Aboriginal history in Whateley-'verse Sum Up?

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Arcanist Lupus replied the topic: Aboriginal history in Whateley-'verse Sum Up?
Judaism likes 7, for the days of the week, 12 for the tribes of Israel, and 40 (40 days and nights of flooding, 40 years in the desert, etc). Also 613 for the total number of commandments. That one doesn't show up in to many places, though, because it's so large.

18 is popular as well, because it's the Gematria (Hebrew numerology) for "Chai", which means life. But I think that that is a slightly more modern association, and I don't know of any biblical ties.

I'm less familiar with other traditions, although Christianity shares some numbers with Judaism, plus liking 3 for the trinity.

Also, I know that 4 is death in some cultures. I won't embarrass myself by trying to identify which ones.

And at this point I've strayed far off the topic of Whateley's Aboriginal history, so I'll shut up now.

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