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The Spammer/hacker fight continues.

4 years 3 months ago #13174 by Warren
Warren created the topic: The Spammer/hacker fight continues.
Most of this is going on behind the scenes, so you don't have to worry about it. But I thought I would just drop a note here saying we now have about 60 individual ip addresses blocked. I'm all for giving everyone the benefit of doubt but the area that was once known as Russia is rapidly burning their bridges with me. I was initially thinking about simply geo-ip blocking the entire region. Which is drastic and would have repercussions. I know this because at one time I was running a forum (completely different from Whateley) that I had a simple rule on and it was broke so I shut down the entire board for a weekend and ended up getting emails demanding I turn it back on with time limits like it was a pager. I had made it known repeatedly about my rule and it was broken. They changed sites after I met with and blew up at the person who was using email like a pager.

Now I'm leaning more towards simply blocking the host ISP's Still drastic but it beats having to slowly overtime block eveyr single IP address an ISP has control over.

We have a few tools in place that are working a treat and the resulting reports are what I'm going by to block ip numbers.

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