Is Subliminal Messaging possible via Gadgets?

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Kristin Darken wrote:

Mister D wrote:

Jarjaross wrote: Who needs gadgets, to try to get people to be more awake while listening to your radio station all you need is higher tempo music. No really, it doesn't even need to be super fast, or loud, or happy music can change your mood subtly and playing more active music can wake you up.


When busking i've seen people, even if they didn't drop money in the box, would almost always end up walking in time to the music.

It also ends up being used in supermarkets and shopping centres, as a method of regulating footfall, and inducing the "shopping trance" where customers spend more money.

<-- sound designer, remember. I do that sort of stuff for a paycheck. :)

I just realized I should have messaged you when I was writing Mice in the Churchhouse with Domoviye. I could have asked you about how far to take Peppers powers.

My dreams take me to far off lands and times of distant past and future. They tell what has been done, what will happen and who I am. They show me things beyond the machinations of any man. Tell me, what are dreams to you?
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