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Thanks for clearing things up, Kristin!

So I guess this also bumps Warper-based Power Mimics off our list, or simply scratches off the existence of Reality Warpers from the Whateley-verse?

Also, pretty please check out the questions I asked you above. Regarding Psi-based power mimics, Zahar's knack (copying off knacks from other psi's) could potentially be considered a Power Mimic trait?

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1 week 3 days ago #69668 by Kristin Darken
Kristin Darken replied the topic: Power Mimics
Ya, some of that stuff I can't (or won't) answer simply because there is no existing character that uses powers in that way that has required us to define it... and we try to stick to establishing frameworks and filling in the fine detail as needed for specific character support. That's part of the reason we're able to minimize the need for retconning things or running into continuity errors along the way. Also, remember that we're building a framework with our focus on writing stories... not creating an RPG rule/source book. A game system needs details that fill all the possible combinations and outcomes in order to ensure balance. In a story, the only balance that needs to be maintained is the one between the protagonist, the obstacles/conflicts they face, and the nature of the world in which they live. As long as the story supports it, you can have outrageously overpowered characters in a story setting... that in a game would make it impossible to keep things fun and challenging... they'd simply rofl-stomp everything they encountered.

If you've ever read any of the discussions or backstory from the WU founders, that was actually something they considered in their core motives. They wanted to write a group of characters that WAS overpowered for the setting, which still making those characters 'human'.. something that most comic supers don't manage. That's why the power scale of the universe is tuned low and Team Kimba seems so powerful relative to everything we say is 'standard' for the 'verse. In fact, TK might manage in a Marvel setting... though they'd clearly be outclassed by the Justice League. But at the same time, they all have humanizing qualities... and those aren't just to provide balance to their power set, they're at the heart of what makes people like TK so much.

So... what does that mean in this particular conversation? Well.. as we said, we've tried to ensure that there are multiple routes to most of the 'roles' a super/powered being can fill. But we're not going to limit creativity by saying that it is 'just' these traits that will do it... nor will we break down what the pros and cons will be for each.

What I WILL say, though... is that we do try to keep the internal logic consistent... and if you pay attention to what we have done, you can often extrapolate where you can go from there. Clearly, a Shifter based Power Mimic isn't going to work the same way a PSI based mimic would. The Shifter can, theoretically, reproduce the physical conduits and organs that allow the original mutant to have those powers... while a PSI based mimic can only recreate the 'mental techniques'. All types of mutants have to provide a power source of some sort to engage their powers... and if that takes more energy than their bio-metabolism is able to produce, then it clearly comes from somewhere else. And note that it is FAR easier to duplicate the 'appearance and effect' of a power than it is to replicate the actual action/power involved.

If you keep those things in mind, you should be able to answer these things yourself. :P

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