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Late Night Outage

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3 years 1 month ago #38205 by Kristin Darken
Kristin Darken created the topic: Late Night Outage
Sorry all, I was doing some maintenance and bigger scale stuff and decided to restart things completely (which hasn't been done for some time - we've been up for over a year without needing a restart) . Unfortunately, the three minute process of restarting went quickly... but then I discovered that the VM restart dropped our previous IP and assigned us a new one (a result of changes made during the year we haven't restarted). So, while the server was back up and working almost immediately... most people couldn't get to it until I finished re-doing the domain records for all the domains and those propagated through the system.

I DID post a notice to the status page (status.whateleyacademy.net or whateleystatus.wisdomsprice.com) ... and ironically, the redirect from whateley.wisdomsprice.com to here was almost instantaneous.... but the main domains took a little while. Hopefully no one was up and hoping to use a a couple hours in the middle of the night to get caught up on reading. If so, sorry about that. :(

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