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For those hindered by the Content drop down menu

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4 years 5 months ago #10215 by Kristin Darken
Kristin Darken created the topic: For those hindered by the Content drop down menu
Please play around with the new menu variant. There's more to be done with it before I'm done, but the drop down component is gone and will not be returning.

The current default is for the most recent story published to show up when you select the Stories menu... below it are a couple columnized versions of the next most recent stories. You can follow the link off their titles if you prefer to read them in full width.

Once in the Stories menu, however, you'll have a new menu with options for each of the four story collections. Choosing any of those options will pop you over to a listing of all stories in that category.

I'll be adding some similar menu condensing options for Universe stuff (which will include the menu options for Universe/Sourcebook, History, FAQ), for Community (which will include Forums, Mail, WIKI and web links to other sites... and may later add the Tagging system, a chat or some IRC windows), for Authors (the Article Manager, Comments and resources), and an Admin option.

Between these options, I should be able to get all the menu options out of the sidebars... which might give me the opportunity to drop us to a main column and one sidebar, instead of two sidebar system. Maybe. No promises on that. Even without menus there, I have some modules with info for authors and admin that won't go elsewhere and if I use both sidebars, I can see all of it at once... but not if I put it all in one. So the sidebars may have to stay either way. We'll see.

Either way, though... I suspect some folks will be happy about the menu fix.

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