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Kettlekorn wrote: It's worth noting that how the eyes glow affects whether it's an issue. If a bunch of cells are just glowing omnidirectionally with no other changes, then yeah, it's going to be like holding a light bulb in front of your face. Even if it's only the outsides of your iris or the white of your eye, those are actually translucent and will leak some of that light. If the structures that are glowing are on the outside of your eyes and are either producing light in a directional way or are backed by opaque or reflective material to prevent leakage into the eye, then it would be fine (though it would still hamper vision during foggy conditions). This wouldn't achieve glowing pupils, assuming you even care about those, but if it's a bright enough effect they might be swallowed up in the glare.

If you opt for the reflective approach Kristin mentioned as a way of faking glowing pupils, note that it isn't quite consequence-free. The idea behind it is that since some of the light that goes into your eyes misses the detector cells and slams uselessly into the back of your eye, you add a reflective layer behind the retina to bounce those photons back through it in hopes that you'll catch a few more of them the second time around. This increases the amount of light you pick up (i.e. better night vision), but the extra light ends up out of focus, making your vision slightly blurrier.

A different take on the glowing-eyes trope would be to only have one eye that glows -- rather than functioning as an eye, it becomes a built-in turret-mounted flashlight that automatically tracks the other eye's aim so that you always have good illumination. In this case, the downsides would be reduced field of vision, reduced depth perception, and all the other little issues that come from only having one eye (e.g. night-vision and blinking become all-or-nothing, possible aches from your body trying to force the bad eye to work, etc.). On top of that, you'd have to remember to close your flashlight eye whenever looking someone in the face unless the power has an off-switch, and it would give away your position at night unless you actually cover the eye (eyelids are thin, so merely closing it would reduce the intensity and diffuse the beam, but it would still be glowing through the skin and softly illuminating the area around you). Another issue is that having a flashlight almost perfectly in line with your vision eliminates most shadows. Shading is a big part of what gives a scene depth, so this would hurt your already hampered depth perception. (You can play with this IRL by holding a flashlight next to your head, then moving it farther away and observing how much more the scene pops once you can see the shadows.)

On the topic of depth perception, it's good to remember that it involves a lot more than just binocular vision. Aside from shading, there's also focal distance (stuff that's closer or farther than what you're focused on is blurry, and you can feel the amount of strain change as you focus on closer or further objects), parallax (shifting your head from side to side and comparing how the various objects in the scene move relative to one another), sizes (if you know how big something actually is, you can tell how far away it is based on how big or small it appears to be), and position within a scene (if there's only a little ground/wall/ceiling between you and the object, it's close; if there's a lot of ground, it's far). If you go a while with one eye, you learn to pay more attention to these other cues and get better at interpreting them. So initially after manifestation you'd be kind of clumsy, but within a couple weeks you'd be doing a lot better.

And don't forget to add in the saccading effects of eyeball movement. :D

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Also look at this:

Do you see the movement?

That's saccading effects. :D

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Those make my brain hurt. I know its a static image but my eyes are telling me its moving. I know that's what makes optical illusions what they are... but... ya, my brain actually recognizes and fights it. Which is ironic, given that my 'job' requires me to do identical sorts of brain trickery relating to hearing.

Example: As a live mix engineer, I am in one single spot in a house covered by a number of speakers that the audience hears in addition to naturally generated sound and the bounce created by room acoustics. I have to be able to hear something from my station (often not a 'good' position for the best sound... because the 'best' sound locations are ones you want to sell higher price tickets for) and adjust the rest of the room to the best possible quality of sound/mix. So what sounds 'perfect' at my station might be HORRIBLE for house right, adequate on the vocals but overpowering orchestral levels for center near the stage, and poor low end in the center rear. So... I have to short cut from what I hear to what that means for other locations and from there to what physical actions can I take to fix it using EQ'ing, speaker distribution, levels, and so forth.

And... I have to do it without the audience being aware of obvious changes or ideally without them ever hearing the 'bad stuff' that I'm not ever in the location to hear. And remember, a piece of music at 140 beats per minute (a common music tempo for rock used in mix tapes for running) means an 1/8 note every 0.29 seconds. And in my average musical, I'm working with 12-16 actors in personal body mics, 3-5 microphones that pick up ensemble singers or stage areas, and 5-7 microphones or direct lines from the orchestra. Some combination of these is constantly being routed to 6-10 speakers in the house or onstage, as well as in the orchestra area.

I jokingly tell people (though I'm quite serious) that mixing a fully produced musical is more mentally challenging than running a nuclear reactor. And while I SAY it jokingly... I'm also being 100% truthful.

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And the one character from Whately that I remember having light emitting eyes was indeed functionally blind.
At least to electronics (computer screens)
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I think there have been a few with glowing eyes, but the only one I remember off the top of my head is Kayda.

Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight (Ch 1) wrote: Upon closer and more deliberate examination, it seemed that there was a very slight glow radiating from my eyes. Experimentally, I flipped off the light and was confronted by eyes that had the soft, warm green glow that reminded me of an electroluminescent nightlight.

In her case they don't seem to hamper her at all, but they're weak and were probably intentionally designed by Wakan Tanka or Ptesanwi to be nuisance-free. It's not like it's hard to just make a light spell that creates the light in front of the eyes and directs it outwards; no illusion required.

Generally speaking, I don't see any reason to consider glowing eyes a problem. There are ways they can go wrong, but there are also plenty of ways to avoid those problems. You can have them be as annoying or trouble-free as you want.

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