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Posting advise to any fan fiction or canon author.

4 years 3 months ago #12537 by Warren
Warren created the topic: Posting advise to any fan fiction or canon author.
I've been seeing lots of reports of suspected abuse. No the only thing telling me this is Joomla (the content management software we use). It got me to thinking about why it might be happening. The other reasons have already been discussed logging in from cell phone and changing cell towers as you move forcing another log in automatically can be one which is out of your control.

The one reason I'm posting this is for those people writing stories. Joomla can be protective of itself which is a good thing. It does this by timing out idle connections. For a writer this can be a bad thing when they attempt to use Joomla as the writing platform. Joomla doesn't count typing in a window as not being idle. it's looking for button pushes on the page like the submit button or the attachment button. So typing your story into Joomla directly is a bad thing.

Write your story outside of the site, then copy and past it into the posting window here. Once submitted to the system it can be edited simple enough by knowing what you're searching for in the edit page. If it's done quickly it won't time out. We have a long time out set up but it won't hold up to someone writing a story directly onto the site.

Don't push the on-button if you don't know where the off-button is. -- Solomon Short

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