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4 months 1 week ago #68947 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: Trow?

Softdreams wrote: Wait so... Troll Bride is just a mutant with a powerset that resembles that of the trow. That's surprising, since she refers to herself as a trow, even Nephandus seems to believe her.

Why shouldn't she refer to herself as a trow? There weren't people running around calling themselves "mutants" when she was growing up.

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4 months 6 days ago #68953 by Softdreams
Softdreams replied the topic: Trow?
The revelation of this character being actually a mutant makes her very, VERY interesting in a twisted way. She's been marrying and devouring men on their wedding night for centuries, she believes this to be her way of obtaining essence/fueling her magical talents when she's most likely just a Wiz-type mutant, and she's been around for centuries with no signs of aging... No wonder she believes herself to be a trow. A bad case of the Popeye syndrome?

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