stumps and begin 'climbing' over the beam, and after a while, another layer, and then a few more, and I found myself being pulled with it, and appearantly towards my legs, since I passed out from the fear but awoke a few minutes later and saw that I was where I was hit by the train and a person was holding me while my friends stood next to him."

Alexandra stopped when she realised she had spoken that all without ever breathing in once and took a deep breath. "He gave me this card and it had been signed by 'Krachtbron', so I assumed that was him, then he left. I could still use my legs, so I got tested for mutant powers and then I called you."

Alexandra didn't tell that the incident had happened almost three weeks ago, and that since then she had been experimenting with her powers. The woman on the other side of the line was busy typing out something so frantically that she could hear it over the line, and then the typing stopped. "Could you give us your adres Alexandra? Then we can send the documents that you need to fill out in order to get accepted to the school, oh and you'll need to think of a codename, to protect your identity."

Alexandra couldn't wait, her fathers were also a bit anxious, their 'little' girl would be going to a school in the USA, of course her parents would worry, what sort of parents wouldn't? But they stood by her choice, and even helped her decide on her names. she would be both a hero, and if the situation was dire or the laws wouldn't let her do the right thing, she would be a vigilante. It helped that her biological father was a mutant, so they had been expecting it... kinda.

Three days later the documents arrived, and she filled them in to the best of her abilities. A day later a soldier was at their doorstep, asking for her in order to test if she really was a mutant. He took her to an abandoned building and started questioning her.

"So, what does your power do?" In answer to the question she grabbed a knife and cut in her arm. The wound was pulled together and 'stitched' by the tentacles that quickly reached out. "This is what my power does. It appears to be a high level regenerative power, reacting only when I am wounded." She explained, as he was shocked to see her cut open her arm like that. "I don't feel pain, not anymore, and I still feel other things, so that is good. I have done some research, and appearantly powers like this are rare."

The soldier smiled and asked a few more questions. "So, what were you exactly doing..." He glossed over the file he had with him. "at the railroad?" She was a bit ashamed and thought that being honest would be the best. "It was a dumb bet, I won, but still, it did leave us in shock, all of us." He smiled and shook his head, kids these days...

The discussion ended after that and the soldier dropped her off at her parents' house, but didn't leave before he had a signature from the famous writer of the book 'Deathwalker', aka, one of her fathers, Jacob Peterson. Her fathers dropped her of at the airport three days later, where she had a tearful goodbye with her girlfriends and boyfriend.

Her boyfriend asked to speak her in private for just a few moments before she boarded the plane. "Alexandra, you should now that you are most likely going to end up in the Poe cottage. I took on the codename Krachtbron when I was there, and have used it ever since. Do not let the girls there get to you, most of them have terrifying powers, but wouldn't dream of using them on girls, as the Poe cottage is a dorm that is unlike any other even on the campus, as there is where they put the 'sexual defiant'. The transgendered and the homosexual and the bisexual, that kind of people will meet you there, and don't worry, I gave Mrs. Horton, the house mother there a headsup that my girlfriend was coming, they'll be expecting you."

Two things you need to know about me:
One, I'm not my characters, no matter how much I may sometimes act like them;
Two, I really like watching thunderstorms from inside the house, reading, gaming and sleeping.
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