Wiz rated Avatars and hobgoblin creation

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Heckfire wrote: It was placed within her by a foolish entity who likely hasn't been swatted by someone bigger yet simply because it's only just now been discovered as a way to fuel her magic, only for her to escape its grasp before it could finish "training" (read: programming) her.

Again, though, determining if her abilities are actually at all feasible within the setting is the reason I've been asking so many questions, and "no, she can't do that" is as valid an answer to them as anything, LOL

That technically makes it an Imbued power, as opposed to a manifested/mutant one. Not a common one. Or a low powered one, by any means. But by being Imbued, it steps outside of the more common limitations of power set. Still OP for our usual storyline but a lot of WhatIFs are. People are used to Marvel and DC powered characters... and even TK and some of our other existing characters seem pretty OP without also considering the elements included to balance them.

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