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A warning to people that are registering

4 years 2 months ago #15500 by Warren
Warren created the topic: A warning to people that are registering
While I can understand the desire to protect yourself from spam. Using a disposable email account can backfire on you. If you register using a disposable email address, that address vanishes after a couple of hours, The issue arises when you forget your password and you ask for a reset. Our system will send the reset info to the disposable email address, and it will bounce.

If you're going to use a throw away email, go create one on Yahoo, Gmail, our Outlook.com. Then tuck the account information someplace safe and if you have issues with your account you can still get it fixed without contacting an admin directly pleading to get access to your account again. I at least won't be sympathetic. To my knowledge the people who have crashed our forums in the past didn't get account information. (course I'm not one to judge on this since I've had the same email address for almost 20 years and I get a TON of spam every day which gets filtered)

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4 years 2 months ago #15505 by Kristin Darken
Kristin Darken replied the topic: A warning to people that are registering
There's another big downside to using a 'fake' or disposable email account when registering to use the site. The site generates some email as a matter of operations... in the case of login/security dangers, in the event that you subscribe to a forums thread or a story's comment section, or if you manually ask the system to send you a copy of a story. IF you use a false email account to register, the site doesn't just say "oh right, fake email..." and chuck it in a trash can. That email bounces. Bounced email hurts our site's security and mailing rating. And that can hurt us in a number of ways...

We don't ask you for anything like credit card info or even mailing addresses... so even if someone did manage to hack our user list, gaining access to your email address isn't going to get them much. And we don't sell our member list to anyone. So if you HAVE to protect yourself by using a unique email address for your WA registration and visits... at least do us the courtesy of keeping that email address open and operating.

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