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Tristra is now BANNNED

3 years 7 months ago #26245 by Warren
Warren created the topic: Tristra is now BANNNED
Due to continued PMs of "You're great but you don't know Jack" I've banned her. Also if you happen to take a look at her user account banner, you'll see she replaced it with a cat fight. So I'm carrying out my statement I said in the Workshop. I'm going to hunt down EVERY account she has on this site and ban each and every one.

Don't push the on-button if you don't know where the off-button is. -- Solomon Short

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3 years 7 months ago #26426 by Kristin Darken
Kristin Darken replied the topic: Tristra is now BANNNED
I want to keep the community in the loop here.

This was PM'd to one of our authors on BCTS (instead of communicated with Warren or I directly):

I realise that what I am doing here is unconventional.

But I am left with little choice in non-destructive approaches at this point.

I am Tristra, you know me and do not like me so I will keep this short.
If you want me gone then have my things removed from Crystal Hall.
Take down Halloween 1-2 and remove Halloween 3 from the back end.

I have stood vocally in the past but these belong to me, if they are not taken down I will do far more than be vocal.

this is going to be one of my last attempts to be civil about the matter.

I will rip apart the sites security and remove them myself if I have to.

Please relay this to KD and Warren.
I will repeat this request in different ways over the next month, one a week.
if they are not headed, or if I am met with selfishness and scorn I will consider this an attempt to claim ownership of my work.

Something I will not allow and am in my right to fight for.

I love the community, do not force me to destroy it just to teach a few of you that you aren't gods.

At the time, Tristra's stories were still up on the site only because it really takes me or Warren to handle any administrative task... and to ensure that Tristra had time to make copies before we removed them. As we've made clear in the discussions on IP, our number one goal in setting IP oriented policy is in protecting the cabal from outside legal action and number two in making sure that we have the ability to manipulate and maintain stories for the benefit of the community.

Those stories have been removed from public visibility but retained in archives (and backups) because of legal reasons (and because it is far more trouble than it is worth). We have no interest in trying to claim ownership of Tristra's stories but will take any necessary legal steps to defend this site and its community from attacks and threats.

Fate guard you and grant you a Light to brighten your Way.

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